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Mary’s Medicinals Review

It is rare to find a company that both sells cannabis and invests a large quantity of their time into research, working to ensure that customers have access to only the best products that offer maximum health benefits.  

Mary’s Medicinals is one of these rare companies, priding themselves on staying up-to-date with the most recent news and research surrounding cannabis, and in particular, its medical benefits.

But are their products representative of this?

Mary’s Medicinals Quick Summary


  • Works with leading scientists to help develop CBD-based technology
  • Sells vegan CBD capsules
  • Interesting range of products
  • The first brand to sell transdermal CBD products
  • Full-spectrum products available
  • Informational blog


  • Don’t sell their products online


If the lack of products available online is a deal-breaker, we completely understand. That’s why you can find our 5 favorite CBD brands on our main page, all of whom sell CBD online.

Mary’s Medicinals Full Review

Mary’s Medicinals goes beyond what you would expect from a company selling CBD and other natural health products. Mary is a world-changing group, working to advance the acceptance and understanding of cannabis and other plant-based medicines across the globe, while also researching and creating world-leading CBD products for their customers. 

They use their knowledge of CBD to create only the highest quality products so that everyone can experience the positive impact that CBD can have on their own health.

Let’s take a closer look at Mary’s Medicinals and what makes it such a special company.

Who Is Mary’s Medicinals?

Mary’s Medicinals is made up of a group of people, including leading scientists in the cannabis field, who passionately believe in natural medication and the positive impact it can have on everyone’s health. Mary’s Medicinals works to promote these health benefits and to educate people about a whole world of alternative medication, free from harmful chemicals and toxins.

It hosts regular events for patients, educating them about the latest cannabis products and research, spreading the message that natural medicine can be just as effective, if not even more so, than traditional pharmaceuticals. It also offers training to companies and other researchers in the field, sharing its expert knowledge.

With a clear goal, Mary’s Medicinals strives to ensure all products are convenient to use, high quality and enjoyable to consume. With a customer-first approach that is intended to provide guidance and support, Mary’s Medicinals openly pours all of their research into making their production line one of the most advanced, ensuring your health comes first.

Mary’s Medicinals Legacy

The cannabis industry has been transformed as a result of the research that has been carried out by Mary’s Medicinals, they were the very first to sell transdermal cannabis products and demonstrate the impact that they can have on the medical world.

Transdermal products allow for cannabis to be delivered directly to the bloodstream, avoiding having to be processed by the liver and being broken down within the stomach; as a result, they are ten times more effective than other cannabis products. Mary’s Medicinals’ achievements have not gone unrecognized, with the company winning an award for its groundbreaking Transdermal Cannabis Patch, as well as numerous other awards for its products and research.

All of Mary’s Medicinals’ products are created using the highest quality ingredients that are 100% natural and conform to a vegan diet, whenever possible. An in-house testing lab means that the entire process can be continuously checked and monitored for consistency and quality. Raw materials are tested within Mary’s lab before being used to create the most excellent products. The extracts used and the final product are also tested by lab technicians ensuring that only the best products are delivered to their customers.

Mary’s Medicinals’ research is not limited to the final products and their health benefits, but also extends to the methods and equipment used to create these products. The company is continuously researching new cutting edge technology that can be applied throughout the cannabis market, such as the discovery of harvesting techniques that allow for the seamless isolation of CBD.

The latest edition of Mary’s equipment is the Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer, expanding their research potential and further advancing medical knowledge.  

Mary’s Medicinals Highlights

  • Up-to-date research: Mary’s Medicinals invest as much time into research as they go into designing and marketing their products, so you can be sure that all of their products offer the most advanced CBD healing methods available.
  • Transdermal Products: Mary’s Medicinals offers a range of transdermal products, providing you with the most effective method of managing surface level aches and pains.
  • On-site lab testing: As a result of Mary’s Medicinals having an onsite lab they are able to test not just their final products but also every ingredient that goes into them to ensure that they conform to their strict regulations.

Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal Products 

Mary’s Medicinals has won a number of awards for its research into transdermal products, working to ensure that its entire range provides customers with an accurate dosage, and results that they can trust to improve their quality of life. Transdermal products have an advantage over other methods of ingesting CBD when it comes to relieving external aches and pains; this is due to the way in which our bodies are able to absorb the CBD that it is receiving.

Unlike more traditional methods, transdermal products are delivered straight to your bloodstream. As a result, they are able to act upon the body faster, providing pain relief within just ten minutes. It also allows for more accurate dosage, as there is less waste as the CBD works its way through your body. Transdermal products are ideal for treating conditions such as Arthritis, as well as providing fast relief from nerve and muscle pain.


The benefits of transdermal absorption are available through Mary’s range of CBD, CBN and THC products including, gel pens and balms, that offer pain relief for up to 6 hours. Pens and balms allow you to target the exact area of pain without affecting the rest of your body. They are easy to administer and fast acting; you can carry on with your day pain-free.

Transdermal patches are designed to offer a longer form of pain relief, all within a small 2″ square patch that you can place anywhere on your body. With effects lasting up to 12 hours, patches are ideal for longer days when you just want to enjoy yourself and not have to worry about the potential pain, and having to take medication throughout the day. Patches are available in a range of different THC, CBD and CBN blends.

Mary’s Medicinals Oils 

Mary’s Medicinals Remedy Oils use a unique blend of CBD, cinnamon oil, myrrh and sweet almond oil to provide customers a simple yet extremely effective way to boost their immune system. Not only this, but it helps alleviate aches and pains, with this daily cannabinoid therapy. Remedy oils are designed to fit seamlessly into your daily diet, providing you with all the health benefits of CBD as well as boosting your immune system, helping you to stay fit and healthy.

These oils come in a range of different blends, including CBD, CBN, and THC, so that you are sure to find the right oil to suit your body’s needs. Remedy THC is made from full-spectrum THC extract and comes in a fresh lemon, lime flavor. It’s a great way to experience the euphoric effects of THC without having to worry about filling your body with harmful toxins. 

Mary’s Medicinals Vape Kit

The Mary’s Medicinals Vape Kit comes with everything you need to get started, including a vape pen complete with display showing its battery life and draw line, as well as 100% natural vape oils. All vape oils are made using advanced distillation methods, ensuring that you receive only the finest quality oils, that contain only CBD and terpenes without any of the harmful fillers that are often used.

Mary’s Medicinals Vape Oils come in a fruity berry flavor with a hint of citrus, giving your taste buds an energetic boost as the smooth vapor fills your lungs, and the soothing effects of the CBD work their way through your body.

Vape oils are available in both a CBD:CBN blend and a THC:CBD blend for those looking to experience the traditional high that comes from THC, while still taking advantage of the health benefits of CBD.  

Mary’s Medicinals Capsules

Mary’s Medicinals Capsules provide you with an extremely easy and effective way to work CBD into your diet, helping to relieve a number of different medical conditions, including anxiety, insomnia, and inflammation.

Using 100% natural, plant-based ingredients, Mary’s capsules are ideal for vegans looking to introduce the healing effects of CBD into their diet without having to worry about ingesting animal products or harmful chemicals, that could potentially counter the health-enhancing effects of CBD.

The advanced coating used for the capsules ensures that unwanted stomach acid cannot break down the capsules, which can result in your body absorbing a full dose too quickly. 

Mary’s Medicinals Product List

Mary’s Medicinal products cannot be purchased directly from the company’s website; instead, a store locator is available for each product so that you can find your closest stockist. Prices vary depending on the store.

Alternatively, a reduced range of products is available for online order from Mary’s Medicinals’ sister site, Mary’s Nutritionals.

  • Mary’s Medicinals CBD Topicals

CBD Muscle Freeze

100mg Transdermal Compound

100mg Transdermal Gel Pen

Transdermal Patch

  • Mary’s Medicinals CBD Oils

Remedy Oil 1:1 by Coltyn (100mg)

The Remedy CBN:CBD (200mg)

CBD Remedy Oil (500mg)

The Remedy THC (1000mg)

Capsules (30 ct)

  • Mary’s Medinals CBD Vape Products

Distillate Vape Kit


Final Thoughts on Mary’s Medicinals

Mary’s Medicinals is a company leading the way when it comes to cannabis research and promoting the positive impact that it can have on your health. Its true dedication can be seen throughout the entire company, including its education programs, its team of scientists and researchers continuously working to push the cannabis market to the next level.

Mary’s Medicinals were the first to introduce a number of eco-friendly production methods to the industry, as well as showcasing to the world the benefits of transdermal products. However, it’s a shame many potential customers will be lost because they don’t sell online.

Final Verdict: 7/10

If accessibility is important to you or you simply prefer shopping CBD online, check out the main page for some of the world’s most premium brands.

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Michelle Villatoro

I’ve tried Mary’s Medicinals many a times for chronic pain and stress. It works good almost always. Sometimes I still have to take an additional pill, but most of the times my symptoms disappear. I feel CBD from a premium brand like Mary’s Medicinals is a great organic solution for all of us who are in pain or stress continuously.

Jessica Ralston

If you are a healthy adult, you’ll most likely tolerate Mary’s Medicinals very well. If you are wanting it for health problems, then expect it to cause a few gut problems for the first two weeks. But those will subside on their own and then you’ll start enjoying all the nice benefits of CBD oil from Mary’s. Give it a try today, it is out of this world.

Mary Wagner

CBD items and alternative medicines are my favorite products. They even can help a great deal with fighting for psychological challenges day after day. Also, I was kind of encouraged by other health benefits. I’ve seen less migraines and less body tiredness after exercising.

Paul Garvey

They got vape kits, pods, pain freeze creams, oils, serums and what not. I am a fan of this brand. Purchased it once as a bundle of multiple products and now I keep on experimenting with different formulations. I do not take CBD medicinally, I take it for fun and this brand is awesome that ways.

Mitchell Wilke

Use the Whey Protein from Mary’s Medicinals after an aggressive gyming session. I am sure it would help you build up the muscles faster. I am a body builder and this one has replaced my usual Whey. I find it very, very good.

Monica Green

If I were to try a new CBD brand, I would try this one now! You have written in a very convincing manner and the name is impresssive too. “Mary’s Medicinals”! I haven’t used a lot of CBD so far, but whatever I have used from Mary’s Medicinals has been great.