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Lloyds Pharmacy Review

The CBD industry has exploded in popularity over the last few years in the UK, this can largely be attributed to more and more people becoming aware of the health benefits of cannabidiol. It is now common when walking down a British high street to see signs in windows advertising products for sale, as well as some large chains launching ranges in an attempt to keep up with the competition.

More and more people are looking to use it a daily supplement, and for a good reason. Cannabidiol is thought to improve overall health and wellness much like traditional supplements only without all of the chemicals. As we become a more health-conscious society, people are looking for ways to cut artificial, chemically packed products from their daily routine.

Lloyd Pharmacy are just one of the larger UK chains to have released their own range. Iffering UK based customers access to cannabidiol from a brand with a history of providing quality and great service for many decades.

As someone who is always on the lookout for new products that I can try, I was excited to try out Lloyds Pharmacy’s Celtic Wind range when it first came to my local store.

There is a certain joy about being able to walk into a store and browse products, it really adds something to the overall experience. Let’s take a closer look at Lloyd Pharmacy’s new range and find out what they have on offer.

Who Is Lloyds Pharmacy: Representing the UK

Lloyds Pharmacy is a popular British high street pharmacy that has had a prominent place in most towns since the 1970s. With over 1,500 stores across the country and a wide selection of toiletries and pharmaceuticals, they are a popular choice for many.

Lloyds Pharmacy prides itself on being a forward-thinking company who is constantly adapting to suit the changing needs of the British high street. Seeing the increased demand for cannabidiol supplements, Lloyds Pharmacy decided to introduce a range of products to both their online store and high street shops, making CBD something that is affordable and accessible.

Lloyds Pharmacy teamed up with Celtic Wind Crops, an Irish company known for its high-quality organic hemp. Celtic Wind Crops manages the entire process from growing the hemp plants right through to the packaging and distribution stages, as this allows them to ensure high standards are met throughout.

Celtic Wind Crops are focused on establishing an eco-friendly and sustainable future using cutting edge technology and a creative approach to business. All of Celtic Wind Crops’ products are made using EU-certified hemp plant, guaranteeing customers excellent quality throughout their entire range. Celtic Wind Crops believes that what we put into our bodies, even on a micro-level, have a huge impact on our health and so only use 100% natural, organically grown ingredients for the true health-enhancing experience.

Celtic Wind Crops uses the Irish laboratory JHG Analytical Services to test and check the quality of all of their products, providing detailed lab reports.

These reports check for any potential contaminants, holding Celtic Wind Crops accountable and ensuring that only the highest quality products reach Lloyds Pharmacy shelves. Reports also show a detailed breakdown of what goes into the making of each product, down to the micro-level.

By purchasing Celtic Wind Crops products from Lloyds Pharmacy, you get the best of both companies. You get to experience Celtic Wind Crop’s health-enhancing hemp, while also benefiting from shopping with a well-known and reputable high street brand.

Lloyds Pharmacy CBD Highlights: Giving You Confidence

  • High Street Brand You Can Trust: Lloyds Pharmacy is a well-established pharmacy in the UK, with stores being found on high streets across the country. Shopping with a brand that you know and can actually visit, adds an extra layer of confidence which is important when shopping for health products.
  • Affordable Pricing: Cannabidiol products are still relatively new in the UK and as a result, it can often feel expensive and out of a lot of people’s price range. Lloyds Pharmacy products are however offered at a reasonable price that people can actually afford.
  • No Artificial Ingredients: Celtic Wind Crops’ products are made from 100% natural ingredients so that you do not have to worry about subjecting your body to potentially harmful chemicals.

Lloyds Pharmacy CBD Oil


Celtic Wind Crops oil is made from natural hemp oil from EU-certified hemp plants. Hemp plants undergo an environmentally-friendly and gentle extraction process, which ensures all of the naturally occurring terpenes and minerals that are found within the plant are retained. Celtic Wind Crops’ oils are suitable for vegans as a result of their minimal all-natural ingredient list.

Celtic Wind oil is designed with ease of use in mind, simply place a small drop of oil under your tongue and allow it to absorb into your body naturally. Each bottle comes with a dropper lid so that you do not need to worry about carrying anything extra around with you when you leave the house.

The oil has a natural flavor to it that is very subtle and I have found, it works well when combined with smoothies, this is something that is not always achievable with much stronger tasting oils. When taking the oil on its own, I found that a swig of water was enough to remove the taste which is something I appreciate. There is nothing worse than still tasting a product hours later and it affecting your next meal.

As a daily supplement Celtic Wind oils work perfectly, it was super simple to work into my morning routine giving me a healthy start to the day. I was impressed by the packaging and the thought that had clearly gone into making it as user-friendly and transportable as possible.

Lloyds Pharmacy CBD Multi Complex Oil

Celtic Wind Crops multi-complex oils are made from the whole hemp plant, meaning that you get all of the same cannabidiol and health-boosting goodness as their regular oil, but with the addition of over 150 naturally occurring compounds.

Multi complex oils contain not only cannabidiol but also CBG, CBD-A, and CBC, all of which work together to enhance the effects of the oil and further improve your health. Celtic Wind Crops multi-complex oils allow you to experience CBD in its most natural and authentic form.

As someone who always prefers to experience things in their most natural form, Celtic Wind Crops multi-complex oils are perfect.

The oils definitely had a stronger taste when compared with their regular oil, but I was expecting this due to all of the naturally occurring terpenes being present in the final product. That being said, it was not overwhelming and still worked in my favorite morning smoothies.

Celtic Wind Crops multi-complex oils are available in two different strengths: 3% and 10%. As well as two different quantity options allowing you to tailor your experience to meet your individual needs.

Just like Celtic Wind Crops’ regular oil, multi-complex oils come with a dropper built into the lid and were super simple to use. The secure lid meant that I was able to pop the bottle into my bag, confident that it would not leak during the day.

Lloyds Pharmacy CBD Capsules


Celtic Wind capsules are a super convenient way to take cannabidiol while on the go. Each capsule contains a blend of omega 3, 6, and 9, as well as a range of health-enhancing vitamins. Unlike many capsules, Celtic Wind Crops capsules are 100% free from artificial ingredients and made from only the very best EU hemp.

Celtic Wind Crops capsules are the perfect alternative to traditional daily supplements which are known for being packed full of artificial flavors and chemicals. Free from potentially harmful toxins, Celtic Wind Crops capsules allow you to stay healthy and give your immune system the boost that it needs without having to worry about filling your body with chemicals.

I found Celtic Wind Crops capsules were the perfect solution for those days when I was in a rush and needed something that I could take while on my way to work. Just like normal capsules, I just had to pop one in my mouth, and I was done, ready for a healthy day.

Each container of Celtic Wind Crops capsules contains 60 capsules, which should last a month if following the recommended daily dosage guide.

Lloyds Pharmacy CBD Powder


Celtic Wind powder has been designed as a way of easily and conveniently adding cannabidiol to your favorite foods and drinks. Simply add a few scoops to your morning smoothie for a healthy dose to help you kick start your day. I tried Celtic Wind Crops powder with a number of my favorite recipes, including porridge, cookies, and even sauces, and was surprised to find that it worked perfectly.

In most cases, I would not have even known the powder was there, something that I feel is important when adding supplements to food. There are few things worse than the taste of your favorite dish being altered.

Unlike many supplement powders, the ingredient list of Celtic Wind Crops powder is actually readable, rather than the standard long list of artificial ingredients that you cannot even pronounce.

The lack of ingredients filled me with confidence and meant that I did not have to worry about filling my body with chemicals I could not even pronounce. Celtic Wind Crops powder is made from 100% natural ingredients and is packed with important vitamins, as well as omega 3, 6, and 9. Helping you to stay fit and healthy.

Celtic Wind Crops powder comes in a screw-top pot so that you can take the convenient container with you and not have to worry about it leaking all over your bag. Each pot contains 40g of hemp powder which should be enough powder for a month’s worth of smoothies depending on your dosage.

Lloyds Pharmacy CBD: Costs

  • Celtic Wind Crops Powder

Celtic Wind CBD Powder (40g) – £64.99

  • Celtic Wind Crops Capsules

Celtic Wind Crops CBD Capsules (60 counts) – £74.99

  • Celtic Wind Crops Oil

Celtic Wind Crops CBD Multi Complex Oil 3% (10ml) – £23.99

Celtic Wind Crops CBD Multi Complex Oil 3% (30ml) – £79.99

Celtic Wind Crops CBD Multi Complex Oil 10% (10ml) – £57.99

Celtic Wind Crops CBD Multi Complex Oil 10% (20ml) – £104.99

Celtic Wind Crops Oil 5% (10ml) – £29.99

How to Buy Lloyds Pharmacy CBD Products: Your Local Store

UK-based customers can choose between purchasing Celtic Wind CBD products directly from Lloyds Pharmacy’s website or in-person from their high street stores. Lloyds Pharmacy are part of the Nectar Club group, meaning that you can collect one point for every pound that you spend helping you to save on your future orders.

The main benefit of shopping online is that you are guaranteed access to the entire Celtic Wind Crops range, rather than being limited to your local store’s stock.

You can also purchase all of your regular toiletries and pharmacy products at the same time in just one simple order, making life even easier. Shipping is completely free when you spend £35 or more, or you can opt for free next day click and collect at your local store.

It is always great to see a well-known British brand team up with a slightly lesser-known company and work together to bring high-quality products to the market.

Purchasing online from a brand you have never heard of before can sometimes feel a little daunting. So being able to walk into your local pharmacy and easily purchase products from a company you already know and trust opens the market up to a whole new group of customers.

After years of cannabidiol being spoken about in the media but not actually being something you could buy in a physical shop, there is a certain thrill about being able to walk into a high street store and actually purchase it.

When trying Celtic Wind Crops’ products, it quickly becomes clear why Lloyds Pharmacy has chosen to work with this brand. Celtic Wind Crops offers exceptionally high-quality products, that have been produced using sustainable methods and has the potential to really enhance your health. This is definitely noticeable throughout its product range.

Together Lloyds Pharmacy and Celtic Wind have made cannabidiol something that is accessible to all across the UK, challenging the way we think about health.

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