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Go Green Hemp Review

Go Green Hemp Review

Finding a brand that offers high-quality products with consistent and reliable effects is the key to getting the most out of every drop of CBD. Equally, it is essential to trust the brands that you purchase CBD from.

Go Green Hemp is a brand that understands the balance between quality and trust. It prides itself on serving its customers. Go Green Hemp stands out from many other CBD brands because it isn’t driven by profit. But instead, they are driven by a desire to improve lives through the use of CBD.

So, who exactly is Go Green Hemp, and are these CBD products worth the hype?

Go Green Hemp Quick Summary


  • Delicious terpene blends for their vape oils, such as Grand Daddy Purp
  • Informative website gives details on correct product use and testimonials
  • Affordable range of broad-spectrum products
  • Every product batch is tested by 3rd parties
  • No harsh chemicals or solvents used in the hemp extraction process
  • Uses nanoemulsion technology in their oils and capsules


  • No FAQ for basic information such as shipping destinations
  • Confusing shop categories
  • No search button


Go Green Hemp stock a few really delicious vape oils, but unfortunately, no vape pens! If you need a compatible product, take a look at our list of top 10 vape pens, and create the perfect vaping experience.

Who Is Go Green Hemp?

Go Green Hemp was initially founded in 2016 with a simple mission; to serve its community by providing high-quality CBD products. Over the last few years, Go Green Hemp has evolved, developing its mission into four pillars. These represent the brand’s core values: Transparency, education, quality, and affordability. All of Go Green Hemp’s products are created with these four ideas at their core, ensuring that they can serve the wider community.

Go Green Hemp guarantees to only deliver the very best quality products to its customers. One way in which Go Green Hemp can guarantee a high standard is with double lab testing. Go Green Hemp tests all of the raw CBD oil used prior to manufacturing. It then tests the products again at the end of production, ensuring THC-free products also have high potency.

At Go Green Hemp, they believe that it isn’t enough to offer high-quality products. The company also believes it’s their responsibility to educate their customers. They do this through monthly newsletters, weekly blog posts, and detailed product descriptions. Go Green Hemp wants their customers to make the best decisions for their individual health needs.

Complete brand transparency and education can go a long way in serving the community. But Go Green Hemp is also aware that not everyone can access CBD due to economic limitations. To ensure that Go Green Hemp’s products can reach every corner of the community, the brand aims to keep all of its prices as low as possible.

Let’s take a closer look at some of Go Green Hemp’s top products in a little more detail.

Go Green Hemp Highlights

  • Double Lab Testing: Go Green Hemp uses double lab testing for all of their products. This dual testing method ensures that only the best products turn up at your door. It’s not something all brands do.
  • Committed to CBD Education: Go Green Hemp believes that it is essential not only to sell CBD but to also educate customers on how it can be used. Go Green Hemp offers one of the few shopping experiences where you come away feeling as though you have learned something new about CBD products.
  • Reasonable Pricing: Go Green Hemp aims to serve as many people as possible and therefore aims to keep its prices low. It is rare to find a CBD brand that manages to combine quality and affordability in the way that Go Green Hemp has done.

Go Green Hemp Negative Thoughts

  • Shipping Information: Precise shipping information is not available until you enter Go Green Hemp’s check-out section. It would be great to see the different shipping options and prices beforehand so that you can factor this into the total cost while shopping.

Go Green Hemp CBD Oil Tincture Drops

Go Green Hemp’s CBD oil tincture drops are their best selling products thanks to their all-natural formula and rich CBD content. There are four tinctures to choose from, including delicious flavor options and concentrations.

Go Green Hemp’s flagship oil comes in three flavors: Orange, peppermint, and natural. Concentrations range from 250mg up to 2000mg. Made from just CBD extract and MCT oil, the base formula that makes up Go Green Hemp’s flagship oil is one of the most natural and pure options you can find when shopping online.

Go Green Hemp CBD Oil Tincture Drops

Using such a simple CBD oil formula, Go Green Hemp can ensure that every drop of oil provides a pure and reliable CBD experience that you can use every day with confidence. The two flavored options get their delicious flavor from organic orange oil and organic peppermint oil. These oils are a great example of the beautiful flavor profiles that can be achieved using natural ingredients.

Go Green Hemp also offers CBD nano-oil tinctures, which provide a much faster-acting dose of CBD thanks to advanced nanotechnology. You can choose between an unflavored option and a caramel-flavored oil, with both options containing quillaja extract, CBD, and a glycerin base.

Packed with 250mg of broad-spectrum CBD, Go Green Hemp’s nano oil tinctures are the perfect solution for times when you need a fast and effective burst of CBD.

Go Green Hemp Active Lifestyle Products

The Go Green Hemp active lifestyle range is designed for those who live a busy life and need fast, simple, and reliable CBD solutions. Within the range, you will find several CBD topicals such as sticks, balms, roll-ons, and patches. All of these products have been carefully designed to keep you feeling fit and staying active.

Go Green Hemp Active Lifestyle Products

All of the products in the active lifestyle range are made using broad-spectrum CBD. This means that you can easily benefit from not just CBD, but also a range of other healthy cannabinoids and terpenes found within hemp plants. Go Green Hemp aims to use natural ingredients whenever possible, providing robust and healthy effects with each use.

Most items within the Go Green Hemp active lifestyle range are available in a number of different concentrations and scent options. The CBD balm salve, for example, comes in two scents: Eucalyptus and lavender. There are also three different concentrations to choose from, as well as two tub sizes.

Every item in the active lifestyle range has been designed so that it’s simple to use, even for busy lifestyles.

Go Green Hemp Animals Products

Go Green Hemp believes that everyone, including our pets, should be able to benefit from CBD. They, therefore, offer a wide selection of pet-friendly, broad-spectrum CBD options.

The Go Green Hemp pet range includes products that are suitable for cats, dogs, and horses. The most extensive range of items is focused on dogs, with options including treats, bacon-flavored oils, and topical salves. Cat products include a salmon-flavored oil and oil drops that can be used by both cats and dogs. For horses, Go Green Hemp offers peppermint flavored oil and pellets.

Go Green Hemp Animals Products

All of Go Green Hemp’s pet products are made using double lab-tested, broad-spectrum CBD, ensuring consistently high quality and a healthy range of cannabinoids and terpenes. As with all of Go Green Hemp’s CBD products, the pet range contains 100% natural recipes.

The CBD pet oils contain a blend of organic sunflower oil, CBD, vitamin E, and natural flavorings to give them their delicious taste. The CBD pet treats also benefit from natural flavorings such as organic sweet potato powder, which also acts as a great source of vitamins and minerals.

The pet products have all been designed so that they can be both used on their own and together for a more complex CBD routine.

Go Green Hemp Edibles

Go Green Hemp uses their high-quality, broad-spectrum CBD to create a range of sweet and delicious gummies. The company has worked hard to provide you with all of the great benefits of CBD and a fun snack.

Go Green Hemp Edibles

There are five gummy options to choose from, including sour bears, peach rings, and fruity chews. Go Green Hemp also has a vegan option in the form of sour drops, demonstrating their commitment to ensuring that as many people as possible can benefit from CBD.

CBD peach rings pack a total of 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD into each ring, while all of the other gummy options contain a total of 10mg per gummy. The low dose of CBD per gummy means that you can enjoy multiple gummies throughout the day while also keeping your cannabinoid levels up.

How to Buy Go Green Hemp Products

Go Green Hemp is based on a plantation in Florida, keeping the entire process from seed to delivery as local and eco-friendly as possible. The good news is you do not have to live in Florida to be able to enjoy Go Green Hemp’s products as they offer worldwide shipping.

You can find Go Green Hemp products in many local pharmacies, health food stores, wellness centers, and yoga studios. The company continues to expand its reach, so make sure to keep an eye out the next time you head to your local health food and wellness stores.

Go Green Hemp CBD offers a 15% coupon code when you sign up for their mailing list. By signing up to Go Green Hemp’s newsletter, you will also be the first to know about new products and discounts, helping you save money on future orders.

Third-party laboratory test results are available under the ‘Learn’ section of the website. These results show a complete cannabinoid breakdown and test for both purity and potency in every batch.

Go Green Hemp has made every effort to ensure that accessing lab results for the products you purchase is as simple as possible. Every item comes complete with a QR code that takes you straight to the matching report when scanned.

Go Green Hemp’s online store has been designed to be simple to navigate so that you can easily see all of the different products on offer. And the website is an excellent source of education that helps to ensure you choose the right products. Although it would be helpful to have a search button, especially if you are a returning customer.

Final Verdict on Go Green Hemp

Go Green Hemp is a rare find, offering customers a wide range of high-quality CBD products while also working to ensure full transparency and affordability. When shopping with Go Green Hemp, it really feels as though its mission is to serve. You can see the four pillars of the brand in both the products and website design.

As a brand, Go Green Hemp goes the extra mile to educate its customers and build their confidence, with products they might not normally consider. Shopping is a smooth experience thanks to Go Green Hemp’s smart website design, so you can focus purely on choosing the right products.

For a wide range of CBD products that combine quality with affordability, make sure to head over to Go Green Hemp’s website and check out all there is on offer.


Final Verdict: 7/10

With CBD oil taking the world by storm, it’s easy to get confused in the sea of different prices. Want to know what you should be paying and why? Our price guide will help you make sensible and important decisions about your CBD selection.

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