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Love Hemp cbd

Love Hemp Review

CBD is now completely legal in the UK, and surprisingly this is something that most people are still not aware of. As a result of the legalization, there are a number of new and exciting brands appearing across the country. There has been almost constant media attention on the health benefits of CBD over the last few years in the UK, but little focus on the fact that it is actually legal. Due to this, most people do not realize that they can access the beneficial power of CBD for themselves, without having to worry about the legal ramifications.

Love Hemp is a London-based brand that has been around since the CBD bubble exploded back in 2015. They are a brand committed to promoting CBD and ensuring that people are aware of all of the healthcare options at their disposal. Love Hemp stands out from other brands as a result of its creative approach to CBD, continuously creating new products that excite customers and show that CBD can be easily incorporated into everyday life.

Having heard such great things about Love Hemp, I decided to give their products a try for myself and find out what all the fuss is about.

Who is Love Hemp CBD: A Brief History

Love Hemp hopes that its products will be used as a natural supplement, designed to be taken on a regular basis in order to improve overall health and wellness. We care and worry about our health more now than ever before, and new supplements that offer a quick and easy way to stay healthier are always going to be worth trying. Love Hemp have a clear goal in mind and part of that goal is conforming to UK law, by creating low-THC products. But the company go even further, with extra attention being given to ensuring that products are free from THC. Love Hemp guarantees that its products have absolutely no intoxicating effects and that its supplements can be taken with confidence and are completely legal. This was a major selling point for me and is for a lot of people; the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are following the law should not be underestimated, and Love Hemp is aware of this.

Love Hemp only uses locally sourced hemp in order to reduce the brand’s carbon footprint. This also allows them to work with farmers and monitor the entire process closely. From plant to bottle, Love Hemp has a strict quality control system in place; products are subject to third-party laboratory testing using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). This process means that Love Hemp is able to guarantee fantastic quality across its entire range. 

There are two branches to the popular Love Hemp brand. First is its main venture which is focused on educating people about CBD and its health benefits, as well as selling a range of CBD products including oils, chocolate, and vape e-liquids. The second element of the company is its CBD water; Love Hemp decided to dedicate an entire website to its water, setting it apart from all of the other products.

All of Love Hemp’s products can be purchased directly from the website, including the CBD-infused water. With shipping throughout the UK, it has never been easier to treat your body well, and stay fit and healthy. 

Love Hemp CBD Highlights: The Good and the Great

  • Extensive Product Range: Love Hemp offers a wide selection of CBD products, even including some novel items such as CBD water. It is great to see a UK-based company with such a large choice of products as this is something normally only found within the US market.
  • 100% Natural Ingredients: Love Hemp believes that we should not be subjecting our bodies to unnecessary chemicals and toxins and so has created its entire range using only 100% natural ingredients. 
  • No Intoxicating Effects: You can enjoy Love Hemp’s products with confidence, knowing that they are completely THC free so you are sure not to experience any of the intoxicating effects of THC. 

Love Hemp CBD Oils

Love Hemp cbd oil

Love Hemp offers its customers perhaps the largest selection of CBD oils available in the UK, starting with just 8% CBD oils that go all the way up to 40%. This extensive selection means that you can perfectly tailor your CBD experience to suit your health needs and your body. For those new to CBD and just looking for a daily health-boosting supplement, the lower doses are going to work great, but as your body becomes used to CBD it is great to have the option to increase your dosage slowly. Equally, larger doses are perfect for those looking to treat particular health conditions, and for those who maybe need something a little stronger. Love Hemp packages its oils in easy-to-transport bottles, complete with a small dropper so that you can easily add a few drops to your food or apply directly to your tongue for fast effects.

For a super convenient and quick way to consume CBD, Love Hemp has created soft gel capsules. These small capsules pack all of the same goodness as the oils into one small package, perfect for long days out of the house.

Love Hemp CBD Edibles

Love Hemp cbd review

Edibles are a fun and effective way to add a dose of CBD to your diet, they have always been a popular choice for those looking to consume CBD without having to carry around a small bottle of oil all day, that could potentially leak. Edibles have always been one of my favorite ways to take CBD, so I was especially excited to see what this brand had on offer.

If you are looking for a super discreet way to consume CBD without anyone noticing, edibles are the perfect solution for you. Not only is a packet of sweets or chocolates easy to carry around in your bag, but no one is going to look twice as you pop one into your mouth, assuming you are just snacking. Edibles have the added benefit of being super tasty and making something medical into a fun and exciting experience that you come to look forward to every day.

Gummies are one of the most popular forms of edibles, and so it is no surprise that Love Hemp has a range of gummy options, including vegan gummies. Sugar-free gummies are another welcome addition to the market; Love Hemp understands that people who are trying to improve their health by adding CBD to their diet do not want to increase their sugar intake. This shows that Love Hemp has really put some thought into its products and thought about what its customers actually want.

As well as their popular gummies, Love Hemp also sell CBD-infused chocolate, perfect as an afternoon pick me up. Everyone loves a chocolate snack to help them survive until the end of the workday, and what better way to enjoy chocolate than with an added dose of CBD. You can choose between regular chocolate bites and – my personal favorite – the malt option. Love Hemp uses smooth dark chocolate to make its full spectrum CBD bites, which really are a delicious way to enjoy a small dose of CBD. 

Love Hemp CBD Vape Liquids

Love Hemp is all about giving their customers choice, and this shows in its wide range of vape e-liquids, with a range of different strengths and flavors. Liquids start with a 50mg option and go all the way up to 300mg; this allows you to tailor your vaping experience to your needs because no one knows your body as well as you do. Liquids come in five fantastically creative flavors: Blueberry Menthol, Apple Cherry Sherbet, Grape Kush, Strawberry Cool, and Cherry Coolada.

One of the best things about Love Hemp vape liquids, apart from their flavors, is that they are made using vegetable glycerin as opposed to chemical glycerines that are most commonly used in vape liquids and are thought to have potentially harmful long-term health effects. It is these small attentions to detail that really set Love Hemp apart from other brands of CBD products.

Love Hemp also sell a very interesting product and one that is rarely seen from a CBD vape company; this is their e-liquid vape additive. This e-liquid is designed to be added to regular CBD-free vape liquids, infusing them with a small dose of CBD. These e-liquids have been specially formulated acting as an advanced concentration of cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients so that you can enjoy all of the health benefits of Love Hemp’s CBD vapes mixed with your favorite regular vape liquids. This is a welcome addition to the vape industry as it shows that Love Hemp recognizes choice is important. While the company sell five delicious flavored vape liquids, a little extra control and customization is always nice and something that customers definitely appreciate.

Love Hemp Water

Love Hemp cbd uk

Love Hemp is the first company in Europe to produce and sell CBD hemp infused spring water. Small nutrient-rich smoothies and juice shots have become increasingly popular over the last few years, with people looking for a quick and delicious way to improve their health. Even supermarkets have started selling 100ml bottles of nutrient-rich juice shots, designed to give your immune system a boost. Love Hemp decided to take this new craze to the next level and, rather than creating a CBD infused smoothie shot, the brand chose to add CBD to water. Unsurprisingly, CBD-infused water was an instant hit, providing a new way to stay fit and healthy.

Love Hemp water not only keeps you hydrated throughout the day, but also provides you with a small dose of natural hemp extract, helping you to achieve mental clarity and stay healthy. Each 500ml bottle contains 2mg of hemp extract and has been formulated so that you can drink Love Hemp water throughout the day in order to achieve continuous effects. Love Hemp water is the perfect way to stay hydrated while also giving yourself a little health boost.

Love Hemp CBD Costs

  • Love Hemp CBD Oils

Love Hemp 800mg 8% CBD Oil (10ml) – £49.99

Love Hemp 2000mg 20% CBD Oil (10ml) – £129.99

Love Hemp 4000mg 40% CBD Oil (10ml) – £269.99

Love Hemp 10,000mg 10% CBD Oil (10ml) – £399.99

Love Hemp 400mg CBD Oil Spray (30ml) – £29.99

  • Love Hemp CBD Beauty Topicals

Love Hemp CBD Infused Cellulose Fibre Mask 10mg – £9.99

Love Hemp Body Slave 300mg CBD (50ml) – £29.99

  • Love Hemp CBD Capsules

Love Hemp 300mg CBD Softgel Capsules – £39.99

Love Hemp 750mg CBD Softgel Capsules – £69.99

  • Love Hemp CBD Edibles

Love Hemp Sugar Free CBD Infused Gummy Bears 5mg per Bear – £19.99 – £89.99

Love Hemp Vegan & Sugar-Free CBD Infused Jelly Domes 10mg per dome – £19.99 – £89.99

Love Hemp CBD Gummy Bears 10mg CBD per bear – £16.79 – £244.99

Love Hemp CBD Chocolate Bites 200mg CBD (100g) – £14.99

Love Hemp CBD Malt Chocolate Bites 200mg CBD (100g) – £14.99

  • Love Hemp Vape Products

Love Hemp CBD Infused e-liquid 50mg CBD (10ml) – £9.99

Love Hemp CBD Infused e-liquid 100mg CBD (10ml) – £14.99

Love Hemp CBD Infused e-liquid 300mg CBD (10ml) – £29.99

Love Hemp CBD Infused e-liquid 100mg CBD (15ml) – £14.99 reduced to £10.49

Love Hemp CBD Infused e-liquid 250mg CBD (15ml) – £29.99 reduced to £20.99

Love Hemp e-liquid Vape Additive 750mg CBD (15ml) – £59.99

Kanger K-Pin Mini Electronic Cigarette Kit – £24.99

KangerTech SS0CC Coils – £12.99

Love Hemp Liquid Terpenes (1ml) – £14.99

Love Hemp 99% CBD Crystal Isolate – £14.99 – £399.99

Love Hemp terpene Infused CBD Crystals – £22.99 – £74.99

Love Hemp 85% CBD Wax Crumble – THC Free – Full Terpene Profile – £24.99 – £74.99

Love Hemp CBD Water (500ml) – £1.99 – £22.99

Final Thoughts on Love Hemp CBD

Love Hemp’s passion for creating the very best CBD products possible and continuously pushing what can be done with CBD has placed it at the forefront of the CBD industry. Love Hemp is a brand that is not afraid to try something a little different; their CBD infused water has taken CBD to the next level in the UK and made CBD more than just something that you buy from a health food store. Love Hemp believes that CBD should be fun and exciting, and this is something that is definitely needed in the UK to really grab people’s attention and show that CBD is part of 21st-century medicine.

With the UK CBD market still finding its feet, it is great to see companies such as Love Hemp place so much importance on transparency and ensure that customers are well informed about their CBD choices. Love Hemp is setting high standards for the rest of the industry to follow and creating a culture where customers expect a high level of customer service. 

Whether you are new to the CBD market or are looking to expand your CBD range, Love Hemp offers creative choices making CBD an experience, rather than just part of your daily routine. The next time you are shopping for your supply of immune-boosting CBD, why not check out Love Hemp’s website and give their products a try for yourself and be part of the future of CBD.

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