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King Kanine Review

CBD, or cannabidiol, oil has become something of a regular product these days; as more and more conditions are able to be helped by consuming it. Plus, more people than ever understand that it isn’t some kind of dangerous, cannabis-laden substance, but instead a useful supplement to make your life a great deal more comfortable.

With this rise in popularity, there has also been a concurrent rise in the variety of brands available on the market, giving people more choice than ever before. However, there is still one cannabidiol market that remains relatively untapped and with very few products targeting it – pet products.

King Kanine is one brand that is entirely focused on providing oil for our furry friends, more specifically dogs. So let’s take a look at the King Kanine brand to determine whether or not you should be giving your fluffy best friend some oil.

Who Is King Kanine: For the Love of Animals

King Kanine is, as the name might suggest, a brand all about dogs. Its mission is entirely focused on pet wellness and was created out of a desire to provide alternative medicine solutions for pets, which didn’t rely on invasive or uncomfortable drugs.

To that end, King Kanine has dedicated itself to not only providing products that are usable and pleasant for dogs but also to promoting awareness about dog health and happiness. So that every single dog owner can make sure to maintain their dog’s happiness, keeping them fit and healthy.

King Kanine is also well-known for its efforts in remaining a member of the pet-friendly community. They do this by organizing a myriad of fun events for pets and owners in the local area, as well as being partnered with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals as a business ambassador. The brand helps raise funds and spread awareness of this incredibly important charity, ensuring that people all over the world can be made aware of the importance of protecting our animal friends.

To help facilitate the spreading of knowledge concerning pet happiness, King Kanine runs a pet-focused blog that is all about how to care for your furry friends, with articles about whether or not cannabidiol is safe for dogs and cats, all the way to grooming tips. So as to ensure you keep your pets’ fur looking as lovely as possible.

King Kanine Highlights: How Are They Changing the Market

  • A Rare Pet Focus: King Kanine is one of the few brands in existence that is entirely dedicated to the well-being of animals everywhere, and it shows in their massive diversity of different, pet-friendly products.
  • Great Balance of Different Products: King Kanine offers not just the usual oils as most retailers will. Instead, it offers all kinds of different products that make administering CBD oil to your pet easier than ever.
  • Surprisingly Well Priced: Considering the diversity of different products and reliability of King Kanine products, they are surprisingly well priced. This makes it affordable to pick up a few different product types to try out and see if your dog likes it.

King Kanine CBD Review: CBD Products

King Kanine offers one central CBD oil product for your adorable furry friend, King Kalm. But they also sell a variety of less conventional products that are a little more exciting. This includes a King Kalm Balm, a King Kalm Soothe for Pets, and even a CBD Mange & Mite treatment spray.

CBD Oils

King Kanine CBD oil

You can buy this CBD oil in four different strengths: the 75mg costing $39.99, the 150mg costing $59.99, the 300mg costing $89.99, and the 600mg costing $109.00. Each of the different oil strengths are composed of the same natural ingredients, which are surprisingly different from regular oils that we humans take.

Instead of being made from coconut oil or hemp seed oil, King Kanine CBD oils use krill oil. This is obtained from krill, the same tiny sea creature that whales eat in abundance.

King Kanine has found that this not only aids in its therapeutic effect, but it also makes it more appetizing to animals than regular carrier oils. Remember, it isn’t just about how it tastes, as dogs and cats have much more potent senses of smell than we do and are thus more fearful of anything that has an unpleasant smell. By using krill oil, King Kanine can make sure that your pets enjoy their products, without having to flavor it with bacon or other chemical additives artificially.

One of the very first concerns that you will likely have on getting your first King Kanine CBD oil is how much you should give your dog at once. Luckily, King Kanine has foreseen this and provides an incredibly helpful dosing chart that contains all the information you could possibly want to know about how to dose your canine companion. This is based on their weight and their symptoms.

Another interesting quality is that King Kanine’s 600mg oil is slightly different from all the others, as it contains copaiba oil and DHA essential oil. This is intended to increase the speed with which the cannabidiol is acclimated into your pet’s body.

However, try as you might to give your pets oral medication, sometimes dogs and cats just simply will not take any medication through the mouth. So, what are you supposed to do if your animal is especially stubborn?

Thankfully, King Kanine has a range of other products to make the process of dosing your best friend a lot easier.

CBD Topical Treatments

King Kanine CBD review

The CBD balm, which costs $16.99, is designed to be applied to areas of topical irritation or injury. Making it very easy to infuse your dog’s skin with the oil necessary to help treat their ailments. Best of all, as it is made with natural beeswax, coconut oil, and Manuka honey, the dog will likely lick the balm as soon as you put it on, which will only serve to increase the speed with which your dog imbibes the cannabidiol.

King Kanine’s other main topical product is their King Kalm Soothe for Pets. This is a spray that helps with skin irritations and dry, cracked skin, which dogs frequently get on their paws on hot days. This costs $27.99 and is made with all kinds of soothing compounds, such as aloe vera and tea tree oil.

Finally, King Kanine also understands the unique pain of needing to manage the perpetual threat of mites and mange in your furry pets.

To that end, they offer a King Kalm Pet Mange Treatment Spray, which is an antiseptic solution that is great for treating and combating the threat of mange in your pets. This product costs $24.99 and while it does, of course, contain plenty of broad-spectrum cannabidiol, it also includes a variety of chemicals designed to combat this endless frustration, such as cocamidopropyl and benzalkonium chloride.

Although seeing a long list of chemicals in a product’s ingredient list can sometimes be a bit off-putting, when it comes to dealing with the threat of mange and mites you need to do everything you can to help make your pets’ lives more pleasant.

Having a variety of oils and topical treatments is great, but what do you do if you want to try and treat your pets with actual treats?

CBD Crunch Products

King Kanine CBD discount code

King Kanine wouldn’t be much of a pet-friendly brand if they didn’t include a variety of CBD-laden treats that your pets will love, now would they?

King Kanine offers three types of CBD Crunch products, each of which cost $42.99 and are available in Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry or Honey Oats Flavor.

King Kanine CBD Crunch products are designed to be a burst of fruity flavor that your pets should absolutely love. While still containing all of that natural crunch factor that drives dogs wild and keeps them happily chewing for minutes at a time.

They are made with entirely natural ingredients and form a part of a healthy diet, designed to give your pet plenty of the macro and micronutrients that they need to remain healthy throughout the day. They also contain a pleasant dose of cannabidiol that helps treat all manner of different ailments they might be suffering from.

King Kanine CBD Review: Costs

Considering the fact that King Kanine products are so specialized in their use, you might expect them to be extremely expensive.

However, instead of a massive price tag that you probably feel they deserve, King Kanine products are surprisingly cheap, costing a bit less than regular oil products intended for humans. This is, of course, likely due to the fact that an animal needs to take far less oil than humans to feel the same effect. But the fact remains that this makes it incredibly easy to dose your pets without having to break the bank due to unreasonable costs.

  • King Kanine CBD Oils

King Kalm Oil (150mg) – $49.99

King Kalm Oil (300mg) – $74.99

King Kalm Oil (600mg) – $99.99

  • King Kanine CBD Topical Treatments

King Kalm Dog Paw Balm – $16.99

King Kalm Soothe for Pets – $19.99

  • King Kanine CBD Crunch Products

King Kalm Crunch in Apple Cinnamon – $34.99

King Kalm Crunch in Honey Oats – $34.99

How to Buy King Kanine CBD Products

Although King Kanine products are available from a myriad of third-party retailers, including many marijuana shops and even a variety of pet shops across the country, the best way to buy King Kanine products is on the brand’s website itself.

You can get free shipping on US-only orders over $100, which is very easy to do when you realize you can buy all manner of different products for your canine buddy. Additionally, King Kanine are frequently conducting sales on the majority of their products, allowing you to save a few extra dollars whenever you buy them.

If you ever brought up the idea of giving cannabidiol products to your pets in polite company, you would probably either be laughed out of the room or given some very harsh stares, and have suspicions raised about your capability as a pet owner.

This inherent bias about giving CBD to our pets makes it very difficult to find a reliable brand that sells products intended for animals. As there is always that perpetual fear that people will either not understand the products, or inherently hate the company for attempting to give cannabis products to their dogs.

However, King Kanine thankfully understands the importance of making pet-friendly products available to us consumers, as there are still plenty of people that understand the usefulness of cannabidiol for pets, even if others don’t.

So, if you are looking for a dependable brand with a decent variety of different products to give to your dogs and cats, look no further than King Kanine. It might have Kanine in the name, but the products work just fine for whatever mammalian pet you choose to treat with these excellent options.

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