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HempWorx Review

If you are looking for the perfect brand to rely on for all your CBD needs, stick around as we are giving you a complete run-down of HempWorx CBD. We will be taking a look at the origins of the company as well as all the HempWorx CBD products for sale in 2020!

HempWorx Quick Summary


  • Products manufactured in the US
  • Lab results available
  • Great money-saving deals
  • Made with non-GMO crops
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Wholesale buying option for stores
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • A difficult website to navigate

HempWorx CBD Full Review

Over recent years, we have seen a considerable boost in the sale of hemp oil. Especially as more and more states across the U.S. have altered their laws to allow for legal use of the cannabinoid, which has lead to an unprecedented need for supply.

If you are among the tens of thousands who rely on cannabidiol to help relieve symptoms for a range of conditions, then you have likely experienced the difficulties associated with getting good, high-quality oil. As the need has shot up, so has the number of dodgy sellers and unsafe products that are just a click away – it can be extremely harmful to unassuming patients.

Luckily, there are still a few stand-up brands out there that offer clean and natural oils that do precisely what it says on the label. In this article, we conduct a full HempWorx review to discover whether or not the company is one such brand.

Let’s take a closer look at why HempWorx are a brand to watch.

Who Is HempWorx: An Up-and-Coming Brand

HempWorx is offering a unique way of approaching the already saturated hemp oil market. The company prides itself on the fact that they work solely within the U.S., sourcing every ingredient and performing every test right here in North America. This means that there is no reliance on other countries to provide resources, which allows for a much more reliable service overall.

And not only do the company do everything on their “home turf,” but they also source their raw hemp from organic pilot research farms in Kentucky — renowned for their high quality. These factors, combined with their transparent approach to testing, ingredients, and methods of extraction, make Hempworx oil some of the best quality on the market.

The company uses the cleanest CO2 extraction process. Customers who have previously heard horror stories – or perhaps have witnessed first-hand some of the atrocities that are passed off as good quality CBD oil – will be relieved to receive a product from this brand based on standards alone.

In this article, we will be taking a fresh approach to a review and look at each of the company’s products individually to give you the clearest representation of the brand that we can. Also, don’t forget about the HempWorx coupon code, which you can use on any product on the website. It’s a great way to save your hard-earned cash and a bigger incentive to try out this company!

HempWorx Highlights: How They Became Popular

Like many other companies, our Hempworx CBD oil review made it pretty cut-and-dry that this is a firm that has made efforts to branch out beyond a standard hemp oil. In fact, HempWorx now offers eight different ranges for both human and pet consumption. Including their hemp-infused coffee, which we are incredibly excited to try!

It is worth mentioning that HempWorx offers a BUY 3 GET 1 FREE deal across their entire range of products, which is a pretty fantastic deal for patients who are buying their monthly supply of HempWorx CBD! If all of this is starting to sound good to you, then keep on reading for our full review of Hempworx CBD, and see how they compare to other companies.

Another great aspect of the company is that a lot of their products are completely THC-free. Many companies stick to the 0.2% legal requirement, which means that there still may be traces of THC in the vast majority of their products. We love that this company has gone the extra mile by removing it completely, even though it would require a stricter and more laborious manufacturing process.

HempWorx CBD Products: What’s on the Website?

While the company do have a great range of different products on their website, it has to be said that they don’t make it easy for you to view these products. It can be a little tricky to find where you can browse the products and even when you do click on the “Store” tab, they aren’t advertised in the most appealing way. However, this can be easily improved, so we hope in the future they have a chance to change the design of their website.

In terms of choice, there is a really good variety of HempWorx CBD products. This includes a large variety of flavored oils, creams, and even coffee creamers.

When it comes down to the quality of the product itself, there is no denying that the company has gone to great lengths to provide an up-market CBD oil. Promising organic, pure, and potent contents, they do deliver on quality. Regarding how effective this CBD oil is, we have noted that many found it effective for reducing anxiety. Many people also use it to numb aches; it does the job for this for anything up to moderate severity. On the product description, the company also gives customers a complete run-down of the potential benefits of the oil – this may help guide to the best potency and oil for you.

Starting with the company’s best-selling product, the Hemp Oil Herbal Drops come in a range of three different flavors; Cinnamon, Peppermint, or Natural. The oil is legal across all fifty states of America and is also available to be shipped over to the majority of countries around the world.

HempWorx CBD Oil Herbal Drops

hempworx reviews

The company’s oils are easily accessible and pretty well-priced, the company offers the HempWorx 500mg for $69, and the HempWorx 750mg for $89.  

Offering something a little less typical, the company also offer a Hemp-infused Coffee, with the site stating each cup can carry approximately 5mg of hemp-derived CBD. Using instant Arabica coffee, along with some other ingredients, the brand has come up with a vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and non-GMO caffeine product – with a CBD twist! The website claims that one cup works out at around $2.30! Which sounds like a great bargain.

It is refreshing to see something a little different on offer; however, for those who already add hemp oil to their food and drinks, this could come across as somewhat gimmicky. Experienced CBD users who love a cup of coffee may get a kick from this, and the effects are exactly as promised! The great thing about this product is that it doesn’t require any lifestyle adjustment to fit it into your daily routine. Instead, you can enjoy your morning coffee like you do every other morning knowing that you are getting a serving of good-quality hemp. 

Sticking with the barista appeal, one of our Hempworx CBD review favorites actually turned out to be the brand’s specific coffee creamer to go along with their coffee range. This keto coffee creamer comes in a variety of three flavors; Hazelnut, Mocha, and Vanilla — all of which are pretty delicious!

With around 5mg of hemp oil extract in every stick pack, and promising zero THC, this is a fun little way to spice up brew time! They also offer a thirty-day money-back guarantee. So if it wasn’t everything you hoped for, you are covered for a while

HempWorx CBD Topical Cream

hempworx cbd oil

For those of you out there on the market for a new face cream, this company may have the very thing for you! In fact, there is quite a selection of HempWorx topical CBD Creams. Their Renew Anti-Aging CBD cream offers a range of organic and powerful ingredients, such as apple stem cells, jojoba seed, and pure CBD oil, to increase the longevity of skin cells and heal the skin while it’s at it!

Gimmick products don’t easily fool us, but the Hempworx CBD cream is pretty great. For those who struggle with bad skin, it could be just what you need for brighter and healthier skin. At $69 for a jar, this isn’t a super cheap item but could be a great staple and is no more expensive than any normal high-end moisturizer.

The company has cleverly combined the goodness of hemp oil with the potency of retinol and collagen for a refining skin cream, great for leveling out unbalanced skin tone and providing a targeted formula for blemishes and skin damage.

We loved this product. It offers strong antioxidant properties, which becomes evident after just a few uses. Super hydrating and moisturizing, this is a go-to product for anyone looking for a wonderful skincare product – all for $69!

Great for athletes or sufferers of muscle and joint complaints, Hempworx Relief Icy Pain Rub offers a cooling, soothing, targeted relief for problem areas. Using all organic products, including up to 50mg CBD and 10% emu oil, this is a real treat for those tired and painful areas.

We have found it also to be particularly effective post-workout, and it comes in at $69, making it a pretty bargain buy!

HempWorx CBD Oil for Pets

Finally, there are the HempWorx CBD pet products for sale, which also happen to be organic. With more research and evidence into the effects of CBD on our beloved pets, we see more companies begin to offer products like these. This company offers both an oil and a pet treat, with around 2.5mg CBD per beef-flavored treat, and around 5mg CBD per serving of oil. These could be a good option for your furry friend.

While the website advertises their pet treats for all pets, it seems as though they are only suitable for dogs, so it is a little uncertain from the off. However, we have heard great reviews regarding the efficacy of both products, and they are both available for $69!

Costs: HempWorx CBD review

There is no denying that this company stands apart from many brands for their transparent approach to hemp extract. We do have a few issues with their overall site structure; customers must become a member of the website before they can place an order, and as the website includes no prices, this significantly reduces the number of people who’d be willing to sign up blindly.

If you want a rough idea of what kind of price you will be paying for their products, here is a quick overview of HempWorx prices:

  • HempWorx (500)

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil (500mg) – $69.00

  • HempWorx (750)

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil (750mg) – $89.00

  • HempWorks Topical CBD Creams

Renew Anti-Aging Cream (30ml) – $69.00

Revive Collagen Cream (15ml) – $69.00

Relief Icy Pain Rub (30ml) – $69.00

  • HempWorx CBD Pet

Pet Oil – $69.00

Pet Treats – $69.00

Despite finding it a little difficult to find product information and pricing on the website, we can’t take away from the superb quality of the brand’s products. And would certainly recommend that those on the hunt for a good quality product consider them as their next port of call.

Let us know if you have any experience using any of the above products we have looked at today; we would love to hear your thoughts and your own personal review in the comments section below!

Final Verdict: 9/10

If you are curious about some of the best products on the market, take a look at our top-performing brands here.

Customer Reviews Based on 17 reviews

  • Gini
    500 with 0.3

    I just Accidentally ordered a 500 with THC 0.3 oil. I have never used a Murano any draft before. I have a lot of other riders pain I’m wondering if that will be helpful. Next time I prefer to order something and have no THC at all and I can take at night to help me sleep. Do I have to take twice a day should I just take once a day for hours in the morning because that has THC in it? Is that OK that I take any supplements during the day with this so 500 CD oil CBD oil? Anyway my friend she is taking the one without THC clean the night before she goes to bed she said it helped her to sleep but after a mistake and to purchase the one with THC and she said that I should just take it in the morning because she afraid that I cannot go to sleep.

  • Heather Wear
    Why am I so fond!

    Now sometimes even I think why am I so fond of Hempworx CBD. Perhaps it is the taste or perhaps it is the efficacy. Or maybe a mix of these two in the right amount that is required. I am not very sure what drives me more towards buying from this particular company, but I always end up ordering from them in the end.

  • Winona Aguilar

    This brand is more than fantastic, I believe! It is changing lives everywhere. In more than 2 years since I started my journey with Hempworx, I haven’t experienced an anxiety attack, not even once. Nor in the past 18 months did I have a single seizure! You can’t get anything finer than this my friends.

  • Loretta Harrison

    Hi I suffer with back pain cannot walk well or straighten up

  • Geneva Kuehn
    For Oral Wellness

    I take dental hygiene very seriously. It is like the utmost important thing for me to do everyday. A fear has been stuck in my mind since childhood, as I had to get an RCT done at a young age which was very painful. Since then, I make sure I go an extra mile with my oral wellness. I am using Hempworx CBD since a few months now for this purpose. I just scrub my teeth with a diluted film of hempworx oil after I take meals and brush at night. I think it is a good technique.

  • Lydia Patel
    Can shout out positively

    Hempworx is kind of cool. I don’t remember where, but I had first read about the beneficence of this CBD oil brand somewhere. It was then that I immediately made up my mind to give it a try for my pain management due to Sciatica. I think it has been helpful. I am very positive about Hempworx.

  • Oscar Ryan
    No harm in taking CBD

    Who says Hempworx is not effective! If the 250 mg bottle is not suiting you, go for the 500. If that is also ineffective, go for the 750. What I want to say is some or the other composition would definitely help most of us. It is a kind of brand that suits everyone pretty easily. No harm in taking CBD sometimes!

  • Don Cooley
    The entire clan

    Hempworx is the CBD brand that my entire family is using, including our pets. We all use different products from Hempworx mostly, and have found that all are actually very great quality and very reasonably priced too. I have never come across a CBD brand that is better than this in this price window. Very good.

  • Aimee Adams
    Not ill

    I use Hempworx for my pet dog, and am very satisfied. It used to fall sick very often earlier, but now for the first time, it has been 6 months, and my dog is not ill.

  • Jonathan Engels
    Will Try Soon

    I have read many positive reviews for Hempworx, for general health, and now I have decided to use this finally. I am going to order tonight, and hopefully it will reach me soon.

  • Peggy

    Great quality product with a generous business opportunity. Who could want more? It really matters what your are placing under your tongue (and into your bloodstream!)

  • Priscilla

    It’s interesting that the article said you have to be a member. Not at all! Just a customer who orders product as needed!

  • Sarah Wells
    Constant companion

    I’ve been using hempworx CBD 500mg for 6 months now. I feel like a completely changed person. Emotionally peaceful and I don’t feel the constant aches and stiffness associated with being up and down all day at work. It’s been a terrific sleep aid for me as well. I’ve decided to become an affiliate and am proud to know I work for a company that markets superior CBD oil to consumers with the highest of standards and quality.

  • Priscilla
    Great product

    It sure has helped me! Sleep is so deep with no problem waking. My hands are not stiff and my mood is less tense wit everything that is going on..❤️

  • Theresa Goewey
    HempWorx CBD oil

    Hempworx is the best, most pure CBD I’ve tried! It’s the only brand I trust!

  • Sheila
    Quality beyond...

    I have used 6-8 different CBD oils over past 2 years and none compared with the effectiveness of Hempworx! An awesome quality oil and company oducts n

  • Marylou Gonzalez
    Lung cancer

    I would like to find the pure form of cbc oil

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