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Joy Organics CBD Review [Personal Experience]

Joy Organics CBD Review [Personal Experience]

When you think of anything marijuana-related in the United States, it is very likely that the first place you think of is Colorado. As the first state to legalize marijuana for recreational use, Colorado has developed a reputation as a place that is not only filled with stoners but also premier marijuana retailers and growers.

However, though this is undoubtedly true of Colorado, does this also hold true for CBD? While it is as easy as it is in Amsterdam to find recreational marijuana, is it just as easy to find medicinal CBD oil and other CBD products?

Joy Organics is one such retailer that demonstrates that Colorado shouldn’t only be regarded for its recreational marijuana and nothing else. With premium grade hemp and an incredibly sound product ethic, Joy Organics is one of the most popular CBD retailers in the USA.

Who are Joy Organics CBD?

Joy Organics is the result of the company’s founder, Joy Smith, suffering from chronic pain and immense trouble falling asleep. After conventional medicine wasn’t able to help, her convenient Colorado location allowed her to try CBD and discover if it would have any impact on her health – it did. And after trying it, she became determined to make it easier for everyone to get a hold of it. This inspired her to develop her company, offering decently priced CBD oils across the USA.

One of the things that sets Joy Organics apart from its competitors is the sheer amount of information they provide for each and every one of their products.

For starters, Joy Organics provide a massive list of every single one of their independent Lab Reports, with accompanying Certificates of Quality Assurance and Internal Analysis. This is incredibly important, as it represents not only the inherent transparency of their company, but also the fact that their products are exactly what they say they are.

Additionally, Joy Organics provides an incredibly detailed fact sheet of all of their processes including every single step, from the organic farming that creates their hemp, through their extraction process, their testing, their nanoemulsion technology and, finally the complete production.

Most companies will only provide the bare minimum of information to prospective customers, hoping that they will just care about the product pages themselves, rather than any additional information. Luckily, Joy Organics cares about both, as not only do they have an immense amount of background information, but they also provide a great deal of detail on the product pages themselves.

Their individual product pages have in-depth ingredient lists, as well as just generally giving all the information that you could need to know exactly what you are buying.

Let’s take a look at their specific CBD products and work out whether or not they are worth investing in.

Joy Organics CBD Oil Products

joy organics

Joy Organics’ primary CBD oil range is their CBD Oil Tinctures. Available in either ‘Natural’ flavor, Tranquil Mint, Orange, or Lemon. All their CBD tinctures are available in the following quantities:

  • 250mg, costing $34.95
  • 500mg, costing $59.95
  • 1000mg, costing $99.95
  • 1500mg, costing $134.95

Each of Joy Organics’ CBD oils is full spectrum, meaning that they contain a whole range of naturally occurring terpenes and additional cannabinoids, in contrast to other CBD oil products that only contain CBD isolate.

Interestingly enough, all of their hemp is certified Kosher. Whether this means a Jewish Rabbi has personally blessed each hemp plant is unsure, but it is a beautiful thing regardless. The other quality to Joy Organics’ CBD oil is that their additional flavorings come from essential oils, rather than the natural terpenes found within the hemp plants.

While this does mean that there is an artificial element to their products, it also means that the flavors of each CBD oil are much more noticeable, meaning that you will actually taste lemon or orange rather than the vague hint of flavor that many other brands provide.

Below each of Joy Organics’ products is an extensive written section, with cutesy designs. Included is information about the product’s stable shelf life, its microbial analysis and its content of Total Aerobic Count and other surprisingly detailed pieces of information. What’s more, all of this can be backed up by checking their lab reports, making Joy Organics a brand that can actually be trusted in what it says.

However, even though CBD oil is likely the most popular way to imbibe CBD, some people prefer to avoid the greasiness of the oil; these people might prefer to try other Joy Organics products, such as their CBD softgels.

Joy Organics Oral Products

joy organics reviews

For those that do not enjoy the sensation of somewhat slimy CBD oil slithering down your throat, Joy Organics offer some CBD Softgels, available as either 10 mg or 25 mg per pill, costing either $49.95 or $84.95 respectively.

As might be expected, these have slightly more ingredients than the CBD oil, including a variety of triglycerides and some animal-based gelatin – as these are necessary to make the chewable outer shell of the softgels. Interestingly enough, Joy Organics provide much more information than their CBD oil, especially with regard to their Cannabinoid Emulsion Droplets, which are created through nanotechnology.

In essence, the particle size of each CBD molecule has been massively reduced, each one being only about 25 nanometers in size, which they claim provides far more potency and eventual bioavailability.

This means that Joy Organics’ CBD Softgels are not only useful for those that don’t enjoy the sensation of imbibing CBD oil, but also for those that want to notice the effects of their CBD oil far more quickly.

However, some people are not looking for oral methods of imbibing CBD – what about those that want to apply it topically?

Joy Organics Topical Creams

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Just like many other CBD brands, Joy Organics offer a topical option for those that prefer to apply their CBD directly onto troublesome areas of their skin.

Joy Organics’ CBD Day Cream contains 100mg of CBD with sweet almond oil, Shea butter, and some citrus chamomile essential oils that allow it to not only medicate topical areas of your skin but also moisturize it.

Though the actual ingredient list is obviously a good deal longer than their other options, their CBD Day Cream looks to be an effective moisturizer at the same time as a CBD applicator. The combination of many different moisturizing substances ensures that this cream is going to absorb directly into the skin, leaving it smooth in comparison to many other CBD topical creams that contain beeswax.

Joy Organics also offer two other versions of topical products, including a CBD eye serum and a CBD face serum.

Their eye serum, containing a combination of Aloe Vera, cucumber and alfalfa extract, is designed to moisturize your eyes and help deplete dark circles, while at the same time allowing you to self medicate. Their face serum tries to accomplish the same thing, though focusing on your entire face. Containing a combination of Rose Hip, milk thistle, and chamomile, so as to reduce the formulation of wrinkles and other blemishes on the skin.

The inclusion of actual face care products alongside regular CBD topical creams is a massive leap forward in CBD development. Now, not only can people utilize different ways of CBD application, but they can actually buy these products just for their skin, rather than in an effort to imbibe CBD.

This makes Joy Organics incredibly ambitious, as they are trying to provide CBD for not only those looking for medicine, but also skincare products for those with skin issues.

However, it doesn’t just stop there – what if your pets need some CBD?

Joy Organics Pet Products

joy organics cbd oil

Joy Organics seem to not only care about your CBD usage, but also your pets’.

They offer two ways for your pets to imbibe CBD: A CBD Oil Tincture for Pets, which is pretty much the same as their regular CBD tincture, even being priced in the exact same way. The only exception is that it contains no essential oils, so as to avoid upsetting animals’ stomachs.

They also offer a CBD Dog Treat bag, each one containing 30 treats and costing $34.95. However, these dog treats don’t actually seem to contain CBD oil, instead only containing phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil. They are flavored with dried brewer’s yeast and beef liver powder, meaning this is a meat-flavored, hemp-filled treat that any dog would love. This is in stark contrast to the myriad of vegan-friendly dog treat products that many dogs would likely hate.

All of this means that you can not only treat yourself with CBD, or enjoy the moisturizing benefits of their topical treatments, but you can also help medicate your doggie best friend.

Final Thoughts on Joy Organics

At first glance, Joy Organics seems to be just a regular CBD retailer. They offer a variety of different CBD products, including the ever-present CBD oil, as well as a smattering of different CBD topicals and pet products.

However, once you begin to investigate their website more and really explore their products, you start to realize what image they are trying to portray. Joy Organics is not just a retailer, they are a brand that completely, utterly believes in customer trust.

Every single one of their products contain heaps of useful information, as well as the scientific data concerning their composition. They always write about the method they use, their exact ingredients and they even contain a detailed list of instructions for their use.

Not only does Joy Organics provide tons of information, but their products provide a variety of appealing qualities – their CBD oils contain actual flavors, their topical creams are designed to be useful as a moisturizer and face cleanser, as well as a self dedicator. Perhaps even better, their dog treats are made of ingredients that a dog would actually like!

Joy Organics is truly a retailer like no other, offering not only a massive variety of different products, but also demonstrating genuine attention to detail and truthfulness about their products. All of this helps them stand out from the competition.

Whether you are just wanting to try some new CBD oil or are even looking for an effective moisturizer, give Joy Organics a try and see if they are the right CBD retailer for you. 

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