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I Love Growing Marijuana Review

Walking into your local coffee shop, or cannabis store, and choosing from the strains on offer can get the job done. We have all had those moments; however, when we have wished, we could grow our own cannabis plants. For example, during those weekends, when the strains available do not quite fit with your plans, and you cannot seem to find the perfect strain for the occasion.

Growing your plants gives you complete control from seed to harvesting. You get to decide whether you use chemicals or opt for a completely organic growing process. There is also the added benefit of knowing that your favorite strains will always be available to you and that you are not reliant on the stock on the day. 

While there are many benefits to growing cannabis plants, it can feel like a daunting process when you are just starting. The good news is that I Love Growing Marijuana not only sells high-quality and reliable seeds but also offers a wealth of information to get you started.

Let’s take a closer look at I Love Growing Marijuana and find out why this should be your number stop for all things growing. 

Who Are I Love Growing Marijuana?

Based in Amsterdam, I Love Growing Marijuana combines an online education hub with a marijuana seed store.

The I Love Growing Marijuana website contains hundreds of strain guides, providing detailed information about what to expect from each strain as well as tips for growing your plants. The site also includes an online store where you can purchase a wide range of marijuana seeds to get you started with your plants. 

I Love Growing Marijuana was founded by Robert Bergman in 2012. Robert has always been interested in marijuana and has been growing his plants since the mid-90s. His passion for the plant continued to grow and led him to a career as a professional industrial grower.

Robert decided that he wanted to share what he had learned over 20 years of growing his marijuana plants and working in the industry, and started his blog about growing. Beginning as a hobby, the blog was designed to be useful for both novice growers and experts alike, combining easy to understand terms with detailed information.

However, the blog became an instant success and quickly became much more than just a hobby.

As the I Love Growing Marijuana blog continued to go from strength to strength; people began asking where they could get seeds from. Determined to help people and encourage independent growing, Robert decided to team up with industry friends to start selling seeds directly from the I Love Growing Marijuana website.

Since then, the site has gone on to be one of the most popular and largest online retailers, shipping seeds across both Europe and North America.

I Love Growing Marijuana Highlights

Informative Strain Guides: For each strain that is sold by I Love Growing Marijuana, there is a detailed strain review to match. This helps you firstly to decide whether the strain is right for you, and secondly give you an idea of what is involved in growing your plants.

Free Shipping: I Love Growing Marijuana offers free shipping to all US and European customers. It is rare to find a brand which provides free international shipping, helping I Love Growing Marijuana to stand out among other seed suppliers.

Wide Range of Strains: I Love Growing Marijuana has an extensive range of strains available to purchase in seed form. Having one centralized brand that you can trust to stock such a wide selection means that no matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find it.  

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I Love Growing Marijuana CBD Grow Kits

For those who are almost entirely new to growing cannabis plants and are not sure where to start with shopping for supplies, I Love Growing Marijuana sells a range of kits that include everything you need to start growing. These kits can also be an excellent option for trying new strains and experimenting with different plant foods.

There are five different kits available, including a beginner kit, which is perfect for those who have no growing experience at all. The beginner kit includes 20 White Widow autoflowering feminized seeds. White Widow is a popular strain for beginners due to its large yield and reputation for being a low maintenance plant.

The kit also contains plant food and plant protector designed to work seamlessly with White Widow. Within the kit, you will also find detailed information on how to grow seeds into happy and healthy plants.

I Love Growing Marijuana’s four other kits contain similar products, but rather than being designed for complete beginners; they have been put together for those who have some experience but are still looking to build their confidence. Each kit has a different theme, helping you to select the perfect kit to suit your needs. Options include a medical kit, a high yield kit, and a gold leaf kit.

Whether you are new to growing or merely looking to try something a little different, the I Love Growing Marijuana kits are an excellent place to start. Kits guarantee that all of the feeds, nutrients, and protectors that you use will work correctly with your particular plant. Kits help to reduce the room for error, allowing you to focus on the fun side of growing.

I Love Growing Marijuana Seeds for Beginners

I Love Growing Marijuana makes its online store super easy to use, even for beginners. Seeds are broken down into different categories so that you can easily browse the various seeds that are available. The different types include Beginner Seeds, perfect for those who are new to growing, Autoflowers, and Medical Strains.

For those who are new to growing and want to try going it alone without a readymade kit, I Love Growing Marijuana has two different options that are perfect.



The best place to start is the Beginner section, where you will find an extensive range of seeds which are known for being easy to grow and that produce a rewarding yield. With almost 100 different beginner strains to choose from, you are sure to fit the perfect first plant to start your growing journey.

The second option is the Autoflowering section. Here you will find a wide selection of autoflowering seeds to help you on your way to growing your own plants. Autoflowering seeds produce smaller and much easier to grow plants. They are also ready to harvest much quicker than regular seeds, making the growing process much more rewarding.

Autoflowering seeds are also an excellent option for those who are planning to grow plants indoors due to their reduced size. I Love Growing Marijuana has a wide range of autoflowering strains available, including all-time favorites Sour Diesel, Super Skunk, and Girl Scout Cookies Extreme.

I Love Growing Marijuana Seeds

I Love Growing Marijuana has divided its primary seed selection into two different categories. This makes it easy for you to browse seeds and find precisely what you are looking for. The first section contains feminized seeds, ideal for those who are looking to grow large, high-quality plants that produce a high yield.

There are over 100 different feminized seeds to choose from, ranging from popular strains such as OG Kush and Afghan to less well-known strains such as Trainwreck. I Love Growing Marijuana provides detailed information about each strain. This helps you to select the right option to suit both your growing experience and desired effects. You can also check out the strain review section of the I Love Growing Marijuana site for an even more detailed description of each strain.


The second section is dedicated to medical strains, with over 50 different strains to choose from. By dividing strains in this way, it makes it super easy for those who are looking solely for a medical strain to shop with confidence, knowing that each strain is recommended for medical use. Each strain has a page that contains helpful information about its healing effects and the conditions that it is recommended for.

For those who are feeling a little more adventurous, I Love Growing Marijuana sells mixed packs of seeds. This is a fun way to try different strains that you might not normally consider and could lead you to find a new favorite strain. Each pack has a theme and contains typically three to four different strains that fit that particular theme. Themes include Dutch Classics, Heavy Hitters, and the Kush Mix pack. With a wide range of different themes to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect pack.

For most strains, customers can choose the quantity that they wish to purchase seeds in, ensuring that you never have to order more than you need. Seeds also come with helpful information and suggestions for foods and protectors that will be most effective with that particular strain.

I Love Growing Marijuana Costs

I Love Growing Marijuana Feminized Seeds – From $79

I Love Growing Marijuana Autoflowers – From $89

I Love Growing Marijuana Beginner Seeds – From $79

I Love Growing Marijuana Medical Strains – From $79

I Love Growing Marijuana Mix Packs – From $119

I Love Growing Marijuana Nutrients – From $49

I Love Growing Marijuana Grow Kits – From $197

How to Buy I Love Growing Marijuana Products

I Love Growing Marijuana seeds, and growing products are available directly from the online store. Shipping is currently available for those who live in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Western Europe.

I Love Growing Marijuana offers free shipping to all 50 US states and European countries. It is rare to find a brand that offers free international shipping, and this helps I Love Growing Marijuana to stand out among other seed retailers. Shipping is also free for those in New Zealand and Australia when they spend $150 or more.

A nice touch is that all orders come in discreet packaging so that you never have to worry about gossiping neighbors or nosey delivery men. This also helps to reduce the risk of shipments being delayed by customs, so that you receive your order as quickly as possible.

Final Verdict About I Love Growing Marijuana

I Love Growing Marijuana is an interesting site with an equal focus being placed on the online store and education hub. Rather than feeling as though the site is a store first and a source of information as an afterthought, I Love Growing Marijuana manages to combine the two perfectly. With many online stores, it feels as though information areas are merely there for show. But with I Love Growing Marijuana, the store almost acts as an extra to the information on offer.

The fact that I Love Growing Marijuana started as an information blog and grew from there helps to set it apart from other seed retailers. The wealth of information available is all accessible, whether you are shopping with I Love Growing Marijuana or not. It is an excellent place to start your journey to becoming an expert grower.

All of the seeds and kits sold by I Love Growing Marijuana are of exceptionally high quality. They have been carefully put together to help you grow your very own high-quality plants.


Whether you have years of experience or are just starting, you are sure to learn something new from I Love Growing Marijuana. Make sure to head over to the site and start learning and growing with confidence.

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