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Green Roads Review

Green Roads Review

How do we measure the quality of a CBD brand?

Green Roads’ stellar reputation has been reinforced by the consistent acclamations they receive from customers and CBD experts alike.

And, the Cannabis Business Awards, which showcases the best talent around, has awarded Green Roads as the winner of Best CBD Products, two years in a row. It’s difficult not to be impressed.

In this review, we want to review the company objectively, rather than be swayed by their name alone. Take a look at what we found.

Green Roads Quick Summary


  • An impressive variety of CBD edibles
  • Award-winning products
  • High cultivation standards
  • Lab-tested products
  • Hemp is grown in the US
  • Made from organic crops
  • Sells high potency oils


  • Lack of variety in their CBD drinks range

If you are curious about the full list of products available, head straight to the Green Roads official page and find the perfect CBD product for you.

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Green Roads Full Review

Green Roads is a Florida-based producer of CBD oils, and other products designed to help you deal with life’s tougher days. But more than that, this company has made it their mission to truly connect with their customers.

“What makes us different from other CBD companies? It starts with our values, and our personal commitment to our customers which drives us every day.”

Green Road’s first commitment is ensuring that its products represent the needs and wants of their customers. Their vibrant green website houses an impressive array of products to suit almost any lifestyle. Customers can find a selection of oils, pet products, deluxe skincare products, and even more on their site.

In the past, the brand’s edible range has been their shining glory, so we are delighted to see their oils and drinks finally being celebrated within the community. The company even won Most Innovative Product for their coffee at the Cannabis Business Awards 2019.

Read our full Green Roads review here and check out the coupon code to sample some of Green Roads products.

Who Are Green Roads?

The Greed Roads story began with a dedicated pharmacist, Laura Fuentes. After 20 years of studying in her field, Laura became curious about the properties of CBD after a close friend, Arby Barroso, became ill.

Fueled equally by intrigue and a desire to help others further field, she decided that CBD was a path worth exploring. And using her pharmaceutical expertise and the strong friendship she and Arby developed, they decided to launch Green Roads together.

Green Roads holds friendship as a strong aspect of their identity and one of the reasons for their success. And they have been eager to expand this friendship with their customers.

One of the ways they express this love is by creating premium products.

Green Roads has set a precedent in the industry when it comes to lab testing. They ensure that every product goes through a rigorous standard of testing on every product batch they produce. Customers can use this information to check what cannabinoids each product contains and check that they are safe to consume.

All of the hemp used in Green Roads products are grown in the US  and are completely pesticide-free to ensure the highest quality. With the use of CO2 extraction, the company produces both broad-spectrum and full-spectrum products.

Green Roads’ success in the CBD market is undeniable, but how does Green Roads showcase their quality?

Green Roads Highlights

  • Wonderful Educational Resource

Green Roads respect that the science behind CBD can be confusing, not to mention the CBD type, strength, and manufacturing. That’s why they have created ‘CBD University’, this is a corner of their website where they publish CBD-related articles.

  • The Green Program

If you love Green Roads products, you can now buy and save by joining up to their rewards program. Each $1 spent on products rewards the customer with 1 point, and with 20 points, you can receive $1 off on your next purchase. You’ll even get a special treat for your birthday.

  • Easy for Beginners

The CBD world can be an intimidating place if you are a newcomer, luckily the Green Roads website provides lots of information to help you get started. They even offer a ‘Beginner’s Bundle’, which is a package of their best-selling and most popular products, a perfect CBD introduction.

  • Lab Results

The Green Roads lab results are readily available to you, so you can trace exactly what cannabinoids and other substances are in their oils. We think this transparency is great for both current customers and new ones.

  • Award-Winning Products

Green Roads have received multiple accolades for their products at the Cannabis Business Awards. They have consecutively won the award for Best CBD Product in 2018 and 2019. And, their coffee won Most Innovative Product in 2019. If this doesn’t fill you with confidence, we don’t know what will.

Green Roads Negative Thoughts

  • Lack of CBD Drink Products

Trying to find a Green Road negative can be compared to pulling teeth. However, we did notice that their award-winning coffee only came in one product. As customers, we value versatility and choice; that’s why we hope the brand will expand both their tea and coffee range in the future.

Green Roads CBD Oil

Green Roads

We were immediately impressed by the fact there is a huge variety of oils to choose from on the Green Roads site. The first decision customers need to make when choosing an oil product is whether you want broad-spectrum or full-spectrum because the company happily provides both!

The broad-spectrum oils are available in three delicious flavors, Apple Kiwi Bliss, Mint Breeze, and Original. These oils have a ‘broad’ range of cannabinoids but contain less than 0.0mg THC.

Green Roads full-spectrum oils are only available in Original flavor; this keeps the naturally bitter taste of hemp at the forefront of the oil taste. These oils may contain up to 0.3% THC, as well as the range of cannabinoids found within the hemp plant. Both broad-spectrum and full-spectrum oils come in these strengths;

  • 300mg (10mg per ml)
  • 750mg (25mg per ml)
  • 1,500mg (50mg per ml)

We also want to highlight Green Roads’ new plunger system for their oils. Constantly trying to think of how to make their customers’ lives easier, the company has created a stopper that can be manually attached to their oil bottles. This means you can then use a measuring tool to ensure you are consuming an exact amount of CBD.

Green Roads CBD Edibles

Green Roads have reeled back their edible range, deciding to focus on quality instead of quantity. Their site now offers customers a selection of Relax Bears; these adorable bear-shaped gummies contain CBD isolate. This means that instead of them containing a variety of different cannabinoids, they only contain cannabidiol.

You can purchase these bears in two different quantities, a pack of 5 or a tub of 30. And each gummy bear contains 10mg. The delicious sweet and sour flavors can brighten up the dullest of days and provide a wonderful burst of CBD throughout the day.

If gummies don’t appeal to your taste pallet, Green Roads also sell CBD chocolate. This artisanal and creamy bar contains 62% of cocoa so that you can be sure of a rich experience. The whole bar also contains a total of 180mg CBD or 15mg per piece. Who could say no to a delicious chunk of hemp chocolate?

Green Roads CBD Topicals

Green Roads CBD Gummies

Green Roads has a great number of topical products to choose from. So whether you need a cream to soothe sore muscles after the gym or simply need to hydrate dry and itchy skin, you’ll find a product catered to you. Green Roads sells:

  • Heat Relief Roll-On
  • Cool Relief Roll-On
  • Skin Relief Cream
  • Muscle and Joint Cream

One of their more popular ranges is the Muscle and Joint Cream with menthol. The menthol extract creates a cooling sensation as soon as the cream is applied to the skin. This product can be bought in 3 different strengths: 50mg, 150mg, and 350mg. The 50mg bottle is an especially convenient travel size product and can easily fit in bags of all shapes and sizes. And at only $11.99, it won’t break your bank balance either.

Green Roads Coffee and Tea

This wouldn’t be a Green Roads review without celebrating their award-winning hemp flower Coffee. Made with Colombian coffee beans, this product is the perfect way to start your day with energy.

The Founder’s Blend comes in a 2.5oz package and contains varying amounts of CBD dependent on the batch, but is typically around 10mg CBD per serving. And each package costs only $14.99, making it more affordable than most CBD products. With notes of caramel and hazelnut, this product has a wonderfully rich and smooth flavor combination.

But coffee isn’t the only CBD drink this company serves. On their site, customers also have access to their CBD Chamomile Tea. The blend of chamomile, peppermint, vanilla, and CBD, is intended to calm the drinker, making it easier than ever to relax and unwind. Each bag contains one teabag with 7mg of CBD and costs only $5.99.

And it’s so easy to use. Simply steep the bag for 5 to 7 minutes in boiling water, and wait until the tea is cool enough to drink. So, whether you want to wind-up with coffee or wind-down with tea, you can.

Green Roads Indulgence Line

Green Roads believe in guiltless-indulgence, and so do we. It can be great for our mental health to slow our lives down and take in each moment; that’s what these products are designed to do. On the Green Roads site, you can find two distinctive products, bath bombs, and essential oils.

The bath bombs are all designed uniquely and for a different purpose, Peace, Refresh, Relax, Unwind, and Uplift. Each bomb comes with 150mg CBD and costs $17.99. However, if you want to try more than one product, Green Roads offers a Bath Bomb Duo package.

Every package contains two bath bombs, each with 100mg CBD, which is slightly less than the single products. The main positive of these packs is that they only cost $19.99, making them a much greater value for money.

If you don’t have a bath or simply don’t enjoy using the bath, then you can also purchase Green Roads essential oils. These products are available in three variations, Peace, Refresh, and Relax, and all contain 50mg of CBD. They are easy to use, and each smell delicious on application. At $25.99, they are slightly more expensive than the bath bombs but will last you longer.

Green Roads Pet Products and Bundles

Green Roads want to make CBD products for everyone, including our beloved furry pets! If you have either a dog or a cat at home who needs a little extra love, you can find a variety of animal drops on the site. For every product the company ensures that it is:

  • Soy-free
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • American-grown hemp

For cats, you can purchase the Pet CBD Drops for Cats. This bottle costs $19.99 and contains 60mg of CBD. The dog drops can be bought in three different varieties, small, medium, and large. We love to see a distinction in dog sizes because it seems silly selling the same drops to a labrador and a pug.

If you want to save a little more money, you can also buy a variety of CBD pet bundles; each bundle is designed around the size of your pooch. But you can find human bundles on the site too!

The beginner bundle and mom-care bundle features some of Green Roads’ most popular products but with a discount. Starting at $67.99, the bundles can include CBD chocolate, tea, and some delicious edibles.

How to Buy Green Roads Products

Green Roads make the ordering process as easy as possible, with a quick checkout system. However, the company only ships to the US, cutting off a lot of potential customers. We also found it quite difficult to access other shipping information such as shipping costs, and who provides their courier service.

On a positive note, every order that Green Roads deliver can be tracked using the order or tracking number provided, making you feel at ease when you purchase from them.

Green Roads also give special discounts on their products if you are a first responder or are in the military. The company knows that people in these high-stress jobs are often the ones who need or want CBD the most.

Green Roads: Final Thoughts

Green Roads’ strength is their wonderful relationships both in the company and with their loyal customers. Laura and the team have managed to inject their passion and expertise into developing exceptional CBD products.

The Green Roads site is so easy to use for beginners with tools like the strength indicator on each product. And the site contains a wealth of education, making it feel more accessible than most. If you are a veteran CBD user, you’ll stay for Green Roads’ impeccable quality.

When it comes to variety, the Green Roads website is certainly not lacking. They have over eight different types of product, and numerous variations in both potency and flavor, ensuring that every customer will be available to find a product suitable for them.

Persistence. Friendship. Curiosity. These attributes have been the driving force behind the success of Green Roads, and we hope this continues.

Final Verdict: 10/10

The fun doesn’t have to stop here. Browse all of Green Roads premium products directly on their official site.

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Patricia Bush

I have real bad Pain from arthritis pain and I will like to know which Cbd oils is good for me.


I have seen a lot of people who use Greenroads that end up being satisfied with the oils. They end up happy and content and go for more of it.

Darolyn Alfred

this is my first try with your 100 mg CBD Oil. I had been using other brands and was satisfied with them, but thought to give yours a try. this is the first time I’ve seen one with an opaque coloring and terrible taste, it’s usually clear oily greenish and no taste. please let me know if this is the true color and flavor of your product.

Timothy Tate

Nothing can be better than green roads when it comes to delivering your cbd quickly at lightening fast speed. I was reading that there logistics have won many awards and it is no surprise to me. I always experience the same top class service from them consistently since the last almost two years now.

Derek Perrin

When I came across multiple media platforms like CNS, Forbes, Yahoo etc. that vouched for Greenroads CBD, I thought I’ll look no further. I’ll just buy from this one as a CBD brand. When I ordered, the experience was very seamless and comfortable. Their website is easy to navigate so as to find a suitable product. Also they got just a little more than a few products to choose from. At the same time, the variety is still limited without unnecessary permutations and combinations of the same product types. This makes it easy for customers to pick up one product… Read more »

Mario Dubose

My 8 year old daughter had a blowing nose this entire winter. I tried a lot of steam baths and hot fermentation for her, but nothing worked upto what we can call “satisfactory relief”. The skin on her nose was becoming bruised and painful. I tried green roads application over her nose, which helped recover the skin to its baby soft texture and heal the mild soreness that was now showing up.

Kyle Odell

I was treating my depression with St. John’s Wort. It was causing sexual dysfunction and I could not help it. The sexual dysfunction was leading to a more depressed mood. But still, the overall impact was less depressed mood, so I was taking my supplement regularly. I recently tried GreenRoads. They are not only great as a brand, they sent me CBD oils that helped with my depression without any side effects at all. I have discontinued everything now, except for the CBD from Green Roads.

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