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The UK CBD, or cannabidiol, industry is still very much racing to catch up with its North American counterpart. The US has had a big head start in all things cannabis-related because of its early legalization of cannabidiol products. While hemp products have been popular for a while in the US and is something that most people at least know about, if not use themselves, in the UK it is still relatively new.

In fact, most people don’t really think about it in the UK at all when considering holistic solutions. Despite this, the last few years have seen a rise in the number of UK-based brands looking to change the UK industry and make cannabidiol products something that everyone has in their home.

What sets Hempura apart from other UK brands, and why should you try Hempura’s CBD products? Let’s take a closer look at Hempura and find out.

Who is Hempura CBD: Young in the Game

Hempura first launched in 2017 and is slowly going on to become one of the UK’s most popular CBD brands. Part of what sets Hempura apart from other brands is that they try to provide customers with a complete experience. Rather than simply focusing on creating high-quality products or delivering exceptional customer service, Hempura strives to do it all.

Hempura believes that it is the small details that keep customers returning and so this is what they pay close attention to. And, when you shop with Hempura, this is very much the impression that you get.

Hempura works closely with the Cannabis Trades Association (CTA), who work across the UK to promote high standards and offer practical advice to manufacturers. Hempura uses this knowledge with the intention to design and produce products that can actually make a difference and change the way that people think about and manage their health.

All of Hempura’s CBD products are made from European, organically grown, high-strength hemp extract. At Hempura, they believe that the health benefits of cannabidiol go beyond just the one cannabinoid and that a lot of the positive effects that are felt actually come from all of the other naturally-occurring cannabinoids and terpenes within hemp plants. This is why Hempura does not use isolate in any of its products, instead opting for broad-spectrum cannabidiol.

With so many companies popping out of thin air, everyone should be more aware of the exact ingredients their products contain. Hempura uses third-party lab testing to check the quality of each product and ensure that there are no unwanted and potentially harmful contaminants. Every item that you purchase from Hempura comes with a seven-digit batch number, which can be used on Hempura’s website to pull up the lab report for that batch. This was a really strong positive for the company and shows just how confident they are about the purity of their own products – maybe we should be too.

Hempura is sure that cannabidiol products are the future of natural medicine, and strives to be an active part of the movement – working to educate people about the health benefits it could offer. Hempura have created a “Knowledge” section on its website, where they provide free, easy-to-understand information about the subject.

All of the articles available have been written with beginners in mind and break down all of the scientific terms you need to know so that the information feels digestible.  Through Hempura’s knowledge center, you can learn everything you need to know, article titles range from “Is CBD legal” to “What is the Correct Dosage of CBD”. So that you can shop with confidence.

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Hempura CBD Highlights: Positives All-round

  • Affordable Prices: Cannabidiol products can be extremely expensive, especially in the UK. Hempura have, however, managed to keep the cost of their products as low as possible. Some of the lower dose items available from Hempura can be purchased for as little as £9.99.
  • In-Depth Product Information: Each item has its own dedicated page listing all of the information that you need to make an informed decision as to which items you should purchase. This includes how each item should be used, what it contains, and some helpful tips for those new to these kinds of products.
  • Free Fast Shipping: Hempura not only offers every customer free shipping, regardless of how much they spend but also claims to have items delivered to your door in just two working days.

Hempura CBD Oil Review: CBD Products

With so many companies now saturating the market, we have high expectations in terms of product quality and diversity. Luckily Hempura has provided their customers with lots of range in their product types.

When visiting the website you can see lots of oils, capsules, vape liquids and chocolates too. There aren’t any products on their site that scream exciting or innovative, but considering the company were only formed in 2017, the range is decent.

  • Hempura CBD Oil

Hempura have carefully formulated a range of CBD oils packed with high-quality European grown hemp. These crops are guaranteed to contain less than 0.05% so you won’t feel any psychoactive effects, which have become so synonymous with cannabis. All of Hempura’s oils are manufactured in the UK and subjected to rigorous lab testing.

Hempura CBD oils are available in both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum refined options, giving you the choice as to what you put into your body. Broad-spectrum offers customers cannabidiol in a much purer form, using a refining process that removes some of the naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids found within hemp plants.

Full-spectrum CBD, on the other hand, has not been through a refining process and therefore retains the entire plant’s natural health-enhancing goodness. Whether you opt for full or broad-spectrum, you will be able to find a varied range of potencies on the site. And even better, Hempura has an entire section within their “Knowledge” center dedicated to explaining the differences between the two – helping you to make the right decision.

Both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum oils are available in a range of different strengths, including 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg, allowing you to tailor your experience to match your needs. Hempura’s 250mg option is ideal for those looking for a daily supplement, while 1000mg is designed for those who are hoping to treat to feel a slightly stronger effect.

  • Hempura CBD Capsules

Hempura CBD capsules pack all of the health benefits of hemp into small, easy to swallow capsules. These capsules are made from full-spectrum CBD, meaning that none of the plant’s natural goodness is lost during manufacturing. Each pack of capsules contains 300mg of the very best European grown CBD.


Capsules come in packs of 30, and each individual capsule contains 10mg of CBD, ideal for those looking for a daily supplement. The capsules have been specially formulated so that they are suitable for vegetarians and do not contain any of the common food allergens.

Hempura CBD capsules are the perfect solution if you are looking for a way to take a cannabidiol product discreetly, without attracting unwanted attention. The capsule’s packaging has been designed with this discreetness in mind and resembles a luxury soapbox with a dark green and gold pattern.

  • Hempura CBD Chocolate

Hempura decided to take a slightly different approach when it comes to edibles and, rather than opting for the traditional gummies or gum, they decided to create luxury chocolate. Everybody loves a chocolaty treat, and now thanks to Hempura, chocolate is finally a healthy snack and can be eaten guilt-free. Hempura has carefully formulated its chocolate recipe, mixing the goodness of cannabidiol with melt in your mouth chocolate.


Hempura chocolates are made using broad-spectrum CBD, allowing you to benefit from the plant’s naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes for maximum health effects. Hempura CBD chocolates are available in three different strengths: 200mg, 500mg, and 1000mg. This is a fairly standard range, that you can find on most websites. As with all of Hempura’s products, the chocolates come in a beautifully patterned box that looks more like a luxury chocolate gift box than something you should keep with your medicinal products.

  • Hempura CBD Vaporizers

Hempura CBD vaporizers offer all of the same health benefits as oil but in a fun vape liquid, designed to be enjoyed in social settings as a healthy alternative to smoking. CBD vaporizers have become an extremely popular hobby over the last few years, providing people with an alternative to smoking and filling their bodies with toxins. Adding cannabidiol to vape liquids is the perfect way to combine the enjoyment of vaping with something that can feel medical at times

Hempura CBD liquids are made from high quality broad-spectrum refined oil. This means that you fill your body with all of the other terpenes and health-boosting cannabinoids that occur in hemp plants, all while enjoying Hempura’s signature citrus flavoring. Hempura believes that we should avoid packing our bodies with harmful chemicals, and so has carefully formulated its vape liquids using all-natural ingredients.

The citrus flavor that fills your mouth as you breathe in comes from the naturally occurring terpenes within the plant rather than artificial flavors. It is great to see that Hempura also uses vegetable glycerin as opposed to artificial glycerin options, which are thought to have long term negative health effects.

These vape liquids come in three different strengths for the ultimate level of control over your health. You can opt for a dose as small as 100mg, ideal as a daily supplement, or choose from 250mg and 500mg liquids if you are looking for something a little stronger.

Liquids come in small secure bottles with a built-in dropper, so you don’t have to worry about clumsily spilling oil down your face. In keeping with the Hempura theme, vape liquids are packaged in the same stylish green and gold design, which we think sets them apart from regular vape liquids.

Hempura CBD Oil Review: Costs

On the website each product has its own page filled with useful information, that might help you decide what item is best for you and your lifestyle. If you want an idea of how affordable this brand really is, have a look at our price list below.

  • Hempura Oils

Hempura 250mg Full-Spectrum Original CBD Oil (10ml) – £19.99

Hempura 500mg Full-Spectrum Original CBD Oil (10ml) – £36.99

Hempura 1000mg Full-Spectrum Original CBD Oil (10ml) – £64.99

Hempura 250mg Broad-Spectrum Refined CBD Oil (10ml) – £19.99

Hempura 500mg Broad-Spectrum Refined CBD Oil (10ml) – £36.99

Hempura 1000mg Broad-Spectrum Refined CBD Oil (10ml) – £64.99

  • Hempura Capsules 

Hempura 300mg Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules (30) – £19.99

  • Hempura Vape Liquid

Hempura 100mg Broad-Spectrum Refined CBD Vape Liquid (10ml) – £9.99

Hempura 250mg Broad-Spectrum Refined CBD Vape Liquid (10ml) – £19.99

Hempura 500mg Broad-Spectrum Refined CBD Vape Liquid (10ml) – £36.99

  • Hempura Chocolate

Hempura 200mg Broad-Spectrum Refined CBD White Chocolates (20) – £19.99

Hempura 500mg Broad-Spectrum Refined CBD White Chocolates (20) – £36.99

Hempura 1000mg Broad-Spectrum Refined CBD White Chocolates (20) – £64.99

How to Buy Hempura CBD Products: Free Uk Delivery

Hempura products are available directly from the store on Hempura’s website, with shipping options available for all European countries. The Hempura store has been designed to be clear and easy to navigate your way around.

Hempura delivery is completely free if you live in the UK, with rapid delivery meaning that you should receive your items in just two working days. While offering free delivery is becoming increasingly common with companies who do not want their customers to be put off ordering due to delivery costs, it is rare to see such a fast delivery option being given for free.

For those who are new to this area of holistic health and are looking to learn a little more before purchasing, Hempura will send you a free CBD UK guide. All you have to do is enter your name and where you would like it sent to. The guide helps you understand all of the basics, including UK law, and health benefits.

It is great to see the UK CBD market continually expanding, and new brands such as Hempura entering the market. Hempura offers customers the perfect balance of quality and affordability, making these products a reality for those who cannot afford to spend hundreds each month on supplements. Because these products really should be accessible to all.

Even if you just want to look at the free CBD guide, the Hempura experience is absolutely worth it.


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Leroy Stewart

Hempura first attracted me with its such a premium and royal packaging design, I felt it would be a very high class CBD preparation brand. Once I tried, it stood true to its image, and I am very happy using Hempura. I have tried a lot many of their products, and all are fast acting and effective too.

Mary Sessions

I purchased Hempura because it was not that expensive as compared to many other CBD brands. However, I have felt that it is equally premium in terms of quality. No regrets at all.

Sheila Linsey

I ordered Hempura first, because of the outside packing, but it was the right decision. No other CBD has made my life so comfortable as this one has. I have tried quite a few before this one.


I understand that CBD oil has to be kept cool (preferably in a fridge) so how does this work with transport please? I am trying to source this product for my daughter in the UK. Can it be brought on line?

Debbie McCann

Hi I’ve been taking antidepressants for about 20 years for Generalised Anxiety Disorder. I’ve been reading up about CBD and would like to try the product and eventually come off the antidepressants would don’t seem to be helping anymore. I have no idea what product or strength to try. Please could you give me some advice.