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Impact CBD Review

Impact CBD Review

As an athlete, it is essential to find products that have been designed with an active lifestyle in mind.

Impact CBD is a brand that understands the slight differences between regular CBD products and those designed for athletes. The company offers a range of specialized CBD products just for athletes so that you can ensure your body is being given what it needs to stay active.

Let’s take a closer look at Impact CBD and the products on offer.

Impact CBD Quick Summary


  • Specialty products designed for athletes
  • Proffessional and clear website
  • Full-spectrum oils on offer for increased bioavailability
  • CBD capsules are appropriate for vegans
  • Products are very affordable
  • 15% coupon code below!


  • No flavored oils available
  • Little information about shipping times and prices


We’ve made it easy for you to browse Impact CBD’s site straight away. Simply use our blue button to check out their full athlete range, which includes roll-on topicals and sex-specific oils.

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Who Is Impact CBD?

Impact CBD is a London-based brand specializing in high-end CBD products for athletes that enthuse and drive motivation. They are passionate about fitness and nutrition and believe that CBD is a vital part of both. It has worked closely with research firm CiiTECH.

Impact believes that succeeding in sports and business requires many of the same qualities. Partnership and teamwork are the keys to achieving your goals when it comes to both physical challenges and building a brand. Impact strives to create a brand with this essential ethos at its core, building a community and partnership with customers.

The Impact team consists of athletes and health enthusiasts of varying levels, allowing them to bring together different experiences and expertise areas. As a team, they have worked to design and create CBD products that make a real difference for athletes.

The Impact CBD range includes oil tinctures with specialized formulas for both men and women. They also sell topicals that work to protect and heal tired joints and muscles, powering you through even the toughest of workouts.

Impact CBD  Highlights

  • Designed for Athletes: Impact is a CBD brand focused on creating products for athletes. With Impact’s CBD products, your body receives the support needed to stay fit and active.
  • Affordable: All of Impact CBD’s products are available at a reasonable price while ensuring that quality is not compromised.
  • Clear Website Design: Impact CBD has put a lot of thought and effort into the design of its website. The site is easy to navigate while still providing a great deal of valuable information. Impact CBD’s website is full of helpful articles and guides. This ensures that you can choose the right products and understand how to get the most out of them.

Impact CBD  Negative Thoughts

  • Limited Product Range: Impact has a very specialized field of CBD products for athletes, resulting in a limited selection. It would be great to see different flavors when it comes to edibles and more concentration options throughout the rest of the range.
  • Shipping Prices and Information: Impact CBD lacks important information regarding shipping on their site. It is advertised on the homepage that free shipping is available on orders over £100, but no information is given about smaller orders. It is not until you reach the check-out that the precise shipping costs are provided.

Impact CBD Oil for Athletes

Impact CBD’s oil tinctures stand out from many other options on the market with their gender-specific oils. While it is common to see traditional pharmacy supplements marketed towards certain genders, it is rare when it comes to CBD. Impact CBD’s approach makes a lot of sense, though, showing a deep understanding of how males and females require a slightly different mineral and vitamin balance in order to stay fit and healthy.

Impact CBD Oil for Athletes

Impact CBD has two CBD oils for men, with the option to choose between 400mg and 1600mg of CBD. The same concentration options are also available as CBD oil for women. All of Impact CBD’s oils are made using full-spectrum CBD that has been carefully extracted using advanced CO2 methods to ensure a formula rich in cannabinoids and terpenes.

By using full-spectrum CBD to create its CBD oil tinctures, Impact CBD can ensure that each bottle contains a wide range of cannabinoids, including CBDv, CBG, and CBDa. This triggers the entourage effect. While CBD produces a number of powerful health benefits, it can work much more effectively when combined with other cannabinoids.

For days when you are in a hurry and need a super discreet and convenient burst of CBD, Impact also has CBD capsules. These help you to save time while still providing your body with the fuel that it needs. The CBD capsules contain just three ingredients, organic coconut oil, cannabis sativa (L) extract, and pullulan capsule to form its highly effective CBD capsules.

Each capsule comes packed with 32mg of Impact’s EU grown CBD, delivering long-lasting and rewarding effects. The company also guarantees that its CBD capsules are suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.

Impact CBD Topical Oils and Creams

Impact CBD has a range of CBD topicals formulated to work both on their own and together as part of a more detailed CBD regime. Each topical works to promote health and fitness so that your body has the tools it needs to recover from even the toughest of workouts.

There are two balms within Impact CBD’s topical range: A CBD ‘cooling’ power balm and a CBD ‘heating’ arnica balm. Having both a cooling and heating option allows you to find a solution perfectly tailored to your body.

Impact CBD Topical Oils and Creams

Both CBD balms are packed with calming essential oils that have been chosen for their soothing qualities, helping to aid recovery. Each balm contains 300mg of CBD that is packed with both terpenes and cannabinoids.

Impact’s CBD oil shampoo has been designed for use after a long workout when all you want to do is jump headfirst into the shower and enjoy a rejuvenating stream of hot water. Packed with 200mg of ultra-pure CBD and rich in omega 3, 6, and 9, the Impact CBD shampoo is the perfect way to wash away the sweat.

Impact CBD also has a topical CBD gift set, which includes a power balm and sweat wristbands. This is an ideal gift for your athletic friends.

Impact CBD Edibles

Impact CBD’s mint flavor lozenges provide a small boost of the cannabinoid to keep you moving throughout the day while also offering a refreshing burst of flavor. They are made using the same rich full-spectrum formula found in Impact CBD’s oil tinctures.

Impact CBD Edibles

Crafted with natural peppermint flavoring and hemp paste, Impact CBD’s tablets are the perfect treats. They keep you motivated no matter what the situation. As an added bonus, Impact CBD’s packaging is exceptionally discreet so that you can enjoy a refreshing lozenge at any time of day.

Impact CBD Bundles

The Impact CBD bundles are a great way to try different products. You also receive a free bag as an extra gift! Bundles also make great gifts for your athletic friends, introducing them to the motivating power of CBD.

There are three bundles to choose from, with each one offering a slightly different experience. The newbie CBD bundle is perfect for those who are looking to experience a range of different products to discover what works best. Within the newbie bundle, you will find two 400mg oil tinctures, CBD shampoo, and the iconic Impact CBD bag.

The essentials CBD bundle lives up to its name, providing you with all of the essential CBD items that you need all packed into a handy Impact CBD bag. Included within the essential bundle are a 400mg oil tincture, balm, shampoo, and lozenges.

The ultimate CBD bundle takes your CBD experience to the next level, with each Impact CBD bag containing two 1600mg tinctures and a CBD balm.

How to Buy Impact CBD Oil Products

Impact CBD products can be purchased directly through the online store. Navigating your way through Impact CBD’s website and browsing all the different products on offer is simple and makes for an enjoyable shopping experience.

Along with detailed product pages for each item, Impact CBD has also included a wealth of information that has been carefully put together to help you learn more about CBD and how it can benefit you. The website’s educational side is a useful tool for both those new to CBD and those looking to advance their knowledge.

In keeping with the brand’s core ethos, Impact CBD has added a number of features designed to help build a community and make their website more than just a place where you can purchase CBD products. Becoming part of the Impact CBD community could not be easier; simply sign up using your email address. As an extra reward, Impact CBD gives each new community member a 10% discount code when they sign up to spend on their next order.

Impact CBD offers free shipping on all UK orders over £100, helping you to save a little extra when you order in bulk. However, very little information is provided on the shipping costs for a smaller order. This makes it difficult to calculate your order’s exact cost as you shop. It would be great to see an easily accessible page included on the Impact CBD site listing all delivery pricing and times.

Final Verdict on Impact CBD

Impact CBD delivers high-quality CBD products designed especially for athletes. All of Impact CBD’s products share three essential qualities that come together to help promote an active and rewarding lifestyle.

With Impact CBD, you are guaranteed high-quality products that deliver positive effects, full-spectrum CBD for the entourage effect, and convenience so that you don’t have to take time out of your busy schedule each day. Together, these three essential qualities encapsulate Impact CBD as a brand, fulfilling its goal to promote health and fitness through the use of CBD.

Final Verdict: 10/10

You can find Impact CBD’s full range of products and customer testimonials on their official site. But don’t forget to use the 15% coupon code!

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