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HuGG CBD [Full Brand Review 2020]

Hugg CBD Review

CBD supplements have never been so popular, with an increasing number of people looking for natural supplement options to help them stay fit and healthy. But often these products can feel foreign to our regular schedules.

Therefore, brands such as HuGG CBD have made it their mission to bring unique and interesting products to the market.

Find out why HuGG CBD stands out from the crowd.

HuGG CBD Quick Summary


  • The company works closely with CiiTECH
  • Oils made with 100% organic ingredients
  • Manufactured within strict EU agricultural and food processing guidelines
  • Huge product variety
  • Affordable prices
  • Creates full-spectrum products


  • Difficult to find lab-reports
  • Limited free shipping

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HuGG CBD Full Review

There are now more CBD options on the market than ever before. This is due to the CBD industry exploding. While CBD supplements were once limited to oils and capsules, you can now find almost any everyday product infused with hemp.

These modern, forward-thinking CBD brands hope to create the next generation of CBD products, including products that fit smoothly into even the busiest of lifestyles.

HuGG CBD specializes in crafting and delivering exceptional quality products that actually work for their customers. With an ever-growing range of products, HuGG CBD has everything from CBD cosmetics to CBD drinks.

Let’s take a closer look at HuGG CBD and find out what makes its CBD products so special.

Who Is HuGG CBD?

HuGG CBD is a UK based CBD brand that strives to create the next generation of CBD products. HuGG CBD’s motto – “Always researching, Always caring” – is reflected through their entire brand with new and innovative products constantly in the works.

Working closely with CiiTECH, a registered UK cannabis biotech company, HuGG CBD has created a range of high-quality CBD products designed to suit a busy, modern life. As a result, they sell CBD beauty products to CBD coffee. HuGG CBD is determined to find the perfect CBD solution for you.

All of HuGG CBD’s oils are made using 100% organic materials, including full-spectrum CBD that has been carefully chosen for its rich cannabinoid profile. HuGG CBD sources all of its hemp plants from local suppliers from across both the UK and the EU.

HuGG CBD produces all of its products in line with strict EU agricultural and food processing guidelines. As a result, you are guaranteed a consistent and reliable experience that you instantly know you can trust.

It is clear from the minute that you enter HuGG CBD’s online store that they put time and effort into every small detail, including everything from the website’s ease of use to sleek product packaging.

HuGG CBD’s carefully crafted packaging has been designed to blend in beautifully with all of your regular cosmetics and beauty products. And the packaging not only makes your CBD products conveniently discreet but also adds a layer of luxury to them.

HuGG CBD Highlights

  • Variety range of products: HuGG CBD understands that no two customers are the same and that it is important to offer a wide and varied range of CBD products. Whether you are looking for a way to add CBD to your breakfast or to treat your skin with a daily dose of CBD, HuGG CBD has the solution.
  • Sleek packaging: All of HuGG CBD’s products come in beautifully minimalist packaging that gives them a sleek appearance. When using HuGG CBD products, it is easy to forget that you are using CBD products and instead feel as though you are using designer cosmetics and hipster coffee beans.
  • Affordable pricing: HuGG CBD aims to keep the price of their products as low as possible while also not compromising on quality. No matter what your budget, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for when shopping with HuGG CBD.

HuGG CBD: Negative Thoughts

  • Lack of cannabinoid breakdown: It has become almost standard for CBD brands to make the lab results for all of their products easily accessible to customers. Within lab reports, customers are able to see a precise cannabinoid and terpene breakdown of each item before shopping. Unfortunately, HuGG CBD does not make such reports easy for their customer to view.
  • Limited free shipping: While it is nice to see that HuGG CBD offers free shipping, this is limited to customers that spend over £100. There is an ever-growing number of CBD companies that offer their customers free shipping no matter how much they spend, and it would be great to see HuGG CBD do the same.

HuGG CBD Self Care & Beauty

HuGG CBD Self Care & Beauty

HuGG CBD self-care and beauty products have been carefully researched and designed to allow you to treat yourself to spa-like treatments without having to leave the house. Through detailed research, HuGG CBD has been able to put together a range of CBD products that offer an alternative to beauty products regularly used within homes.

CBD infused bath salts are a nice way to add a little CBD to your bath. Each pack of HuGG CBD salt contains 10mg of CBD, as well as a blend of Dead Sea and Himalayan salts. A combination of sweet orange and ginger root adds a calming scent to the salts filling your bathroom with a fresh and enjoyable aroma.

HuGG CBD’s foot soak is a simple yet effective way to indulge your feet after a busy day. Made using a blend of CBD, essential oils, and salts, your feet are left feeling as though they have spent the day at a spa. The coconut base helps to moisturize your skin while the citrus oils, ginger root, and eucalyptus provide a delicate calming scent.

No visit to a spa is complete without a face mask, and there is no better home solution than HuGG CBD’s CBD infused clay mask. Combining Dead Sea mud, shea butter, and coconut oil, this rich antioxidant mask is excellent value for money. Each 50ml tub contains 500mg of full-spectrum CBD and is designed to contain ten masks worth of clay.

To end your home spa day, HuGG CBD has a coffee body scrub to cleanse your skin, and a CBD infused body butter to soothe and relax your skin. The two products are designed to be used alongside each other containing complimenting ingredients that leave your skin feeling better than ever.

HuGG CBD Daily Care & Oils

HuGG CBD Daily Care & Oils

HuGG CBD has a range of CBD skin, hair, and nail products that have been designed to be quick and simple to use, allowing them to fit perfectly into your daily routine. With items such as a roll-on CBD stick, CBD skin cream, and CBD nail and cuticle oil, it has never been easier to look after your body in the way that it deserves.

HuGG CBD also has a number of daily CBD oil drops for customers to choose from including a 350mg and a 1400mg option. These oral oil drops have been crafted to be as simplistic as possible while still being extremely effective.

Made using the very best EU grown hemp, HuGG CBD oil drops offer a rich mix of cannabinoids and terpenes all in a mild-tasting oil. Complete with clear user guidance and a precise dropper built into the bottle, it could not be easier to fit these daily drops into your busy schedule.

HuGG CBD Coffee & Tea

HuGG CBD Coffee & Tea

HuGG CBD’s tea and coffee products are designed to become part of your normal morning routine.

Now while you get your morning coffee fix or afternoon top-up tea, you can also enjoy a healthy dose of CBD. Both tea and coffee options are infused with the same high-quality full-spectrum CBD that can be found throughout the entire HuGG CBD range.

HuGG CBD infused coffee beans are made using coarse ground roasted Italian beans. Each bag of beans is infused with 490mg of CBD sourced from hemp plants grown within the EU. Designed to be used just like regular coffee beans, HuGG CBD could not have made it easier to switch out your normal beans for a healthier CBD infused version.

HuGG CBD’s infused fruit tea is made from a delicious blend of wild berries and spices and is guaranteed to be completely caffeine-free. Ingredients include hibiscus, rose peel, wild strawberries, and chokeberry for a taste that you cannot help but love. Made from 60% real fruit and infused with 260mg of full-spectrum CBD HuGG CBD is the perfect drink to help you wind down after a long day with its blend of natural, healthy ingredients.

HuGG CBD sells its very own reusable HuGG CBD silicone cup for you to enjoy your CBD tea and coffee securely while on the go.

For the ultimate in convenience, HuGG CBD has designed its very own portable French press mug. From the outside, the HuGG mug might look like a regular travel flask, but hidden inside, you will find a portable French press. With the HuGG CBD mug French press, you can easily enjoy your CBD coffee while on the go.



HuGG CBD has a selection of CBD kits and gift boxes that change throughout the year. These kits not only make an excellent gift but are also a great way to sample some of HuGG CBD’s products for yourself.

The HuGG CBD daily kit will give you a taste of some of the easiest ways to include CBD into your daily routine. For those who have never used CBD before and are not sure where to start, these kits allow you to try different products and discover exactly what works best for you.

The HuGG CBD gift kit contains HuGG CBD’s most luxurious items designed to treat a close friend or family member. With products such as HuGG CBD’s bath salts contained within the gift, the kit is the perfect at-home spa kit.

How to Buy HuGG CBD

All of HuGG CBD’s products are available for purchase directly from their online store. Customers can easily click through the different ranges, including self-care and beauty and daily care and oils. Having products broken down into such clear categories results in a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience.

Each product page contains detailed information about the item as well as guidance for its use. Customers can also view a complete ingredient list, although access to a full cannabinoid breakdown is not so easily accessible.

HuGG CBD aims to deliver all of its products to UK based customers within 48 hours through Royal Mail. A more accurate delivery time is given at check-out, and some orders take slightly longer. HuGG CBD uses DHL Express for all of its International deliveries, including those to the Republic of Island.

When you sign up to become a HUGGSTER, you not only receive all of the latest brand news and gossip but you will also be sent monthly membership offers. Signing up is super simple; all you need is your name and email address. As an added bonus, new members receive a 10% discount code for their next order.

Final Verdict on HuGG CBD

HuGG CBD’s products make an excellent shift away from the more standard CBD products that we are used to seeing in stores. When shopping with HuGG CBD, you are no longer limited to CBD capsules and oils, but instead have quick and convenient CBD options that are tons of fun to use.

If you are bored of your regular CBD products and want to change things up and make them feel a little more exciting, why not head over to HuGG CBD’s store and check out their modern CBD solutions.

Final Verdict: 8/10

If you still haven’t found the right product for you, there are plenty more brands to browse here!

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