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Holland & Barrett Review

Holland & Barrett are a health food and supplement store, which focuses on improving health using natural ingredients and methods. Therefore, it makes sense that they would be the first major company in the UK to sell CBD, given its wide-reaching positive health effect.

As well as selling a variety of different CBD brands, they have also developed their own range. Choices are not in short supply when you browse through their website, but has this negatively impacted the quality? Let’s find out.

Holland & Barrett Quick Summary


  • A variety of great brands on offer, including Holistic Herb
  • Products can be bought on the high street and online
  • A trusted and experienced supplier
  • Humungous range of product, such as oral sprays and balms
  • Lots of customer reviews on the site
  • Detailed product descriptions for assurance


  • The sheer number of products may be overwhelming for first-time buyers
  • Higher-strength oils are expensive
  • Only ships within Europe


If you live outside of Europe and want to get your hands on some high-quality CBD products, take a look at Provacan, one of our top-rated brands.

Holland & Barrett Full Review

The last few years have seen much media attention in the UK surrounding CBD and its health benefits. With everything from legal battles to groundbreaking research, CBD is a regular headline favorite. It was only a few short years ago that very little was known, among the general British public, about CBD and its health benefits.

CBD was not something that you could easily buy, which meant most people were limited to buying from online stores. This made CBD only really a viable option for those who were brave enough to experiment with online stores, with what was at the time an unknown market.

Holland & Barrett quickly became aware of this shortfall in the market and launched the very first CBD oil available on the British high street. Since then, the popularity of CBD has increased by more than 100% in the UK. And as a result, the range of CBD products available from Holland & Barrett has also increased in number.

Let’s take a look at what brands Holland and Barrett stock and why this particular brand is leading the UK into a brighter future.

What Is the Jacob Hooy Range at Holland & Barrett?

Holland & Barrett first launched their Jacob Hooy range of products in early 2018, starting with a small selection of the brand’s oils. The company made news headlines, with this being the very first CBD readily available from stores across the country.

Jacob Hooy oils were an instant success, and Holland & Barrett started to look at expanding the range. Holland & Barrett now sell an expanded Jacob Hooy range, as well as a few newer brands of CBD.

Jacob Hooy is a Dutch company that was originally founded in 1743, specializing in herbs and spices, and starting with a simple market stall in Amsterdam. Since then, the brand has gone from success to success and expanded into many new areas, including cosmetics, food, and CBD. Given the company’s strong history, it is not surprising that Holland & Barrett chose them as the perfect brand to introduce the UK to CBD.

With a focus on natural healing, all of Jacob Hooy’s products are made from the finest natural ingredients. Incorporating new technology with the company’s tried and tested methods, all products are made to the highest standards and in line with strict regulations and guidance.

Buying Jacob Hooy products from Holland & Barrett means that you get the best of both companies. You get access to the healing power of Jacob Hooy’s CBD oils, which have proven to be one of the company’s most popular products, as well as all of the rewards from shopping with a British high street favorite. Shopping at Holland & Barrett gives you access to their reward program so that you can collect points and save money on future purchases.

Jacob Hooy Highlights

  • Available on the High Street: Ordering CBD online, especially from an unknown company, can feel a little daunting. You have to trust a faceless brand with something that you are going to be consuming, and that impacts your health. Holland & Barrett are a well-known and trusted British company. They can be found up and down high streets across the country, meaning that you can shop with confidence like never before.
  • 100% Natural: Holland and Barrett are selective about which brands they work with. Companies have to display high quality, natural ingredients in their products so that you are not subjecting your body to any potentially dangerous chemicals.
  • Experienced Brand: Jacob Hooy is a famous Dutch company, which has been around for hundreds of years and even served the Dutch royal family. Being such a respected and experienced company, you can be sure that you are purchasing high-quality products. And that they are tried-and-tested.

Jacob Hooy CBD Oils


Jacob Hooy CBD oils were the first CBD products to be sold by Holland & Barrett. Bottles of oil can be bought in either 10ml or 30ml, with two available strength options; 2.75% and 5%. These oils are designed to act as a daily food supplement, acting as both a health boost and a way to manage long-term physical and mental ailments.

Jacob Hooy oils are made using 100% natural ingredients and are suitable for vegans. The shortlist of ingredients that go into these oils are hemp oil, hemp paste, and sunflower lecithin. This ensures that you are not subjecting your body to harmful chemicals and that you are sure to feel the maximum benefits of the CBD. Conforming to UK laws, the oils only contain minimal trace amounts of THC. Therefore you won’t experience any psychoactive side effects when using Jacob Hooy oils.

The oil has a distinctive taste, which is one of those things that you either love or hate. In other words, if you struggle with strong bitter tastes, you should opt for a flavored or flavorless product. For those that fall into the latter category, simply swirling a small amount of water around your mouth should be enough to get rid of the taste.

Jacob Hooy CBD Capsules


Capsules are a fantastic alternative to CBD oil, especially if you are somebody who struggles with the oil’s strong taste. They are a great portable product and provide a convenient way to consume CBD. Capsules give you the freedom to easily carry CBD around with you and discreetly consume CBD throughout the day as a way of managing anxiety and stress.

Each capsule contains 1mg of CBD, and it is recommended that you take them around half an hour before your main meal. And you can take up to 2 capsules per day, depending on your required dosage.

Just like Jacob Hooy oils, capsules are made from 100% natural cannabidiol oils. What’s great about these capsules is that they are suitable for vegans. Above all, each capsule contains less than 0.05% THC. This means you are guaranteed not to experience any psychoactive effects or having to worry about failing potential drug tests. In essence, Jacob Hooy has made it as easy as possible for anyone to feel confident about using their capsules.

Jacob Hooy CBD Coconut Oil


CBD coconut oil is another product you can find in Holland & Barrett’s Jacob Hoot range. It offers a new and exciting way to work CBD into your daily routine. CBD oil can be added to all kinds of delicious treats, including smoothies, yogurts, and baked goods. This makes it easier and more enjoyable than ever to benefit from CBD and all of its powerful health effects. You can also choose to consume coconut oil in much the same way as you would Jacob Hooy’s other oil products. Simply place a small amount in your mouth and allowing it to be absorbed before washing round with water.

In keeping with the rest of the Jacob Hooy range, the CBD coconut oil contains less than 1% THC. And similarly, it is made from natural, raw ingredients that are suitable for vegans. The company suggests that you need to consume 10ml of oil twice a day in order to experience the oil’s full effects.

Holland & Barrett’s Other Products and Brands

Holland Barrett’s CBD products have expanded at an impressive rate over the last few years. So much so, that they have even developed their own beautifully packaged CBD line. Their range focuses on skincare and features both creams and balms. In addition, you can purchase their tubs in 50ml and 100ml sizes.

What other CBD brands does Holland & Barrett sell?

  • Holistic Herb
  • Ambiance CBD
  • Grounded CBD
  • CBD Daily
  • Love Hemp

These are just some of the brands that are now sold on Holland & Barrett. Holistic Hemp is one of the most popular brands stocked in their physical stores on the high street. And they specialize in CBD oils and oral sprays. You can buy the unique oral spray formulation in four different strengths, 4.2mg, 4.8mg, 8.1mg. What’s slightly odd is the choice to make both a 4.2mg and a 4.8mg product, instead of perhaps, 6mg. However, variety is always welcome.

Sprays are incredibly convenient to use as you don’t have to get your hands messy or fuss about with oil measurements. As a result, they have become increasingly popular with customers.

Holland & Barrett CBD Costs

  • Jacob Hooy CBD Capsules

CBD Capsules, 10mg (60 capsules) – £34.99

  • Jacob Hooy CBD Oils

Coconut Oil, 460mg (250ml) – £26.99

5% CBD Oil (30ml) – £59.99

5% CBD Oil (10ml) – £29.99

2.75% CBD Oil (10ml) – £19.99

2.75% CBD Oil (30ml) – £39.99

  • Holland & Barrett Balms

CBD Night Cream (50ml) – £14.99

CBD Day Cream (50ml) – £14.99

Muscle Balm Extra (50ml) – £19.99

Final Thoughts on Jacob Hooy at Holland & Barrett

Holland & Barrett took a brave and much-needed step in the UK by being the first widely accessible company to sell CBD and have hopefully paved the way for other high street chains to follow. CBD is quickly becoming one of the most popular super supplements of the 21st century. And now, thanks to Holland & Barrett, it is available across the UK.

Their website makes it so easy to find a range of high-quality brands all in one place. And the choice of shopping online or in a physical store is a huge positive; accessibility is absolutely necessary for a modern company. However, the price for Holland & Barrett’s CBD products can be steep, especially for buyers wanting to try it for the first time.

In conclusion, we think Holland & Barrett provides customers with a degree of assurance and trust when purchasing CBD, and this shouldn’t be minimized.

Final Verdict: 9/10

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