Herb Strong CBD Review [Personal Experience]

Herb Strong CBD Review [Personal Experience]

Despite what you may think, CBD use was not always such an accepted and recognizable medicinal substance. Back before the days of the Farm Bill and the marijuana acceptance movement, people had not really heard of CBD other than as an offshoot of marijuana.

These days, however, you will be hard pressed spending more than five minutes on the internet without stumbling onto a website selling legal and useable CBD.

With so much choice, there is an unenviable problem; which website are you supposed to use? It’s not like there is one recognized brand that everyone uses, and it almost seems that there are more brands of CBD than there are craft beers in the world. The only way is to find and study in-depth reviews of individual websites and brands to work out which ones are worth trying.

Thankfully, we are here to give you a full, in-depth review of a variety of different CBD brands.
So let’s take a look at one particular website, Herb Strong, and figure out if they are worth you investing in.

Who Are Herb Strong?

When looking into individual retailers, it is essential to be able to develop an understanding of who they are as a brand; what is their identity, what are their core values? Perhaps even more importantly, where do they get their CBD?

Well, with Herb Strong you are somewhat out of luck in this regard, as there is literally no information about their brand, their methods, or where anything they sell or make, initially comes from. The only tiny inkling they have on their site is a small ‘Our Story’ section that details their desire to open up a CBD website due to their passion about “health, fitness, and innovation.”

Other than that, there is very little information in general about their brand. Their website has a very clean and consistent aesthetic that is rooted in minimalism, and their seemingly signature shade of green. As well as a significant focus on fitness, you’ll find plenty of images of people working out and grimacing, in a considerable effort at the camera. However, besides endless white space and the occasional story about their products, the rest of the site is given over to their product pages.

This trend continues when you look at each individual product, as there is virtually no information whatsoever about their ingredients. There is some mention of it being a “Product of Industrial Hemp,” but where is this hemp from? They mention that their products are “Infused in MCT Oil,” but it sure would be nice if they actually mentioned what it is!

They also continuously use the terms ‘CBD Oil’ and ‘Hemp Oil’ interchangeably, which is somewhat alarming as ‘Hemp Oil’ is often a code that many scam retailers on websites like Amazon use to avoid legal ramifications, due to the fact that their product contains no actual CBD.

Though they do say elsewhere that it contains CBD, there is absolutely no evidence of any independently run lab tests, nor is there any consistency of their ingredient list. Without a thorough, independently run laboratory test on each and every single one of their products, how are we supposed to be able to trust the actual products that they are selling?

The only metric we can use are reviews, both on third-party sites and on their internal review system for each product. With regard to third-party reviews, there doesn’t really seem to be any. Other than a few testimonials on YouTube and a few similar blogs, there isn’t really any opinion on websites like TrustPilot or something similar.

However, the internal reviews are surprisingly positive, offering a great deal of information about their value for money and their usefulness. There is a big focus on their ability to help tackle issues with pain, especially chronic pain arising from injuries, and a lot of personal reasons for choosing Herb Strong over other products.

Let’s examine Herb Strong’s individual products and find out what it is that makes them so popular among those that use it, despite their lack of any kind of laboratory testing.

Herb Strong CBD Oil Products


Herb Strong’s flagship product seems to be their Extra Strong Full Spectrum Recovery Drops. All their CBD oil products are labeled this way, with a great deal of focus on their inherent strength, as well as the fact that they are recovery drops, rather than general purpose CBD oils. This makes sense considering the vast quantity of fitness-related images and design choices that the Herb Strong website has.

Herb Strong’s Full Spectrum Recovery Drops come in three different intensities at three different price points:

  • 1000mg / 15ml, costing $65
  • 3000mg / 15ml, costing $195
  • 5000mg / 15ml, costing $325

Straight away, you will notice their massive quantity of listed CBD content. Most CBD oil products contain 250mg or 500mg of CBD, with the upper end of the spectrum being around 1000mg. Herb Strong’s choice to specialize in high-intensity CBD dosage makes sense considering their name, but also because their product is designed to cater to one specific need – workout injuries.

Several studies, including this one by Ethan Russo, have found that CBD oil taken in high quantities, especially when applied locally, have the ability to help reduce topical injuries and reduce recovery time. As well as just generally assisting those who are focused on their fitness, to be able to work out more frequently and with fewer rest times.

However, though it is apparent that Herb Strong places a great deal of importance on their Full Spectrum Recovery Drops, they also sell other options as well.

Herb Strong Topical Products

herbstrong cbd

If you are of the type who prefer to apply their CBD locally and without having to deal with the oiliness of any kind of CBD oil, Herb Strong offer an Extra Strong Full Spectrum Recovery Cream, costing $65.

This Recovery Cream contains 1000mg of CBD and allows about 50 servings of 20mg of CBD each. It is unscented and contains mainly coconut oil, as well as a variety of stabilizers and moisturizers like shea butter. Strangely enough, this product is the one with the most actual information about its ingredients and effects.

Though you will get less use out of it, it is rather comforting that Herb Strong have priced this topical form of CBD oil at precisely the same price as their regular 1000mg Recovery Drops, enabling you to truly make a choice between your preferred method of application, rather than having to base it on price.

Of course, no CBD retailer is complete without also offering vape products.

Herb Strong Vape Products

herb strong

Herb Strong offer two CBD vape products; a Recovery Vaporizer Set that contains everything you need to vape your CBD oil. This includes both the CBD oil cartridge and the battery, altogether costing $70, and the individual CBD oil vape cartridge that costs only $45.

The design of their vape products is incredibly stylish, with a brightly tinted green over a metallic gold color, that is surprisingly tasteful despite its garishness. It is extremely well reviewed, with many people not just praising its effectiveness, but also its taste. Annoyingly, there is the same amount of information for these products as there is for their Recovery Drops; that is to say, basically none at all.

It contains 500mg of CBD oil per cartridge, but no information as to the flavor profile (other than the rather vague “Natural Hemp Flavor”) or its specific contents.

However, Herb Strong’s vape products do have one major positive – they contain no propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin whatsoever. It is clear that they place as much importance on omitting these substances as the rest of the scientific world does, as this is one of the few pieces of information they have actually provided about their vape products.

These two substances are frequently used as thinning agents, so as to make the vape oils more easily vaporized, but come with a lot of medical issues, the least of which can result in Lipoid Pneumonia. Though it is unclear what Herb Strong have done to thin out their vape oil in place of these frequently used substances, it is especially useful to know that they have at least made the right decision with regards to their customers’ health.

Final Thoughts on Herb Strong

Herb Strong seems like a strange business; they have next to no information about their actual business practices, nor do they have any kind of actual scientific backing of their products. Both of which many other successful CBD retailers place a great deal of importance on.

However, despite this lack of scientific proof, their products are extremely well reviewed, as well as possessing a few very unique qualities.

Firstly, the products are exceptionally strong. For treating fitness-related injuries, such as muscle fatigue, high doses of CBD are necessary to have a noticeable effect. It is clear that Herb Strong understand this, as their lowest available dose is a massive 1000mg, something that many retailers would consider an astronomically large dose.

Secondly, they have joined the scientific world in fighting against thinning agents like propylene glycol, and proudly flaunt their opposition to it. Despite their nearly complete and total lack of actual product information, Herb Strong do at least demonstrate that they both understand their customers and respect them.

Their pricing is surprisingly fair and their doses extremely large, as well as making sure that their vape liquids won’t pose any medical risks. If you have been looking for a retailer that stocks high doses of CBD oil in their products, then Herb Strong might be the brand for you.

In the very least, their designs and product ascetics are exceptionally attractive – who knew that CBD oil could be made fashionable?

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