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Dragonfly CBD Review

There appears to be no end to the way that CBD can be consumed, with everything from CBD-infused honey sticks to therapeutic bath bombs being sold online. While all of this is great, sometimes you just want a trustworthy and straightforward way to use CBD.

Has Dragonfly CBD achieved this?

Dragonfly CBD Quick Summary


  • A seed-to-sale brand
  • Both broad and narrow-spectrum products on offer
  • Delicious flavored oils for sale, including cinnamon
  • Easily accessible and detailed lab reports
  • Vegan-friendly products
  • Connected with EIHA (European Industrial Hemp Association)


  • Limited information on international shipping

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Dragonfly CBD Full Review

CBD comes in all different shapes and sizes, with the industry seeming to have exploded over the last few years. which allows you to benefit from its natural healing power.

Does CBD really does have the power to revolutionize your health? Dragonfly CBD seems to think so.

Back in 2016, Dragonfly CBD started with just 25 acres of land in Bulgaria, with a small team of expert farmers and researchers. Fast forward three years, and it now owns over 1000 acres of 100% organically certified farmland, which it uses to grow the hemp that goes into its products.

Before we take a look at the products, let’s find out who Dragonfly CBD is and what makes it stand out from the crowd. 

Who Is Dragonfly CBD?

Dragonfly CBD was founded in 2016 with a clear mission; to change the way that people across Europe think about their health and wellness.

The founders of Dragonfly CBD wanted to bring CBD, the cannabinoid responsible for most of the health benefits of marijuana, into the 21st century, showing the world that CBD can be incorporated as a daily health supplement into our lives with ease.

Dragonfly CBD believes that changing the face of medicine is about more than just selling an exciting range of products; it also involves sharing the science behind these products and giving people the information that they need to feel in control of their health. As a company, Dragonfly CBD strives to provide its customers with as much detail as possible about what they are buying.

Rather than mass-producing a wide range of mediocre CBD products, Dragonfly CBD wanted to work with experts to create a range of premium oils. By specializing in oils, Dragonfly CBD has been able to develop and refine its methods continuously.

Working with European cannabinoid specialists and professors, Dragonfly CBD aims to offer its customers the very best quality CBD, ensuring that they can benefit from its therapeutic and uplifting health effects. Having failed to find manufacturers that met its high standards, Dragonfly quickly realized that, in order to achieve its goals, it would need to complete every stage of the oil making process itself.

Dragonfly CBD believes that it is our job to care and maintain our planet, so that it can be enjoyed by others for centuries to come, and therefore it only uses sustainable and ethical farming methods. But does Dragonfly CBD do this?

Dragonfly CBD: Extraction Methods

Everything that is grown on Dragonfly farms is guaranteed to be GMO-free, and no animals are involved in the farming or production process.

Dragonfly CBD never uses CBD isolate (extracts that have had all cannabinoids and terpenes but CBD removed), meaning that their customers can benefit from all of the plant’s health powers rather than just those that come with CBD. Using advanced chromatography methods, THC is removed from extracts so that all of Dragonfly CBD’s products can be legally sold across Europe. This ensures that you do not have to worry about experiencing any unwanted psychoactive effects.

Once CBD-rich flowers have been separated from the rest of the plant, they are soaked in ethanol in order to extract full-spectrum CBD, retaining all of the plant’s natural goodness. After passing through the most advanced fractional distillation techniques, the resulting CBD extract is mixed with organic hemp oil and is ready to be packaged, and shipped to your door. No harmful chemicals or unnecessary ingredients are added.

All of Dragonfly CBD’s products go through multiple levels of testing, to ensure that you know exactly what you are consuming and that every bottle conforms to strict regulations. Oils are first tested in Dragonfly CBD laboratories, checking for any possible traces of THC, exact quantities of CBD, and any other particulates that might be present.

The results of these tests are passed on to the customer, maintaining complete transparency. Products will then undergo further third-party testing to ensure that standards are being maintained. Dragonfly CBD offers customers access to the certificates of analysis that come from these tests, providing a detailed breakdown of terpenes, cannabinoids, and waxes present within oils.

Dragonfly CBD Highlights

  • Specialists in CBD Oil: Dragonfly CBD specializes in CBD oil and works with experts to continuously evaluate and refine their methods, resulting in their high-quality products. Oils also have the benefit of being versatile; they can be added to food such as smoothies, baked goods, and oatmeal.
  • Full-Spectrum CBD: Dragonfly CBD does not use CBD isolate, meaning that their bottles of oil retain all of the natural healing power from that come from hemp plants. 
  • Detailed Lab Results: A certificate of analysis is available for every one of Dragonfly CBD’s products so that you can see exactly what goes into making your favorite CBD oils. 

Dragonfly CBD Narrow-Spectrum Oils


Dragonfly CBD sells two ranges of CBD oil, the first being their narrow-spectrum oils that are available in both 10ml and 30ml bottles. These oils come in three different strengths, so whether you are looking for a low dose of CBD as a daily supplement, or a high dose to manage severe pains, you are sure to find the right oil. 

Dragonfly CBD’s narrow-spectrum oils have been uniquely formulated to retain all of the plant’s natural healing power, but in a reduced quantity. By filtering CBD, the terpenes and waxes are reduced without being completely removed; this results in milder effects and makes this product perfect as a daily supplement.

Narrow-spectrum oils are ideal for new users, as they provide more subtle effects that give your body a chance to adapt. They also have a lighter flavor than broad-spectrum and full-spectrum oils, which some people prefer, especially when new to the taste of CBD.

Dragonfly CBD Broad-Spectrum Oils

Dragonfly CBD’s broad-spectrum oils offer a much more intense experience than narrow-spectrum oils, with all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids, waxes, and terpenes going into the final product. Those who are looking to target particular physical and mental ailments might want to consider trying the broad-spectrum oils, as the healing effects are much more noticeable and act more as a medicine than a supplement. As well as their stronger effects, these oils have a fuller flavor to them, often being described as earthy. Depending on your taste, this might take a little getting used to.


Oils are made from only two ingredients; cannabis sativa and organic hemp oil, allowing you to experience CBD as it was meant to be – completely natural, yet still designed with 21st century convenience in mind. Broad-spectrum oils are available in three different strengths ranging from 3% CBD to 10% CBD.

Dragonfly CBD Costs

  • Dragonfly CBD Narrow-Spectrum Oils

300mg, 3.3% (10ml) – £27.95

500mg, 5.6% (10ml) – £39.95

1000mg, 11.1% (10ml) – £69.95

1000mg, 3.7% (30ml) – £69.95

1500mg, 5.6% Oil (30ml) – £84.95

2000mg, 7.4% (30ml) – £99.95

3000mg, 11.1% (30ml) – £139.95

  • Dragonfly CBD Broad-Spectrum Oils

270mg, 3% (10ml) – £27.95

450mg, 5% (10ml) – £39.95

900mg, 10% (10ml) – £69.95

Final Thoughts on Dragonfly CBD

Having tried both Dragonfly CBD’s narrow-spectrum and broad-spectrum oils, there is a clear difference between the two. The most noticeable difference is the flavor; the narrow-spectrum oils left very little taste in my mouth, whereas the broad-spectrum had an earthy and somewhat grassy flavor to it.

Moving beyond the flavor difference, the narrow-spectrum oil offers much more subtle effects and is not something I would recommend if you are considering CBD as a way to treat pre-existing conditions. Dragonfly CBD’s narrow-spectrum oils are very much a daily supplement, designed to boost your overall health and increase your immune system.

Dragonfly CBD’s broad spectrum oil on the other hand, is much more of a natural alternative to over-the-counter medication. Whether you are looking to numb a severe headache, reduce inflammation, or beat anxiety, Dragonfly CBD broad-spectrum oils have a place in your medicine cabinet. These oils can also be taken as a daily supplement, and are ideal for anyone who suffers from chronic conditions and are looking for long-term relief.

From seed to bottling, Dragonfly uses the latest research and technology to create some of the world’s leading CBD oils, without using any third-party companies during production. 

Dragonfly CBD is clearly committed to its customers and bringing them the very best CBD oils, which really showcase the health benefits of CBD. If you are looking for a natural and effective way to include CBD in your daily life, without any of the added frills that come with edibles and other methods, head over to Dragonfly CBD’s website and try out the oils for yourself.


Final Verdict: 8/10

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