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Haleigh's Hope CBD Review

Haleigh’s Hope CBD Review

In the last few years, there have been lots of high profile CBD cases in the media. While many of the cases that are featured in the media involve children, most brands create and market their products towards adults. CBD products that have been designed with children in mind can often be challenging to find.

Haleigh’s Hope CBD is a brand that noticed this gap in the market. And so, they set about researching and developing its own range of child-friendly CBD products. Through their growing community and specialized products, Haleigh’s Hope CBD aims to give hope to what can often feel like a forgotten part of the market.

So, who exactly is Haleigh’s Hope CBD, and why should you check them out?

Haleigh’s Hope Quick Summary


  • Plenty of delicious flavors on offer including coconut
  • Hemp used is non-GMO and pesticide-free
  • All products contain less than 0.3% THC
  • Conducts a seed-to-sale process
  • Partnered with Flowering H.O.P.E Foundation
  • Variety of strengths to choose from


  • Only sprays and oils available
  • Lab results are difficult to find on the site

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Who Are Haleigh’s Hope CBD?

Haleigh’s Hope CBD is a brand that believes in CBD’s power. Haleigh’s Hope CBD is more than just a CBD brand, though. It’s a community working to bring together families that can be given hope through the use of CBD.

Most brands market their CBD products to adults. However, Haleigh’s Hope CBD believes that there is a gap in the market and that children should also be able to benefit from CBD. Working closely with charities that support terminally ill children as well as children with chronic health conditions, Haleigh’s Hope CBD has been able to develop a deeper understanding of how CBD can be used to help them.

All of Haleigh’s Hope CBD’s products have been carefully researched and designed.

Haleigh’s Hope CBD offers a range of ingredients made from high-quality botanical oil and all-natural organic ingredients. Every single item sold by Haleigh’s Hope CBD is USDA organic certified from seed to sale. Every stage of the growing and manufacturing right up to delivery is 100% organic and approved by a third-party USDA certifier.

All of the hemp plants used during manufacturing are sourced from USDA organic certified farms in Colorado. State-of-the-art CO2 extraction methods are used to retain the health-enhancing cannabinoids from within the plant.

The company works closely with the Flowering H.O.P.E Foundation, which offers support and education. Haleigh’s Hope CBD is a strong believer in CBD’s power. They believe when its used correctly, it can change the lives of those with severe medical conditions.

Haleigh’s Hope CBD has created a CBD formula that is used across the entire product range, including tinctures and sprays. Let’s take a closer look at some of Haleigh’s Hope CBD’s most popular products in a little more detail.

Haleigh’s Hope CBD Highlights

  • Informative website: Haleigh’s Hope CBD’s website is packed with helpful information that educates you as you shop. Each product page features guidance about how to use each item as well as its potential benefits. Haleigh’s Hope does an excellent job of building customer confidence in both CBD and these products.
  • Different flavors: A nice feature is the ability to purchase CBD oils in two flavor options, making for a much more enjoyable experience that children can look forward to. The different flavors also provide options for those who suffer from allergies and are unable to safely use one of the oils.
  • Concentration options: Haleigh’s Hope CBD oils are available in several concentrations. Having so many options is extremely important when marketing products towards children, ensuring that there is a tincture to suit every age group.

Haleigh’s Hope CBD Negative Thoughts

  • Limited range of products: When shopping with Haleigh’s Hope, there are two main categories to choose from: Tinctures and sprays. It’s a somewhat limited shopping experience. It would be great to see Haleigh’s Hope CBD expand its range to include more accessible items such as child-friendly edibles.
  • Lab results: While Haleigh’s Hope CBD mentions throughout the website that all of its products are tested in third-party labs and that customers can access these results, they feel slightly hidden. Having lab results that can be accessed directly from each product page helps to build customer trust and would be a welcome feature.

Haleigh’s Hope CBD Oil Tinctures

Haleigh’s Hope CBD aims to deliver a wide range of choices. They understand that different age groups and health needs require different concentrations and formulations. The company has four tincture formulas to choose from, with each one available in several flavors and quantities.

Haleigh’s Hope makes its tinctures using safflower oil. However, there is an alternative option in the form of coconut oil for those who suffer from safflower allergies. The two botanical formulas have been carefully crafted to provide a potent dose of CBD that can easily be processed by children.

Haleigh’s Hope CBD Oil Tinctures

Using Colorado-grown hemp, Haleigh’s Hope carefully extracts the natural cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant. They use this to form the base of the broad-spectrum CBD oil. By using broad-spectrum CBD, Haleigh’s Hope can ensure that each drop of oil contains a vibrant blend of cannabinoids, terpenes, antioxidants, and neuroprotectants.

Haleigh’s Hope CBD sources all of its safflower and coconut oils from USA farms that follow the same organic and ethical standards. Both coconut and safflower have been chosen due to their mild taste and natural health benefits.

The four concentrations range from a 10:1 mixture to a 30:1 blend, giving you complete control of how much CBD enters your system at any one time.

Haleigh’s Hope strives to make the process as simple as possible, from ordering all the way through to use. Each bottle comes complete with a syringe for ease of use, even when administering to young children, and a locking top to ensure that your tincture is always secure.

For those who are new to Haleigh’s Hope products, there is a starter bottle that contains the 20:1 safflower formula. This is ideal for testing the effects of cannabinoids and the body’s reaction before placing a more substantial order.

Haleigh’s Hope CBD Nasal Spray

Haleigh’s Hope CBD understands that CBD oil tinctures are not suitable for everyone. The company has therefore designed a nasal spray that packs the same premium CBD formula into an easy to use spray.

Each spray bottle contains 300 sprays, with each puff offering 5mg of broad-spectrum CBD. Haleigh’s Hope has opted to use the same broad-spectrum formula that can be found in all of its tinctures.

Haleigh's Hope CBD Nasal Spray

Haleigh’s Hope uses a combination of broad-spectrum CBD along with its all-natural botanical formulation. This results in a spray that is easy to use and produces quick and long-lasting effects.

Unlike Haleigh’s Hope’s tinctures, the spray is only available in one strength, making it a slightly less versatile option. Haleigh’s Hope does, however, provide helpful information about exactly how much CBD is in each spray. They also show how the dosage can be customized depending on the number of sprays given.

Haleigh’s Hope’s spray bottle, just like the tinctures, has been designed to be practical. With a secure lid that safely seals the spray and prevents it from accidentally being used. And it can easily be thrown into a bag or pocket for use on busy days away from home.

Available for $150 and filled with 300 sprays, the Haleigh’s Hope nasal spray is excellent value for money. Haleigh’s Hope’s nasal spray can also be used in conjunction with the CBD oil tinctures for a quick CBD boost during the day when you don’t have the time to stop and measure out liquids.

How to Buy Haleigh’s Hope CBD Products

All of Haleigh’s Hope CBD’s products can be purchased directly through the online store. Thanks to Haleigh’s Hope ’s clever website design, it is easy to navigate your way through the different products on offer.

Haleigh’s Hope CBD believes in more than just selling and strives to be a community hub focused on education and promoting the benefits of CBD. The website contains a great deal of helpful information designed to guide you through choosing the correct products and making the most out of them when they arrive.

Haleigh’s Hope CBD offers to ship to all 50 states as well as a number of countries around the world. Exact pricing and shipping details are available during check-out. And there are even options varying depending on location and order size.

Make sure to sign up for Haleigh’s Hope’s newsletter so that you can be the first to know about all of the latest deals and products.

Final Verdict on Haleigh’s Hope CBD

Haleigh’s Hope is a rare find, filling a forgotten gap in the market with its specialized, child-friendly CBD products. It is nice to see a brand that has taken a different approach and is genuinely passionate about CBD and its potential health benefits.

Shopping with Haleigh’s Hope CBD is about more than merely purchasing CBD products. It is about becoming a community.

Haleigh’s Hope’s website features a number of stories highlighting the positive ways in which children with chronic health conditions have been positively affected by CBD. Haleigh’s Hope strives to create a comfortable space, connecting people with shared needs and educating them on CBD.

All of Haleigh’s Hope’s products are made using natural, organic certified ingredients and have been formulated to ensure that they are suitable for children. Haleigh’s Hope CBD does an excellent job of building confidence and hope through its products.


Final Verdict: 7/10

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