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EmperorOne CBD | Complete Brand Review

Emperorone CBD Review

In an industry saturated with CBD brands, it can be a challenge to find a brand that fits in with your ethics. Let alone fit in with your lifestyle. Equally, companies have the difficult job of fulfilling what each customer wants from a product. And while some brands do it well, others do it better.

That’s why we celebrate brands like EmperorOne. They understand that customers need a degree of flexibility and choice when it comes to product potency, type, and even flavor.

Let’s review their products and see how they pull this off.

EmperorOne CBD Quick Summary


  • 15% discount when signing up to their mail list
  • All products are 3rd party lab-tested
  • Free first-class shipping on all orders
  • All products are THC-free
  • Natural flavorings used
  • The hemp used is organic
  • Highly potent oils up to 5000mg CBD


  • Only ships to the United States

If you want to compare EmperorOne to some of the best CBD brands in the industry, it’s easy to do on our main page, where we review brands to the highest standards.

EmperorOne CBD Full Review

The contentious legal reputation of CBD has not only led to a lot of confusion for potential customers but a poorly regulated industry. And unfortunately, many companies take advantage of this. It has become easier than ever to create misleading and potentially dangerous products.

EmperorOne feels passionate about dispelling these concerns. Their transparent approach to CBD means that customers are given information about what kind of hemp they use, how they extract cannabidiol, and more importantly, why they should care about these things.

On their site, the diverse CBD range includes oils, topicals, infused-toothpicks, pet products, and even more. It gives you room to experiment with your CBD routine, yet also allows you the comfort of a familiar product.

Let’s delve into greater detail about EmperorOne’s CBD practices.

Who Is EmperorOne CBD?

While there is not a great deal of information on the EmperorOne site about its origins as a company, it does highlight its ethos. The brand wants to create accessible products for any lifestyle while always retaining premium quality. How do they do this?

Well, it all begins with growing the hemp. EmperorOne ensures that the hemp they use to manufacture their products is completely organic, which means no pesticides or herbicides challenge the purity of the end product. The company also uses supercritical CO2 extraction to pull essential cannabinoids from the hemp plant. Many consider CO2 extraction, although more expensive, to be a safer and more accurate method than others.

When it comes to THC content, EmperorOne only makes products with less than 0.3%. So customers don’t have to worry about any psychoactive effect when consuming their products. The brand is extremely accommodating; that’s why they also produce a CBD isolate product range.

It’s clear EmperorOne has gone to a lot of effort to be as inclusive as possible, not only with product choice but with its premium customer service.

EmperorOne CBD Highlights

  • A Customer-Focused Attitude

The brand celebrates a “whatever it takes” attitude when it comes to their relationship with customers and takes great lengths to ensure an excellent customer experience. EmperorOne, as a brand, is highly accessible. Customers can contact them through email, letter, or by calling their telephone number.

  • A Product for Every Occasion

The company has reached the ideal of balance between quality and quantity. There are plenty of product types customers can choose from, including CBD isolate oils, topicals, infused toothpicks, gummies, and even pet products.

  • Beginner-Friendly

If you aren’t well-versed with CBD and have been finding it hard to choose a product, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by EmperorOne. They make the whole process very user-friendly by providing plenty of blog articles that explain how CBD works and why it works.

  • Lab-Tested Products

Another way EmperorOne displays their quality as a company is by ensuring that all their products are lab-tested. And they do this with a third-party company to ensure complete objectivity. However, the one disappointment is that these reports aren’t easily accessible on the website.

EmperorOne CBD Negative Thoughts

  • Only Ships within the United States

The great shame with EmperorOne is that they only ship to customers in the US. Hopefully, in the future, we’ll see them expand their customer base.

EmperorOne CBD Oils

EmperorOne CBD Oils

EmperorOne sells a range of both full-spectrum oils and CBD isolates, giving the customer the best of both worlds. Full-spectrum oils retain the natural blend of cannabinoid found in the hemp plant, whereas isolates single out the cannabidiol compound.

There is strong contention between which type of oil is superior, but many find that it simply comes down to preference. And luckily, you can try both with EmperorOne!

In the full-spectrum range you can find these potencies:

  • 250mg
  • 500mg
  • 1,000mg
  • 2,500mg
  • 5,000mg

The brand provides a great variety of different strengths. So, whether you are just beginning to dabble in CBD use or you’ve been using CBD for years, you can find what you need.

By the same merit, you can find 250mg, 500mg, and the 1,000mg oil in three different flavors, Mint, Vanilla, and Natural. This is also true of their isolate range. What we admire about the flavors used is that they all come from natural flavorings, providing an insight into EmperorOne’s quality control.

In terms of pricing, customers will be pleased to find the products quite affordable, with the 250mg oils starting at $39.00. And while the 5,000mg oils seem to sell at a staggering $233.00, for such a high strength, this is actually quite reasonable.

EmperorOne CBD Gummies

EmperorOne CBD Gummies

The EmperorOne site currently sells one pot of colorful gummies. These gummies can be an excellent method of consuming CBD; not only are they fun to eat and taste great, but they are also incredibly discreet. To anyone around you, they simply look like candies.

Each pot contains 25 gummies, with each gummy containing a grand total of 30mg CBD. Their popularity is partially a response to their strength; it can be challenging to find gummies with such a large quantity of CBD. And at $49.99, they are very affordable.

Interestingly EmperorOne’s gummies are made with their isolate formulation rather than full-spectrum, which is pretty unique. The product is also cruelty-free, meaning that vegans can consume them.

EmperorOne CBD Capsules

EmperorOne CBD Capsules

CBD capsules can be one of the easiest ways to consume cannabidiol. And a brand without them almost feels like a bike without wheels. Luckily, EmperorOne sells a very robust bike.

At 750mg per bottle, customers can feel confident that they are getting their money’s worth at $49.00.

Sometimes, capsules can feel uncomfortable to swallow because of their hard shell. To combat this, EmperorOne has created their product with a liquid gel casing, making it easier than ever to consume. But be careful; this often means they are more sensitive to heat and may melt in a warm environment.

The company makes sure the capsule ingredients are as simple as possible; they include purified water, gelatin, glycerin, hemp seed oil, and hemp extract.

EmperorOne CBD Topicals

For customers who prefer to apply CBD directly to the skin have that option on EmperorOne’s site. You can find two CBD creams infused with a wonderful lavender scent, at both a 750mg and 1,000mg potency.

Their Heating and Cooling cream, which sells at $32.00 and contains 200mg, is particularly useful if you lead an active lifestyle, whether that be working out at the gym or cycling to work every day.

Of course, both ranges contain the high quality that EmperorOne has developed within their oils and capsules. They ensure that the topicals:

  • Are full-spectrum
  • Are 3rd party lab tested
  • Contain organically-grown hemp
  • Contain less than 0.2% THC

EmperorOne CBD Infused Toothpicks

Want a product that helps clean your teeth and provides you with CBD? This might not seem like the most natural collaboration, but EmperorOne’s CBD Infused Toothpicks are one of the most popular products on their site. And they are effortless to use. Simply chew on each end to begin using the product.

Each packet contains ten toothpicks in total, with every pick containing 25mg CBD. While these products don’t provide a heavy-hitting amount of CBD, they are incredibly affordable at $25.00 per packet. They also make a great option for those customers who aren’t very confident with CBD-use, and may even be trying to find their first product to try.

The toothpicks contain 97% full-spectrum phytocannabinoid-rich oil, so you can expect a host of different terpenes and cannabinoids.

EmperorOne CBD Vape Pens

If you are looking for a vaping product that is as delicious as it is effective, you won’t be disappointed by EmperorOne’s range of vape pens. For a disposable pen, these pens contain an impressive amount of CBD at 300mg.

And it also means that you don’t have the hassle of re-filling and cleaning a vape tank, which can feel slightly intimidating for new users.

The pens sleek black design with recognizable emperor penguin logo means you can easily vape while out and about too. If you prefer flavored products, the site currently sells two different flavors, Citrus and Mint.

EmperorOne CBD Pet Products

EmperorOne CBD Pet Products

CBD pet products are becoming incredibly popular in the CBD community, but many customers want to make sure what they give to their pets is of good quality. EmperorOne recognizes this and has developed a range of premium pets products with your furry family members in mind.

On the site, you can find two types of dog treats, Bacon & Potato and Chicken & Blueberry. Two delicious flavors that will make it easier to get your dogs to eat. Each bag contains 20 treats and costs $32.00, with 2.5mg per treat. EmperorOne ensures that every treat is;

  • Gluten-free
  • Soy-free
  • Organic hemp
  • Dairy-free

Customers can also buy a generic pet oil, which is intended for both dogs and cats. At $35.00 per bottle of 250mg of CBD, this product is praised for its affordability.

How to Buy EmperorOne CBD Products

The EmperorOne site makes it easy for customers to find and buy the products that they want. Currently, the brand sells to all states in North American, although it is important to check your state’s rules and regulations before you buy a particular product. Unfortunately, the brand does not ship to anywhere else in the world, although we hope this changes with time.

EmperorOne’s shipping standards are incredibly convenient. They ensure that every customer receives a first-class delivery service, completely free of charge (excluding AK and HI). And with this service, customers can expect their package to arrive between 3 to 10 business days. If you do spend over $99.00, customers can expect their delivery to arrive within two days.

The company also provides a 15-day return policy if you aren’t happy with your products.

Final Verdict on EmperorOne CBD

What can we say about EmperorOne? Their passion for putting quality above quantity is a refreshing stance within the CBD industry. The site is great for beginners because there aren’t an overwhelming amount of products to choose from. Yet, products such as their 5,000mg full-spectrum oil can excite even the veteran CBD user.

The company’s use of organic and non-GMO hemp can fill every customer with confidence that they are only putting premium hemp in their bodies. And this confidence can be extended by knowing that every product has been lab-tested by third parties.

If EmperorOne’s products intrigue you, don’t forget to use their 15% coupon code by signing up for their newsletter. Even without the coupon, you can rest assured the products are extremely affordable.

Final Verdict: 10/10

If you want to learn more about how CBD works within our bodies, you can find a full explanation on our site.

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