Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Review [Is it Worth it?]

Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Review [Is it Worth it?]

Sourcing CBD products for health purposes is becoming far easier, even in countries like the UK, where cannabis laws seem to be stuck in the past. Thanks to the massive amount of available products like edibles, oils, and creams, it feels like there is no limit to the variety of CBD products at your fingertips. With a growing market, it is increasingly difficult to know which companies you can trust and whether they are using environmentally friendly methods to create what is meant to be a more natural form of medication.

Holistic Hemp Scotland is a company that prides themselves on being 100% organic and only using carefully sourced, natural ingredients in everything that they sell, this includes using methods that protect our planet. It is rare to find a company like Holistic Hemp Scotland, with such a wide range of products, who actually care about the environment and want to ensure that their customers only receive the best.

Let’s take a closer look at Holistic Hemp Scotland and their products to find out if they are a company you can really trust.

Who Are Holistic Hemp Scotland?

Holistic Hemp Scotland has a clear philosophy which can be seen throughout their CBD hemp range. They only use eco-friendly production methods and ingredients that have been grown on farms that meet their high standards. Holistic Hemp Scotland sources its 100% organic hemp from small family-run farms across Europe, in compliance with all EU trading laws. In order to meet Holistic Hemp Scotland’s incredibly high standards, all plants must be grown with absolutely no chemicals, including pesticides, fertilizers or other toxins that are often used in industrial growing facilities. Plants must be handpicked and individually hung to dry in a natural environment, a far cry from the more commonly used industrial kilns that speed up the drying process and result in a lower quality product.

Holistic Hemp Scotland’s rigorous standards continue even when plants have left the farm, with CBD being extracted by CO2 methods, that use low temperature and pressure. Ensuring the protection of the environment and that no natural compounds are lost in the process, as often happens with large-scale industrial extraction methods. The end result is then checked to ensure that it meets Holistic Hemp Scotland’s quality standards before being made into the final product.

There is a wide range of products available on Holistic Hemp Scotland’s website, including CBD oils, edibles, and vape liquids. Holistic Hemp Scotland also specializes in producing hemp items such as clothing and construction materials, for people who genuinely care about the environment and are looking for ways to invest in the future and reduce their carbon footprint.

Holistic Hemp Scotland is a member of the Cannabis Trades Association UK, who offer up-to-date news and research within the field as well as promoting good practice. The association are always on hand to provide advice to companies like Holistic Hemp Scotland when needed. This shows that Holistic Hemp Scotland is more than just a company mass producing for maximum profit; they are a company that takes the time and effort to keep up with the latest research and continuously evaluate their methods, ensuring that they are selling the highest quality CBD and hemp possible.

Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Highlights

  • 100% Organic: All of Holistic Hemp Scotland’s products are made from 100% organic materials that have been sourced from small farms, free from harmful chemicals and industrial machinery.
  • Transparency: Holistic Hemp Scotland provides detailed descriptions on their website as to where their ingredients are sourced from and the processes that are used to create the final products that you see on their website. This high level of transparency fills you with confidence, its helpful to know the methods used for each item that you purchase.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Holistic Hemp Scotland is a company that does not just care about creating high-quality products, but also about how they are made and their impact on our environment. Every process that they use has been tailored to help protect our planet, resulting in products that you can buy with moral confidence.

Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Pastes, Oils, and Capsules 

Holistic Hemp Scotland

Holistic Hemp Scotland sells a range of products that take full advantage of full spectrum CBD while maintaining their philosophy of providing customers with 100% organically grown CBD that is free from harmful pesticides and other toxic chemicals. All plants are sourced from artisan hemp farms that use bio-dynamic growing methods and ensure that only the highest quality plants go on to make Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD products. As with most of Holistic Hemp Scotland’s products, environmentally friendly CO2 extraction processes are used, combining low temperatures and low pressure to extract high-quality CBD oil that is free from any trace of THC. Being able to take CBD for health reasons without the worry of consuming THC is not just vital for the initial effects that you experience, but is also vital in the long term for any potential drug tests that employers may carry out.

Holistic Hemp Scotland’s pastes, oils, and capsules are all made from full spectrum CBD; this offers not just the health benefits that you would expect from CBD, but also includes terpenes and flavonoids. Terpenes, often found in essential oils, work alongside CBD to speed up the effects, as well as having their own health benefits that work to maintain your overall health and wellbeing.

Understanding that everyone’s needs are different, Holistic Hemp Scotland gives you a choice as to how you wish to take their finest full spectrum CBD. You can choose from paste, a quick and easy method whereby you merely place a small amount under your tongue and allowing it to dissolve. The paste has a spicy taste to it that fills you with a sense of warmth and comfort, even before the effects of the CBD can kick in. Holistic Hemp Scotland oils work in much the same way but can also be easily combined with food, for a seamless experience. Capsules can be a great alternative for people who are always on the go. Much like taking traditional tablets, you just pop a capsule in your mouth and you’re ready to continue with your day, pain-free. Capsules are also available with added turmeric, proven to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that work with CBD for maximum results.  

Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Edibles

Holistic Hemp Scotland cbd

Holistic Hemp Scotland offers a delicious way to consume CBD in the form of their 100% organic honey, blended with hemp. All of the honey sold by Holistic Hemp Scotland can be traced back to one small, organic, family-run bee farm in the Lithuanian countryside. Creating a unique blend of forest flower honey and buckwheat honey that transports your taste buds to a meadow filled with flowers on a beautiful summer’s day. The honey is mixed with trichomes, adding the highest quality, organic hemp. This creates Holistic Hemp Scotland’s raw CBDa and CBD honey, containing 4500 mg of CBD.

Holistic Hemp Scotland honey is a great way to work CBD into your diet, whether it be consumed raw or baked into sweet treats that you can enjoy throughout the day. 

Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Construction

Hemp insulation, also known as HHS Binder Mix, is a fantastic, all-natural alternative to traditional insulation materials that are filled with harmful toxins. Hemp insulation has a number of benefits both to your health and your house. Hemp raises the pH-level within the atmosphere, improving air quality. Combined with the fact that hemp insulation is 100% natural and toxin-free, it is the ideal solution for increasing not just your health but your entire families.

Hemp insulation does not just improve the quality of your health; it also improves the quality of your home, as it is made from non-flammable materials that protect your home in the event of a fire. Hemp also acts as a natural humidity and temperature regulator, saving you money on future heating bills.

Holistic Hemp Scotland only uses the highest quality materials to make their insulation, sourced from across Europe from farms that grow 100% organic, bio-dynamic and pesticide-free hemp to provide the customer with the finest hemp available. HHS Binder Mix is the work of world-leading experts in hemp construction who have formulated the most natural and environmentally friendly insulation made from only three ingredients.

Holistic Hemp Scotland’s construction insulation can be used for attics, floors, roofs, walls, and basements, ideal for anyone looking to make their home a healthier and eco-friendly environment.

Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Textiles

Holistic Hemp Scotland offers 100% natural, environmentally friendly, hemp clothing. Their clothing items are all made to order, tailored to your exact measurements so that you are guaranteed comfortable clothing that will last for years.

Hemp textiles have a number of advantages over traditional cotton clothing, Holistic Hemp Scotland have used this material to create clothing that is both practical and fashionable. Hemp is a unique material in that it can be worn in a range of climates and remain consistently comfortable throughout. Due to hemp being a porous material your skin is able to breathe, rather than feel restricted as can often be the case with cotton clothing; this makes hemp perfect for wearing in hot climates. The structure of hemp allows for air to become trapped in the fibers; in cold temperatures the warm air from your body fills these fibers, helping you to retain heat and stay warm in the coldest of climates. Hemp is also more resistant to ultraviolet light than traditional clothing materials, keeping you safe from the sun.

Holistic Hemp Scotland uses a process to make their textile products that ensure maximum quality for you, while also creating minimal waste and harm to the environment. All products are 100% chemical free, being made from only the finest non-woven natural hemp. The completely natural process means that you do not have to worry about harmful substances that can iterate your skin and even cause allergic reactions. All of Holistic Hemp Scotland‘s textiles are made to high quality, providing you with durable, comfortable clothing while still being stylish.

As all items are made to order but exact pricing is not available on Holistic Hemp Scotland’s website. In order to find out more about your new eco-friendly wardrobe, use the ‘contact us’ feature on their site. 

Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Concentrates

Holistic Hemp Scotland offers three different CBD concentrates designed for use with vapes or dabbing devices. Each concentrate is made from a premium CBD strain that is grown in Colorado on an organic farm that is proud to be 100% pesticide and artificial fertilizer free. The environmentally friendly method of CO2 extraction is then used to extract the CBD, allowing for 100% THC free concentrates, offering you all of the health benefits of CBD without the potentially negative effects of THC. All three versions of Holistic Hemp Scotland’s concentrates can be combined with e-liquids to add an extra burst of flavor to your vaping experience.

Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Costs

  • 5% CBD Alpine Oil (10ml) – £29.99
  • Full Spectrum CBD Plus Turmeric Capsules (10mg) – £49.99
  • Full Spectrum CBD Capsules (15mg) – £41.66
  • 15% Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Paste (3g) – £25.00
  • 5% CBD + CBDA Tincture (10ml) – £35.00
  • 70% CBD Wax infused with terpenes – Durban (0.5g) – £35.00
  • 70% CBD Wax infused with terpenes – Blue Dream (0.5g) – £35.00
  • 70 CBD Wax infused with terpenes – Hemp (0.5g) – £35.00
  • 70% CBD Wax infused with terpenes – Durban (1g) – £65.00
  • 70% CBD Wax infused with terpenes – Blue Dream (1g) – £65.00
  • 70 CBD Wax infused with terpenes – Hemp (1g) – £65.00
  • 85% CBD Crumble – Blueberry OG (0.5g) – £37.50
  • 85% CBD Crumble – Blueberry OG (1g) – £70.00
  • 90% CBD Shatter – Blueberry OG (0.5g) – £40.00
  • 90% CBD Shatter – Blueberry OG (1g) – £80.00
  • Hemp Insulation Boards – £15-£20 per square meter
  • 4500mg Raw CBDA Honey – 2.02% (7.6oz) – £40.00

Final Thoughts on Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD

Holistic Hemp Scotland is a company that clearly cares about its impact on the world, only using methods and materials that are environmentally friendly and offer customers products that can reduce their long term carbon footprint, investing in the future of our planet.

With a wide range of hemp and CBD products on offer, it is worth checking out Holistic Hemp Scotland’s website, whether you are looking for organic CBD to improve your health or hemp clothing that will last for years. 

This unique blend of edible and smokeable CBD products alongside construction and insulation materials is something that no other company provides, so it is absolutely worth it to give Holistic Hemp a try.

Who knows? It might become your favorite source of all things hemp.

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