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Good Hemp CBD Review [Is it Worth the Money?]

Good Hemp Review

Hemp products in the UK are extremely rare thanks to the nearly endless amounts of restrictive legislation concerning all things cannabis. It is almost impossible to find any kind of cannabis products, let alone set up your own business. In fact, you need a special, government-granted license even to be able to grow hemp.

This is what makes Good Hemp so surprising, as they not only grow all their own hemp, but also produce food products from hemp. This is extremely unheard of, as most products made from hemp are focused on the cannabinoid content inherent within the plants. Instead, Good Hemp is concerned with the nutritional and otherwise useful ingredients within hemp plants.

Let’s take a look at Good Hemp’s products to determine whether or not they are worth it.

Who Are Good Hemp CBD?

Good Hemp CBD is based out of Devon and is focused on the health benefits of hemp when it is consumed as food, rather than more ubiquitous CBD and THC oils.

Though it might seem strange to imagine, Good Hemp is all about making different food products from hemp seeds, so as to access the rich nutritional content of the seeds. Despite the fact that most people assume that hemp seeds are good for nothing other than making more hemp to use for cannabinoid production, the hemp seed is actually rich in micronutrients. In fact, it is one of the most nutritious, out of all food-safe, oil-rich seeds.

Hemp seeds are actually a complete protein, providing all of the seven amino acids that our bodies require to survive. This nutritional focus is the reason that Good Hemp exists, as they not only sell their hemp products, but they also provide a myriad of different recipes, eating guides, and dietary recommendations.

They have all kinds of different instructional information about their hemp products, such as how to use their oils and their seeds to make the best possible meals, and even a great deal of blog posts about the benefits hemp has for the planet.

The interesting thing about Good Hemp is that they are different from most other hemp-related retailers online; they are actually a surprisingly large company. Though their roots are humble, with their hemp products being sold in farmer’s markets across the South of England, they are now a household brand being sold in major supermarkets like Waitrose.

However, despite their success, their core ethos of providing the highest quality products made from hemp is still what grounds them, as they are continually pushing the environmental and nutritional benefits of their products, with barely any mention of their massive success.

Good Hemp CBD Highlights

  • Surprisingly Humble: Despite the fact that Good Hemp is massively successful in the UK market, they are immensely humble regarding their roots. They focus on providing excellent quality hemp food products and care about nothing else.
  • Alternative Products Compared to Other Brands: Good Hemp’s products are extremely different when compared to other Hemp or CBD-based retailers. Instead of offering CBD oil or CBD edibles, Good Hemp’s products are entirely unique; hemp milk, hemp seed oil, and even hemp seed protein are all things you are going to struggle to find on any other website.
  • Focused on Nutrition: One primary advantage offered by Good Hemp is their complete focus on nutrition, rather than profits or cannabinoid contents. Instead, every single one of their products is designed to be as nutritious as possible, to give you the vitamins and minerals you need to remain healthy.

Good Hemp Oil

The first product offered by Good Hemp is their Good Hemp Oil, which is made from 100% cold pressed hemp seed oil. Contrary to what most people might assume hemp seed oil is used for, it contains absolutely no cannabinoids whatsoever. Instead, it is used as a simple cooking oil.

With a rich, nutty taste that is comparable to an especially strong extra virgin olive oil, the unique flavor of hemp seed oil is something that you will struggle to find anywhere else. This cooking oil is best used as a finisher oil in sauces and salads, or even over meat as a final glossy finish. This is because hemp seed oil has an unusually low smoke point, which means it is going to reach the point of smoking far lower than other oils like vegetable oil. Due to this low smoke point, make sure you don’t use this oil for frying or with anything that is going to cook at high temperatures; no one wants the bitter, acrid flavor of burned smoke in their meals.

The main benefit of Good Hemp’s hemp seed oil is its nutritional content, as it is massively rich in omega fatty acids and acts as a complete protein.

Whether you are looking to enrich your salads with a naturally nutty taste, or you just want to try and enjoy the nutritional benefit of hemp seed oil through a daily dosage, similar to how people used to eat cod liver oil, then Good Hemp’s hemp seed oil is going to be the perfect product for you.

Good Hemp Seeds

Another interesting product offered by Good Hemp is their hemp seed hearts. This is literally just shelled hemp seeds, uncooked and unprocessed.

Just like sunflower seeds, these hemp hearts can be eaten as a snack, either as a quick pick-me-up energy snack or as a useful protein source throughout your day. Their taste is surprisingly nutty and rich in that subtle, earthy flavor that many edible seeds have, giving you a ready source of nutrients and salty flavor whenever you want it.

However, if you are only looking for an easy protein source, then there is a far more direct option offered by Good Hemp, helping you to fulfill your protein requirements.

Good Hemp Protein

Good Hemp offers actual protein powder that is made entirely from their raw hemp seeds. These are available in either 500mg or 750mg versions, meaning that their total content contains either 50% or 75% total protein. The rest of the ingredients are plant fiber and provide almost as many nutrients as the actual hemp seed hearts; only these are enriched with a far more substantial quantity of protein.

You can use this protein powder as a base for protein smoothies, or just generally add it into any of your meals or snacks to ensure you get a large dose of protein at once. This product is aimed specifically at heavy gym goers looking to bulk up, as it is a surprisingly efficient and effective source of protein, as well as being incredibly natural and good for the environment.

Instead of being made from animal products like many other sources of protein, this is entirely hemp-derived, ensuring that you are remaining ethically conscious of the planet while at the same time enjoying a massive dose of protein.

However, no matter the popularity and usefulness of all of these Good Hemp products, it is Good Hemp’s last product that they focus the majority of their marketing on; in some ways, this is Good Hemp’s specialty.

Good Hemp Milk

Even if you are a regular buyer of Good Hemp products, there is no amount of hemp foods that can make you get used to the idea of seeing hemp milk. However, Good Hemp sells it anyway, offering four different types of milk made from hemp seeds, in much the same way that almond or soya milk is produced.

Their hemp milk range is designed to be used as a dairy replacement, able to be put into cereal, coffee or just drank as a nutrient-rich breakfast drink. Good Hemp offers either preserved, sealed milk that is shelf stable, or fresh hemp milk that has the same best-before dates as regular milk.

You can either get Barista or Creamy Seed milk, with the primary difference being both the flavor profile and how it acts when whisked. One of the most common complaints when it comes to milk-replacements is the fact that they struggle to be mixed into coffee or other drinks, as they have trouble foaming up for use in things like lattes.

The Barista version of Good Hemp’s hemp milk is designed to effortlessly foam up so as to make a perfect coffee drink, making it ideal to stock in coffee shops as a milk substitute. If you just want to drink it normally or add it to cereal, then Good Hemp’s Creamy Seed milk is best, as it has a more vibrant, fuller mouthfeel and fattier taste, allowing you to enjoy the complete experience of hemp milk.

No matter how strange it might seem, Good Hemp’s hemp milk is actually amazingly delicious, as well as being extremely nutritious.

  • Good Hemp Oil, 500ml – £12.97
  • Good Hemp Seeds, 250g – £12.68
  • Good Hemp Protein, 500g – £10.72
  • Good Hemp Protein, 750g – £13.72
  • Good Hemp Barista Seed Milk, 750ml – £1.49
  • Good Hemp Creamy Seed Milk, 750mg – £1.49

Final Thoughts on Good Hemp

For those primarily used to the experience of buying CBD or THC from hemp-related retailers, Good Hemp might come as a bit of a shock. Though it is strange to imagine otherwise, there are in fact a multitude of different products that can be made from the hemp plant.

Despite how many companies choose to specialize in cannabinoids, Good Hemp is unique in offering a plethora of different hemp products, all made from pressed hemp seeds, or even just selling the unprocessed seed hearts themselves.

If you are looking for a way to get more hemp into your diet without having to imbibe cannabinoids, or if you just want to improve your healthiness by incorporating more nutrient-rich foods, then Good Hemp is a fantastic option in the UK.

Even better, you don’t have to go far to find it – almost every Waitrose in the country sells them. And although Good Hemp is a massive company in the UK, they are still a fundamentally caring, hemp-focused organization.

If you want ethically sourced, lovingly made hemp products, you can find no better place than Good Hemp.

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Sherry Thompson

This is the one that I use for most of my CBD infused edible needs. Good Hemp oil is a very good CBD brand, I am using it from about two years now, and they have been able to deliver great quality products consistently. There has never ever been a single issue at all!

Frances Newell

Good Hemp UK is a great CBD oil, that has helped me cope with my sleep paralysis problem. The number of episodes are now lower, and also I feel more positive to cope with the ones that still happen.


I am a Vegan as is all my family including Grandchildren and many friends.
Your site very informative, which I find impressive compared to the other ones , and would like to order some products from you .
However I am not very good with using the computer so hope I can place an order and payment on the phone
Yvonne ( Mrs Mustapha )

Reply to  yvonne

We all love when they tell the world that they love to eat sawdust.

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