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Green Roads Oil Review

Green Roads reputation has been positively enforced by the numerous times they have made features in the media, on sites such as; Buzzfeed, Forbes, and more! In this review, we will investigate why they have been so well received.

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Green Roads is a Florida-based producer of CBD oils, and other products designed to help you alleviate stress, anxiety and chronic pain among other medical issues. But more than that, this company has made it their mission to create the purest oils possible on the market, making sure that you, as the consumer, know exactly what you are consuming on a daily basis.

Rather than relying on pharmaceutical drugs to help you feel better, Green Roads invites you to try a more natural approach. Read our full Green Roads review here and check out the coupon code to sample some of green roads CBD oil!

But Who Are Green Roads…?

This supplier of Cannabidiol/hemp oil began as a relatively small business in Florida in 2012, but within a few years, it rapidly expanded and now has over 1 million end users and 5,000 wholesale clients. It claims to take the quality of all of their products, including their famous Green Roads CBD oil, to the next level by ensuring they are formulated by a licensed pharmacist in an ISO6 clean room to guarantee the highest standards.

With over 40 products available for sale and a growing consumer base, Green Roads takes pride in the quality of its delivery system but let’s see what we can find out from their company highlights. If you are already intrigued, feel free to use the Green Roads coupon code found in this review.

Green Roads Highlights

Green Roads success in the CBD market is undeniable, but why have they become so popular and why should you, as the buyer, choose to buy from them? This Green Roads CBD review will tell you why!

  • Lab Results: The Green Roads lab results are readily available to you, so you can trace exactly what cannabinoids, terpenes and other substances are in their oils. We think this transparency is great for both current customers and new ones.
  • Variety of Products: When it comes to variety, the Green Roads website is certainly not lacking. They have over 8 different types of product, and numerous variations in both potency and flavor, ensuring that every customer will be available to find a product suitable for them.
  • Welcoming for Beginners: The CBD world can be an intimidating place if you are newcomer, luckily the Green Roads website provides lots of information to help you get started. They even offer a ‘Beginner’s Bundle’, which is a package of their best-selling and most popular products.

Review of Green Roads Products

While Green Roads are famous for their award-winning CBD froggies, they have a whole plethora of different CBD products that customers can buy. But what are they? Let’s take a look at their most popular items, starting with a Green Roads CBD oil review.

Review of CBD Oil Green Roads

Green Roads

We were immediately impressed by the fact there are six different CBD oil sizes to choose from as most companies only offer two or three. You have the option of testing out the CBD oil with the 100mg bottle or going big by spending $209 on the 1500mg version. The largest bottle also has the highest potency concentration, and you get 120 servings from the big 30ml bottle. You can purchase their oil in these potencies;

  • Green Roads Oil (100mg)
  • Green Roads Oil (250mg)
  • Green Roads Oil (350mg)
  • Green Roads Oil (550mg)
  • Green Roads Oil (1000mg)
  • Green Roads Oil (1500mg)

This vegetable glycerin-based oil is infused with CBD and designed for oral use. All you have to do is take the recommended dosage with the dropper.
Those who have taken Green Roads’ CBD Oil are delighted at how it handles their anxiety, depression and other symptoms. One user said it is more about the ‘lack of what you feel’ that is so impressive in relation to her anxiety. Other users suggest that these CBD oil drops help alleviate aches and pains that habitually bother them.

CBD Terpenes Green Roads

If you’re after a product that has more of a bite, then a great option is Green Roads CBD Terpenes. These products are a combination of both CBD and flavorful terpenes, which have been extracted from the hemp plant itself. You can purchase these oils in both daily dropper and bottle dropper form, depending on how you prefer to consume. In terms of taste, customers can choose between a whole variety of delicious flavors including; Strawberry AK, Blueberry OG, Original Terpenes, Tange OG and Sour Diesel.
Green Roads terpene products are a great example of how CBD use doesn’t have to feel medicinal, in fact, users can really enjoy the experience!

CBD Daily Dose Green Roads

If you struggle to measure out a correct dosage of CBD or simply don’t want to, Green Roads CBD Daily Dose products do it for you! Contained in a singular dropper, these products are a handy and efficient way to quickly take your CBD. And, they even come in a variety of strengths; 350mg, 1000mg and 1500mg. Similarly to the CBD Terpenes, these products also contain natural terpenes from the hemp plant. Meaning they come in a variety of delicious flavors, such as; Strawberry AK, Blueberry OG and Pineapple Express.

Although per 1ml these Daily Dose products are more expensive than the bottle, they are really handy for on-the-go use, just throw one or two in your bag, and you are set for the day.

Green Roads CBD Gummies

Green Roads CBD Gummies are just one of the many edibles you can buy from the Green Roads website, and there is so much choice, especially compared to other CBD retailers in the market. They currently sell CBD Gummy Bears, Fruit Bites, Relief Toads, Froggies, Sourz Froggies, Sleepy Z’s and much more! All of these products are found in a variety of strength, that ranges from 20mg to 400mg. This gives you complete freedom to pick exactly what you need.

The CBD Gummy Bear’s themselves are sold at $54.99 and contain 30 gummies, all of which contain 10mg of CBD. Unfortunately, they do contain some artificial flavoring mixed in with natural, but they are incredibly easy to throw into your bag for the day.

Green Roads CBD Froggies

Green Roads CBD Gummies

While all CBD users ‘enjoy’ what the product does for them, how often can you say that you enjoy consuming it? These delicious edibles work in the same way as CBD oil and act reasonably fast. Best of all, you can enjoy them as a snack. Green Roads CBD Froggies are where they really shine and they have even won awards for it!

The Max Strength CBD Froggies consist of three large froggies, each of which contains 100mg of pharmaceutical grade CBD. You may think these edibles are expensive at $49.99 for three, but they do contain 30% full-spectrum CBD. That’s easy, just chew the sweets and indulge your sweet tooth as you allow the CBD to slowly but surely take effect.

Costs Green Roads review

  • CBD Oil Green Roads
    Green Roads CBD Oil (100mg) – $26.99
    Green Roads CBD Oil (250mg) – $45.99
    Green Roads CBD Oil (350mg) – $64.99
  • CBD Terpenes Green Roads
    CBD Terpenes Oil Strawberry AK (100mg) – $37.99
    CBD Terpenes Oil Original (100mg) – $37.99
    CBD Terpenes Oil Sour Diesel (100mg) – $37.99
    CBD Terpenes Oil Pineapple Express (100mg) – $37.99
  • Daily Dose Green Roads
    CBD Daily Dose (350mg) – $6.99
    CBD Daily Dose (1000mg) – $9.99
    CBD Daily Dose (1500mg) – $11.99
  • Green Roads CBD Gummies
    CBD Gummy Bears 30 count (300mg) – $54.99
  • Green Roads CBD Froggies
    CBD Froggie (25mg) – $4.99
    CBD Froggie (50mg) – $6.99
    CBD Froggies (100mg) – $19.99
    CBD Froggies (200mg) – $29.99

Bottom Line About Green Roads

The company’s CBD process is exceptional as they only use organic hemp cultivated to the highest standards. Green Roads does a phenomenal job regarding extracting every bit of goodness from the hemp plant, and there is a whole lot!

In terms of potency, the Green Roads collection of CBD products is one of the best on the market, and its edibles are delicious. It offers so many products that it’s possible to smoke, vape, inhale, eat, or use cream to get your daily dose of CBD. We wish that wholesale supplier pressure didn’t force their hand, but it still offers value for money CBD.

Feel free to visit them and browse their shop at

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Customer Reviews Based on 29 reviews

  • Aurelien
    High quality

    It doesn’t take a lot of effort to realize their products are high-quality because of their background and positive marketing they do. Again the quality is more than exceptional. Will recommend to my friends.

  • Jocelyn Hernandez
    One of the best

    Green roads can be a great relief for people who experience chronic stress or pain. I would not say that it is some miracle drug, but yes it definitely helps most of us. In my opinion, this is one of the best cbd brands around as of today.

  • Dorothy Hartman
    Different than the routine

    I distributed the 25 mg CBD froggies from this brand , to all my colleagues in office this year, they are about a 120. CBD is kind of permissible at my office, and I had been voted the employee union head by them, so I thought what other way could be better to thank my co-workers. I was happy that everyone appreciated my idea, and found it quite different than the routine.

  • Renea Osuna
    Nowhere near even

    It just came to my mind that I wanted to try CBD, so I ordered some brand, some brand other than Greenroads. However, it was about 3 days since I ordered, and there was no delivery. I was getting impatient and I ordered one bottle from Greenroads as well. They delivered in about 2 days at my location, and the oil is very good. In the meanwhile, in about a week, I received my other brand order as well, tried that CBD oil also, but I must say, it is nowhere even near Green Roads.

  • Maya Nichols
    Advanced Logistics

    Green Roads deserve a round of applause for their quick delivery speeds. I usually get it the next day at my place, and it is very good in terms of quality. I stick to the same 500 mg oil always, and it is great both for the body and the skin.

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