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Hempura CBD Oil Review [Tested]

Hempura CBD Oil Review [Tested]

Like many new medicines you’ve just recently become aware off, CBD oil is one of those things that might seem pretty “sketchy” – particularly when considering some of the odd places you can find it for sale in (mall kiosks, anyone?). This can ring true for any product currently on the market, including the UK’s Hempura CBD, which we aim to review in this article.

Not only is CBD not that easily understood, but there seems to be so many different types of CBD oil available; which ones are the right ones for you? How do you actually know who to buy CBD oil from without having tried it first? These are all very valid questions, and are ones that we have dedicated the last two+ years to trying to answer.

In this in-depth Hempura CBD oil review, we take a look at the company behind the brand, where they get their raw hemp material from, how they process it, and what you can expect in terms of results if you buy Hempura CBD in the UK.

Hempura CBD Oil: Who are They?

Hempura CBD is easily one of the largest CBD sellers in the UK, as well as Europe in general. Founded in 2017, Hempura makes a huge effort to comply with fair-trade practices, as well as sourcing all of the hemp and cannabis used in their products entirely from within the EU. In an age where people are becoming quite ferocious about national pride, it makes sense that Hempura CBD cares so much about making sure to only produce localized products.

We also found out during our Hempura CBD review that the company is a member of the Cannabis Trades Association (CTA), the only UK-centric trade association for cannabis. This essentially means that Hempura CBD oil is considered an “official” cannabis retailer in the UK.

All in all, it’s nice to see a retailer that makes the effort to join official organizations like these – especially with controversial and still “legally-problematic” substances like cannabis.

Besides this basic information on their philosophy and values, Hempura CBD doesn’t really have much information available about them. They’re not specifically linked with research labs or other CBD science; they’re just a regular retailer for their own brand of CBD products.

This isn’t in any way a bad thing – it’s good, in a way, to know that the people you’re buying your product from are entirely focused on making the best quality product possible.

Instead of judging them based on their company mission statements or the like, we can instead judge them based on their products, as well as the copious amounts of public reviews available online. In fact, let’s take a closer look at some of these Hempura CBD oil reviews to see what people are the UK are saying about the product.

Hempura CBD Oil Reviews

Finding reviews for products like CBD are in fact pretty tricky. Though we do have the internet, with all of its methods of communication and endless forums, it can sometimes be rather difficult to find complete information about products – especially when those containing cannabis.

Thanks both to the questionable legality of cannabis products in many parts of the world and to the animosity that CBD often faces, a lot of reviews on Hempura CBD oil are sometimes not as “legit” as they should be. However, there still exists plenty of independent review sites for cataloging all types of businesses (such as Trust Pilot or the Better Business Bureau), and we have taken a look at these reliable sources to get our own opinion of the Hempura label.

Simply put, Hempura CBD reviews – both as a company and for its products – are almost always exceptionally high.  A good way to test the value of a company is how they respond to negative feedback; after all, no matter how good your stuff is there will always be some people that complain.

Thankfully, Hempura CBD in the UK has a fantastic reputation with replying to negative feedback and concerns, offering refunds or reshipment on faulty or otherwise ineffectual products.

So, we know that Hempura is, at the very least, well-reviewed and considered to be a trustworthy company. But how are their CBD oil products? Let’s take a look.

Hempura CBD Oil For Sale: Available Products

Hempura offers a decent variety of CBD products for sale, not just oils but topical gels and capsules as well. To start with, the more traditional CBD oil is immediately available, advertised straight away on their site. Hempura CBD oil is offered in three simple variations:

    • 250mg, costing £39.99
    • 500mg, costing £24.99
  • 1000mg, costing £69.99

This simple division between intensity allows you to easily pick the CBD oil type that’s right for you. And though it’s difficult to always pick the correct dosage of CBD oil for your condition, there is a pretty good rule of thumb: a common misconception with CBD oils is that the less intense options aren’t as useful, but there are some conditions that simply require higher doses than others to help treat.

In these instances, it’s best to stick to the higher end (10%) CBD oil, rather than the less effective 2.5%. That doesn’t mean the weaker dosage isn’t useful, just that it’s useful for different things. That said, all Hempura CBD oil for sale is available as either full-spectrum or broad-spectrum. This lesser-used variety of CBD oil simply means that it doesn’t contain any THC, but still a range of other cannabinoids.

The price is exactly the same between the two types, but the distinction is very important – some people aren’t able to have any kind of THC whatsoever in their bodies, because they run the risk of being drug tested. To help protect them, Hempura offers broad-spectrum products to make sure you’re safe in regard to both your health and your job.

However, not everyone wants to administer their CBD in the traditional way – though most users prefer to use CBD oil for its on-the-go convenience and lack of difficulty, some prefer other methods. Fortunately, we found out in our Hempura review that the company offers other products in addition to its standard oral tinctures.

Hempura CBD Review: Capsules & Chocolates

Though it might seem surprising, many people prefer to take their CBD in capsule or food form. Some people find it preferable to take a pill sneakily during the day rather than having the inconvenience of having to either sprinkle CBD oil into your food or drop it directly under your tongue.

Hempura CBD offers capsules for those who prefer to take a quick pill to medicate themselves. These capsules are available in one variety, with 30x 10mg capsules per packet costing £19.99. These are simple and effective, and combine the highest dose of CBD oil with the convenience of pill form.

For those that want something more delicious, howeve, Hempura has something else; Broad Spectrum CBD Chocolates, in different intensities of CBD per chocolate to allow you to both enjoy the taste of white chocolate and take CBD conveniently throughout your day. These selection of chocolates are priced as follows:

    • 200mg, costing £19.99
    • 500mg, costing £36.99
  • 1,000mg, costing £64.99

What’s even more interesting is that all of these contain the same number of chocolates per pack; this means that the 1,000mg version offers 50mg of CBD per piece of chocolate, allowing you to give yourself a huge dose of CBD at one time.

If you’re of the type that prefers traditional “inhalation methods” instead, our Hempura review revealed that the company also produces some expertly-crafted vapes as well. Let’s check them out.

Review of Hempura CBD Vaporizers

In exactly the same manner as their CBD oils and chocolates, Hempura offers a few varieties of vape liquids. The first is 250mg of CBD, costing £19.99, and the other is 500mg, costing £36.99. Both are broad-spectrum, as well as being specifically noted as possessing citrus terpenes with no artificial flavors at all.

This is important, as many vape liquids contain artificial flavors, which some research has linked to being potentially carcinogenic. Hempura CBD vaporizers offer an excellent range of well-reviewed and well thought out products, but one of their best features, by far, is their knowledge base.

Hempura Knowledge Centre

While we did mention that Hempura CBD isn’t linked to scientific agencies and are not responsible for cannabis research, they are still very much concerned with the CBD knowledge of their consumers.

Available on their site is the “Knowledge Centre”, a free resource offering untold amounts of different cannabis health information. Included in this Centre are many different blog-style articles, each covering different aspects of cannabinoids and CBD’s relation to your body, as well as how it can help your health.

Though still dedicated to selling their products, including referral links and some mild advertisements, all of the articles are fully dedicated to helping you understand their products and learn more about the process behind them.

Additionally, within each section of every Hempura CBD oil for sale on their website, there exists huge amounts of information about the method for taking their products. Though they do, once again, contain advertisements for their own products, they also recommend ideal dosages depending on conditions and give some general tips about self-medication.

This might seem like a small thing and ultimately unimportant to include on a retail website, but it demonstrates that Hempura understands something very significant – a lot of people are misinformed about CBD, and they want to change this.

It’s not that CBD is in any way dangerous, addictive, or even really a risk whatsoever – it’s that people tend to associate CBD with something dangerous simply because they know it has to do with cannabis. Also, when you don’t understand something, it’s difficult to start using it – even if it’s recommended for you to help treat a condition. (But that should go without saying).

Hempura CBD Oil Review: Final Thoughts

All in all, our Hempura CBD review told us that the company is dedicated not only to selling high-quality hemp CBD products that adhere to the rigorous standards set by both the EU and the UK, but that they’re also dedicated to making sure people know what they’re doing with their CBD. While it’s a great thing to be a reliable retailer, it’s an even better thing to be somewhere your consumers can turn to for advice.

With more information, more people become aware of the benefits of CBD and can understand it for themselves. So for that, Hempura should be applauded. (Oh, and their products are pretty great, too!).

We hope that this Hempura review was helpful, and of course, if you have any additional questions please feel free to send us a message, or navigate directly to the Hempura website by visiting this link.

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