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Endoca CBD Review [All Products]

Endoca CBD Review [All Products]

One of the hardest things about picking a new CBD retailer is knowing whether or not they are trustworthy. Though third-party review websites do exist that will often give you helpful information about their integrity, it would be nice to learn about retailers individually. Thankfully, some retailers understand the importance of being entirely transparent, such as Endoca. Endoca is a CBD retailer that provides a decent variety of products in a variety of diverse applications, but what makes them so significant is the sheer amount of information they offer the customer, both in the company history, the ingredients and processes behind their products.

From using biofuel to run their machines to their overall business practice, Endoca seems like an ecologically friendly CBD seller. Let’s take a look at their products, their website, and their overall business to determine whether or not they are any good.

Who Are Endoca?

With some websites, it can be challenging to find out who they actually are. True, you can usually find their mission statements or their company ethos, but actually finding out whom the company is and what they actually do with their products can seem next to impossible. Endoca is a bit different, however; they have a massive section of their website utterly devoted to their origins. With a handsome photo of their founder and the sun dappling on his concerned face, their history page is longer than most of their product pages.

Their origins lay in one man’s drive to provide a way for people to get their CBD and nutritional needs quickly and without problems. There are quite literally thousands of words written about the creator’s desire to build his business, all of which boils down to his wish to grow and produce CBD products that can help improve people’s lives. After starting a free clinic based on CBD oil, the creator then moved towards making his website, which would be both a place to buy CBD oil and a place to learn about it.

Endoca itself sells a vast variety of different CBD products, ranging from CBD oils and edibles to CBD terpenes and topical lotions. Alongside each rather nicely priced product is a considerable wealth of valuable information, such as the actual ingredients of the product and the effect it has on your body once you use it.

Let’s delve a bit deeper and see how their products stack up, as well as what people think of Endoca.

Endoca CBD Product Reviews

An excellent way to evaluate whether or not a product is any good is by looking at reviews. These reviews can be either from previous customers who want to share their stories about their purchases, or third party review websites that want you to know how the site stacks up against other websites. On both counts, Endoca performs exceptionally well. Previous customers and third-party reviewers alike rate Endoca very highly, as well as just generally considering them a good deal.

There is a great deal of focus given to their attention to detail, both in their packaging and in their customer service, not to mention the quality of their products themselves. Let’s examine a few of their products, their cost, and their overall value to determine whether or not they are worth it.

Endoca CBD Oil Products

CBD oil retailers generally have a decision to make about how they are going to sell their CBD oil – do they offer their CBD oil based on the quantity they provide or the quality? What that means is that some CBD Oil retailers will offer different CBD oil products based on the physical amount within the bottles, or based on the amount of CBD within it. Endoca has chosen the latter option, selling their CBD oil based on the amount of CBD within each bottle.

You can either buy CBD oil, made from hemp oil, with 300mg of total CBD costing €26, or you can get more CBD per ml and pick up 1500 mg for €129. This just means that, for every 5ml drop you take from the dropper, you can either have a small amount of CBD or literally five times as much. Each CBD oil comes prepared with the entire list of its ingredients, as well as its total amount of terpenes, phytocannabinoids, and other critical natural molecules.

Once you’ve gone past the ingredients list (which is perhaps the longest out of any other retailer due to the detail it goes into), you can then find yourself confronted by a variety of different reasons why you should use CBD, as well as a helpful FAQ. One of the nice things about this is that there isn’t a tremendous amount of information telling you to only get Endoca CBD oil, just that CBD oil as a whole is useful. This demonstrates that Endoca genuinely does just want you to try their products out for the medicinal and nutritional benefits they provide.

Alongside the two different CBD oil intensities Endoca offers, they also provide a ‘RAW’ version of each of them. This means that the CBD oils are not decarboxylated, and thus not heated whatsoever. Though there is a lot of evidence to suggest that you should really stick to CBD that has been decarboxylated, some people prefer otherwise, so having the ability to choose what you want is very much appreciated.

Endoca Capsules & Pills

Alongside their excellent choice of CBD oils, Endoca offers the same CBD strengths and opportunities – including the option for ‘RAW’ or not – in capsule form. These are literally exactly the same, only that the amount of CBD per capsule is about ten times the amount you would get per drop from the CBD oil, implying that the CBD oil is intended to be taken ten drops at a time.

Interestingly enough, these pills cost precisely the same as the CBD oil, so this is an excellent choice if you merely prefer taking your CBD or any kind of medication in pill form.

Endoca Edibles & Gummies

Unlike many other retailers, Endoca only sells one type of CBD edible, offering a pack of CBD Chewing Gum which contains 150mg of CBD, providing 10mg per piece. CBD as chewing gum is actually really interesting, as you will usually only see things like gummies or candies rather than minty chewing gum.

Flavored with peppermint and mint, just like regular gum, their CBD Chewing Gum costs only €12, making this not only a uniquely exciting way to consume CBD but a cost-effective one as well.

Endoca Cream & Topical Lotions

Endoca offers an interesting mix of different options for topical applications of CBD. They offer a Hemp Salve that contains 750mg of CBD, costing €64. This is designed for relief from dryness, as well as providing an excellent relief thanks to its CBD quantity.

If you are looking for something less therapeutic and more luxurious, Endoca also offers a Hemp Whipped Body Butter, containing a whopping 1500mg of CBD and costing €82. This is designed to be used after your shower and applied like any other body butter. Rich in antioxidants and both nourishing and moisturizing, this is designed to give you a daily dose of CBD at the same time as making your skin feel smooth and sumptuous.

Finally, for those with constantly chapped lips, Endoca offers a Lips and Skin 20mg lip balm, made from both hemp and coconut oil and a small amount of CBD. Though it might seem a bit difficult to imagine much CBD actually getting into your body if it only contains 20mg for the entire stick and you apply it to your lips, it is nice that Endoca is offering alternative ingredients to other commercial products that are usually used to make lip balm.

Endoca Crystals

For some people, CBD oil or edibles merely is not enough – they require something more powerful. To appease those die-hard CBD users, Endoca offers CBD Crystals, containing 99% CBD crystals that you can vape, dab or even use to make edibles, costing €48.

These are a great way to get a massive amount of CBD into your system at once, so it is terrific that Endoca provides this as an option.

Endoca Suppositories

CBD is typically taken orally or, for those that really don’t enjoy it, through topical skin applications. However, there does exist a quicker way to get CBD into your body. Endoca offers CBD Suppositories with 500mg of CBD in them; 50mg of CBD per suppository. This costs only €49, so this is pretty good value for so much CBD.

Surprisingly, there is an absolutely massive number of reviews for this product alone, so many people seemingly enjoy this alternative method of CBD consumption. If you find yourself a bit unsure of how to use this particular product, it comes with a helpful list of directions for whatever way you would prefer to insert it. It’s not everyone’s first choice for taking medicine, but if you prefer it, at least Endoca has you covered.

Final Thoughts on Endoca CBD

Endoca is a website with an absolutely astonishing amount of information available. Whether they’re telling you a step-by-step story of the site’s creation or providing you with a long ingredient list for each product, Endoca wants you to be completely informed for every single purchase you make. Alongside this, they offer a considerable number of wordy articles that discuss the potential benefits of CBD, as well as the proper ways to take them and for what conditions, so Endoca is not just a place to go and buy CBD; it’s a place to learn about it as well.

With a considerable quantity of positive reviews and evident attention to detail, Endoca is clearly a CBD retailer that cares about both its customers and its product. Though it might not have an overwhelming number of different CBD options, each of the products it does have is massively researched, lab tested and backed up with a massive amount of information.

For those still unsure about CBD products in general, Endoca is an excellent website to use, even if only to learn how it all works.

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