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Infinite CBD Full Review [Oils, Topicals, Edibles]

Infinite Review

With CBD, or cannabidiol, products becoming increasingly popular, there are now more options than ever to try. Though you can generally find some products with a low percentage of cannabidiol available at retail establishments, by far the best way to get some oil is to go to one of the many different online retailers. However, there seems a constant dilemma – how on earth are you supposed to pick between them? Once you have scrolled through a few sites, they all seem to be precisely the same.

Infinite CBD is one online retailer that tries to do things a little differently, both in its site design and in its company ethos.  There are plenty of positive Infinite reviews online, but we are going to delve into the details of the company. Taking a look at the Infinite CBD story and what would compel a customer to buy from them.

Let’s examine Infinite CBD and see how they compare to other similar retailers, looking at both their overall site and their popular Infinite CBD oil.

Who Is Infinite CBD: The More the Merrier

When you first click on to any retailer, you are generally going to find one of three things on your screen, their “About Me” story of how their website originated, their highest selling product, and a list of reasons why you should take oil. This first choice is a pretty important one, as it demonstrates what type of company they are from the very beginning – are they focused on their image or are they focused on pushing their select products as much as possible? Even more rarely, are they focused on educating people?

Infinite CBD seems to be definitely in that latter camp, offering perhaps the most information out of any website about both cannabidiol and the products themselves. The only thing they seem to lack is any kind of information about their website formation or their origin history. Though this comes as a bit of a relief, since typically buyers have to labor over, at least, 2000 words describing the mystical and magical upbringing that led the creator to finally launch their website.

Their aesthetic is oddly space-themed, offering a vast quantity of constellations and planetary illustrations, as they attempt to compare the majesty of the cosmos with their Infinite CBD oils. Though the first thing you see on the website is their Isolate 5000mg product, it quickly shifts to general information about cannabidiol, both its effects and how to take it. There are literally reams of articles about cannabidiol and its chemical composition, and that is just the first page. There is a further education section that offers even more information – all so as to make sure you know what you are getting into.

Though many other websites have educational sections, Infinite offers theirs in uniquely attractive and informative web posters. Giving useful information alongside sleek, modern illustrations that make the whole experience feel like an upper-class board meeting.

Once you have explored their education section, you can then progress to looking at the myriad of articles they have available; when a retailer does this, they are generally trying to push you into looking at their own products. However, there isn’t very much product pushing on Infinite’s articles. Instead, it is just about the uses and effectiveness of different product forms, as well as all the different ways you can consume it.

The overall impression from a first look at the company suggests that they are both sincere and passionate about their products. Which is a similar find to the other Infinite CBD reviews that we have read. This is a website that seems to genuinely care about their customers. And, make sure to keep an eye out for possible Infinite CBD coupon code, which can often be found on the website.

So, how do they fare when actual customers are brought into the mix?

Infinite Highlights: Top of the Class

  • Positive Third-Party Reviews: When looking at oil retailer reviews, you can generally look at two different types: Third-party review sites, either aggregate sites like TrustPilot or Yelp, or individual customer reviews. Regarding third-party retailers, there aren’t really many Infinite reviews, but those that do exist are pretty overwhelmingly positive. Applauding both the quality of their oils and the website itself.
  • Positive Individual Reviews: For individual reviews, it is a lot easier as Infinite is one of those retailers that offer a review platform on their own website. When you purchase an Infinite CBD product, you are presented with the option to leave a review, which is posted to both the individual product page and their aggregate page for all user reviews. Some of these reviews are pretty boring, saying things along the line of “Yes! Great!” and other unhelpful affirmations. But some are quite in-depth, offering a pretty decent evaluation of their products that are generally quite positive.
  • Product Transparency: We were happy to see that the company provide lab reports for all of their products. This can reassure customers that the company are producing quality products without THC, meaning no Infinite side effects.  

Infinite Products: Pushing Boundaries

Infinite CBD offers a surprisingly decent array of different products, though there is one thing consistent for all of their products – they only sell CBD isolate. This means that they contain only pure cannabidiol extract, rather than full-spectrum, which includes a myriad of other cannabinoids and terpenes. There is an ongoing debate about what is better; isolate or full-spectrum. But the company have a firm belief that their Infinite CBD oil is the future.

Aside from their oils, the company also sell capsules, gummies, and cream – everything you would expect from a well-founded company. And, ee will take a look at these products in more detail further into the Infinite CBD review. But they also have a few products that really stand out from the crowd. Whether that be their line of male grooming products or their antiseptic soap. 

  • CBD Oil

Their landmark products are the Infinite CBD oil droppers. These bottles total 30ml and are available in a myriad of different strengths. You can choose between; 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 2500mg, and 5000mg. 

This means that Infinite is one of the strongest providers of CBD oil out there, as well as one of the most cost-effective. The fact that you can not only choose between a huge variety of different intensities, but you can also get as high as 5000mg alone is absolutely amazing. And, the fact that it is surprisingly cheap makes it even more desirable.

Something else the company does that very few other retailers seem to have ever done before is to offer additional terpenes. As all their products are isolates, they do not contain any terpenes. But, you can actually add terpenes from your favorite strains for the additional cost of $8.50, regardless of the intensity.

This means that your chosen isolate will smell and taste like your favorite marijuana strain and they offer a massive array of choices, from Blueberry to OG Kush. So can enjoy your favorite marijuana strains’ flavor without the uncomfortable consequences of having to get high from the THC.

  • CBD Gummies

For starters, they offer a range of Infinite CBD gummies called “Asteroids”. These contain 25mg of CBD each. They are 100% vegan and can be bought in a range of different quantities, a 5 pack, 10 pack and 20 pack. Their CBD gummies are a great option if you prefer to consume cannabidiol in a less conventional way. 

The company also offer other choices. For example, they provide the same strength in capsules, except that there is a considerable range in both the size and intensity available. You can mix and match between a certain number of capsules to purchase at once for price efficiency and their individual intensity. For those that don’t want any kind of imbibing that involves oil or capsules, they also sell a variety of other oral methods.

Infinite offers a massive variety of products with isolate within them, both topical and oral in nature, but they also one other type of consumption that is not commonly sold: Nano.

The company sells a variety of Nano CBD products which, thankfully, come prepared with a lengthy explanation for what nano actually is. The company claim that these products contain cannabidiol molecules that are less than 1 nanometer in size, compared to regular cannabidiol compounds which are roughly 4440 nanometers. This is done to aid in bioavailability, as the cannabidiol can more easily pass through the body and be broken down more. Leading to less cannabidiol needed in the first place and it can be absorbed quicker.

What’s even stranger is that they claim that this makes it water-soluble; this is significant because cannabidiol is typically hydrophobic. This makes it challenging to consume without first mixing it with a fat, so it can combine with the water. The company sadly do not offer any kind of scientific journals or peer-reviewed studies to back up their argument, however, instead they rely on this little infographic to convince you of its science. Regardless of the inherent merit of this Nano technology, they do offer a few different Nano products that are worth talking about.

The company sell Nano Shots, containing a single dose of cannabidiol in a small tangerine flavored shot bottle. This is meant to be a nutritional supplement rather than a legitimate medical treatment, so it is an interesting idea if nothing else. For those that are looking for something a little harder-hitting then the Nano Enhancers might be for you. They are meant to be used in pretty much the same way as the oils. You can also pick them up in different potencies, including 900mg, 3000mg and 6000mg.

This latter option is easily the most expensive variety of oil on their website, yet it is not really advertised or pushed very heavily. So it seems extremely strange that they price this so highly, yet aren’t advertising it to the fullest.

  • CBD Cream

For those that really desperately loathe eating or inserting their oil, Infinite also offers some topical applications to make the process of applying their cannabidiol easier. This comes in the shape of a CBD cream. They offer a Beard Flux, which is essentially an enriched oil to keep your beard looking shiny. Though other retailers do often provide this, the company sell an incredibly effective version, as theirs contains jojoba oil and hemp seed oil – which help keep facial hair looking moistured and healthy.

They also offer some Hair Plasma, designed to condition and improve your hair with the help of cannabidiol. It is available to treat dry scalp, improve your head’s shininess or even promote hair growth and thickening.

There is one final type of oil available for customers, but it isn’t intended for human consumption – the Pet Droppers.

In comparison to their large variety of all the different types of products, when it comes to pets there is only one choice – the Pet Droppers. Instead of being classified by their intensity, you can pick it up based on the size of your pet, measured in their weight in lbs. This includes the sizes Small, Medium, and Large. 

The substantial price increase between sizes implies either a more massive dose of cannabidiol per drop or just a larger bottle. But the image and information don’t change from either product, so it is rather difficult to tell. What we can see is that, like their other oils, they still incorporate coconut oil into the products which even on its own, can help your pet in more ways than one. You may find that it helps keep their coats shiny and healthy, making it an ideal carrier oil.

Infinite CBD Oil Review: Costs

It’s obvious that the company can compete with many other brands in the industry when we look at product variety. But are they reasonable when it comes to price? Take a look at our cost overview below. 

  • Infinite CBD Oil

Isolate Droppers Banana OG (250mg) – $23.50

Isolate Droppers Blueberry (5000mg) – $168.50

Pet Droppers Small (300mg) – $16.44

  • Infinite CBD Gummies

Asteroid Gummies 5 Pack (25mg) – $11.91

Asteroid Gummies 10 Pack (25mg) – $19.83

Asteroid Gummies 20 Pack (25mg) – $34.23

  • Infinite CBD Cream

Freezing Point Cream 8oz (1000mg) – $49.08

Freezing Point Salve Tin (1000mg) – $49.08

How to Buy Infinite CBD Products

We always suggest buying Infinite CBD products from the main website itself. This way you know exactly where your products are coming from, the correct cost, and how long delivery will take.

You may have noticed that the prices on the website are oddly specific, and it feels quite off-putting. We don’t know if the company do this for a specific purpose but it makes sense for the company to round each product up to the nearest dollar. 

Besides this, we can confidently say that Infinite is an exciting retailer – not only do they offer a massive range of different products, but they also sell a rather unique CBD nano. That, if legitimate, could prove revolutionary to the world once it is further explored. Though Infinite only offer CBD isolate, rather than full-spectrum, their sheer range of different types of products and their affordable prices make them one of the best options out there on the market.

The only worrying aspect of the range is their seemingly unresearched opinions on CBD Nano – if only everyone provided their sources; think what a well-informed world we could live in.

Customer Reviews Based on 5 reviews

  • Vera Benson
    An Open Kudos

    I have used infinite for many months now and I can tell you confidently that still there is no dependency of mine over this CBD. No abuse, no dependence potential, just pure result is what this brand has been to me. I recommend infinite openly.

  • Barrett Smith
    Holiday Anxiety

    Infinite is in all respects so satisfying. They ship fast, their goods have always been consistent in quality and the brand is affordable. Regarding my anxiety, I used their oil. It’s been working so well. I’m typically prone to holiday anxiety. The experience of the huge expenses, family meals and over-hype render me really anxious. I guess I’m afraid of it. During that time their cbd benefited me.

  • Timothy Walz
    Isolate Droppers

    Isolate Droppers are the best thing that happened to me in 2020. I used it first on 2nd Jan this year, we were having a New Year Party. And it rocked. Perhaps the purest of all CBDs that I had tried so far from other brands. With a cool 8.5 mg per drop, this one is capable of inducing feelings of joyfulness and beatitude.

  • Rose Joseph
    The gummies

    I am using the gummies from infinite CBD. Almost 5 to 6 everyday. It keeps me more concentrated and focused at work. The taste is also awesome. It was the taste actually that I took these everyday. Slowly I felt that it keeps me more relaxed and calm all the time. Has ultimately improved my work efficiency.

  • Dana Patrickson

    Infinite is not just infinite in its product line, but they are kind of infinite in ways of great quality. Only tried the edibles so far which are just amazing. I believe CBD is very good for our health and we must go for it without any negativity in our mind. A good brand like infinte usually would work well on most of us.

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