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Honest Paws | Complete Pet CBD Brand Review

Honest Paws Review

CBD supplements are no longer limited to humans; many brands are now branching out into the CBD pet market. Thanks to brands such as Honest Paws, you can now share the benefits of CBD with your furry friends and ensure that no member of the family is ever left out again.

Honest Paws Quick Summary


  • A brand that specializes in pet products
  • Dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan
  • Crafted in the US
  • Sells a range of oils, soft chews, and bites
  • Products are made from organic hemp
  • Subcribe and save option
  • 15% coupon code below!


  • Doesn’t ship to many international locations


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Honest Paws Full Review

While a growing number of brands are introducing pet-friendly CBD products to their stores, there are very few brands dedicated to solely creating CBD products just for pets. Honest Paws is one of these rare brands specializing in CBD pet products.

Honest Paws has quickly become a famous brand among pet owners. This is thanks to its diverse range of CBD products designed just for your pets.

Let’s take a closer look at Honest Paws and find out how your pets could benefit from their products.

Who Are Honest Paws?

Honest Paws was founded by Chelsea after her dog became ill. Presented with prescription anti-seizure medication, Chelsea was not happy with the effects that it had on her dog. In pursuit of a more natural and less problematic solution, Chelsea began to research the benefits of CBD.

Quickly becoming a firm believer in the benefits of CBD, Chelsea set out to create her own range of pet-friendly CBD products. Honest Paws has come a long way since its early days. They now offer a wide range of products to customers across the US.

Honest Paws believes that pets should be able to benefit from CBD in the same way that humans can. Noticing a gap in the market, Honest Paws started with the aim to not only create a dedicated CBD pet brand but also to do so using real ingredients that pets actually want to eat.

The company is proud to use real and organic ingredients in their pet products. They believe that pets should have access to the same healthy and high-quality ingredients as humans. Honest Paws only uses ingredients that have been deemed safe for human – and animal – consumption.

All of the Honest Paws’ products contain organic full-spectrum hemp that has been sourced from farms in Colorado. Before making its way to Honest Paws’ factories, all hemp plants are tested within third-party labs to ensure consistent quality.

Believing in transparency and ensuring that customers know exactly what they’re purchasing and giving to their pets, Honest Paws has established a clear and informative ingredient page. It’s designed to be easy to understand and read. You can see a clear listing of ingredients and information explaining what it is, where it is sourced from, and why it is used.

Honest Paws Highlights

  • 100% natural: Honest Paws only use the very best all-natural ingredients to create their pet products. When shopping with Honest Paws, you can guarantee that you are giving your pets the highest quality and healthiest products on the market.
  • Informative website: Helping customers to make informed and confident choices is important at Honest Paws. And so they have put together educational pages to ensure that this is always the case. The detailed ingredient page is a great example of how Honest Paws have gone the extra mile to ensure full transparency.
  • Subscribe and save: The ability to subscribe to a monthly order of your favorite products helps to save you valuable time and money. For those customers that know they will be ordering the same products on a regular basis, this is an excellent option. And it means that you never have to worry about forgetting to place your monthly order again.

Honest Paws: Negative Thoughts

  • Limited to the US: Unfortunately, Honest Paws’ products are only available in the US. While it may be possible to order from third-party retailers outside the US, this is not something that Honest Paws recommends. And that means for now, international pets are unable to enjoy the benefits of Honest Paws CBD.

Honest Paws Oils

Honest Paws Oils

Honest Paws CBD oils are the perfect way to add a splash of CBD to your pet’s diet. The company has three specialized oils, including a cat tincture, a 30-day dog oil, and organic CBD oil just for horses.

By having different CBD oils for different pets, Honest Paws has made it super simple to ensure that your pets are receiving the right dosage for their size and energy levels. All of the Honest Paws’ oils are made from the same organically grown, full-spectrum CBD.

Honest Paws has chosen to use full-spectrum CBD as it ensures that each drop of oil is packed with a wide range of healthy cannabinoids and terpenes. Hemp plants are chosen for their rich cannabinoid profiles. This guarantees that each drop of Honest Paws pet oil is consistent and dependable.

Honest Paws cat CBD oil contains 125mg of CBD. It has been carefully researched and designed to work with the average weight and lifestyle of a cat.

There are three options when purchasing Honest Paws CBD dog oils, with each one designed for a different size dog. The level 1 option for small dogs contains 125mg of CBD, while level 2 contains 250mg, and level 3 for large dogs contains 500mg. It is nice to have three clearly labeled oils. This makes it super easy to ensure that you are giving your dog the correct dosage.

The Honest Paws horse CBD oil contains 1500mg of rich, full-spectrum CBD oil.

Honest Paws Bites

Honest Paws Bites

The pet bites can be used as both a rewarding treat or as a regular snack. These snacks help keep your pets full and happy between meals. Honest Paws don’t believe in boring flavors. That’s why they give owners four flavor options to choose from, helping to provide your pets with variety

There are three regular pet bites and one limited edition product. The limited edition flavor changes depending on the season and Honest Paws’ theme. Flavors include:

  • Roasted Peanut Butter
  • Tasty Turmeric
  • Creamy Coconut

Honest Paws’ current limited-edition flavor is Pumpkin Spice, which provides a sweet treat and a hint of fall.

Honest Paws bites come in packs of 30, with each bite containing 5mg of full-spectrum organically grown CBD. All treats are made using all-natural, human-grade, and non-GMO ingredients. This ensures that your pets only snack on the very best.

All of the Honest Paws bites contain the same base ingredients, which include eggs, organic coconut oil, organic oats, and organic barley. Honest Paws then uses a range of premium ingredients such as organic peanut butter and turmeric to flavor their treats.

Each pack of bites has been carefully designed to provide slightly different effects. These are clearly mentioned in both the name and the packaging of each product. Options such as the restore bites and calming bites help you to choose the perfect pack of bites for your pet’s mood and needs.

Honest Paws Soft Chews

Honest Paws Soft Chews

Honest Paws soft chews are a great way to treat your pet to a small dose of CBD in treat form. There are two different soft chew options to choose from; the calming aid CBD soft chews, and the joint support CBD soft chews.

Each soft chew contains exactly 5mg of full-spectrum CBD. So, you can easily keep track of how much CBD your pet consumes in a day. As with all of the Honest Paws’ products, soft chews are made from 100% natural and organically grown ingredients.

Honest Paws has carefully designed these soft chews so that they are effective. But also a fun, enjoyable treat for your pets. The soft chews come in a very traditional bone shape, reminding your pets of regular tasty treats.

The joint support soft chews come in a delicious poultry flavor that your pets will love, while the calming aid soft chews come in a more subtle herbal flavor. No matter which one you choose, your pets are sure to love and look forward to their Honest Paws soft chew treats.

Honest Paws Bundles

Honest Paws bundles are a great way to try different products, helping you to find the perfect combination of CBD treats for your pets. Bundles have been carefully put together to give you and your pet a taste of item combinations that work well alongside each other.

Clear descriptions such as ‘calming soft chew’ and ‘high impact health’ help to give customers a clear idea as to the intention behind each bundle for a smooth shopping experience.

Other bundle options include the Puppy Bundle, a Joint Support Soft Chew Pack, and a Relaxation Bundle.

How to Purchase Honest Paws

Honest Paws’ products are available to all US-based customers, including Puerto Rico, directly from the online store. However, other internation options are very limited. Shopping through the Honest Paws website is a smooth and simple experience. Each item has its own page filled with details about what goes into making it and guidance on how it can be used.

Honest Paws offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to customers who are not satisfied with their purchase. This means that you can shop with confidence, knowing that if you are not happy with your order, you can receive a full refund.

There are lots of shipping options available. This includes a standard 2-6 business day option as well as a much faster express option. Free shipping is available on every order over $40. This can help you to save a little extra when you order in bulk.

When you sign up to Honest Paws’ mailing list, you receive a discount code for 15% off your next order. The Honest Paws mailing list also ensures that you are the first to know about new products and promotions.

Customers have the option to sign up for a subscription service for their favorite products. Subscription orders also receive a discount as an extra bonus, with some products being eligible for up to 40% off.

You can also find Honest Paws products in stores across the US, including both pet and health food stores. Simply, use the built-in store locator tool on the website.

Final Verdict on Honest Paws

Honest Paws’ commitment to using the very best, human-grade ingredients is a refreshing change from the majority of other CBD pet products on the market. Honest Paws makes it easier than ever before to ensure that your pet is not consuming subpar ingredients that would be deemed unfit for human consumption.

With Honest Paws’ CBD products, you can take full control of your pet’s diet with oils and treats that both taste good and provide a healthy burst of CBD. The natural flavorings in Honest Paws treats guarantee that your pets will also love this brand. Why not head over to Honest Paws’ website and start your pet’s new healthy diet today?


Final Verdict: 9/10

After reviewing Honest Paws, we came to the conclusion that they are definitely one of the better brands out there. You can find more detail about their pet products on the main site.

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