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Elixinol CBD

Elixinol Review

When it comes to CBD and all-natural medicine, quality and trust are essential. No one understands this better than Elixinol, an industry-leading CBD brand focused on maintaining high standards, shaping the future of CBD and, most importantly, building a relationship based on trust with its customers.

The Elixinol CBD story started with one man’s passion for making the world a better place and finding alternatives to the norm that can improve the way that we live and our treatment of the world around us. Elixinol has since gone on to become one of the world’s leading brands, changing the way that we think of CBD. With high quality, revolutionary products such as Elixinol CBD oil, Elixinol is helping to shape the future of natural medicine.

Let’s take a look at Elixinol and find out if it lives up to all of the positive Elixinol reviews it has received.

Who Is Elixinol: A Passionate Beginning

Paul Benhaim, the founder of Elixinol, has a long history in the industry and is known for being the man behind the popular Australian brand Hemp Foods. Paul continues to use his expertise to educate people across the world about hemp, including publishing six books based around the topic.

Elixinol was founded to provide people with the highest quality products possible. Using both his own knowledge and that of other world-leading researchers, Paul Benhaim has created a worldwide brand that has become known for its high standards and excellent customer service.

Elixinol has become a leading brand run by those who are passionate about natural health, with years of research and knowledge that they aim to share with the rest of the world. Elixinol has an entire section of their website dedicated to education, with a wealth of information that is accessible to everyone – even those new to natural medicine.

Elixinol is a brand that believes in putting its customers first, following the “Elixinol 7 Pillars of Success” to ensure that high standards are maintained throughout the entire company, from manufacturing to customer service. The first and perhaps the most important pillar is the belief that Elixinol should be about more than manufacturing and distributing products, but also work as an educator, encouraging people to follow natural healthcare routines and allowing people to take back the power of their own health.

With a strong focus on quality, Elixinol’s third pillar ensures that products are sourced from superior farms and that only the very best ingredients go into the making of their products. In order to make this a reality, Elixinol grows all of their own hemp at their Colorado-based farms, run by experienced cultivators who have expert knowledge in growing the very best hemp plants possible.

The fourth Elixinol pillar follows on seamlessly from the third, with the development of products being carefully orchestrated by industry experts. Elixinol believes that products should not be rushed through the design process but should instead be researched, tested, and that only the very best should reach the point of sale.

Elixinol recognizes that while producing and selling the highest quality products is of utmost importance, this cannot exist alone and that customer service can make or break a company. With this in mind, the sixth pillar focuses on delivering world-class customer service, including a money-back guarantee on all of their products.

One of Elixinol’s best-selling products is their Elixinol CBD oil, which has been formulated by a team of industry experts and medical professionals. Intensive research has been carried out to ensure they are using the very best base ingredients, production methods, and delivery methods before making these oils accessible to the public. Elixinol wanted to ensure that it was producing the very best oils possible; so that people across the world can enjoy the benefit of hemp, with products they can trust and rely on.

Elixinol Highlights: How They Have Achieved Success

High-Quality Hemp: One of the main things that has set Elixinol CBD apart from other brands is that rather than sourcing hemp from external farms, they grow all of their own hemp. Elixinol is able to control the entire process from seed to bottle, meaning it can deliver the very best right to your door.

Rigorous Lab Testing: Elixinol is committed to delivering only the very best to their customers. And in order to ensure that this is a reality, it tests every single product to check that it meets the strict standards, and no product of Elixinol has unwanted side effects. During these tests, Elixinol reviews everything from potency to potential contaminants, so that you can be sure you are receiving the very best.

Wide Range of Products: Elixinol offers the customer a wide selection of different products so that everyone is sure to find the perfect solution to suit their body and lifestyle.

Elixinol Products: Only the Best Will Do

Elixinol understands that choice is important and that customers value a wide selection of products that they can use to improve their health and wellness. While Elixinol does offer its customers a wide range of different products, it is clear from Elixinol reviews and the quality of its products that unlike some other brands, standards have not suffered as a result.

Elixinol CBD oil is made from hemp plants grown on Elixinol’s very own farms. And it is extracted and processed using state of the art technology and methods, in order to maintain all of the plant’s natural goodness. While Elixinol does offer customers the ability to buy pure cannabidiol oil, it is also used in the manufacturing of other Elixinol products. Elixinol CBD provides all of the health benefits that have made CBD such a popular form of natural medicine over the last few years, with the added bonus of being 100% chemical-free.

Elixinol CBD is available in a number of different forms, including capsules, dog treats, and topicals, just to name a few. When it comes to cannabidiol, Elixinol has you covered, they have thought of every possible situation when you might need a health-boosting dose. This brand has invented the perfect product to ensure you do not have to go without. Elixinol even sells water-soluble CBD powder, perfect for adding to drinks for that midday boost.

It is worth checking for discount codes before shopping with Elixinol as it is common to find some fantastic discounts that make their already well-priced products even better value for money. When searching for discounts, keep your eyes out for the popular Elixinol CBD + 10% Discount Code for a chance to save on your next order.

Elixinol CBD Oil Products: A Varied Range

Elixinol CBD oil

Elixinol CBD oil products are available in a range of different strengths and flavors so that you are sure to find the perfect oil. Each bottle of Elixinol CBD oil is made from organic hemp that has been extracted using a chemical-free CO2 extraction process. This is to ensure that all of the natural goodness of the plant is maintained and that no harmful chemicals are added. Elixinol hemp CBD oil tinctures contain the very best full spectrum cannabinoids, giving you the maximum health benefits that the plant has to offer, including naturally occurring terpenes that promote wellness.

Elixinol CBD oils can be added to drinks, snacks, or simply dropped under your tongue for a quick and easy dose. Each bottle comes with a dropper so that you do not have to worry about measuring out the correct dosage or making a mess.

  • Elixinol Hemp CBD Oil Liposomes
Elixinol CBD review

Elixinol hemp CBD oil liposomes are one of the products that set this brand apart from other companies. Having carried out research into how our bodies absorb Elixinol formulated CBD oil liposomes, these products are designed to help the body absorb and process hemp oil faster. And many have praised this product for its effectiveness and longevity. Liposomal CBD can either be used as a convenient spray or mixed with water depending on your preferred method.

Elixinol liposomes come in a range of fruity flavors, making them a joy to use and something that you actually look forward to each day. Each bottle contains full-spectrum hemp extract so that you can benefit from all of the plant’s health benefits.

  • Elixinol X-Pen 1000mg CBD Oral Applicator
Elixinol CBD discount code

The Elixinol X-Pen is the perfect solution for those who need to take some hemp extract while on the go. Containing 1000mg of CBD all within one convenient, vacuum-sealed dispenser, so that it is super easy to carry around in your pocket. Complete with an oral applicator, the X-Pen 1,000mg CBD oral applicator ensures that you receive a precise dose with each use.

The Elixinol X-Pen was carefully designed by industry experts to solve the problem of taking a dose while out and about. The vacuum seal means that you never have to worry about bottles of oil leaking all over your bag again and can instead travel with confidence.

How to Buy Elixinol CBD Products: The Best Method

Elixinol CBD products are available directly from Elixinol’s website. Elixinol’s website is easy to navigate and offers detailed information about each product, including how it should be used and precisely what it contains.

For those who live in the United States a flat $20 shipping fee is applied to each order, and Elixinol aims to process each order within 2-5 working days. Elixinol also runs an EU website where customers who live within the European Union can shop for Elixinol products. Shipping prices and times vary for the EU site depending on your country, but in keeping with their “7 Elixinol Pillars” orders are processed quickly so that you do not have to wait to try the healing power of Elixinol CBD.

Elixinol Products Costs: What Can You Expect?

Elixinol is a forward-thinking company that is continuously looking to push the limit and design new products that make it easier than ever to include cannabidiol into your daily life. Elixinol CBD liposomes are just one of many groundbreaking products created by Elixinol, changing the way that we use CBD and enhancing its effectiveness.

But how affordable are their products? Take a look at our list of prices:

  • Elixinol Capsules

CBD Hemp Oil Capsules 450mg (30 capsules) – $44.99

CBD Hemp Oil Capsules 900mg (60 capsules) – $97.99

  • Elixinol Oils

Respira Hemp Oil 300mg – Grape Mint Flavor CBD Oil (15ml) – $39.99

Respira Hemp Oil 300mg – Natural Flavor CBD Oil (15ml) – $39.99

Respira Hemp Oil 600mg – Grape Mint Flavor CBD Oil (15ml) – $74.99

Respira Hemp Oil 600mg – Natural Flavor CBD Oil (15ml) – $74.99

CBD Tincture – Hemp Oil Drops 3600mg – Natural Flavor (120ml) – $249.99

CBD Tincture – Hemp Oil Drops 3600mg – Cinnamint Flavor (120ml) – $249.99

CBD Tincture – Hemp Oil Drops 300mg – Natural Flavor (30ml) – $29.99

CBD Tincture – Hemp Oil Drops 300mg – Cinnamint Flavor (30ml) – $29.99

Extrato Rico Em CBD Cannabidiol 5000mg (120ml) – $599.00

CBD Liposome Hemp Extract 1000mg – Citrus Twist (100ml) – $129.99

CBD Liposome Hemp Extract 300mg – Citrus Twist (30ml) – $59.99

X-Pen 1000mg of CBD Hemp Extract – $129.99

  • Elixinol Powder

CBD Powder 21 Pack – Mixed Flavors – $44.99

CBD Power 10mg Berry Flavor (30 packs) – $59.99

CBD Power 10mg Citrus Flavor (30 packs) – $59.99

CBD Power 10mg Cocoa Flavor (30 packs) – $59.99

Hemp Protein Powder (18oz) – $19.99

  • Elixinol Pet Products

Soft Chew CBD Treats for Dogs – Sweet Potato Pie (216g) – $27.99

Soft Chew CBD Treats for Large Dogs – Peanut Butter and Carob (216g) – $33.99

CBD Dog Treats – Hemp Oil Edibites with Peanut Butter and Banana (216g) – $23.99

Soft Chew CBD Treats for Dogs – Peanut Butter and Carob (216g) – $27.99

Soft Chew CBD Treats for Large Dogs – Sweet Potato Pie (216g) – $33.99

Large Breed CBD Dog Treats – Peanut Butter Banana Edibites (216g) – $29.99

Large Breed CBD Dog Treats – Blueberry Cranberry Edibites (216g) – $29.99

CBD Dog Treats – Hemp Oil Edibites with Blueberry and Cranberry (216g) – $23.99

  • Elixinol Topicals

CBD Hemp Balm (120ml) – $29.99

Extra Strength CBD Hemp Balm – $59.99

CBD Lip Balm – $7.99

Hemp Lip Balm – $12.99

Hemp Moisturizer – $44.99

Hemp Cleanser – $24.99

Hemp Serum – $44.99

Hemp Deodorant – $14.99

Hemp Hand Cream – $14.99

Hemp Body Wash – $19.99

Hemp Hair Shampoo – $19.99

Hemp Hair Conditioner – $19.99

  • Elixinol Edibles

Hemp Seeds (8oz) – $14.99

If you are somebody who wants to experience a company performing at the top of their game and are always looking for brand new and innovative ways to take CBD, then Elixinol is the perfect brand for you. With a wide selection of different products and exceptional customer service, Elixinol is shaping the future of natural medicine.

Visit them at www.elixinol.com
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Jenny B.

I really like Elixinol. Their oils are beyond effective and you can tell quality and great service is a priority for them because I’ve never had any complaints

Diana Lankford

There can be nothing as nice as Elixinol. I’m not going to name any particular composition. You can work that out for yourself! But this one is a role-model from a brand point of view in the CBD niche. Powerful oil and powerful effect.

Angela Rivard

There are no questions and no doubts about Elixinol in my mind now. When I started to use CBD, I was quite unsure. But the way Elixinol has helped me cope with my sleep paralysis episodes, the dull after feeling and the panicky situation sometimes, I am thankful to this company in heart and soul.

Jay Woods

I use this brand while I bake my cakes. I do it so that it imparts a good taste to my cakes. Also I infuse a lot of CBD inside it, so that whosoever eats it, feels more relaxed. I am not commercial, but the way it has turned up, I am already semi-commercial with my cakes. Isn’t it cool! A fun thing is now getting me some quick bucks for my pocket money.

Aurelian Mason

Elixinol can do a lot of goodness to our body provided we take it as suggested on the manufacturing label. The brand carries cool reputation and a cool avialabiltiy. I do not think there is other CBD that could be better than the one that Elixinol sells. Whole hearted thanks to this manufacturer.

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