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Holistic Hemp Company Review

All over the world, cannabidiol or CBD has become something that is being regularly accepted by society. As a result, this gradual approval has led to an explosion of CBD companies.

Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD is one such company. They seek to diversify the ways in which to enjoy CBD, while always ensuring that their products are 100% organic and carefully sourced.

Let’s examine the Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD brand and discover just what makes them so unique as a company.

Holistic Hemp Scotland Quick Summary


  • Part of the UK Cannabis Trades Association
  • Uses hemp free of pesticides, heavy metals, and herbicides
  • An interesting range of products that include CBD pastes, honey, and coffee
  • Practices ethical and environmentally conscious manufacturing methods 
  • Free UK shipping and discreet packaging used
  • Every batch is tested by 3rd party laboratories
  • All products are full-spectrum 


  • Product photos are irregular and unlike 
  • Little information about the company themselves

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Who Is Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD: The Companies Roots

Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD is a brand that works to encourage healthy and organic growing practices. 

As a result, the company produces some of the best CBD in the UK. How do they do it? Holistic Hemp only uses small, artisanal farms located within the EU. And it’s essential that these farms use organic, bio-dynamic growing methods.

Many companies waste high quantities of plant material during manufacturing. In these instances, the top one-third of the plant is severed and crushed in the industrial process. But Holistic Hemp Scotland uses more artisanal methods.

By harvesting the hemp flowers by hand and individually drying them to the proper temperatures, Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD can ensure that every single plant is treated with respect. In other words,  they make sure that none of the natural flavor or useful cannabinoids are lost in the process.

Once Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD has harvested their hemp, they don’t just use it to make the regular oil and other products that we have become used to on the market. Instead, they infuse a variety of interesting, every-day products. Some of the company’s most exciting products are their CBD-infused honey and coffee. This makes it not only incredibly easy to get cannabidiol into your system but delicious as well.

Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Highlights: The Best Bits

  • A fervent desire to remain organic: Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD uses only the very best fair-trade practices. This ensures that all of their products are the very best quality and entirely organic.
  • Environmentally conscientious and a UK CTA member: By being a part of the UK Cannabis Trades Association, Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD promises to always uphold high production standards. And they only use EU-sourced hemp!
  • A myriad of exciting products to choose from: Instead of the regular products that most people are used to, Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD offers all kinds of interesting ways to imbibe cannabidiol. We love that they provide consumers fun and delicious products that don’t feel intrusive to every-day life. 

Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Alpine Oil



No matter how interesting the other product options provided by Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD are, it is always a good idea to start with their oil. And luckily, you can find a diverse range of strengths:

  • 500mg
  • 1000mg
  • 1500mg
  • 2000mg

In terms of a base oil, you can choose between three; olive oil, MCT oil or hemp seed oil varieties. This gives you a great deal of choice with regard to the taste of the oil; this is something that many people struggle with. You also have the choice of a CBD oil or a CBD/CBDA fusion (80%/20%). 

The exact name of this oil, CBD Alpine Oil, is a bit of a mystery though. Holistic Hemp Scotland doesn’t provide any kind of information about their name choice or what it is supposed to mean.

Above all, Holistic Hemp Scotland’s Alpine Oil is a dependable, reliable oil that acts as a great all-purpose product. However, if you are looking for more interesting products, the company has many other choices available.

Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Paste

Consuming oil is something so ingrained into our public consciousness that it might seem strange even to imagine a different way of taking CBD orally. However, Holistic Hemp Scotland offers a paste that is sure to change your mind. The Hemp Extract Paste contains over 450mg of CBD within each 3g tube. And the incremental marks on each syringe makes it easy to measure out 30 doses of 15mg of CBD.


This paste is made from pure hemp that is processed down into usable, edible products. Simply extrude some from the syringe onto your tongue and let it dissolve, allowing you to get fast-acting effects. The flavor of the hemp paste is intensely spicy and earthy, rich and redolent with the natural flavors of the hemp plant.

In essence, Holistic Hemp Scotland’s infused coffee is a slightly more unorthodox way of eating your cannabidiol.

Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Honduras CBD Infused Coffee


Holistic Hemp Scotland understands that, not only do you want a CBD-rich experience to help brighten your day, but you also need a healthy amount of caffeine to make it through.

To help you fulfill your caffeine fix, Holistic Hemp Scotland offers three infused coffees:

  • Just The Beans
  • Medium Ground
  • Filter

This coffee creates a massively powerful cream, perfect for espresso drinks and regular coffees alike. It’s made using only the finest Honduran Arabica coffee beans and high-quality cold-pressed oils. Though it might seem a strange way to imbibe, if you are a regular coffee drinker and want to add 8-10mg of cannabidiol into your cup each morning, you should definitely give this a try.

If decaf coffee is your drink of choice, don’t fret. The company offers this same product in a decaffeinated version.

Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Raw CBDa Honey


Coffee might be one thing, but honey? Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD offers a CBDa enriched pot of honey. This is made from wildflower-fed apiaries in Lithuania, which provides a total of 759mg of different cannabinoids.

This is a great way to get cannabinoids into your system without having to struggle with a strong flavor. The predominant sensation and flavor of this product is one of intense sweetness and profoundly floral bursts on the tongue. 

Spread this Raw CBDa Honey on your toast or eat it directly with a spoon to gets its profoundly potent cannabinoid effects.


How to Buy Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Products: Is It Easy?

The best way to buy Holistic Hemp Scotland products is directly from their online storefront. They offer a huge variety of different shipment options. And, if you spend at least £120, you can have free special next day delivery. This makes it one of the fastest websites to order from with regards to getting your finished product.

Additionally, if you don’t happen to live in the UK, Holistic Hemp Scotland offers international shipping at a base cost of £8.

While cannabidiol products might be very well known in the US in general, it’s a different story in the UK. But holistic Hemp Scotland is one of those few brands that can be relied upon to deliver quality cannabidiol wherever you are. And they are one of the most environmentally friendly and ecologically conscious companies in the industry.

With nothing but organic, naturally produced oil infused into a massive line of diverse products, Holistic Hemp Scotland is worth trying out even just for the novelty of having some interesting coffee and honey.


Final Verdict: 8/10

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