Empire Wellness CBD Review [ My Personal Experience ]

Empire Wellness CBD Review [My Personal Experience]

For those looking for CBD in today’s market, they are likely to struggle to find anything other than the regular options of CBD oil or CBD vape liquids. Part of this is due to the fact that these are incredibly popular methods of imbibing any kind of cannabinoid, but another big reason is that the CBD market is still only just beginning to develop new and interesting methods of consuming CBD.

However, some brands, such as Empire Wellness, are seeking to try and broaden the horizons of CBD products by not only offering CBD oil but also offering a myriad of different types of CBD products, including CBD hemp flowers that can be rolled and smoked like regular marijuana.

Let’s take a look at Empire Wellness and go through exactly what kind of products they have and whether they are worth investing in.

Who Are Empire Wellness CBD?

Empire Wellness is a CBD company that has its origins in the very birthplace of recreational and usable Marijuana in the USA, the great state of Colorado. They have been working closely with farmers, scientists, and doctors, to create the very best product possible. Empire Wellness maintain a massive hemp growing operation to produce all kinds of different hemp products.

By being able to control the production of their hemp products from the very start of the growing process, they get the chance to be more hands-on with their hemp growing methods, as well as being able to experiment more with different ways of imbibing the final product.

This means that, not only does Empire Wellness sell the standard options of CBD oil and other products, but they also offer pure CBD isolate, CBD flowers, and even an interestingly named CBD Relaxation Syrup.

The significant problem with Empire Wellness is the lack of lab reports. According to their FAQ, all of their products have in fact undergone rigorous lab reports, but they are only available upon request, instead of being freely offered on the website like with many CBD retailers.

This is a big problem because it demonstrates that they either have something to hide and don’t want to advertise the discrepancies in their products, or it shows that they don’t understand the importance of being transparent with their consumer base.

It is always important to be as open and transparent as possible so that consumers know what they are buying. However, this is doubly important when it comes to CBD or hemp products in general, as it is largely unregulated and is prone to nefarious, unscrupulous producers taking advantage of their customers.

Without complete lab reports, the only real way to evaluate their products is to investigate them ourselves, so let us take a look at all of Empire Wellness’ products and see what they have to offer.

Empire Wellness CBD Highlights

  • Massive Range of Products: An absolutely huge range of differently produced, completely unique ways to imbibe CBD. This demonstrates Empire Wellness as a company with an exceptional understanding of the desires of its customers.
  • Strong Awareness of the Market: Empire Wellness is based out of Colorado and has endless awareness for its consumer base. They provide a great deal of information about their company ethos and try to cater to different types of CBD users.

Empire Wellness Oil

Empire Wellness

Empire Wellness offers four different CBD oils, each of them being labeled as either full spectrum or crystal isolate CBD oil tinctures. You can get their full spectrum oil in either 500mg or 1500mg, with their 99% crystal isolate oil available in either 150mg or 700mg.

Each of Empire Wellness’ CBD oils are made using only coconut oil and hemp seed oil, along with the relevant quantity of CBD. As is ever the case with CBD in the western market, these CBD oils are actually labeled as a ‘Dietary Supplement’ and not as a medicine or any kind of treatment option.

However, other than the brief list of ingredients and the fact that they are a dietary supplement, Empire Wellness doesn’t actually provide much of a list of information regarding their Hemp harvesting practices or the actual quality of their product. The only thing they really mention is that they are harvested from mature stalks and stems – at least that’s something.

To be fair to Empire Wellness, CBD oil is not at all their specialty, as they instead choose to focus on more esoteric options for imbibing CBD oil; options like CBD Hemp Flowers.

Empire Wellness CBD Hemp Flowers

For most people, the idea of smoking hemp to imbibe CBD might seem strange, as the act of smoking actual hemp and cannabis flowers is firmly linked to imbibing THC. However, Empire Wellness offers a variety of different strains of hemp as hemp flower, able to be smoked and enjoyed all while giving a large quantity of CBD and less than 0.3% THC.

You can get Empire Wellness CBD Hemp Flowers in a myriad of different strains, such as Grape Juice, Frost Bite or Lemon Drop. As well as offering a few pre-rolled joints of CBD hemp flower for those that don’t feel confident enough to roll or grind their own.

The website sections for their hemp flowers are where Empire Wellness has put a great deal of information, including all possible content and nutritional information. Additionally, it contains a large section about the legality of using these hemp flowers, inserted specifically to appease law enforcement.

After all, it really does look like they are selling regular, THC-rich marijuana, rather than the CBD-rich hemp flowers that they are actually selling.

If you aren’t the type of person that enjoys smoking their CBD, there are plenty of other more esoteric ways to enjoy CBD, such as CBD crystals.

Empire Wellness Crystals

Empire Wellness offers a variety of different CBD crystal isolates, which are extremely small, fragile pieces of hardened powder that are made from 99% CBD. They can be infused with cannabis-derived terpenes or be enjoyed in a natural flavor.

The best part about their CBD isolates is that they are available in literally dozens of different strain varieties, meaning that you can choose the exact effect and flavor profile that you want from a long list of many beloved strains. This is also one of the few products wherein their certificate of analysis is freely available, though rather hidden within their pictures.

Despite how strange and somehow illicit it might feel to imbibe CBD crystal isolate, it is actually an excellent way to get CBD into your system while avoiding the annoyances of smoking or imbibing oils.

Empire Wellness also offers a different variety of CBD isolates known as CBD Live Resin Wax, which is rich in CBD, other cannabinoids and terpenes, filled with 550mg of CBD per small vial of yellow wax.

They don’t really provide much information about this Resin Wax, especially about what exactly makes it ‘Live’, but wax is typically nothing more than a differently made version of CBD isolate, so this just means that you have a variety of different types of product to choose from.

However, despite all these interesting ways of imbibing CBD made available to you by Empire Wellness, you might still prefer to get your CBD through an oral method, rather than by burning dabs.

Thankfully, Empire Wellness has a plethora of edible options available.

Empire Wellness Edible Products: Gummies & Relaxation Syrup

Empire Wellness cbd

Empire Wellness offers the pretty standard CBD gummies, available as either Big Bear Gummies or simple Blueberry Flavored Gummies. These gummies provide a total of 150mg and are an easy way to both get a nice helping of CBD in your body, and also a nice dose of sugar throughout the day.

However, Empire Wellness’ main edible product is their CBD Relaxation Syrup. Each 4 oz jug of Relaxation Syrup looks exactly like those old jars of painkillers that your mom used to give you as a kid.

Each one contains 100mg of CBD and is made from 99% CBD Crystal Isolate. This Relaxation Syrup can be easily mixed into teas, water, or soda to infuse your drink with a relaxing, calming solution of CBD.

You can get their CBD Relaxation Syrup in either cherry or grape flavor, allowing you to not only feel relaxed and calm when you take it but also to enjoy a nice flavor boost as well.

Empire Wellness Prices

  • Empire Wellness Oil Full Spectrum Oil, 500mg – $60
  • Empire Wellness Oil Full Spectrum Oil, 1500mg – $170
  • Empire Wellness Oil Crystal Isolate, 150mg – $35
  • Empire Wellness Oil Crystal Isolate, 700mg – $85
  • Empire Wellness Hemp Flowers – $8-$15
  • Empire Wellness Isolates, 1 gram – $50
  • Empire Wellness Isolates 7 grams – $350
  • Empire Wellness CBD Gummies, Big Bear – $15
  • Empire Wellness CBD Blueberry Gummies – $15
  • Empire Wellness Relaxation Syrup – $45

Final Thoughts on Empire Wellness

Empire Wellness is an exciting CBD retailer in that they eschew the standard formula of only making CBD oil or CBD e-liquids. Instead, they have focused on making a myriad of different products focused around getting as much pure CBD into your system as possible.

Whether you want to enjoy their CBD Relaxation Syrup to feel calm and enlightened, or just take CBD in as pure a form as possible using their CBD crystal isolates, Empire Wellness is focused on making sure you can get exactly what you are looking for.

The only real big problem with Empire Wellness is the inconsistency of their lab reports. Instead of being freely available like with other sites, they are only available upon request, with a few random products having their certificate of analysis being hidden on their product pages in the pictures section.

Assuming you don’t mind having a lack of concrete information as to the complete integrity of Empire Wellness products, you should definitely give Empire Wellness a try.

After all, it isn’t every day that you have the opportunity to smoke hemp flower completely legally, all while enjoying the medicinal effects of CBD as well.

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