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CBD has had a massive surge of popularity in recent years, and it’s becoming a trendy health choice that people of all ages use on a daily basis. Although it used to have a reputation for being somehow illicit, people are beginning to understand the inherent value of using cannabidiol regularly, whether to treat specific conditions or just to help improve their day to day life.

However, one big problem with this rise in popularity is the concurrent rise in trendy retail brands. Instead of the discreet marketing tactics that we would assume these brands would apply, the industry is filled with very loud and obnoxious retailers. Many brands these days seem focused on telling you a story or considering themselves to be the next greatest thing since the discovery of the marijuana plant.

Herb Strong CBD is one brand that does away with all this nonsense – instead of several pages of confusing, self-aggrandizing waffle, Herb Strong CBD offers nothing more than solid quality products at a reasonable price.

Let’s take a look at the products available on Herb Strong CBD’s website and discover just what type of product is right for you.

Who Is Herb Strong CBD: The Mystery Thickens

Who exactly is Herb Strong CBD? This is surprisingly quite difficult to figure out – there isn’t really any information about the brand or its business practices.

While the website does talk a little bit about the brand’s desire to help improve people’s health, as well as innovation, there is no information at all about the core ethos or the team’s individual beliefs behind its products.

Some people would probably consider this a massive disadvantage because it is generally considered a good thing to be able to look at all of a brand’s back-story and history to discover whether or not you like that brand. However, why does this actually matter? Do you personally check every single company’s backstories when shopping for oats, or for coffee?

CBD oil has garnered this reputation for being this holistic, all-natural, and very personally focused product, but why can’t it move beyond that and begin to become accepted as a regular product on the marketplace? For this to happen, we need to first completely abandon the ideology of company branding and how much importance we place on that.

To that end, Herb Strong CBD is helping move the world of hemp products forward, making it more about the individual products, rather than the faux personality that other companies strive to put forward. The only element of the company ethos that carries into their products is a dedication to personal fitness and a desire to make working out as easy as possible.

So, let’s examine the individual products offered by Herb Strong CBD and see how they fare against other popular products.

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Herb Strong CBD Highlights: How They Became Popular

  • Uncomplicated, Product-First Initiatives: Instead of endlessly pushing the brand and its rich backstory, Herb Strong CBD is instead all about providing the very best products possible and letting you judge it from there.
  • Limited Range of High-Quality Products: Although most brands produce a myriad of different products, Herb Strong CBD instead chooses to focus on just a few products and their quality.
  • A Keen Focus on Fitness: In contrast with the majority of oil brands, Herb Strong CBD is all about fitness and encouraging recovery after a hard workout.

Herb Strong CBD Products: Fitness First

Despite Herb Strong CBD’s focus on useful oils and balms, it offers far more vape products than any other product type. But the heart and soul of the brand has to be their Recovery Drops. Which are a range of surprisingly attractive full-spectrum oil vials that come with their own colored droppers. Let’s find out more about them.

Herb Strong CBD Products Oils


These Recovery Drops are available in either Extra Strong Recovery Drops, Silver, or Gold. Their weakest product, the Extra Strong Recovery Drops, contains 1000mg of CbD in MCT coconut oil and provides 4mg of CBD per drop. This option costs $65.

The Silver option, which is strangely far more attractive and stylish than the regular Extra Strong Recovery Drops – it looks more like a bottle of cologne than a bottle of oil – contains 3000mg of CBD oil in one 30ml vial and costs $195. Finally, the Gold edition contains 5000mg and costs $325.

These price tags might seem like a large amount, but it is important to remember that Herb Strong CBD is giving you an absolutely massive dose of cannabidiol, far more than most oil retailers would give you.

The only thing particularly frustrating about the Herb Strong CBD oil products, and indeed all the products in general, is the fact that the lab reports are only available upon request, meaning that you can’t openly and easily peruse the actual scientific data about these products within first sending an email. This is an odd decision as if they already have those lab reports available; why not just put them on the website?

Despite this annoyance, this range of oils is excellent for treating those annoying twinges of pain you get after a particularly intense workout, perhaps one that ended in you pushing yourself far too hard.

Alongside these regular oils, you can also get some Recovery Drops for your furry friends, available in the Strong Paws range. They offer the exact same oil, only in a reduced dosage and in more utilitarian packaging, making it incredibly easy to add it to your pet’s food or directly into their mouth.

As these products are focused on helping you after suffering from a physical injury or a too-intense workout, it makes sense that Herb Strong CBD also offers some topical solutions as well.

Herb Strong CBD Topical


Strangely enough, Herb Strong CBD only offers one type of topical treatment – the Extra Strong Recovery Cream. Costing $65, this 1000mg topical oil has about 50 servings per jar and contains natural ingredients like sunflower seed oil, beeswax, and coconut oil. As well as a few flavorings and restoratives that help improve its topical abilities, like stearic acid and shea butter.

This balm can be applied to any area that is struggling with healing, especially one which has suffered as a result of a painful workout. Easy to use and smelling surprisingly pleasant, this topical ointment will have your muscles back to their regular shape in no time.

However, what if you want to vape your troubles away instead? Does Herb Strong CBD offer any vaping products?

Herb Strong CBD Vape Products


The primary vaping product is the Extra Strong Recovery Cartridge, which is designed to ease anxiety and also help encourage your body to heal its wounds naturally.

Each cartridge contains 500mg of full-spectrum cannabidiol that is flavored with MCT coconut oil, as well as regular hemp seed oil. There isn’t really very much information available on the website, but this product is available in an extremely stylish and fancy cartridge that you can use to refill your choice of vaporizer.

While you can just buy one at a time, costing only $45, you can also buy three at once for $120. Of course, if you don’t have your own vaporizer, you can easily pick up the one offered by Herb Strong CBD, which costs $30. Simply hook it up to the vape cartridges and charge it with a USB charger.

The key factor about Herb Strong CBD Vape Cartridges is that they are extremely mild-tasting, with nothing more than a regular, natural hemp flavor to coat your tongue and give that small amount of flavor to the CBD vapor.

Other than that, these vape cartridges are exceptionally inoffensive, not really tasting of anything at all.

Herb Strong CBD: Costs

  • Herb Strong Oils

Extra Strong Recovery Drops 1000mg (15ml) – $65

Silver Edition Recovery Drops 3000mg (30ml) – $195

Gold Edition Recovery Drops 500mg (30ml) – $325

  • Herb Strong Topcials

Extra Strong Recovery Cream 1000mg (50g) – $65

  • Herb Strong Vape Products

Recovery Vaporizer Set: Pen Style with Cartridge (500mg) – $70

Extra Strong Recovery Cartridge 500mg – $45

Set of 3 Extra Strong Recovery Cartridges 500mg – $120

Vaporizer Battery Pen Style New – $30

  • Herb Strong Pet Products

Strong Paws Recovery Drops 250mg (15ml) – $30

Strong Paws Recovery Drops 1000mg (15ml) – $65

Strong Paws Recovery Drops 2000mg (30ml) – $130

How to Buy Herb Strong CBD Products

Herb Strong CBD products are, as might be expected, primarily available on the brand’s own website. You can simply add each item to your cart and get free shipping on all orders over $100. Herb Strong CBD also runs frequent sales that make it incredibly easy to get all of the Herb Strong CBD products that you could possibly want.

Herb Strong CBD is also available in a few select retailers across the country, which you can find by using the helpful ‘Find Local’ feature on their website. Allowing you to search all your local stores that could sell their products and find out the quickest route to all of them.

It isn’t often that brands will focus themselves on providing for those that struggle with post-workout soreness, nor a brand that lacks any kind of deep investment with regard to their individual brand identity.

However, Herb Strong CBD is an excellent example of a brand that put their products first, allowing them to speak for themselves, without any kind of intense endorsement deals or overwhelming brand identity. You can simply go on the website and find all the different products you could possibly want. Without having to deal with the huge nuisance that most brands shove in your face instead of just letting their products do the talking for them.

HerbStrong CBD is a great brand to try out if you are looking for a small, specialized selection of products that will absolutely get the job done, whether they are for you or for your pet.

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Elizabeth Bader

Sometimes I need a really powerful vaping solution in extremely clutch situations at office. Somehow, CBD makes my mind active and on the go. It kind of puts it on and ticks it with magic. Herbstrong CBD in vape form is the one that I use at such occasions. Otherwise also I use Herbstrong, but then I use it in CBD oral form for regular usage. It is only during extreme situations that I go for the vape option.

Jared Norton

What I’ve personally noticed with Herbstrong is a decrease in anxiety and better night’s sleep each time I take it. It renders me with an overall calmness and harmony if I use it habitually. I was earlier on a lot of weed, I used to smoke about 3 grams each day. Now I am slowly calling it and ends with Herbstrong.

Ruth Griffith

Now I use CBD only on my pets. I know it is good and useful. I know that it is organic and no harm category. Still I do not wish to try on myself. But for my pet dogs and cats, the herbstrong CBD is like a delicacy they enjoy a lot. And saves me the trouble of looking for other health supplements for them.

Mark Clay

I heard about herbstrong that its quality is great but it is meant only for wrestlers or athletes or for people who work hard in general. Is this the case, or can lethargic people who have very sedentary lifestyle take this too? Please advise as I am charmed to try this one at the moment.

Michael Simmons

Have always felt this to be a perfume like thing. The outer case looks exactly that to me. And I smoke it a lot. Almost three times a day. It has not caused me any health trouble so far. People say CBD is not good for the lungs and all, but my breathing and lung capacity has improved with herbstrong.

Jamie Bing

Very few brands with high focus on quality! Herbstrong is definitely one of them in my opinion. I am very positive on this good CBD preparation. No side effects ever, will never stop using this brand. I am not sure if I would like them to have new products rolled out or not. I am much satisfied with the ones they sell.