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There is something of a debate in the CBD industry over which method of consuming cannabidiol is the most effective to use. Some firms are adamant that full-spectrum oil is the best because it creates the ‘entourage effect‘. This means that the whole of the hemp plant is used, including all-natural terpenes and cannabinoids. Others believe that isolates are the way to go, many people comment on its therapeutic quality, as long as it is made from premium hemp seed oil.

At Kat’s Naturals, you are spoiled with choice as their site offers both of these methods and even more! Many Kat’s Naturals reviews comment on the company’s dedication to providing premium products in a very saturated market. Kat’s Naturals CBD has clearly been impressing customers for years but we are intrigued to explore all aspects of the company and ask the question, are they worth buying from?

Who Is Kat’s Naturals: A Community Brand

Kat’s Naturals has humble beginnings, it began as a backyard project by Kat Merryfield. An educated herbalist and nutritionist, she became renowned in her community for creating effective herbal remedies. This eventually led her to begin experimenting with CBD oil in 2015, after being inspired by her husbands difficult military past. This Tennessee-based brand prides itself on being a local start-up. Its goal is to sell the highest-quality natural remedies available and it claims that its products are different. Why? First of all, the entirety of their product range is 100% organic and made from hemp seed oil.

All of the company’s products are backed by third-party testing and they are known for only using suppliers that implement sustainable harvesting practices. During research for this Kat’s Naturals CBD review, we found that the company uses a 99.9% CBD isolate that is fat-soluble and is full of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, ALA, and LA. It’s clear that the company waste no expense on adding beneficial ingredients to their products, making them even more appealing to us, the customer. Remember to keep your eyes peeled for any Kat’s Naturals coupon code, so you can save even more money!

Kat’s Naturals Highlights: Important Qualities

  • Strong Sense of Community: Kat’s Naturals work hard to make sure their business stays local. They do this by working with regional farms and employing passionate and family-focused individuals. Family is an important term for this brand, and they make sure to give their workers a healthy and well-rounded work schedule, so everyone can keep a strong work and family balance.
  • Veteran Support: Because of Kat Merryfield’s history treating her husband post-war, the company have a relationship with a great program for supporting veterans. Called the Atlanta Organization Operation Rally Point, this program helps veterans find their feet again, both physcially and mentally.
  • Accessible Website: Our Kat’s Naturals review have found a drastic improvement on the company’s website. Not only are they developing new products, but their brand-new website design lookings smart and very appealing.

kat’s naturals | Products

Despite a relatively low starting budget and a late arrival into the market, Kat’s Naturals is performing well and is already well-known in the industry. And, while the organization was only formed in January 2017, they already have many products available on their site. This includes an extensive range of oils, both human and animal, topicals, and even chocolate bark! Yum.

But how good are the Kat’s Naturals CBD products themselves? Continue reading to find out!

  • Kat’s Naturals CBD Oil Drops

Kat’s Naturals have a special THC-free range of oils. You can find these in four different bottles, Relax, Metabolize, Heal and Naked. All of these oils come in three different sizes. The 5 days (5ml), the 2 Weeks (15ml) and the 4 Weeks (30ml). There are 20 drops in 1ml so according to Kat’s Naturals, the 5ml will last you five days because you should use 1ml of the oil daily.

Interesting when you do go to purchase one of their oils, the link takes you to a secondary site or seller. The website itself seems very professional and is an indication of just how well the company is selling in the industry.

When making Heal, Kat’s Naturals fills each bottle with organic hemp seed oil and then adds 1,500mg of pure CBD isolate before finishing things off with a dash of peppermint. You should take five drops up to four times a day to feel the effects. For the record, you can view Heal’s impressive third-party lab results here.

The design of the bottle was neat and we have to say, Kat has done a fantastic job in making the oil taste reasonable. It felt smooth on the tongue with just the right level of thickness. You should get a slight hemp taste at the beginning but the peppermint soon takes over which makes for a pleasant aftertaste.

Most importantly, Heal is extremely potent and you will feel some pleasant effects within 20-30 minutes, at least our review team did!  I had one issue with the bottle; the dropper lid is exceedingly hard to get off and could be a problem for elderly users.

There are several other oils on offer including, Relax which contains 300mg of CBD per ounce, Metabolize which contains 500mg of CBD per ounce, and Naked which contains 1500mg of CBD per ounce. According to the company, each of these products has a different effect. For example, Naked activates the 5-HT1a serotonin receptor and you only need five drops to get 10mg of CBD. As the name suggests, Relax activates the receptors in the body that are responsible for the anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety responses. Meanwhile, Metabolize is designed to boost your metabolism and curb your appetite.

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Another range that the company boast is their full-spectrum oils, which come in either the Balance or Restore bottles. Balance is a full-spectrum whole extract that also contains organic MCT oil, peppermint essential oil, and extracted CBD. According to the company, the CBD in Balance activates the serotonin, adenosine, and TRPV1 receptors. This means it can help with issues such as inflammation as activating the adenosine receptors increases dopamine and glutamate release. The Balance range comes in three sizes,  5ml, 15ml, and 30ml.

Once again, Kat’s Naturals nails it when it comes to the taste and consistency of the oil. It has a pleasant minty taste and is thin like a tincture. Although it would be nice if the company tried something other than the usual dropper bottle, at least there were no clumpy build-ups as we came to the end of the bottle. I was disappointed with the potency however, as full-spectrum is supposed to be more effective than CBD, and the CBD-only Heal oil was so effective, we expected a lot more from Balance.

With 750mg of full-spectrum CBD in each ounce, the Balance product is fairly expensive in comparison with many other brands. You should take 5-10 drops at least three times a day for 6-8 weeks and then a maximum of twice a day after that.

  • Kat’s Naturals Topical CBD Creams and Skin Serums

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The company also sell 3 different topicals on their site, the Arnica Cream, Capsaicin Cream, and the professional CBD Cream. The first two creams both contain 350mg of CBD, and are available in a 1oz and 4oz tub.

The Capsaicin ingredient list is something to be admired. With more essential oils than most, it contains gems such as organic emu oil, organic almond butter, and organic avocado butter. What’s even better is that all of the oils are grown organically, which means no pesticides or chemicals were used in any of the plants growing process. This is good news for us because we know we are getting a very natural product!

The lab results for each topical are also clearly displayed next to the products themselves, giving the company a level of transparency that we now come to expect from most brands in the market.

  • Kat’s Naturals “Activated Hemp” Edibles

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If you need your daily CBD dose but don’t like the idea of consuming oil, Kat’s Naturals has you covered in the form of its Activated Hemp Flower. To be clear, you need to add this to your food because it is not something you want to eat by itself; mainly because it is extremely dry. It comes in three sizes, the 1oz, 8oz, and 16oz.

It is mainly designed for people with digestive disorders and each teaspoon contains around 9mg of CBD with around 100mg per ounce. I recommend adding it to your oats or granola in the morning.

But the company have also added some exciting new edibles to the website, and it comes in a delicious chocolatey form! These are their Activated Hemp Dark Chocolate and Activated Hemp White Chocolate. The products are super affordable at only $10 a bar – as if we needed any more reasons to buy chocolate. Each square of chocolate contains 8.5mg of CBD and of course, comes with lab results. We liked that the ingredients for each bar were relatively simple, for example, the dark chocolate bar only contains, organic cocoa liquor, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, natural cocoa powder, activated organic hemp.

Unfortunately when we last visited the site, neither the white or the dark chocolate bars were in stock. We hope this changes soon, as it can be quite frustrating for customers who enjoy the products or are impatient to try them.

Kat’s Naturals CBD edibles are the perfect example of a company branching out into unknown territory and doing it well. We hope they give a good example to other companies looking to expand their product lists without compromising on quality.

kat’s naturals | Costs

The best place to buy any of these products is the official Kat’s Naturals Website, where you can find further details of every product. With their beautiful new website design, finding the products themselves has never been easier. And, the company offers a full refund if you’re not satisfied with your purchase and return it within 30 days. Perhaps because it is a small company, Kat’s Naturals seems to make a concerted effort to provide excellent customer service.

We have made a concise price list for you, so you have some idea of what you might spend on the website.

  • Kat’s Naturals CBD Oil Drops

THC-free Heal Oil (1500mg) – $35.00 to $165.00

THC- free Naked Oil (1500mg) – $35.00 to $165.00

THC-free Metabolize Oil (500mg) – $20.00 to $90.00

THC-free Relax Oil (300mg) – $18 to $60.00

  • Kat’s Naturals Topical CBD Creams and Serums

CBD Cream with Arnica (350mg) – $45.00 to $160.00

CBD Cream with Capsaicin (350mg) – $45.00 to $160.00

Professional CBD Cream (600mg) – $70.00

Skin Serum (250mg) – $40.00 to $75.00

  • Kat’s Naturals “Activated Hemp” Edibles

Activated Hemp (336mg) – $20.00 to $150.00

Activated Hemp Dark Chocolate (100mg) – $10.00

Activated Hemp White Chocolate (100mg) – $10.00

It’s astounding seeing how much the company have transformed from their humble beginnings. With a beautiful and easy-to-use website, and stocking more than 10 different products we can see this company becoming even bigger than it is now. But what we love about this brand is that no matter how large they get, the company still retain the same magic that Kat began years ago in her back garden. Their love of local hasn’t diminished with growth. Not only are they providing their geographical area with new opportunities but they are giving consumers the option of buying premium products from a company that have always cared about the quality of what they stock.

Official website: www.katsnaturals.com

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