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Foria Wellness Review

Foria Wellness Review

With CBD becoming an increasingly popular option, brands are creating new and fun ways to incorporate CBD into your daily life. For many brands, this involves expanding the line of CBD edibles or creating tasty new oil tinctures.

Foria Wellness has taken a very different approach to CBD, however, with its line of female-focused sexual health products. Foria Wellness is a brand that pushes our expectations when it comes to CBD and shows that CBD really can be worked into every element of your day.

So, who exactly is Foria Wellness, and how might this unique take on CBD benefit you?

Foria Wellness Quick Summary


  • Exciting and unique array of products, such as CBD lubricant
  • Beautiful website design
  • A range of discounts available (military, medical, teacher)
  • Featured in respectable sources such as GQ and HuffPost
  • USDA-certified and 100% organic hemp
  • Three major product lines; Intimacy, Relief, and Wellness
  • Lab-tested products to ensure premium quality


  • Some shipping restrictions on international destinations
  • Blog design could be a little more streamline


Foria Wellness sells lots of CBD products. If you want to learn a little more about how CBD works before you buy, take a look at our overview of CBD and the endocannabinoid system.

Who Is Foria Wellness?

Foria Wellness is more than a CBD brand. It markets itself as an innovative health and sexual wellness company. Founded in 2013, Foria Wellness takes the extremely popular CBD and demonstrates that it can be used in all kinds of unique ways beyond those that are considered traditional.

Foria Wellness was one of the first brands to create and market a comprehensive range of products designed for both improved sexual health and pleasure.

Foria Wellness is committed to using clean, organic ingredients. It works closely with farms to support eco-friendly growing methods. Transparency is essential at Foria Wellness. Therefore, they use clear and informative packaging designed to ensure that customers always know and feel confident in what they are purchasing and using. Foria Wellness includes certificates of analysis for all of its products on the website so that you can see what goes into the making of each item.

In order for Foria Wellness’ products to access as many people as possible, they have built their sexual wellness products from the ground up, working within health and legal regulations and standards. Using broad-spectrum CBD, Foria Wellness can pack its products with healthy compounds. In other words, they conform to THC limits across the USA and even internationally.

Let’s take a closer look at some of Foria Wellness’s top products and find out what you can expect.

Foria Wellness Highlights

  • Full Transparency: Foria Wellness is committed to being a fully transparent brand. One of the ways in which Foria Wellness ensures customer confidence is by providing full and detailed lab results for each product.
  • Unique Products: Foria Wellness takes a very different approach to many CBD brands. They’ve developed multiple CBD product lines for a range of wants and needs. Foria Wellness shows that CBD can be used in many different ways and offers a diverse range of potential benefits.
  • Sustainable: At Foria Wellness, it is essential to create high-quality feel-good products. But they also believe in using natural ingredients that are grown using sustainable methods. Foria Wellness works closely with the farms that it sources raw ingredients from.

Foria Wellness Negative Thoughts

  • Dense Web Design: While it is excellent that Foria Wellness’ website is more than just a shop, it does mean that the website can feel a little overwhelming at first. Navigating your way around Foria Wellness’s website can take a little time at first with the key information that you need not always being clear.
  • Restricted Shipping: Foria Wellness does have a list of international shipping destinations that they don’t ship to. This list includes Canada, Australia, and many more. However, they do explain this is due to various issues, which include complicated customs processing. Despite the limitation, Foria Wellness offers more shipping destinations than a lot of other companies. 

Foria Wellness CBD Intimacy Collection

Foria Wellness’ award-winning, organic, all-natural, plant-based formulas have been carefully designed to enhance sexual intimacy and arousal. The company has four CBD products within the intimacy range so that you can find the perfect way to enhance pleasure.

For those who are new to Foria Wellness products, the Awaken Arousal oil with CBD is a great place to start. Foria has used a carefully chosen blend of broad-spectrum CBD and organic botanicals that together help to enhance arousal and ease discomfort. Made from 100% natural, organic materials, Foria Wellness’ arousal oil has been vagina-tested and approved for a pleasurable experience with each drop.

Foria Wellness CBD Intimacy Collection

To further enhance your sexual pleasure, Foria Wellness also sells a CBD-infused, all-natural lubricant. This can be used entirely on its own or alongside the arousal CBD oil. 100% free from chemicals, the lubricant has been designed to soothe and excite. Foria Wellness’ vegan, gluten-free formula means that the lubricant is oral-friendly and safe to ingest.

As a brand, Foria Wellness understands that everyone is different. In essence, they aim to offer as many different options as possible for its customers to choose from. Foria Wellness’ intimacy suppositories with CBD are a great way to ease discomfort and relieve tension for enhanced arousal and pleasure. Made using the same broad-spectrum CBD as the other products, the suppositories offer an alternative way to benefit from CBD.

Finally, Foria Wellness craft their Intimacy Botanical Vape Pen using a combination of carefully chosen organic botanicals along with broad-spectrum CBD. So you can feel enhanced intimacy with each puff.

Foria Wellness CBD Wellness Collection

Foria Wellness’s collection of wellness-focused CBD is designed to introduce balance and harmony into your daily life in a fun and simple way. In keeping with Foria Wellness’s passion for creating a diverse range of products, there are a few different wellness options to choose from.

The Wellness Tonic offers a simple way to infuse your day with CBD and soak up all of its potential health benefits. The tonic is made using 100% organic ingredients, including MCT coconut oil and broad-spectrum CBD. Each drop of this product provides your body with a blend of different cannabinoids and terpenes.

Foria Wellness’ tonic is a great way to boost your overall health and has been formulated for use alongside the intimacy range.

Foria Wellness CBD Wellness Collection

The Broad-Spectrum CBD for Daily Wellness Capsules packs many of the same benefits as the tonic. This is because they are made from the same high-quality, organic CBD. Each capsule contains a precise dosage of 25mg, ensuring that you receive a consistent CBD intake each day.

One of the nice features of the wellness range is that they can be both used on their own or combined for a truly customizable CBD routine. The capsules are ideal for mornings when you are in a rush and need something super quick and simple. The tonic offers you slightly more control and customization for slower days when you have more time.

Foria Wellness CBD Relief Collection

Foria Wellness has you covered when it comes to relaxation and intimacy, and during times when you need comfort and relief. The relief collection has been specially designed to target chronic discomfort and menstrual cramps.

The Relief Suppositories are manageable and discreet to use, making them ideal for when you need fast-acting pain relief. Each suppository contains 100mg of broad-spectrum CBD that has been fully lab-tested. This ensures that it is completely free from solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides for an all-natural way to manage pain and discomfort.

Foria Wellness’ relief suppositories can be used both vaginally and rectally. This gives you the ability to target particular areas of pain in a way that works for you. As with all of Foria Wellness’s products, you can use suppositories both on their own and alongside the other CBD infused products.

Foria Wellness CBD Bundle and Save

Foria Wellness’s products are designed to work in harmony with each other. This gives you the freedom to customize your CBD intake to suit your desires. The company offers several bundle options, making it super easy for you to mix and match products and try different combinations.

Foria Wellness’ bundles are a great feature because they offer products at a discounted price.

There are many bundles to choose from, ensuring that you can find the perfect combination for you. Some of the options include:

  • Awaken Arousal Bundle
  • Intimacy Bundle
  • Wellness Bundle

In the Intimacy bundle, you can expect Foria Wellness’s arousal oil and all-natural intimacy lubricant. The Wellness bundle comes packed with wellness tonic and wellness capsules. This gives you the freedom to fuel your body using different wellness products.

Foria Wellness has many other bundles for you to explore. You can find a full list of bundles on their online store, giving you great combinations and savings.

How to Buy Foria Wellness Products

Foria Wellness sells all of its CBD and multi-botanical formulas directly through the online store. The company has designed the website carefully. They make it both a place of education and a convenient way to stock up on your favorite products.

Foria Wellness’ THC formulas are currently available for purchase from third-party dispensaries across California and Colorado. To help you find your local dispensary, Foria Wellness has included a store finder feature on the website. However, they also advise customers to call ahead to check that their preferred products are in stock.

Foria Wellness offers a subscribe and save option, which is perfect for products that you know you will certainly use time and time again. The subscribe and save feature ensures that you never run out of your favorite products. In addition, it helps you to save a little extra with each order.

For the products sold directly through Foria Wellness’ online store, shipping options are available both within the USA and internationally. Foria Wellness has included a very helpful and detailed page on its website that breaks down all shipping options and costs.

For orders over $50, Foria Wellness offers free USA shipping. This rewards customer for placing larger orders and helping you to save a little extra.

Final Verdict on Foria Wellness

Since 2013, Foria Wellness has continued to grow as a brand, offering products that have been precisely designed and tested by women for women. We certainly applaud a CBD brand trying not only to positively impact sexual health but also one that is so open about it.

Above all, Foria Wellness breaks the mold when it comes to CBD brands. Offering both traditional and unconventional CBD products, this unique take on CBD could improve your sexual health and pleasure.


Final Verdict: 9/10

Foria Wellness is one fish in a big pond. Find out which CBD brand ranks #1 on affordable, high-quality CBD topicals. You might be surprised!



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