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Mary’s Nutritionals Review

Not all CBD products are the same, and when trying CBD for the first time, it is essential to find the perfect product that suits your lifestyle and health needs.

That’s why for this review, we’ll be looking into Mary’s Nutritionals. Mary’s Nutritionals are a CBD brand that believes in showcasing CBD’s versatility and how it can become a fun and positive part of your daily life. Focusing mainly on CBD topicals, Mary’s Nutritionals offers their customers high-quality products and choice when shopping for CBD.

Let’s take a closer look at Mary’s Nutritionals and find out what sets their products apart from other CBD brands.

Mary’s Nutritionals CBD Quick Summary


  • They have top-rated customer care
  • All products are backed by careful research and study
  • They utilize American grown hemp
  • The product range is tested by experts in-house and third-party labs
  • Full-spectrum products available
  • Sells a diverse range of products


  • The website indicates that they don’t accept returns
  • Some items are expensive


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Who Is Mary’s Nutritionals?

All of the products sold by Mary’s Nutritionals have been designed with a clear purpose. And that purpose is to provide a better quality of life through the use of plant-based products. A proud supporter of the vegan lifestyle, Mary’s Nutritionals use plant-based ingredients to create all of their products.

All of their products contain full-spectrum CBD, which has been derived from organically grown hemp plants. By using full-spectrum CBD, customers are able to benefit from the entire plant directly. They also won’t ever have to worry about the risk of consuming THC. All products contain a healthy blend of cannabinoids, terpenes, and minerals.

Mary’s Nutritionals have a wide range of products to choose from. This allows you to find the perfect CBD product that fits seamlessly into your daily life. Popular items include their Remedy Tincture, Transdermal range, and CBD topicals.

Mary’s Nutritionals Highlights

  • Plant-Based Products: Mary’s Nutritionals use plant-based ingredients wherever possible, ensuring that their products are suitable for vegans. The natural mix of ingredients also means that Mary’s Nutritionals’ products are packed with the minerals and vitamins that your body needs to stay fit and healthy.
  • Wide Range of Products: Mary’s Nutritionals specializes in topical CBD products offering customers a wide and varied selection so that you are able to choose the perfect product to suit your lifestyle.
  • Excellent Value for Money: All of Mary’s Nutritionals’ products have price points that won’t break the bank. Many of their offerings include low-cost or affordable products that consumers can integrate into their daily lives.
  • Lab-tested quality: Mary’s Nutritionals goes the extra mile when it comes to testing. They test in-house with experts such as renowned Dr. Jeremy Riggle, a holistic innovator, and educator. They also go one step further by using trustworthy and unbiased third-party labs to test the quality of their products.

Mary’s Nutritionals Review: CBD Products

Mary’s Nutritionals aims to merge modern technology with established horticulture, allowing for potent feel-good products that make a real difference. Working closely with prominent physicians, Mary’s Nutritionals has been able to achieve this goal.

They have designed plant-based products that allow customers to take control of their physical and mental wellness. Keep reading to find out what products may work for you.

Mary’s Nutritionals CBD Remedy Oil

Cannadips have made their Remedy Oil using their unique CBD formulation. The CBD Remedy Oil is designed to support a healthy, proactive lifestyle, giving your body the nutrients that it needs each day.


Mary’s Nutritionals make their best-selling Remedy CBD oil using full-spectrum hemp oil. Each drop of oil contains approximately 2mg of CBD filled with cannabinoids, terpenes, and no THC.

Mary’s Nutritionals Transdermal Compound

Mary’s Nutritional’s Transdermal Compound offers plant-based wellness in a smooth, silky formulation. You can target areas directly on the body to provide a boost of full-spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD. This complex also contains hydrating elements such as mango butter, grapeseed, and sunflower oils.

The result is a comforting blend that soothes and calms light irritation while rejuvenating the skin.

Mary’s Nutritionals CBD Burnout Mist

The latest in their line of fantastic skincare items includes their portable spray. Their Burnout Mist helps to re-hydrate skin with natural ingredients such as aloe vera and witch hazel. This formulation is available in an easy to transport bottle. You can spray any area with a light, soothing mist any time of day or night.

Consumers with sensitive skin may also enjoy this mist’s German blue chamomile and lavender essential oil.

Mary’s Nutritionals Muscle Freeze

Relax sore and tired muscles with Mary’s Nutritionals hemp-derived muscle freeze. Consumers can choose between their 200mg or 75mg CBD bottle.  It functions as an excellent after-exercise recovery option and can be the perfect way to unwind after a long day.


This smooth topical cream contains elements such as mango butter, beeswax, apricot oil. It also has naturally derived cannabinoids and terpenes for a soothing, effective experience.

Mary’s Nutritionals CBD Elite Patch

Mary’s Nutritionals award-winning transdermal CBD patch is the number one CBD solution for anyone who needs a consistent dose of CBD throughout the day.

The CBD patches can be applied in the morning and left until evening; this provides your body with a microdose of CBD all day long. Each patch contains full-spectrum hemp extract, ensuring that you are able to benefit from the entire plant without having to worry about consuming even trace amounts of THC.


The CBD elite patches are an excellent way to ensure that your body gets the CBD it needs without affecting your daily routine. Simply place a CBD elite patch on your skin in the morning and enjoy your day carefree while Mary’s Nutritionals patch does all of the hard work for you.

The patches are made using a plant-based blend, for a calming start to your day.

Mary’s Nutritionals Sample Pack

If you can’t decide what products to purchase, Mary’s Nutritionals has the perfect solution. Their sample pack contains a little of the entire product line, giving you the ultimate experience without sacrificing choice. Each pack comes with sample sizes of:

  • Elite Patch
  • Topical Compound
  • Muscle Freeze
  • Gel Pen
  • Remedy Oil

With their affordable variety pack, you can have your cake and eat it too! And if you decide you like any product, in particular, you can get a no-hassle subscription for the product every month. This is a great way to get the product you need at a discounted price.

Mary’s Nutritionals CBD Transdermal Gel Pen

Mary’s Nutritionals CBD transdermal gel pen has been designed for those who need a quick and straightforward CBD solution while on the go. The company has done all of the hard work for you with a precise 2mg dose of CBD with each pump so that you never have to worry about accidentally altering your dose.


The transdermal gel pen can permeate through your skin for full-body effects that are not limited merely to the area of application.

As each pump contains just 2mg of CBD Mary’s Nutritionals CBD, the transdermal gel pen can be used multiple times throughout the day, giving you complete control over how much CBD is going into your body at one time.

Where Can I Purchase Mary’s Nutritionals?

All of Mary’s Nutritionals products are available for purchase directly through their website. Shopping is easy, with the option to either browse all CBD products or to use the clear list of filters to find exactly what you are looking for.

However, for those searching for an in-person experience, there is a handy store locator tool. This tool allows consumers to find retailers that sell their products. The store locator makes shopping for CBD a simple and stress-free process.

Mary’s Nutritionals offers nationwide shipping, meaning that you have no excuse to try their fantastic CBD products.

Final Verdict on Mary’s Nutritionals

Mary’s Nutritionals’ range of CBD products shows that CBD can be so much more than just a bottle of oil that you take a few drops of each morning. When shopping with Mary’s Nutritionals, you feel in control of your health and wellness, able to select products that work for you.

Shopping with Mary’s Nutritionals is a simple process thanks to their smartly designed website that guides you through the process of finding the perfect product. With their shipping deals, there has never been a better time to shop with Mary’s Nutritionals and start including CBD into your daily routine.


Final Verdict: 8/10

Mary’s Nutritionals is a great company with fantastic products. However, if you’re looking to see how they stack up with the competition, check out some of our other best picks.

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