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FAB CBD Review [Oils, Edibles, and Topicals]

FAB CBD Review [Oils, Edibles, and Topicals]

To say that there is hype surrounding cannabidiol (CBD), a non-intoxicating compound in marijuana, is an understatement akin to saying the marijuana industry is due for a mild boost. CBD is one of the most abundant compounds in weed and is also found in industrial hemp. With the likely legalization of hemp farming, the CBD market, already a billion-dollar industry, is likely to enter the stratosphere in the next few years.

With so much money on the table, it is hardly a shock that there are hundreds of companies purporting to sell CBD products. While some are undoubtedly reputable, there are too many selling the equivalent of snake oil. We aim to tell readers the truth about CBD companies and in this guide, we check out what FAB CBD has to offer.

Who is FAB CBD?

This company is part of the FAB Nutrition firm, a supplement, and nutrition company based in Tampa, Florida. FAB also has a UK office. According to the organization, its CBD products are made with CBD from hemp grown organically in Colorado. FAB ensures that it uses a CO2 extraction process to extract the cannabidiol.

Also, its products are non-GMO and tested for quality and safety by third-party labs. Finally, it says that its CBD is free from solvents, herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers. I was impressed by the fact that you can see the lab reports on the website. This adds a layer of credibility to the company. For the record, ProVerde Laboratories conducted the testing.

Review of FAB CBD Oil Drops

fab cbd review

FAB’s CBD drops come in three flavors: Mint, Natural, and Citrus. It comes in four strengths:

  • 150mg: $39
  • 300mg: $59
  • 600mg: $79
  • 1200mg: $129

Please note that the prices are based on the ‘sale’ that is currently ongoing on the official website. FAB advises you to use ½ a dropper up to twice a day. I opted for the mint flavored 600mg bottle. Half a dropper was the equivalent of 10mg of CBD, and I used it twice a day. Although you still get the plant taste, the mint was refreshing and didn’t leave a nasty aftertaste.

By the way, make sure you place the drops beneath your tongue and wait 30 seconds before swallowing. Based on other CBD oils I have used, I knew what would happen if the oil was of decent quality. Sure enough, I felt calmer, but I also know that 20mg a day won’t help with my knee pain. Once I upped the dose to 40mg a day, I felt less pain in my knee than before. If you choose the 1200mg version, you get a month’s worth of CBD if you use 40mg a day like me.

I know of several people who enjoyed the effects of FAB CBD oil. One friend has severe anxiety, but after taking it daily before bedtime, he was able to drift off to sleep, completely forgetting his worries. Another friend has swollen joints but after using 20mg of CBD a day, found that the swelling began to subside within a few days.

Review of FAB CBD Chews

fab cbd chews review

If you don’t like oil or find it easy to forget to take a dose, carrying around a pack of FAB’s CBD Chews could be a winning alternative. Each pack contains 30 chews with 25mg of CBD apiece for $59. Added ingredients include cocoa butter, aloe vera, olive oil, citric acid, and cinnamon.

The chews are free from THC, contain wheat, and you can store them at room temperature for up to 12 months! While the oils contain several cannabinoids in a full-spectrum concoction, the chews contain CBD isolates only. The chews taste pretty good but more importantly, they work!

As they are edibles, you need to more patient because the effects take longer; but when they arrive, you know about it! While the chews were good for pain, they worked even better for sleep! I have insomnia but taking a chew an hour before bedtime made a huge difference.

Review of FAB CBD Muscle & Joint Topical

fab cbd topical

FAB’s attempt at a topical comes in a 2-oz tub which contains 600mg of CBD for just $64. Once again, the product is made with Colorado-grown hemp, and the Blood Orange scent is extremely alluring. I was also impressed by how smooth and creamy the topical was; it felt similar to a moisturizing cream.

To use, rub the cream on the area that is causing you pain. While ingesting CBD is effective, it can take up to two hours to feel an effect. In contrast, topical CBD is absorbed through the skin which means it works within minutes. Certainly, I felt a reduction in knee pain after a few minutes.

In the past, I have used several painkillers, and at best, I get some relief before the pain returned as bad as before. Although the pain also returned a few hours after using this cream, it is nice to know that instead of filling my body with prescription drugs, it is receiving CBD instead. Other reviews, from individuals with severe conditions such as carpal tunnel and rheumatoid arthritis, stated that the cream was extremely effective. There are even reviews where patients claim they threw away their opioids because the cream was so effective!

Where Can I Buy FAB CBD Products?

Visit the official FAB CBB website to buy the oil, topical, or edibles. According to FAB, you should receive your order in 4-7 working days. The company also outlines that it charges a foreign transaction fee, although it hopes to waive it once it secures a bank and processor in the United States.

Final Thoughts on FAB CBD

With organically grown hemp and a legion of delighted customers, FAB CBD is certainly a company worth checking out. Based on the effects I felt, all of its claims are true because I felt relaxed with the oil, could sleep better thanks to the chews, and felt far less pain after using the cream. Its pricing is also reasonable by the standards of the industry, and it is clear that a lot of thought and effort has gone into developing its products.

Verdict: 9/10


  • Third-party lab reports are available on the site.
  • Informative website.
  • Great-tasting oils and chews.
  • Products are free from GMO and come from organic hemp.
  • FAB uses CO2 extraction.


  • The chews contain CBD isolate and are not full-spectrum.
  • While the oil helps sleep and works well for anxiety, you need the 1200mg version to get the most out of it for pain.

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