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Hope CBD Review

Scotland has become famous for its exquisite whisky and freshly smoked salmon, but will there be another product that becomes synonymous with the country? With Hope CBD taking the natural medicine industry by storm, Scotland might just become famous for changing the landscape of the hemp market.

Hope CBD is a relatively new brand to enter the industry but, with their customer-focused approach and high-quality products, they are definitely not one to ignore.

Let’s take a look at Hope CBD and find out why you should consider them for your next CBD shopping trip.

Who Is Hope CBD: A Scottish Company

Hope CBD is a Scottish-based brand who, since 2017, has been producing cannabidiol-based products to customers across the UK. Hope CBD describe themselves as a company “borne out of suffering”, having experienced first-hand severe health conditions that left life difficult at times.

The founders of Hope CBD were shocked at just how difficult it was to purchase quality cannabidiol products in Scotland and decided this was something they wanted to change so that others could benefit just as they had. They found that even when these products were accessible, they often lacked quality, coming in subpar packaging and with very little information about what it contained.

Hope CBD wanted to be a brand that raised the standards across the country and made cannabidiol a viable option for those who needed it. That’s why Hope CBD have a customer-first ethos, continually striving to raise awareness and provide great customer service to all of their customers.

With the help of industry experts, Hope CBD has created a range of products that combine high-quality hemp. All products are lab tested within third-party laboratories in order to ensure that Hope CBD’s exceptional standards are maintained throughout and that customers have access to as much information about what they are buying as possible.

Hope CBD have carefully designed a range of products that cover all of the primary forms of CBD so that everyone is sure to find the perfect solution for their healthcare needs. Within the Hope CBD store, you will find the perfect mix of oils, edibles, and topicals.

Hope CBD Highlights

  • Affordable Pricing: Hope CBD aims to make their products something that is accessible to all and therefore work to keep their prices as low as possible. With prices starting as low as £9.99, Hope CBD offers some of the most reasonably priced products in the UK.
  • Customer First Approach: Hope CBD have experienced first-hand how terrible customer service can affect your entire product experience. This is why the company has tailored every small detail perfectly, from ordering the product itself to its usability. They want every customer to have a positive experience.
  • Natural Ingredients: Hope CBD strives to create products that enhance people’s health and improve their quality of life. They believe that cannabidiol should never be mixed with potentially dangerous chemicals.

All of the products sold by Hope CBD are made using natural ingredients so that you never have to subject your body to artificial toxins.  

Hope CBD Oils        

Hope CBD oil

Hope CBD have formulated a range of oils designed to cover everything from those new to cannabidiol use and are looking for a daily supplement, to experienced users who can really tell the difference between qualities. 

Using Cannabis sativa sourced from certified organic EU farms, Hope CBD use an environmentally friendly CO2 extraction method to create their full-spectrum oil. The oil has a smooth yet earthy flavor profile which comes from the naturally occurring terpenes within the plant and provides a surprisingly pleasant taste.

As a result of being made full-spectrum, this 300mg oil contains not just the health-enhancing benefits of cannabidiol but all of the other cannabinoids that occur within Cannabis sativa L plants. While still being completely THC-free, meaning no unwanted psychoactive effects.

Hope CBD also offer the same full-spectrum experience in their 1000mg Raw oil, perfect for those who are looking for a much stronger oil. By using raw oil, all of the natural health benefits of the plant are retained, including omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. This full-spectrum oil has been designed for maximum effect, making long term health conditions feel manageable.

Hope CBD understand that not everyone wants the full cannabinoid and terpene profile that occurs within Cannabis sativa plants and so also offer customers a range of broad-spectrum oils. Broad-spectrum oils retain some of the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes found within the plant but with much more focus on cannabidiol.

Hope CBD’s broad-spectrum oils are available in a 2000mg option as well as their advanced, flavored oil with a refreshing peppermint taste. Hope CBD offer their oils in a number of different strengths and types. And all oils come in secure bottles that are leak-proof with droppers built into the lid, making it super easy to measure out an exact dosage.

Hope CBD E-Liquids

Hope CBD review

Vapes have become an extremely popular method of taking cannabidiol, they have all of the same health benefits as oils but with the added bonus of coming in a range of exciting flavors. Hope CBD has created a variety of flavored e-liquids which can be used with most regular vape pens and electronic cigarettes.

This is great as it means that you do not have to invest tons of money into purchasing a brand new vape pen.

Hope CBD understand that choice is essential when it comes to e-liquids and therefore have formulated four delicious flavors that make vaping something to look forward to. Flavor options include strawberry, blueberry, and super lemon haze.

Each e-liquid bottle contains 1000mg of CBD, and with a retail price of just £39.99, you really could not ask for better value for money, given the high standard of these liquids.

Hope CBD Edibles

Hope CBD discount code

Edibles are an excellent way to enjoy cannabidiol throughout the day in the form of a tasty treat. It is therefore not surprising that Hope CBD decided to create their very own candies, given that this is a popular go-to for most brands.

What is surprising, however, is Hope CBD’s range of tea blends, something completely new to the market. It is great to see a brand thinking outside the box and experimenting with new and interesting products to make.

While tea is not a common thing to see paired with cannabidiol, it does make sense given that Hope CBD is based in the UK with a large British audience; after all, the answer to any British problem is “let’s have a cup of tea and talk about it”.

Hope CBD tea comes in two different blend options; a morning blend and an evening blend. The morning blend is designed to help you start your day off with a positive boost, containing green tea, echinacea, and cannabidiol flower for a surge of healthy energy.

The evening blend tea is made from an herbal base to help you wind down after a long day, including lavender root and valerian for a calming blend. Each tea bag contains 20mg of CBD and CBDa for a perfect microdose during the day.  

Unlike regular candies, Hope CBD candies are designed to be healthy rather than packed with sugar and artificial ingredients. Made from only three ingredients; honey, propolis, and oil, Hope CBD candies are designed to boost your immune system and provide a sweet treat that can be enjoyed throughout the day. Candies are available in both packs of 10 and 30, with each candy containing 5mg of cannabidiol.

Hope CBD Topicals

Topicals are a great way to treat particular areas of your body, whether you are looking to keep your skin feeling young and healthy or to tackle irritating skin conditions Hope CBD topicals might just be the perfect solution.

Hope CBD topicals include ointment, lip balm, and moisturizers so that you can treat every inch of your body. 

Hope CBD lip balm has been designed to keep your lips feeling smooth and moisturized even in the middle of winter. Made from all-natural ingredients including beeswax, sweet orange oil, and coconut oil, there really is no better way to keep your lips feeling great.

Hope CBD ointment is the perfect solution for treating skin conditions and can be applied across your body in order to help manage a range of different skin conditions. Hope CBD ointment is made from a combination of cannabidiol extract and beeswax, shea butter, and coconut oil.

For those who are looking to add a little CBD into their skincare routine Hope CBD have created day and night moisturizes, packing all of the regular health benefits into feel-good creams.

The Day Moisturizer has been formulated to protect your skin throughout the day, including cannabidiol extract, rosehip seed oil, and chamomile oil. While the Night Moisturizer has been designed to replenish your skin while you sleep, allowing it to repair and recover from the effects of the day.

Hope CBD: Costs

Affordability is one of the most important aspects of choosing a brand and no-one wants their product choice to burn in a hole in their pocket. Here is an idea of how much you will be paying for each Hope CBD products.

  • Hope CBD Oils

250mg CBD Oil Naturale Cannabis Oil (10ml) – £19.99

300mg CBD Oil (20ml) – £29.99

500mg CBD Spray (20ml) – £36.50

Advantage Plus Peppermint Flavored CBD Oil (10ml) – £34.95

1000mg CBD Oil Raw Hemp Oil – £49.99

2000mg CBD Oil – £119.99

CBD Ointment (30ml) – £24.99

  • Hope CBD Capsules

CBD Softgel Capsules 10mg (Pack of 20) – £19.99

  • Hope CBD Vape Products

Menthol CBD E-Liquid 1000mg (20ml) – £39.99

Blueberry CBD E-Liquid 1000mg (20ml) – £39.99

Strawberry CBD E-Liquid 1000mg (20ml) – £39.99

Super Lemon Haze CBD E-Liquid 1000mg (20ml) – £39.99

  • Hope CBD Other Products

CBD Lip Balm – £9.99

CBD Candies 5mg – £9.99-£24.99

CBD Tea Evening Blend (20 per pack) – £9.99

CBD Tea Morning Blend (20per pack) – £9.99

Black Turmeric Tea Bags Assam Blend (20per pack) – £9.99

CBD Day Moisturizer – £19.99

CBD Night Moisturizer – £19.99

How to Buy Hope CBD Products

You can purchase Hope CBD products directly from their online store, where they offer detailed information about each product helping you to make an informed purchase.

Hope CBD currently only ship to those based in the UK, with a flat shipping fee of £2.40. They also use DPD’s tracked delivery service for all of their orders to ensure fast and secure delivery.

There is also a store finder tool available on Hope CBD’s websites which allows you to find stores near you that stock Hope CBD products.

Hope CBD also have their own stores in Hamilton, Kirkcaldy, and Elgin where they offer customers access to their entire range of products. If you happen to live in one of these three lucky locations, why not check out their store for yourself and speak to Hope CBD experts about their products?

Hope CBD’s customer-first approach really does shine through in everything that they do, from the detailed product information that is available for each item, to their fast and reliable shipping methods.

Since the brand’s launch in 2017, they have worked to increase customer confidence and have shown the UK the future of natural medicine, encouraging many to try cannabidiol for the very first time.

It is always great to see a brand that offers a wide selection of products and is willing to take risks and try products in new and exciting forms.

The success of Hope CBD’s CBD tea is a great example of why risk-taking pays off. Hopefully, the future will see Hope CBD continue to grow and expand upon their already fantastic range of products with even more unique and innovative ways to consume hemp-derived products.

Why not head over the Hope CBD’s website and try their all-natural range for yourself? You might just discover that it is your new favorite retailer.

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