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Leef Organics Review

Leef Organics Review

One of the most critical decisions when shopping for CBD products is whether you should opt for full-spectrum or CBD isolate products. While there are pros and cons to both options, everyone seems to have their preferred choice.

Some brands cover both bases, offering a range of products that utilize both CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD. However, this is not the case with Leef Organics; this is a brand that firmly sits on the side of full-spectrum and believes in using the entire plant to create all of its products.

So, who exactly are Leef Organics, and why should you try their CBD products? Let’s take a look.

Leef Organics Quick Summary


  • Clear and accessible lab reports are provided
  • Impressive branding; products look stylish and modern
  • A wide variety of products that include CBD-infused soaps
  • Passionate about only using natural ingredients
  • Uses cold-press methods to create their products
  • Oils are vegan, paraben-free, and gluten-free


  • Some products are expensive
  • Shipping only available in the US
  • The “About Us” section could be more comprehensive


Leef Organics only ships to the US; however, there are many premium CBD brands that ship worldwide. You can find some of the best European CBD brands right here at Natural Wellness.

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Who Are Leef Organics?

Leef Organics is a CBD brand founded from a desire to design and create CBD products that are natural, healthy, and effective. The entourage effect is at the very core of Leef Organics. It has designed all its products so that customers can enjoy the full power stored within hemp plants.

Before creating and marketing its CBD products, Leef Organics spent a great deal of time researching CBD. They worked with industry experts to understand the entourage effect and all of its benefits. Leef Organics found that none of the compounds within hemp plants can work to their full potential when isolated. Therefore, they steered away from traditional CO2 extraction methods that remove certain compounds. The company, instead, uses a whole plant extraction technique. This allows them to retain all of the vital compounds that naturally occur within hemp plants.

Leef Organics has found that a critical part of using the entire plant is sourcing all of the hemp plants from premium farmers. This brand will only use organically grown hemp plants. Working closely with farmers, Leef Organics ensures that every minor detail of the growing process contributes to creating exceptionally high-quality plants.

Using this whole plant formula, Leef Organics has created a wide range of CBD products that have been carefully designed to create the entourage effect. Rather than grouping its products according to type, Leef Organics break the products down into categories according to their purpose. This unique way of organizing CBD products makes it much easier to find the exact products you are searching for.

Leef Organics has products to help you improve your life, covering areas such as recovery, anxiety, pain, and skincare. Let’s take a bit of a closer look at some of Leef Organics’ popular products in a little more detail.

Leef Organics Highlights

  • Precise Lab Results: Leef Organics provides clear and easy to read lab reports for all of its products. Lab results not only build trust between the brand and customers but also ensure that you know precisely what you are putting into your body.
  • Whole Plant Approach: Leef Organics’ products take advantage of all the health-boosting compounds found within hemp plants. By using whole-plant extraction, Leef Organics’ products can produce the entourage effect, enhancing the effects you feel.
  • Wide Range of Products: Leef Organics’ products cover a wide range of areas, including everything from CBD for pets to CBD skincare. Having so many options available in one place makes it much easier to compare and find exactly what you are looking for.

Leef Organics Negative Thoughts

  • USA Shipping Only: Leef Organics only offers shipping to those who live within the USA. This means that international customers are currently unable to enjoy these products.
  • Expensive: Some of Leef Organics’ products can feel a little expensive, and with free shipping only available on orders over $75, the price of a single order can quickly add up.

Leef Organics CBD Recovery

The Leef Organics recovery range has been carefully designed to help your body recover and reduce the risk of further problems. The recovery range includes three different products that can be used both on their own and for advanced-level recovery.

Leef Organics CBD Recovery

The THRIVAL liquid superfood forms the base of the recovery range. It acts as a daily dose to provide your body with the fuel it needs to heal. Using a whole plant, cold-pressed fermentation process, Leef Organics can create one of the cleanest CBD extracts on the market. The whole plant formula utilizes all of the nutrient-rich compounds found in hemp plants, helping your body during recovery times.

Leef Organics’ THRIVAL liquid superfood formula comes in a handy tincture bottle, making it easy to measure out a precise dosage each day. Each tincture contains 375mg of whole plant CBD extract as well as aminos, fatty acids, and enzymes to help with recovery. Leef Organics’ superfood formula can also be found under the online store’s anxiety section.

The recovery range also includes a CBD balm, perfect for those looking for a topical CBD to help with skin and muscular recovery, as well as a CBD roll-on for added relief.

Leef Organics’ CBD balm uses the same whole plant formula found in the liquid superfood. In addition, it combines ingredients such as lavender and cocoa butter to create a wonderful topical product. Each tub of CBD balm contains 135mg of precious whole flower CBD extract.

Leef Organics CBD Skin Balance

Leef Organics has carried out in-depth research into all the different ways to use CBD and how it can benefit your body. As part of their research, the team found that topical forms of CBD have the power to improve your overall health and vitality. The skin balance section provides the largest selection of products on the Leef Organics online store. It gives you access to a number of unique ways to experience topical CBD benefits.

Leef Organics CBD Skin Balance

There are currently four topical CBD products to choose from, with each one containing a whole plant CBD extract and ensuring reliable results.

Leef Organics’ Wild Crafted CBD skin oil uses the brand’s unique, sun-grown superfood formula. And it contains organic wildcrafted botanicals, hence the name, that work to rebalance and hydrate your skin. The antioxidant properties found within Leef Organics’ CBD skin oil act as a superfood for your body’s surface. And it also encourages faster healing and continued balance and health.

Within the skincare range, you can also find:

  • CBD-Infused Soap
  • CBD Revive Balm
  • CBD Bath Tea

All three of these products have been designed to work alongside Leef Organics’ other CBD products. And they help provide your body with an extra CBD dose in simple and effective ways.

Leef Organics CBDogs

The Leef Organics CBDogs range has been designed so that even your pets can benefit from the effects of whole plant CBD. With a combination of oils and treats to choose from, Leef Organics’ pet range is an excellent alternative to traditional products. Essentially, they are designed to care for your pet’s overall health and wellness.

Leef Organics CBDogs

Crafted mainly with dogs in mind, Leef Organics offers a Daily Wellness CBD oil and tasty CBD treats for dogs. Both options can be used on their own, providing a small dose of CBD for your dog each day. Or you can use them together as part of a health care routine.

Using the whole flower cannabidiol formula, Leef Organics has created this 250mg CBD oil just for dogs. They use only three ingredients; CBD extract, MCT coconut oil, and propanediol. Leef Organics’ pet oil is a healthy and super-natural way for your dog to benefit from the entourage effect.

The natural taste of the pet oil means that it can be used on its own in dog form or combined with your pet’s food for a more comfortable and discreet way to keep your dog healthy.

Leef Organics’ CBD treats are a great way to reward and train your dog while also helping to improve their health. Made using 100% natural ingredients, including almond butter, pumpkin, coconut, and chia, each treat is packed with a range of minerals and vitamins that work alongside the CBD extract.

Each flavor-packed treat contains 2mg of the whole flower CBD extract. This means that your dog can enjoy many treats throughout the day as part of a balanced and healthy diet.

How to Buy Leef Organics Products

Leef Organics CBD products can be purchased online directly through their website. Free shipping options are available to all 50 USA states. Free shipping is available on all domestic orders over $75, helping you save money each time you shop.

Unfortunately, Leef Organics do not currently offer international shipping, meaning that their products are currently limited to USA customers only. There is a chance that this could change. Leef Organics continues to grow as a brand, so it is always worth keeping an eye on the online store for all of the latest shipping information.

Their products can also be found in a number of stores across California. Leef Organics’ website features a handy map, making it easy for you to find your local stockist.

To help you save money while shopping, you can receive a 10% discount code to use on your first order when you sign up for Leef Organics’ newsletter. Not only is Leef Organics’ newsletter a great way to save money on your first order, but it also ensures that you are the first to know about new products and discounts.

Final Verdict on Leef Organics

Leef Organics’ whole plant formula means that all of their products are rich in both cannabinoids and terpenes and are a perfect CBD solution for anyone looking to experience the entourage effect. Thanks to Leef Organics’ cold press extraction methods, all of their products are packed with not just CBD, but also vitamins and minerals that help to keep you fit and healthy.

One of the really nice features of shopping with Leef Organics is that they use the same CBD formula across all of their products. The whole plant formula used by Leef Organics allows you to easily mix and match different products without having to worry about inconsistent effects.

Thanks to Leef Organics’ bright website design, it’s easy to find all the products you need.


Final Verdict: 7.5/10

Leef Organics only creates full-spectrum products, but what does this mean? You can find some clarification on the difference between isolate and full-spectrum products in our mindful guide.

Official Site: leeforganics.com
Coupon Code: LEAF10

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