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Dope Minerals Review

Too many CBD brands focus exclusively on CBD. While CBD is fantastic with a lot of potential benefits, brands are missing out by not exploring other natural helpful substances, too. DopeMinerals are different in this respect.

Run by two dope chicks, DopeMinerals offers a more holistic view of healthcare. The ladies have a fantastic CBD range, but they distinguish DopeMinerals from the crowd by adding magnesium to all of their products. They also have another range of exclusively magnesium-based products.

By daring to be different, DopeMinerals have made themselves stand out. Are their products as dope as their name suggests, though? We take a closer look at DopeMinerals in this article.

Who Are DopeMinerals?

The story of DopeMinerals is one of wholesome success that leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling that you don’t usually get from a business’ backstory. DopeMinerals is run by two fun-loving friends, Gina and Natalie, but it was initially just Gina who started the company.

Back in 2014, Gina was pregnant with her second child and experiencing various pregnancy-related issues. Like many mothers-to-be, she was regularly being taken down by things such as muscle pain, restless legs, sleep issues, migraines, and more. Her doctor’s solution was medicine with a whole bucket load of potential side effects for her and her baby.

Gina didn’t like the look of this, and so looked for a more natural alternative treatment. She began using topical magnesium based on a recommendation. After one try, she was blown away by the effects. Her symptoms were immediately relieved, and she continued to use magnesium throughout her pregnancy to great success.

Inspired by her experience, Gina wanted to spread the magic of magnesium to others and founded a company to do just that. Success followed and led Gina to Natalie. Natalie actually stocked Gina’s magnesium cream in her shop and saw first-hand the positive impact it was having on people’s lives. The two partnered up, changed the name of the company to DopeMinerals, added a critical new ingredient (CBD), and haven’t looked back since.

Today, DopeMinerals is on a mission to convince more people to use the power of CBD and magnesium to change their lives. The company’s initial magnesium range has now evolved into a CBD skincare range, and they even have t-shirts to promote their dope mission.

Let’s take a closer look at DopeMinerals products now.

DopeMinerals CBD Range

DopeMinerals came to produce CBD products by adding it as an ingredient to their already successful line of topical magnesium creams. The company has stayed true to their original ethos, and all of their CBD products today are still a CBD and magnesium combination.

This aspect makes DopeMinerals’ CBD range stand out from other CBD companies. As well as benefiting from CBD, the products also offer the health benefits that magnesium can bring. This makes them an attractive proposition for many.

Currently, DopeMinerals offers magnesium and CBD creams in two different sized pots and with a variety of scents. You can buy 2oz jars, which contain a total of 200mg CBD or double up with 4oz containers with 400mg CBD.

If topical cream isn’t your thing, DopeMinerals also sells a CBD/magnesium face and body oil. Each bottle contains 100mg of CBD. This oil is designed to be absorbed through the skin, the same as the creams.

Is DopeMinerals CBD High Quality?

DopeMinerals make all of their products with full-spectrum CBD taken from hemp plants. When a company uses full-spectrum CBD, they do not isolate the CBD in the hemp plants and only use this. Instead, they include within their CBD a whole host of other naturally occurring cannabinoids found in hemp. These cannabinoids help add to the CBD’s effect and produce an “entourage effect,” which is thought to create a greater effect than CBD alone.

When you add in magnesium to the full-spectrum CBD, the DopeMinerals products give you a great mix of potentially beneficial ingredients. Their creams and oils could possibly give you a much stronger effect than a product containing CBD only.

The CBD DopeMinerals company uses non-GMO, pesticide-free, and 3rd party tested. By taking these steps, DopeMinerals are ensuring only the most exceptional full-spectrum CBD makes it into their products.

Their CBD range contains no THC either. This means you get all the health benefits associated with cannabis with none of the psychoactive effects. No THC also means their products are legal all over the US.

DopeMinerals Magnesium Range

We couldn’t do a brand review on DopeMinerals without mentioning their magnesium range. The magnesium range is focused around topical creams only. You can choose between either a 4oz pot or a 9oz tub of cream with the same variety of flavors as the CBD creams.


In our opinion, the magnesium creams look fine, but why not get the creams with CBD instead. After all, benefiting from two natural health-boosting ingredients is surely better than one!

How Expensive Are DopeMinerals Products?

DopeMinerals charges $26.99 for their 4oz containers of magnesium cream and $41.99 for the 9oz options.

The pots with CBD cost $44.99 for the 2oz/200mg options and $64.99 for the 40z/400mg choices. The CBD and magnesium face and body oil cost $29.99 per bottle with each bottle containing a total of 100mg CBD.

The CBD products cost more as CBD is expensive to produce and extract. The prices DopeMinerals is charging are relatively standard for the CBD market. When you consider that you are getting the added benefits of magnesium for a similar price other companies charge for CBD only, DopeMinerals is offering exceptional value. You are getting extra potential benefits at no additional cost.

DopeMinerals also offers an excellent option for first-timers who are curious to try their products. The company provides free samples of their magnesium and CBD cream to anyone through their website.

What’s more, you get two samples so that you can give one to a friend, and you can choose which aroma of cream you would like to try. Each sample has enough cream for one treatment. All you have to do is pay a shipping cost of $3.50.

Where Can You Buy DopeMinerals Products?

DopeMinerals products have proven to be incredibly popular with the public so far. As such, you can find their products in stores all over the United States. Currently, DopeMinerals items retail in stores in Florida, California, Georgia, Alabama, New York, Massachusetts, and Missouri. The addresses of stockists are available on DopeMinerals website.

If you don’t live in any of these states, don’t worry! DopeMinerals also sells all of their products through their website, shipping to anywhere in the US. The site is easy to use and is where you can sign up for their free samples.

Final Thoughts on DopeMinerals

DopeMinerals have successfully made themselves stand out from the rest of the saturated CBD crowd by offering something different. By providing products that contain magnesium as well as CBD, they have positioned themselves as a unique offering.

We love what Gina and Natalie are doing. Their products are offering more potential benefits than standard CBD products for no extra cost. The ladies’ free sample idea is brilliant, too. It shows how confident they are in the quality and effects of their merchandise. They are betting that once you try their creams, you won’t be able to resist buying more.

DopeMinerals seems like a dope company on a worthwhile mission. Check out their website today and, at the very least, get yourself one of their free samples. You’ve got nothing to lose, and you may just find a dope new favorite CBD brand.

What do you think about DopeMinerals? Have you tried any of their products? Did you find the magnesium added any other effects? We would love to know, so tell us all about it in the comments below.

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