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HempBombs CBD Oil: The Complete HempBombs Review

HempBombs CBD Oil Review [Personal Experience]

It would be a pretty drastic understatement to call HempBombs a “unique” brand. If you check out their Instagram page, for instance, you’ll see that they’ve put a decent amount of effort into establishing a specific brand image and a CBD “lifestyle” of sorts. Their feed is full of young, cute girls and buff, in-shape guys for example, and they seem to have quite an affinity for tattoos and tattoo art (some of their stuff is amazing, by the way).

(And also on a side note, they make their support of military troops very apparent and well-known, which is always a good thing — in fact they offer all veterans a 10% discount on any order).

But that’s neither here nor there. At the end of the day, what we care about most is the quality of their CBD oil. While the pics and the lifestyle images are great (in all seriousness we actually love to see brands connect with their audience), what we really want to know about is the effectiveness of their product? Does it take away my pain? Does it relieve my anxiety? Does it help me fall asleep? Does it taste good?

As consumers (and more importantly humans seeking relief from problems), these are the things we are much more concerned about.

As such, I’ve put together this complete HempBombs CBD oil review in an effort to help reveal some of the brand’s products to see whether or not they may be helpful for you personally. Before we begin though, be advised that CBD oil can have different effects on different people – even those suffering from the same condition. So even though we give an account of our personal experience with a product, you may have an entirely different one.

HempBombs CBD Oil: Who Are They?

hemp bombs cbd

HempBombs is one of those brands that seems to prefer European-sourced hemp over US hemp. This is kind of a touchy subject and can spark some heated arguments depending on who you talk to, but in all honesty there are valid points for both sides.

On the one hand, it’s always nice to support American companies and make the claim that your business is operated 100% domestically. On the other hand, however, it’s true that US hemp is not as well regulated as EU (European) hemp, and thus you stand more of a risk of getting a product that has been inaccurately labeled in regard to CBD content.

That being said, though, there is some phenomenally high grade hemp that’s grown right here in the US – it just takes some trial and error to sort out the best brands.

Anyway, HempBombs imports all of their raw hemp material from a Grade A, certified organic hemp supplier. So you know the quality is genuinely top notch. (And actually, they don’t import directly from the grower – they buy the raw material from a US importer… so technically you could say their entire operation is based within the US).

And for what it’s worth, HempBombs is an actual CBD manufacturer as opposed to a private labeller – other than growing the actual hemp, their entire operation (including CBD extraction, processing, and bottling) is done right there in house. (The way private labellers work is they usually run off a massive “parent” company that imports raw hemp in from China or India by the thousands of tons, and then sells it in these random “CBD shops” that you seen in malls and in smoke shops — in other words, super low quality stuff that’s probably about as therapeutically effective as a bag of potato chips).

The HempBombs CBD Review: Products

Let’s get one thing perfectly clear here – HempBombs sells A LOT of different products. Almost an overwhelming amount of products, in fact. In addition to their CBD oil and CBD E-liquids (that can be used in vape pens), they have CBD capsules, CBD gummies, CBD Vape Tanks, CBD E-liquid additives, CBD “Pain Freeze,” CBD syrup, CBD oil for pets, and something called a “Max Chill Shot.”

In addition to their regular oral CBD oil, I also tried the CBD gummies, and plan on trying very soon the CBD Vape Tank, CBD “Pain Freeze,” and (out of curiosity more than anything else), the mysterious “Max Chill Shot.” Let’s start with the review of the standard CBD Oil.

HempBombs Review: CBD Oil

For starters, the online ordering process on the HempBombs website is super easy and convenient. They take most major credit cards, and they ship for free to all 50 U.S. states (though there was a 7% state tax applied for shipping to Florida).

Since I was going to be treating heavy deep muscle pain/soreness in the lower leg (from a pretty intense double leg break injury over 10 years ago), I decided to go with the 2,000 mg CBD oil tincture. Aside from the super potent 4,000 mg bottle, this was their strongest tincture available (it was also on sale for $141.00 at the time of writing, which made the decision all that much easier).

Out of the two flavors that were available (mint and watermelon), I chose watermelon (though if I had the decision to make over again we’d probably go with the mint. The watermelon wasn’t bad at all, it just kind of tasted a little “out of place” combined with the slight bitterness of the raw hemp).

In any regard I’ll go ahead and get right down to it and say that in terms of effectiveness, the 2,000 mg bottle was awesome. I have been trying to treat acute/flare-up pain in this leg ever since I broke it, and believe me – there is not a lot of stuff that works. There is a lot of scar tissue down there which can make circulation get a little whacky, and thus the resulting pain is just this nasty, deep soreness that’s almost impossible to treat. Ibuprofen does work pretty well, but I have to take large doses of it, which I don’t like doing (it’s known to cause stomach bleeding in frequent high doses).

In terms of dose I tried the single recommended dose first, (which is half a dropper full or approximately 33 mg), and it did the trick pretty well. I administered a single time in the morning, and the throbbing pain was more than manageable throughout the day (if I don’t take anything at all it can get to the point of misery).

The second day I tried it, however, I doubled down on the dose and went with a full dropper – approximately 67 mg of CBD. It worked amazing – nearly as well as the ibuprofen I sometimes take, if not better (it’s always hard to quantitatively judge things like that because you don’t know if your mind is playing tricks on you or not).

If you’ve ever used CBD oil for pain, you know that the relief you get is kind of hard to describe. It just kind of “drifts off” slowly without you even realizing it, until you’re hours into your day. As such it was a little hard to gauge how quickly it took to kick in (definitely wasn’t immediate), but I will say the effects were tangible for probably 8 hours, at least.

All in all, I would absolutely use HempBombs CBD oil again for my leg pain. And at $140 for the 2,000 mg bottle, that’s more or less two months worth of reliable, natural, and totally side-effect free relief.

Overall Verdict on the HempBombs 2,000 mg CBD Oil: 9.0/10 (1 point off for flavor and doubling down on the dose)

HempBombs Review: CBD Gummies

I’ll just go ahead and say it outright – I’m not a massive fan of cannabis gummies in general. Never have been, and probably never will be. I actually had a bad experience in my younger days with a super high potency edible that sent me into a state of mild paranoia, so that probably has made me slightly biased against the “sweet treats” over the years.

Regardless, I figured I would try some of the HempBombs gummies given the fact that they were 100% CBD-based and wouldn’t make me high.

The verdict? They were OK — nothing mind-blowing, but certainly nothing awful either. Just kind of ‘meh.’ For me at least – I know people who absolutely swear by gummies both in terms of taste and therapeutic effectiveness.

I bought one of the 5-count bags for $14.99, and I honestly had no idea what they were going to taste like; as far as I could tell, they had no flavors to choose from or taste descriptions on the website. Really strange. I was though surprised by the outcome. They tasted quite good. They’re kind of chewy and they leave a delicious after-taste.

What’s even stranger than that though, is I could barely describe the flavor to you now, even after trying them! They’re definitely not disgusting-tasting, but they’re definitely not delicious either like some other “sweet treat” cannabis edibles I’ve had. They’re just kind of chewy, and what I would describe as bland – not tart at all like I was expecting.

Now, if you are purchasing gummies, don’t expect much, but they are a great boost of energy. Each gummy only has 15 mg of CBD in it, compared to 33 mg for a single dose of the 2,000 mg oil.

Speaking of dosing, if you go by a mg-to-mg basis you would need to eat two gummies a day in order to get the same serving (approx 30 mg) of CBD that you get with the 2,000 mg tincture. Price-wise this would make it WAY more cost effective to go with the oil.

That being said, the majority of people out there won’t have much use for something as strong as the 2,000 mg oil tincture. A single 15 mg dose (the amount that’s in each gummy) is probably more than enough for most people out there with anxiety and/or insomnia, thus they can save themselves a lot of money by going with the gummies.

In short, if you know you’ll be needing some high-strength CBD for effective relief, you’re far better off going with the oral tincture. If you are looking for an energy boost throughout the day, then the gummies are your best beet. Would I try the HempBombs CBD gummies again? Definitely. Would I buy them again? Ummm, that’s still up for debate. Maybe…

Overall Verdict on the HempBombs CBD Gummies: 7/10 

Other HempBombs CBD Products

HempBombs CBD Vape Tanks

Keep in mind that the HempBombs gummies and CBD oil are only two products in the overall HempBombs lineup. In the near future we definitely want to try the HempBombs CBD Vape Tanks (we heard they’re legitimately BOMB… no pun intended), the “Relaxation Syrup,” the CBD vape liquid, and the “Max Chill Shot.” So definitely keep your eyes peeled for all of those HempBombs reviews!

Also, it’s worth mentioning that HempBombs has literally the widest flavor range of CBD E-liquids out of any other manufacturer we’ve seen. Check out this crazy array of flavors they’ve got available:

  • Arctic spearmint blast
  • Crisp honeydew melon
  • Glazed chocolate donut
  • Roasted Colombian coffee
  • Farm fresh strawberry milk
  • Sweet mango seduction
  • Sugar cookie kryptonite
  • Vanilla cupcake swirl
  • Exotic watermelon kush
  • Whipped marshmallow cream
  • Wild blueberry jam

Absolutely crazy, right!?

Final Thoughts on HempBombs CBD oil

All in all, a few things were easily evident after finishing up my HempBombs CBD review. First and foremost, they are no doubt a brand who has put some serious effort into their CBD extraction processes, and it’s obvious (based on the effectiveness of their 2,000 mg tincture) that they source from a very high-quality hemp supply. You just don’t find those kind of results in bottom-shelf “CBD” products.

Ironically enough, though, since HempBombs is a Florida-based company, you will find their products stocked in many on-site locations, including some smoke/head shops and even some gas stations across the state.

Compared to some of the best CBD oils currently available in the U.S., these tinctures from HempBombs legitimately hold their own. Definitely will use again, and can’t wait to try some of their other (very unique) products.

Feel free to visit them and I’d love to hear how they worked for you.

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