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Ignite CBD Review

Vaping is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to enjoy CBD. With so many delicious flavors to choose from and modern vape pens being so convenient to use, it is not surprising that the vape market has exploded over the last few years. Vaping is one of the most efficient ways for your body to absorb CBD, giving you an almost instant relief, especially when compared to edibles or CBD oils. Vaporized CBD enters your lungs and is instantly transferred to your bloodstream, as opposed to entering your digestive system which takes much longer for the effects of CBD to be felt. Vape oils are often blended with natural flavorings to give you a pleasurable experience, alongside the powerful health benefits of CBD.

Ignite CBD is one of the leading companies within the CBD vaping industry, showing the world that CBD can be exciting and is something that can be enjoyed by everyone. With a wide range of vapes and oils, Ignite has the perfect CBD solution for you, whether you are looking for effective pain relief or a new way to manage anxiety. With Ignite, CBD becomes more than a form of medication, it becomes an exciting part of your life that you actively look forward to.

Who is Ignite CBD?

Ignite CBD was founded by Dan Bilzerian, one of the world’s most successful professional poker players, who became interested in the healing power of CBD and all of the different forms it can be consumed in. Teaming up with Josh Carranze, or as he prefers to be called, The Professor, they set to work revolutionizing the CBD vape market, making medicinal CBD something to be enjoyed on a daily basis. The Professor, an adrenaline sports enthusiast who is continually searching for the ultimate high, has many years of experience working within the cannabis industry, both within cultivation and production. Together they have created the next generation of CBD vaping, with products that work seamlessly around a busy 21st century lifestyle.

Before launching its first vape range, Ignite set to work sourcing the highest quality hemp as well as researching all natural methods of extraction, ensuring that its products contained only the best of the best. The mission is to offer customers the chance to experience CBD in its natural form with no added chemicals, in a convenient, modern way. All of the delicious flavors that you taste with an Ignite vape come from natural flavorings, so you do not have to worry about subjecting your body to harmful toxins, which are so often found in vape oils. 

Ignite CBD are constantly working to ensure that they are a brand you can trust, and one that you can rely on to bring you only the highest quality CBD with the most advanced vaping technology. The quality of Ignite products and the hard work that has gone into them has not gone unnoticed, with Ignite winning the Best CBD Vape Pen award at the High Times Cannabis Cup.

For Dan Bilzerian, CBD is more than something that you take each day as part of your healthcare routine; it is a lifestyle, and one that he wants to share with the world — determined to show people that CBD can be enjoyed in much the same way as cigarettes or recreational marijuana. With this goal in mind, he set up the Ignite Twitch Channel where he streams three times a week, sharing updates within the CBD community, fitness regimes, and running regular Q&A sessions. This interesting move gives the Ignite community a chance to follow Dan as he shares his workout routines, tests Ignite products and discusses how CBD has benefited him personally. This is an unusual addition to an online CBD store, but given Ignite’s mission, it makes sense to build an online community of people who are passionate about the health benefits of CBD and incorporating it into their fitness routine. This also creates a space where people can share their own experiences and build friendships across the world.

Ignite also has a separate merchandise store on their website where you can purchase a variety of accessories and clothing items so that you can show the world that you are part of the Ignite community.

Ignite currently have three vape ranges: Calm, Recharge and Lucid. All three ranges are 100% THC free and are made from only the highest quality CBD. The Recharge range is very much what you would expect from a company driven by fitness, designed to be used when you need an energizing boost which leaves you feeling refreshed and excited. The Recharge range is ideal for use just before heading to the gym; giving you the motivation and energy that you need to get through a long and fulfilling workout session. It can also be enjoyed as an alternative to your routine afternoon coffee.

The Calm Range is perfect after a long, stressful day when you need a little extra help in order to unwind and truly relax. The blend of CBD and lavender in the Calm range clears your mind and leaves your body feeling light and pain-free so that you can enjoy some much-needed downtime.

Lucid is the perfect middle ground between Recharge and Calm, with mind-clearing effects and a slight energetic boost, it is the most balanced of the three. Lucid is ideal for day time use, when you are looking to alleviate mild aches and pains and for an overall feeling of positivity.  

Ignite CBD Highlights

  • Become Part of a Community: Choosing Ignite is more than just clicking a few buttons and having CBD vape products delivered to your door, it is about becoming part of a community. Through live streams and chatting to other community members, you can feel completely connected to Ignite CBD.
  • Affordable: Ignite offers great value for money, thanks to their low prices.
  • 100% THC Free: All of Ignite’s vape products are guaranteed as being 100% THC free so that you do not have to worry about psychoactive effects or the potential of failing any surprise work drug tests.

Ignite CBD Disposable Vape

ignite cbd review

For those new to CBD vaping, disposable vapes are the perfect way to test a variety of different products and discover what works best for you. Equally, if you are an experienced Vaper and do not want to deal with carrying an expensive vape pen around with you, that may require charging, this might just be the perfect solution. Disposable vapes release 1-2mg of CBD every 3 seconds, giving you the ultimate control over how much you decide to take. The low dosage also means that you get a chance to enjoy each unique flavor profile. Resulting in a much more pleasurable experience than simply dropping a splash of CBD oil underneath your tongue and letting it absorb.

Disposable vape pens are available in all three ranges – Lucid, Calm and Recharge – so that you are guaranteed to find the perfect option that works around your busy lifestyle. Ignite disposable vapes come in a range of different flavors including; Spearmint, Lavender, and Bubblegum, allowing you to vary your vaping experience with a new flavor each day. 

Ignite CBD Rechargeable Vape 

Ignite have created the next generation in rechargeable vape pens, using an innovative design that makes vaping more enjoyable than ever. With USB charging and an extra-long battery life, you will never have to worry about being caught with a dead vape pen and CBD pods that you can only stare at longingly. Each pod contains 150mg of CBD and is made from their all natural hemp derived CBD oil, infused with natural flavorings and terpenes.

CBD pods are currently only available in two flavor options: Tropical Fruit and Blood Orange. This is slightly disappointing given the wide range of flavors for their disposable vapes, but being a company that is constantly striving to expand and build on their success, it is likely that more options will follow. 

For anyone new to Ignite, it sells starter kits that include everything you need to get you charged up and ready to vape. The basic kit includes a vape pen, USB charger, and one CBD pod of your choosing. The two-pod kits come with the same content, plus an extra CBD pod so that you can experience the very best that both pods have to offer.

Ignite CBD Drops 

ignite products

For those times when you are in a rush and just need the quick relief of CBD, Ignite CBD Drops are perfect. Complete with an easy-to-use drop applicator, simply drop a few dashes of your chosen oil into your mouth and enjoy instant pain relief. Ignite drops can also be used externally to ease skin irritations and help with muscle and joint pain, ideal for targeting weak areas before a long workout.

Made from Ignite’s high-quality, THC-free CBD, the extract is blended with coconut oil to create this simple yet effective way of consuming CBD. Available in all three ranges, Ignite drops can be used throughout the day to target different areas of your body and keep you going. Calm drops are blended with lavender essential oils, giving you an herbal lift that relieves stress and eases the effects of anxiety.

Ignite CBD Toothpicks 

ignite cbd oil

Looking to move beyond CBD vapes, Ignite have set out to create new and innovative products that allow for CBD to be enjoyed in ways that were never before thought possible, and so CBD Toothpicks were born. Toothpicks are designed to be chewed over a long period of time; containing 25mg of CBD, they offer a way to absorb CBD while enjoying their mouthwatering flavors slowly. As the toothpicks are chewed, CBD is released and absorbed by your gums and sublingual cavity, allowing it to be immediately absorbed into your bloodstream and for the effects to be felt almost instantly. As a result of the CBD being released into your mouth while chewing, it provides enhanced oral relief over other ways of consuming CBD.

CBD Toothpicks are a great alternative to vaping, ideal for situations when vaping is banned, for example on airplanes. They also have the advantage of being extremely discreet, as you look as though you are just chewing on a normal wooden toothpick.  

Toothpicks are also a great alternative to cigarettes, keeping your hands and mouth busy, as well as helping to combat nervous habits such as chewing your nails. Toothpicks are perfect for anyone who suffers from anxiety and finds themselves getting restless in stressful situations.

Toothpicks are available in all three Ignite ranges, with the Recharge toothpicks having an added mico-dose of caffeine to keep you going for longer.

Ignite CBD Costs

  • Ignite CBD Vape Kits

Ignite CBD Starter Kit 2 Pods – $69.99

Ignite CBD Starter Kit – $56.99

  • Ignite CBD Pods

Ignite Tropical Fruit CBD Pod – $19.99

Ignite Blood Orange CBD Pod – $19.99

Ignite Vape USB Cable Charger – $14.99

  • Ignite CBD Vape Pens

Ignite Black Soft Touch Vape Pen – $39.99

Clam Bubble Gum Vape Pen – $44.99

Calm Lavender Vape Pen – $44.99

Lucid Blood Orange Vape Pen – $44.99

Lucid Spearmint Vape Pen – $44.99

Lucid Apple Berry Vape Pen – $44.99

Recharge Tangerine Vape Pen – $44.99

Recharge Tropical Fruit Vape Pen – $44.99

  • Ignite CBD Drops

Lucid Blood Orange Drops – $64.99

Clam Lavender Drops – $64.99

Lucid Unflavored Drops – $64.99

Recharge Tropical Fruit Drops – $64.99

  • Ignite CBD Toothpicks

Calm Lemongrass Toothpick Pack 250mg (10 picks) – $29.99

Calm Mango Mint Toothpick Pack 250mg (10 picks) – $29.99

Lucid Cinnamint Toothpick Pack 250mg (10 picks) – $29.99

Lucid Menthol Toothpick Pack 250mg (10 picks) – $29.99

Recharge Coffee Toothpick Pack 250mg (10 picks) – $29.99

Recharge Passion Fruit Orange Toothpick Pack 250mg (10 picks) – $29.99

Final Thoughts on Ignite CBD

Ignite is an innovative company that continues to research and develop products that keep the CBD industry moving forward, having won awards for its forward-thinking approach within the industry. Ignite in particular stands out from the crowd with its disposable vape pens, offering a wide variety of flavors and effects, all at an affordable price.

Given the success of Ignite’s rechargeable vape pens, it is a shame that it has not yet expanded its vape pod range with a more diverse selection of flavors and effects. For a company that prides itself on specializing in CBD vapes and forward-thinking products, it is strange to see more CBD toothpick flavor options than vape pods. This is, of course, something that could change in the future as the company continues to expand. 

For anyone living in the UK, Ignite is currently in the process of expanding into the UK market. Visitors to the website are given an option to sign up for all of the latest news, so that you are the first to know when their UK range launches.

Customer Reviews Based on 6 reviews

  • Matthew Cotton
    Three kinds of companies

    There are some companies that specialize in beauty products made out of CBD, while some do in the edibles niche and some others do it in the medicinal niche. Now what is common about most brands is that they position themselves to be all rounders in all these three categories most of the times. But I have felt that ignite is a vape that is the best in the third category, that is medicinal and recreational. I just love all the models and all the oils from this one.

  • Dawn Bergeson
    Detoxified in the mind

    I’m completely happy. Ignite is the greatest brand. Ignite cannabidiol works great on my body wellness and benefits me so much. However, I’d now like to talk more about its good effects on my mind. In just around half an hour, it relieves any stress and worries from my head. I feel so light and so detoxified in the mind!

  • Ethel Walker
    taste and smell

    Ignite has got a taste and smell that I like. I had rejected a few options in this category before, just because I could not stand the smell. But this one is different. I like companies who produce full spectrum CBDs, in a variety of flavors for consumers to pick and choose as per there own liking. Thumbs Up.

  • Kimberly Downey
    Feels so light

    Using the pod and the tooth picks from ignite. I am fully satisfied. They are the best. Cannabidiol from ignite is doing a lot of good to my body also, but I would like to speak more of its positive effects on the mind today. It releases all of the stress and all worries out of my mind in just about half an hour of taking it. I feel so light and so detoxed in the mind, I can’t tell you!

  • Terry Jaramillo
    Tried a lot

    Ignite CBD is a brand that will offer you endless options in terms of cartridge refills. And I have tried almost all of them till now. Some I have gifted to near and dear ones, some I have used on my own. And on the whole, the brand has been extremely good. I don’t think I am going to switch soon.

  • Jennifer Sandler
    It has a wow-factor

    Founded by a poker player, the brand speaks of itself. Try any product from this one and if you have ever tried CBD before I am sure you would be able to know the difference at first try. Perhaps the brand is trying to promote itself by producing such high element CBD products. At the moment this seems to be the best option

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