Infinite CBD Full Review [Oils, Topicals, Edibles]

Infinite CBD Full Review [Oils, Topicals, Edibles]

With CBD and other cannabis products becoming increasingly popular, there are now more options than ever to try and pick some up for yourself. Though you can generally find some low percentage CBD products available at retail establishments, by far the best way to get some CBD oil is to go to one of the many different online retailers. However, there seems a constant dilemma – how on earth are you supposed to pick between them? Once you have scrolled through a few sites, they all seem to be precisely the same.

Infinite CBD is one CBD online retailer that tries to do things a little differently, both in its site design and in its company ethos. Let’s examine Infinite CBD and see how they compare to other similar retailers, looking at both their overall site and their products.

Who are Infinite CBD?

When you first click on to any CBD retailer, you are generally going to find one of three things on your screen: their “About Me” story of how their website originated; their highest selling product; or a list of reasons why you should take CBD oil. This first choice is a pretty important one, as it demonstrates what type of company they are from the get-go – are they focused on their image or are they focused on pushing their select products as much as possible? Even more rarely, are they focused on educating people?

Infinite CBD seems to be definitely in that latter camp, offering perhaps the most information out of any website about both CBD and their products. The only thing they seem to lack is any kind of information about their website formation or their origin history. Though this comes as a bit of a relief, since typically buyers have to labor over, at least, 2000 words describing the mystical and magical upbringing that led the creator to finally launch their website.

Their aesthetic is oddly space-themed, offering a vast quantity of constellations and planetary illustrations, seemingly tying in the effects of their CBD with the majesty of the cosmos. Though the first thing you see is their CBD Isolate 5000mg product, it quickly shifts to being about CBD in general, both its effects and how to take it. There are literally reams of articles about CBD and its chemical composition, and that is just the first page. There is a further education section that offers even more information – all so as to make sure you know what you are getting into.

Though many other websites have educational sections, Infinite CBD offers theirs in uniquely attractive and informative web posters. Giving the useful information alongside sleek, modern illustrations that make the whole experience feel like an upper-class board meeting about red blood cells. Once you have explored their education section, you can then progress to looking at the myriad of articles they have available; when a retailer does this, they are generally trying to push you into looking at their own products. However, there isn’t very much product pushing on Infinite CBD’s articles, instead it is just about the uses and effectiveness of different types of CBD, as well as all the different ways you can consume it.

The overall impression that Infinite CBD’s website gives is one of sincerity and passion for their products. This is a website that seems to care about both their customers and their CBD genuinely. How about their reviews? How do they fare when actual customers are brought into the mix?

Infinite CBD Product Review

When looking at CBD oil retailer reviews, you can generally look at two different types: Third party review sites, either aggregate sites like TrustPilot or Yelp; or individual customer reviews. Regarding third-party retailers, there aren’t really many actual reports written about them, but those that do exist are pretty overwhelmingly positive, applauding both the quality of their CBD and their actual website itself.

For individual reviews it is a lot easier, as Infinite CBD is one of those retailers that offers a review platform on their own website. When you purchase an Infinite CBD product, you are presented with the option to leave a review, which is posted to both the individual product page and their aggregate page for all user reviews. Some of these reviews are pretty boring, saying things along the line of “Yes! Great!” and other unhelpful affirmations, but some few are quite in-depth, offering a pretty decent evaluation of their products that are generally quite positive.

Pretty much every single review is replied to by the site, so it must be someone’s job at this company to read and respond to their reviews, as there are over a thousand of them. How about the actual products, though? How do their CBD products hold up against other retailers?

Infinite CBD Oil Isolate Products

Infinite CBD offers a surprisingly decent array of different CBD products, though there is one thing consistent for all of their products – they only sell CBD isolate. This means that their CBD contains only pure CBD extract, rather than full spectrum CBD which includes a myriad of other cannabinoids and terpenes. There is an ongoing debate about which is better between CBD isolate and CBD full spectrum, but Infinite CBD has taken the stance of a firm belief in the power of pure CBD isolate.

Their landmark product is their CBD Droppers, totaling 30ml and available in a myriad of different strengths. You can choose between:

  • 250mg, costing $15
  • 500mg, costing $22.50
  • 1000mg, costing $38.50
  • 2500mg, costing $90
  • 5000mg, costing $160

This means that Infinite CBD is one of the strongest providers of CBD oil out there, as well as one of the most cost-effective. The fact that you can not only choose between a huge variety of different intensities, but you can also get as high as 5000mg alone is absolutely amazing. The fact that it is surprisingly cheap makes it even more desirable.

Something else Infinite CBD does that very few other retailers seem to have ever done before is to offer additional terpenes. As all their products are CBD Isolate, they do not contain any terpenes, so you can actually add terpenes from your favorite strains for the additional cost of $8.50, regardless of the CBD intensity. This means that your chosen intensity of CBD isolate will smell and taste like your favorite marijuana strain; they offer a massive array of choices, from Blueberry to OG Kush, so can enjoy your favorite marijuana strains’ flavor without the uncomfortable consequences of having to get high from the THC within that strain at the same time.

Infinite CBD Oil Alternative Products

Infinite CBD also offers a variety of choices for those that don’t enjoy using CBD oil. For example, they provide the same strength in capsules, except that there is a considerable range in both the size and CBD intensity available. You can mix and match between a certain number of capsules to purchase at once for price efficiency and their individual CBD intensity. For those that don’t want any kind of imbibing that involves oil or capsules, they also sell a variety of oral methods.

For starters, they offer a range of CBD isolate gummies called CBD Asteroids. These are 25mg CBD each and are 100% vegan, costing the oddly specific price of $19.83. If you prefer to take your CBD in a less conventional way, they also offer suppositories that are made with coconut oil called Rocket Ships. These Rocket Ships cost $18.50, though you can also pick up 100mg Rocket Ships for $46.50.

Infinite CBD Topical Products

For those that really desperately loathe eating or inserting their CBD oil, Infinite CBD also offers some topical applications to make the process of applying their CBD easier. They offer a Beard Flux, costing $20.36, which is essentially a CBD enriched oil to keep your beard looking shiny. Though other retailers do often provide this, Infinite CBD sells an incredibly effective version, as theirs contains jojoba oil, one of the essential types of CBD oil you can find.

They also offer some Hair Plasma, designed to both introduce CBD onto your skin and also to help condition and improve your hair. It costs $54 and is available to treat dry scalp, improve your head’s shininess or even promote hair growth and thickening. Weirdly enough, the actual price for this product isn’t displayed on their website; you have to add it to your basket and then click through to find out its price, which is hugely annoying.

Infinite CBD offers a massive variety of products with CBD isolate within them, both topical and oral in nature, but they also one other type of CBD consumption that is not commonly sold: Nano.

Infinite CBD Nano Products

Infinite CBD sells a variety of Nano CBD products which, thankfully, come prepared with a lengthy explanation for what nano actually is. Infinite CBD claims that these products contain CBD molecules that are less than 1 nanometer in size, compared to regular CBD compounds which are roughly 4440 nanometers. This is done to aid in bioavailability, as the CBD is thus more easily able to pass through the body and be broken down more easily, leading to less CBD being required, as well as it being absorbed quicker.

What’s even stranger is that they claim that this makes it water soluble; this is significant because CBD is typically hydrophobic, making it challenging to consume without first mixing it with a fat so as to make it more readily accessible to the body. Infinite CBD sadly does not offer any kind of scientific journals or peer-reviewed studies to back up their argument, however, instead relying on this little infographic to convince you of its science. Regardless of the inherent merit of this Nano CBD technology, they do offer a few different Nano CBD products that are worth talking about.

Infinite CBD sells Nano CBD Shots, containing a single dose of CBD in a small tangerine flavored shot bottle, costing $5.50. This is meant to be a nutritional supplement rather than a legitimate medical treatment, so it is an interesting idea if nothing else. For those that are looking for an actual CBD Nano medicinal treatment, Infinite CBD offers Nano Enhancers, meant to be used in pretty much the same thing as CBD oil. You can pick them up in the following intensities:

  • 900mg, costing $49.92,
  • 3000mg, costing $154.92
  • 6000mg, costing $304.92

This latter option is easily the most expensive variety of CBD oil on their website, yet it is not really advertised or pushed very heavily. So it seems extremely strange that they price this so highly, yet are advertising it to the fullest.

There is one final type of CBD oil available for customers: Pet Droppers.

Infinite CBD Pet Products

In comparison to their large variety of all the different types of CBD products, when it comes to pets there is only one choice – Pet Droppers. Instead of being classified by their CBD intensity, you can pick it up based on the size of your pet, measured in their weight in lbs.

The small size costs $16.44, the Medium $58.55, and the Large $108.50

This substantial price increase between sizes implies either a more massive dose of CBD per drop or just a larger bottle. But the image and information don’t change from either product, so it is rather difficult to tell.

Final Thoughts on Infinite CBD Review

Infinite CBD is an exciting CBD retailer – not only do they offer a massive range of different products, but they also sell a rather unique CBD nano that, if legitimate, could prove revolutionary to the CBD world once it is further explored. Though Infinite CBD only offers CBD isolate, rather than full spectrum, their sheer range of different types of products and their extremely affordable prices make them one of the best options out there for CBD.

The only worrying aspect of the range is their seemingly unresearched opinions on CBD Nano – if only everyone provided their sources; think what a well-informed world we could live in.

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