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Galactic Hemp Review

CBD is quickly becoming one of the most popular supplement options, offering a natural way to look after your body. There is new research continually developed. And, an ever-growing list of reasons why taking even a minimal dose each day could be beneficial.

Recent years have seen the CBD industry explode, with more and more people deciding to try it for themselves. One of the great things about CBD is its versatility. No matter what your supplement preferences, you are sure to find the perfect way to include it in your daily routine.

The versatility of CBD has also meant that the industry has become a very creative one. Every brand brings with it a new and innovative way to enjoy CBD. Whether you are looking for new and exciting edibles or for flavorful vape oils, there will be a brand that offers such products.

Galactic Hemp is a brand that has embraced the creative side of CBD. They hope to show their customers that it can be fun and exciting. They also want to raise the bar when it comes to sustainability, working to look after the world around us.

Let’s take a closer look at Galactic Hemp and find out what makes them such a particular brand.

Who Are Galactic Hemp?

Galactic Hemp sources all of its hemp from US farms, working to support local communities and reduce their carbon footprint. Galactic Hemp only uses hemp grown on organic farms. They use farms that are committed to protecting the environment and using sustainable methods.

The hemp that goes into creating each product is the key to Galactic Hemp’s exceptional quality. To generate this quality, they pay close attention to production methods.

Galactic Hemp manually processes all of the hemp that they use, keeping each product as wholesome as possible. All of the methods that are used to extract CBD and make the final products are carefully tried and tested to ensure that they are productive and sustainable.

Galactic Hemp use third-party lab testing for all of their products. Lab tests check for everything from precise dosages to ensure that there are no harmful contaminants present. These lab tests deliver an extra layer of confidence to customers and inform them about what cannabinoids are present.

Galactic Hemp makes the results of each lab test available to customers directly through their website. For each item, customers can view a certificate of analysis. The analysis shows the exact cannabinoid content, and the results of all safety tests carried out.

A nice feature is that these lab reports can be viewed before you commit to your purchase. This can help you to make confident and well-informed decisions about the product you buy.

Galactic Hemp Highlights

The company aims to deliver high-quality products at affordable prices so that everyone can benefit from CBD without feeling limited. Galactic Hemp promises all of its customers that they will deliver the highest level of CBD possible in a way that best suits the needs of each customer.

Certificate of Analysis Available for Each Item: Galactic Hemp makes the lab reports for each item accessible to customers before purchase. Customers can then make an educated decision as to whether a particular product is right for you.

CBD Sourced from Organically Grown Hemp: All of Galactic Hemp products are made using industrial hemp. Using this material ensures the products contain no more than trace amounts of THC. Galactic Hemp’s low THC guarantee means that you can use all of their products with confidence.

Affordable Pricing: Galactic Hemp believes that high-quality CBD should be available to everyone. Galactic Hemp aims to keep the price of all of its products affordable so that they can be accessible.

Galactic Hemp Beauty Products


The company has carefully designed their beauty range so that you can treat your skin to a healthy dose of CBD just as you do the rest of your body. Galactic Hemp’s beauty range includes a full body lotion, a muscle crème, and therapeutic oil.

Galactic Hemp CBD infused hemp lotion is made using natural ingredients that feel great on your skin. Designed to moisturize and condition, and packed with rich coconut oil and important feel-good vitamins. This is the perfect lotion for anyone who wants to treat their skin and keeping it feeling youthful.

As a bonus, CBD-infused hemp lotion is guaranteed as being 100% vegan, making it accessible to all. Galactic Hemp believes in creating products that respect the world that we live in and are environmentally friendly. The company has created a range of vegan formulas.

Galactic Hemp’s muscle crème packs the same healthy dose of 300mg CBD as their lotion. However, it has been designed to target joints and muscles. A balanced blend of essential oils means that hemp muscle crème quickly absorbs through the skin.

Both Galactic Hemp’s muscle crème and their CBD infused lotion come in secure bottles with a pump lid. The intelligent design of Galactic Hemp’s beauty products makes them comfortable and mess-free to use. The products are great for taking to work or the gym with you! Creating suitable products that fit easily into your daily life is important at Galactic Hemp.

Galactic Hemp CBD Oil Tincture

Galactic Hemp’s CBD 500 oil provides a natural, feel-good way to include CBD into your daily routine. With two different aromas to choose from, Galactic Hemp have found the perfect balance between an effective supplement with a burst of excitement.

Galactic Hemp customers can choose between a naked scent for a very natural feel, and a coffee aroma to awaken your scenes and keep you feeling motivated.

The company aims to keep its oils as true to nature as possible, and so rather than using artificial flavors, they have instead used the real thing to give their oils a unique scent. Galactic Hemp’s coffee oil is made using real coffee beans, resulting in a pure aroma that smells just like your morning cup of Joe.

Each bottle of Galactic Hemp oil contains precisely 500mg of CBD in just 30ml. CBD isolate is used to ensure that you are able to experience pure CBD without having to worry about the effects of other unwanted cannabinoids.

Galactic Hemp has carefully designed its tinctures to be as portable as possible so that you can easily carry them around with you wherever you go.

The built-in dropper makes the oils super quick and easy to use and means that you do not need other tools to measure it out. Galactic Hemp oils deliver both practical results and convenience, all in just one small bottle.

Galactic Hemp Smokeable Products


Where Galactic Hemp stands out is its range of smokeable products. While most brands tend to use CBD to infuse vape oils, Galactic Hemp has instead decided to opt for a more authentic approach. The signature series allows you to enjoy CBD in just the same way that you would weed, only without the intoxicating effects and without worrying about its legality.  

Galactic Hemp has taken popular cannabis strains and flipped their THC and CBD content, resulting in legal industrial hemp. The plants keep their unique aromas and flavor profiles, only with a high CBD content and completely legal levels of THC.

Galactic Hemp have their signature series in bud form, allowing you to enjoy the experience of weed without any of the risks. Buds can be ground and used just like a regular weed and are tremendous both smoked and in recipes.

The signature series is available in a range of different strain options, including popular picks such as Sour Diesel, OH Kush, and Cherry Bomb.

For those who do not want to deal with grinding buds, measuring of precise dosages, and rolling their own joint, do not worry because Galactic Hemp has the perfect solution.

Galactic Hemp sells pre-rolled black widow joints, using the same industrial hemp plants that can be purchased in bud form. Pre-rolled joints make it easier than ever to enjoy a quick dose of CBD without any of the hassles.

Galactic Hemp has every situation covered and even has an option for customers who do not want to grind their buds but at the same want more freedom than pre-rolled joints offer. Ground dry flowers can be purchased in a wide range of different THC/CBD revised strains, including Black Widow and Wild Berry.

Galactic Hemp Costs

Galactic Hemp Beauty Products

CBD Infused Hemp Lotion (300mg CBD) – $34.99

Infused Muscle Crème (300mg CBD) – $39.99

CBD Oil Tincture 500 (500mg CBD) – $69.95

Galactic Hemp Smokable Products

Blue Cheese Signature Series (1 gram+) – From $16.00

Blueberry Cannabis Flower – From $16.00

Cherry Bomb Cannabis Flower – From $16.00

Grape Ape Signature Series (1 gram+) – From $16.00

OG Kush Signature Series (1 gram+) – From $16.00

Sour Diesel Signature Series (1 gram+) – From $16.00

Train Wreck Signature Series (1 gram+) – From $16.00

Wild Berry Cannabis Flower (1 gram+) – From $16.00

Ground Dry Flower (3.5 grams+) – From $38.00

Pre-Rolled Black Widow (1.3 grams) – $28.99

Galactic Hemp Wholesale Products

Z Whole 1 Gram package (Available in 10 different strain options) – $140.00

Wholesale 3.5 Gram Package (Available in 10 different strain options) – $180.00

Z Wholesale 7 Gram Package (Available in 10 different strain options) – $280.00

Z Wholesale Pre-Rolled Cones (Available in 10 different strain options) – $160.00

How to Buy Galactic Hemp Products

Galactic Hemp sells its CBD products directly through the website. All of Galactic Hemp’s products contain less than 0.3% THC, meaning that they are legal under the 2017 Farm Bill and can be shipped across all 50 US states.

A nice touch is that Galactic Hemp offers all of its customers’ free shipping, no matter how little or how much they spend at one time. Features such as these cement Galactic Hemp as a customer-first brand.

Galactic Hemp offers customers a 10% off coupon code when you sign up for their newsletter. This is because they want you to save a little extra on your next order. The Galactic Hemp newsletter is a great way to not only save money but also to stay up to date on all of their latest products and deals.

Shopping for CBD products through Galactic Hemp’s online store is a clear and straightforward process, which has been carefully designed to make choosing the correct products to suit your needs more comfortable than ever. Each product page contains detailed information about all of the ingredients used, as well as clear instructions for use.

Final Verdict About Galactic Hemp

Galactic Hemp is a customer-first brand that delivers both high quality and innovative products to your door. Galactic Hemp’s reversed industrial hemp strains are a perfect example of the creativity which can currently be found within the industry. It is products such as Galactic Hemp’s that continue to push the limits of CBD and make it more accessible.

Not only are Galactic Hemp committed to delivering new and exciting products, but they also work with local farms and communities to ensure that all products are made in a sustainable way. Galactic Hemp CBD products are about more than just a quick dose of CBD; they are about building a healthier future.

Why not check out Galactic Hemp’s CBD products for yourself and do not forget to sign up to their newsletter for 10% off your first order.

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