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Diamond Review

Diamond CBD are one of those companies that seriously stops at nothing when it comes to product diversity. Anything and everything you’ve ever heard of vape oils, CBD tinctures, edibles, gummies, candies, creams, sprays, capsules, they’ve got it all – along with a lot of other things that you probably haven’t heard of.

As such, with that much “stuff” available it is honestly a little bit overwhelming, and difficult,  trying to decide on the product that might be the best for you. Also, it doesn’t help that some of the “product descriptions” on their website are a little, ehm, confusing…to say the least. Which is something we will touch on later in this Diamond CBD review. Another great thing is that their products won’t produce any kind of high, Diamond CBD make sure that no more than 0.3% of THC are present in any of their oils.

Regardless, with the huge online presence that Diamond CBD has been developing in recent months, we had to check them out for ourselves and see whether or not their products lived up to the proverbial hype, or if they’re just another one of these “scam brands” that’s trying to make a quick buck off the booming cannabis industry.

Who is Diamond CBD: The Best Way to Find Them

So, is Diamond CBD legit? Given the nature of the CBD (and cannabis) industries and the vague, “loosely-understood” legislation that surrounds their respective markets, it’s honestly pretty tough getting to really know who the people behind the company are. It seems that most cannabis industry brands stay fairly tight-lipped with regards to where they operate, where they get their manufacturing “supply” from (i.e. the raw hemp material), and who’s in charge.

With that in mind I actually gave the company a call (1-305-615-1194) to see if they had a physical location that I could visit in order to get a better idea of their products and what they were selling. While the operator was very nice and friendly, I suppose that’s their job to be nice to potential customers, all she told me in regard to their location was that their offices and warehouse was located in south Florida, the Miami area, but to purchase any of their products I had to either order over the phone or order directly off of the Diamond CBD website.

She did however say that smoke shops and head shops all around the country carry their products in-store, but she couldn’t give me an exact list of which ones actually carried Diamond CBD. Given their location, though, I would suspect that the majority of shops that carry them would be in Florida. If you do order from their website, make sure to use the Diamond CBD discount code, so you can save some money on your purchases! Let’s carry on with the Diamond CBD review to find out about the individual products that they do sell.

Diamond cbd Highlights: What Can They Offer You?

Our Diamond CBD review aims to give you the low-down on what kind of quality this company is producing. In terms of Diamond CBD products, extraction processes, and their raw hemp supply, the company does in fact seem to have a pretty spot on operation. They are partnered with industrial hemp farms in Kentucky, Colorado, and Scandinavia, and every batch of their harvests are quality checked for standards – including the absence of GMO’s, pesticides, fertilizers, and heavy metals.

Once the raw hemp is approved by the quality control team, the natural CBD is extracted using supercritical CO2 equipment (which is by far the best means of extraction), and then sent to third-party labs for content and purity testing. Once it “passes” the third-party lab report, the CBD extract is ready to be manufactured into one of the 607 different products that the brand sells.

Yep, you read that right — according to their online web store, the company currently have 607 different CBD-based products for sale. If you click on the “All” button on the home page, it gives you 50 different pages with 12 products per page, plus an additional page with 7 products. A simple punch of the calculator tells you that 50 x 12 = 600, plus the extra 7 equals 607 total products for sale (it is worth noting however that 19 of them were sold out, so technically they “only” have 588 products for sale). It’s also worth noting that they sell a whole range of different brands on their website, so all of these products aren’t necessarily produced by Diamond CBD.

Diamond CBD Products: Queens of Diversity

As much as we wanted to, we simply didn’t have the time – or money – to test out 588 different products. As such, the only ones we were able to personally get an opinion on were the Diamond CBD Infused Gummy Bears, and the 1,000 mg CBD Crystal Rock Dabs. Let’s see how they fared.

  • Diamond CBD Gummies
diamond cbd reviews

What can we say about this product in our Diamond CBD gummies review? On the website under size, weight, quantity for the CBD infused gummy bears, it says that they come in packs of either 4 or 6. Really? Is it honestly that hard to tell us how many gummy bears come in the pack? It doesn’t look good. To be fair, they ended up coming in a pack of 6, which would mean that each gummy bear contained 5 mg of CBD (the package claims there is 30 mg of edible CBD total, so 30 divided by 5 would be 6 mg each).

In terms of effects, they weren’t bad. They tasted pretty good (what gummy bear loaded down with sugar and corn syrup wouldn’t), and I noticed an immediate feeling of relaxation. It’s also important to note that Diamond CBD gummies seem to be one of the company’s best selling (and best reviewed) products, so it seems as if you are getting a good product.

  • Diamond CBD Oils

Our Diamond CBD oil review is exploring the large variety of different flavors and potencies available to customers. In fact, it’s near impossible to list all of the flavors, here are some examples of their classic oil tinctures, Olive Oil and Honey. You can find both of these flavors in a variety of different potencies.  But, they also sell a range of terpene oils, and when we say a range we mean as far as the eye can see range. Some of their flavors include, Sour Kush, Agent Orange, Skywalker and more. It’s impossible to list every flavor they sell. Again, these can be found in varying strengths – so you can find your perfect flavor and potency combo! Diamond CBD oil have an immense range of oils, to discover even more of visit their website, and you’ll get an idea of their prices in our cost list below.

  • Diamond CBD Vapes

While the company don’t sell any vape pens, they do sell a pre-filled Vape Tank, as they like to call it. This product is intended to be attached to a pre-existing battery pack – you will have to either already have a vape battery or buy one. But the helpful thing is that the oil is already pre-filled, so you don’t have to faff about finding an oil to fill it. What isn’t clear is if you can re-fill this tank, which would be amazing because the company sell such a great variety of flavors. They certainly don’t mention it if they do.

The company do sell a range of Diamond CBD vape additive oils. These oils come in a range of sizes, 1ml, 5ml, 12ml and 16ml, so you can have a real variety to choose from. They even claim to have a “New and Improved” formula which is exciting to see because we know that the brand is improving the quality of their products all the time. It’s important to say in this Diamond CBD vape additive review, that all the oils are completely organic and solvent-free. Which is exactly what customers have come to expect from this type of company.

  • Diamond CBD Dabs
diamond cbd oil

Ok, so this is where things got pretty frustrating. In my opinion not a single one of the products is really “dab-able”.

Basically, these are pure CBD isolates – most of them are fine, salt-like powders (the ones labeled “CBD crystals”), but they also have “crumble” dabs and “rock” dabs, which are more of the traditional dabbing consistency – though still not what I would call a “dab.”

Anyway I went ahead and ordered the 1,000 mg Rock Dabs, and they did work pretty nicely (I waited till I had a pretty splitting headache to see what kind of effect they had). You can actually use these with a dab rig, but you’re not so much dabbing as you are simply dumping one of the little rocks onto the nail and inhaling while it vaporizes. I used a full-size dab rig with a titanium nail and a carb cap, but if you’re going to be using a vape pen or something with a chamber on it, I would recommend the powdery “Crystal Dabs” instead as the chamber will be much easier to fill up.

In terms of effects, like I said the Rock Dab did do a pretty solid job of “vaporizing” (pun intended) my migraine, and the effects settled in almost instantaneously. Be advised though that even though dabbing CBD is the most potent way to consume, it is also probably the most expensive. This 1 gram bag for example cost $100, and depending on the size of the “rock” you use you’re only going to get about 4-8 “dabs.”

Diamond CBD also suggests you can use the Crystal Dabs to sprinkle over food (they have a video of someone sprinkling it over a plate of spaghetti like parmesan cheese, which was pretty funny), and I also know that a lot of people like to sprinkle CBD isolate into joints or bowls of dry herb, in order to even out the THC:CBD ratio of the strain they’re smoking.

Diamond CBD Products Costs: How Much Bang for Your Buck

If you are interested in getting your hands on most of the company’s products, the best place to visit is their official website at diamondcbd.com. Not only will you find their own products but a whole range of different brands too. When it comes to their Diamond CBD Dabs, they aren’t currently selling them on their own site, instead customers will have to go onto CBD Wellness Centre’s website to find them. And while it is a UK site,  they still ship internationally, so the dabs aren’t completely out of reach. Have a look at a quick breakdown of the product prices:

  • Diamond CBD Gummies

Diamond CBD Infused Gummy Bears (75mg) – $9.99

Diamond CBD Infused Gummy Worms (75mg) – $9.99

Diamond CBD Infused Watermelon Slices (75mg) – $9.99

  • Diamond CBD Oils

Unflavored Diamond CBD Oil (550mg) – $89.99

Unflavored Diamond CBD Oil (1000mg) – $169.99

Unflavored Diamond CBD Oil (1500mg) $219.99

  • Diamond CBD Vapes

Diamond CBD Vape Additive (1ml) – $14.99

Diamond CBD Vape Additive (12ml) – $89.99

Diamond CBD Vape Additive (16ml) – $119.99

  • Diamond CBD Dabs

Diamond CBD Crystal Dabs (250mg) – £24.99

Diamond CBD Crystal Crumble Dabs (600mg) – £54.99

All in all, Diamond CBD has created a lot of great products.  They could improve their website and make sure it is more accurate but overall the brand ranked high on our charts. Also there are a lot of oil flavors…and I mean a lot! We love that they are enthusiastic about creating new flavor profiles for their oils but we don’t know how accurate each taste is to the flavor they are replicating. Also it would be great to see the dabs back on their own website, as they definitely were a crowd favorite with us and other reviewers.

So would I buy a Diamond CBD product again? Probably yes. I would really like to try their new range of bath bombs. Want to learn more about DiamondCBD? visit them on their official site.

Customer Reviews Based on 6 reviews

  • Jarod Bliss
    As compared to others

    Diamond CBD has got many flavors and tastes to choose from. I had reject a few CBD brands previously and was quite disappointed with the taste of cannabidiol. I was coming to the conclusion that maybe it is not my cup of tea and that I’ll never be able to use it. However, once I tried Diamond, as a promotional banner was saying it would be good to the taste buds, I was quite relieved. I still do not like the taste of it, but it is tolerable and can be taken as compared to other CBD brands.

  • Tonya Tompkin
    Just ordered some more.

    This is probably the ‘safest’ cbd company out there. I have been using their oils for nearly a year with no side effects or any complications. The taste is just fine. Their delivery is very fast- two days maximum.

  • Tasha Taylor
    Relaxed Gummies

    I bought and enjoyed the Relaxed Gummies. They just taste pretty good, so you must be cautious not to consume too much. You can’t feel the taste of the smelly CBD component very much and it takes some time to kick in. I’ve always tested the oils, but I like the gummy flavor. You won’t be high but you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed for sure.

  • Renee Algarin
    Pain relief experience

    Great pain relief experience with diamond CBD oil. I never trusted CBD or weed until I found out that Amazon was selling some brands of hemp too! If Amazon is selling out that, it must be something permissible and not harmful. I researched on my own for brands and diamond CBD was my ultimate choice.

  • Ethel Welsh
    A brand diversified

    Diamond CBD is a brand that has diversified a lot in the last couple of years. Presently, I am using their edibles. I like these as the best edibles in CBD infused products. They are easy to digest and have relaxing effects on most of the people who use it. I am a cannabis journalist and have been researching this brand lately.

  • Charlize Mose
    Great Brand

    With Diamond CBD I did not have to look for more brands. It is like a one stop shop for almost all my CBD needs, be it topicals or tinctures, be it health or cosmetics! I am happy with the quality of this brand and would continue using it as long as I use CBD.

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