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Green Monkey Review

CBD can be consumed in many different ways in order for the consumer to benefit from its powerful healing effects. The most popular way that CBD is consumed, for the purpose of being a daily supplement, is in oil form. This can be mixed in with food or easily placed under your tongue and allowed to absorb.

While CBD oils might be one of the most effective ways to ensure that your body gets its daily dose of CBD, it is not always the most exciting of methods. In order to show that CBD can be fun, companies are continuously expanding the ways that we can purchase and consume CBD, including ranges of edibles, with everything from gummies to CBD-infused toothpicks. Despite such a wide variety of CBD products at our fingertips, Green Monkey noticed a gap in the market; no one was selling CBD in drinkable form. Yes you could buy oils and add them to smoothies or cocktails, but there was no way to buy a ready to drink dose of CBD. This is how Green Monkey came to be the first company in the UK to manufacture a CBD infused carbonated drink, offering all of the healing power of CBD in a refreshing beverage.

As someone who tries to include CBD into my daily health routine, I am always looking for new ways that I can achieve this. Green Monkey’s CBD drink had me intrigued, as it was a new and exciting way to consume CBD, so I decided to order a pack of six cans and see what all of the fuss was about for myself.

Before we look at Green Monkey’s CBD drink in detail, let’s take a look at who Green Monkey CBD are and some of the other products that they sell.

Who is Green Monkey CBD?

Adding CBD to beverages is not a new idea; for years, people have been purchasing CBD oils and using them to infuse their favorite drinks. There are entire recipe books available that are dedicated to CBD cocktails and other interesting ways that you can work CBD into your diet. Some people find the easiest way to take CBD is to add a few drops to their morning coffee or infuse their evening tea. Green Monkey CBD saw a gap in the market, noticing that there was no way to purchase a ready-to-drink, flavored CBD drink in the UK. Determined to change this and make CBD even more accessible for those who prefer CBD as part of a beverage, Green Monkey began working on the UK’s first CBD infused carbonated drink. Offering customers a quick and refreshing way to incorporate CBD into their life as a daily supplement, Green Monkey’s drink even has the added benefit of acting as an alternative to energy drinks to keep you going throughout the day thanks to its energizing boost.

Even today, there are very few companies that have thought of infusing beverages with CBD. It has become almost standard to find gummies and other sweet treats infused with CBD, but Green Monkey decided to do things a little differently, and it definitely paid off, with their CBD drink giving them an edge over other companies. Since releasing their CBD drink, Green Monkey has gone on to create a whole range of CBD products including; balms, drops, and capsules. All of their products are designed to give their customers access to the health benefits of CBD, in a way that is convenient and works around a busy, modern lifestyle.

Green Monkey has clearly invested a lot of money into their website design, resulting in a site that screams modern and revolutionary. From the moment you enter Green Monkey’s website, you are presented with a clean, modern interface, which hits your senses with its bright green, flashy coloring. Their website represents everything that Green Monkey stands for; modern, innovative, and energetic, and you really get the sense that you are about to experience the future of CBD. Green Monkey’s website is more than just flashy graphics though, it includes a handy and informative FAQ section that gives you all of the basic information that you need to know about CBD; how it works, where it comes from and the legal situation in the UK.

Being a modern company, Green Monkey understand the importance of having an online presence and have expanded beyond their website, using all major forms of social media to attract customers and keep them updated with their latest products and deals. Customers can also use these platforms to chat with Green Monkey and ask product questions, as well as becoming part of the ever-expanding Green Monkey community and meeting other like-minded people. 

The one downside of Green Monkey is that you cannot purchase their products direct from their website. But there are a number of different ways that you can get your hands on Green Monkey’s CBD range; the easiest way to purchase their CBD drinks is to follow the ‘Buy Now’ link on their website, which then takes you to a third-party retailer, The CBD Store. Within The CBD Store, you can choose to buy drinks in packs of 6, 12, and 24.

If you are looking to invest in any other Green Monkey product it becomes a little harder, there are two options; the first is to use the find stockist feature on their website, which works in just the same way as most store locators work. The problems are that, regardless of where you live in the UK, only a handful of stores appear on the map, all of which are slightly north of Birmingham. So, if you are lucky enough to live within outer Birmingham, you can pop into one of the listed stores and browse their entire range. If you live anywhere else in the country, sourcing Green Monkey products becomes a little more complicated, with the only real option being to search Green Monkey and the product you want to buy, on Google and work your way through the list of stockists that appear until you find one that sells what you are looking for at an acceptable price.

It is a shame that Green Monkey have not included a store feature on their website, given that they have clearly invested a lot of money into their website, and it would make purchasing their products so much easier.

Green Monkey Highlights

  • First Carbonated CBD drink: It is pretty awesome to be able to tell your friends that you have managed to get your hands on and try the UK’s first ever CBD infused carbonated drink.
  • Informative FAQ Section: The FAQ section of Green Monkey’s website provides all of the basic information that those new to CBD need to shop with confidence and learn about why CBD has become so popular.  
  • Varied Product Range: As well as their flagship CBD drinks, Green Monkey also sell a range of other CBD health products, so that you are sure to find something that works around your lifestyle.

Green Monkey Drops

green monkey cbd

Green Monkey drops work in much the same way as other CBD oils, placing a few drops under your tongue and, after a short wait, allowing them to absorb into your bloodstream. This is one of the most effective ways to consume CBD, with almost instant and long-lasting effects. As a result of there only be trace amounts of THC present in these drops, you do not have to worry about any adverse effects and can just enjoy the calming, healing power of CBD. Green Monkey recommend that you take two to three drops twice a day, depending on your preferred dosage.

Drops come in two different strengths; 2.5%, ideal as a daily supplement or to treat minor aches and pains and 5%, for those more persistent ailments. Aware that not everyone is the same, Green Monkey sells two different flavors too: spearmint for a refreshing boost that wakes your taste buds up; and curcumin and black pepper designed to improve digestion.

Green Monkey Capsules

Green Monkey Capsules offer a super-fast and convenient way to consume CBD throughout the day, with the added bonus of leaving absolutely no taste in your mouth. Being small and easy to pack into your bag, no one will even notice that you are taking CBD throughout the day, making this the perfect way to tackle workplace stress and anxiety. Capsules are made from all natural ingredients guaranteeing you maximum health benefits. 

Green Monkey Balm

green monkey cbd uk

CBD does not have to be ingested; it can be applied as a topical for localized effects. Green Monkey has created its own 3% CBD balm, which when applied to your skin works to reduce pain and inflammation, as well as to encourage healing.

Balms and topicals are a popular choice for people who suffer from sensitive skin and often find that certain areas becoming dry, damaged or irritated. Topicals allow you to treat the affected area without subjecting the rest of your body to CBD, which makes it ideal if you are worried about CBD conflicting with other medications or have been known to have adverse effects to CBD in the past. Topicals can also be used by people who regularly use CBD as a supplement but find a particular area of their body needs a slightly higher dose, for example, in cases of arthritis or inflammation.  

Green Monkey Drink

green monkey cbd drink

Green Monkey has packed the UK’s first carbonated CBD drink with 10mg of CBD into each 150ml can, so that you can enjoy a refreshing energy boost throughout the day. With a fresh tropical flavor, Green Monkey’s CBD drink is a refreshing way to stay hydrated and enjoy CBD all from the convenience of a soda can. Designed as a substitute for traditional energy drinks, Green Monkey’s drink will give you an instant burst of energy, helping to keep you going for longer, as well as containing all of the natural, healing power of CBD. To make it even better, each can only contains 50 ckal, less than most popular sodas.

CBD has been proven to help improve your sleeping patterns, making this the ideal energy drink to keep you going throughout the day, while also acting as a sleep aid and ensuring that you start the next day feeling refreshed and ready to go. Drinking just one can of CBD drink per day provides your body with a regular dose of CBD, allowing you to experience all of the physical and mental health benefits of CBD. 

Green Monkey Product Range

The prices of all products vary depending on the retailer. The prices shown for the CBD drink are based on the The CBD store’s current pricing.

  • Green Monkey CBD Topical

CBD Balm, 3% CBD (30ml)

  • Green Monkey CBD Drinks

CBD Drink, 10mg CBD (Pack of 6) – £16.99

CBD Drink, 10mg CBD (Pack of 12) – £29.99

CBD Drink, 10mg CBD (Pack of 24) – £49.99

  • Green Monkey CBD Oils

CBD Drops, 2.5% CBD (10ml)

CBD Drops, 5% CBD (10ml)

CBD Drops Curcumin and Black Pepper, 2.5% CBD (10ml)

CBD Drops Curcumin and Black Pepper, 5% CBD (10ml)

CBD Drops Spearmint, 2.5% CBD (10ml)

CBD Drops Spearmint, 5% CBD (10ml)

CBD Capsules, 10% CBD (contains 30)

Final Thoughts on Green Monkey

Green Monkey set out to wow the CBD industry, and that is something that they have definitely done by grabbing people’s attention with a completely new way to enjoy CBD. I for one probably would not have looked twice at Green Monkey if not for the drink, not because there is something wrong with the rest of their products but because in a such an oversaturated market it takes something completely new and innovative to make you stand out.

Having worked my way through my six cans of CBD, I can safely say that I would consider ordering them again. I particularly enjoyed having an afternoon treat to look forward to and really liked the tropical, fresh flavor. I can see this becoming a popular way to consume CBD during the summer months, helping to keep you hydrated and giving your body a small dose of CBD.

With each can containing a small dose of CBD the effects are not drastic, a single can will not cure you of chronic aches and pains, but what it does do is give you an easy way to enjoy CBD as a daily supplement. After a few days, I did feel much more awake and energetic, which is exactly what Green Monkey designed their drink to do.

One negative that I did notice while exploring Green Monkey’s website is that they do not mention lab reports. It has become almost standard for CBD companies to have all of their products tested by third-party labs and to make these reports accessible to customers. It is not clear whether Green Monkey is testing its products and choosing not to make the results public or whether these tests are not happening at all. Without lab reports, customers have no way of knowing precisely what is going into each product; is CBD isolate being used or do they instead opt for full-spectrum CBD, and it would be nice to know the terpenes content of each product. In a world where transparency is becoming increasingly important, it is a shame to see Green Monkey hiding such important information from customers.

Overall I was impressed by Green Monkey and can definitely see CBD infused drinks growing in popularity, as they are such a convenient way to consume CBD. If you are looking for new ways to work CBD into your life, why not try Green Monkey’s CBD drink for a refreshing way to enjoy CBD.

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