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Medical Marijuana Inc. CBD Review

Medical Marijuana Inc Review

Better known as CBD, cannabidiol is the most abundant non-intoxicating substance in marijuana and is also taken from the hemp plant. Now that growing industrial hemp is legal in the United States, sellers of CBD are taking the cannabinoid from the hemp plant to guarantee a minimal level of THC, which is the most abundant psychoactive compound in marijuana.

Companies are clamoring to sell CBD which means consumers must be wary; not every brand is reputable. Our goal is to you separate the wheat from the chaff in the industry, and today, we look at Medical Marijuana Inc.

Who are Medical Marijuana Inc.?

It is a brand that claims to be a ‘company of firsts.’ Medical Marijuana Inc. says it is “leading the hemp revolution,” and it says it developed the first legal supply of CBD in the world. The brand has developed a family of firms including HempMeds, Kannalife, Phyto Animal Health, and Kannaway.

Medical Marijuana Inc. became the first company in the weed business space to be traded on public stock markets back in 2009. Within two years, it had established a global CBD pipeline, and in 2011, it became the first company to deliver marijuana brands across state lines in the United States.

Since then, it has broken into the mainstream and has introduced medical cannabis products to Puerto Rico, Brazil, and Mexico, among numerous other nations. One of its companies, Kannaway, recently featured in the Wall Street Journal as the brand continues to grow. It may be a trailblazer, but is it worth spending your hard-earned cash on Medical Marijuana Inc’s products?

Review of Medical Marijuana Inc. CBD Oil

It will take you some time to see everything the company has to offer because it sells dozens of products. Its CBD oil, however, is one of the main items of interest and it sells Green, Blue, and Gold label hemp oil liquid. It is extremely difficult to find products in order because the site’s design is a bit of a mess.

I was eventually able to see two Gold label options: 500mg of CBD for $85 and 1000mg for $139. There appears to be two Green label choices and three Blue label choices, including a 100mg bottle for $26.10. I tried the 1000mg Gold label CBD and was suitably impressed. The bottle contains 4 oz of liquid which means there is approximately 9 mg of CBD per ml.

Unlike the vast majority of CBD oil products, Medical Marijuana Inc’s version did not come with a dropper. Instead, the firm recommends that you use ¾ of a teaspoon each day and that the bottle has 32 servings. It is not ideal, and there is no way of getting a precise measurement of your dosage which is irritating.

The CBD in the oil comes from the stalk of non-GMO hemp plants which are tested for quality and include no additives. It contains MCT oil to improve bioavailability, and the brand says the oil is tested by ISO-Certified Labs. The oil had the usual taste, and I found that it did a good job for my anxiety.

The brand sells several other CBD tincture options, all of which contain either MCT oil, ethanol, or vegetable glycerin. The company points out the difference between its tinctures, which go up to 10.5mg of CBD per serving, and its hemp oils which offer doses of up to 78mg. These liquids blend the company’s award-winning Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO) with fatty acids to boost absorption of CBD in the body.

You can consume the fluid by placing it beneath your tongue, swallowing it immediately, or adding it to food or drink. Aside from the Green, Blue, and Gold label CBD hemp oil liquid, Medical Marijuana Inc. also sells CBD hemp oil drops in cinnamon, natural, and peppermint flavors. Its Dixie Botanicals range sells 1oz and 2oz bottles containing 100mg ($26.50) and 500mg ($99) respectively.

Review of Medical Marijuana Inc. CBD Edibles

In terms of ease of consumption, it is hard to beat CBD edibles. As well as being delicious, these gummies and chocolate infused with CBD ensure you get your daily dose without even realizing it. The edibles range comes from Dixie Botanicals and includes Mango Citrus & Sour Apple chews, and chocolate. All three items cost $49.99 a bottle.

I tried the Mango Citrus chews and absolutely loved them. They taste like ‘normal’ candy, but I couldn’t find out how much CBD was in each one. There are 30 pieces of candy per bottle incidentally. The chocolate flavored edibles have 5 mg of CBD apiece, and this candy is also infused with several vitamins and 100mg of caffeine per chew.

I did feel more energetic but how much of this was down to the caffeine is hard to say. The main issue with edibles is the cost, and it is hard to justify paying $50 for what is 250mg of CBD. Yes, it is convenient, but it needs to be stronger.

Review of Medical Marijuana Inc. Salve

The salve is one of three body care products on offer. It contains 50mg of CBD for $39. As you would expect, you rub the salve on the affected area and wait for it to take effect. The CBD is taken from the hemp plant via a solvent-free CO2 extraction process. This guarantees quality, but even though the cream felt like a normal skincare item, it didn’t quite have the effect I was hoping for.

This could be due to the lack of potency. 50mg of CBD isn’t a lot. In fact, some people need more than that on a daily basis. It needs to contain several times more CBD to be worth the money. It is best used as a convenient additional method of ingesting CBD, rather than as the sole method.

What About Medical Marijuana Inc.’s Other Products?

Where do we start? The brand sells an enormous amount of CBD items, ranging from concentrate to CBD for pets. There is a CBD oil natural conditioner for your hair which costs $14.25 although it is on sale at present (usual price is $19).

You can also purchase stronger versions of the Green, Blue and Gold label CBD oils. These items come in the form of a syringe which makes it easier to measure out how much you need each day. There is also a ‘Special Blend’ which is stronger than any of the others. At 380 mg of CBD per gram for $379, it is very easy to get your daily dose, even if you need lots of it to treat a condition such as epilepsy. The ‘Maximum Strength’ option is the most potent at 450mg of CBD per gram. A 10g syringe will cost you $429. You can also save money by purchasing a 3-pack.

If the above isn’t strong enough, try the brand’s CBD isolate options. You can purchase a gram of isolate powder (990 mg of CBD) for $49.99, a 4oz bottle of liquid with 1000mg of CBD for $165, or an 8oz bottle with 5000mg of CBD for just $329. There are also CBD capsules in Gold, Blue, Green, and Gel Capsules from Dixie Botanicals. Each pack contains 30 x 25mg CBD capsules with a slightly different price range:

  • Green: $99
  • Dixie: $109
  • Blue: $109
  • Gold: $119

If you like vaporizing your CBD, you have the option of purchasing a Kandypens vape device and a cartridge filled with 250mg of CBD for $58.49. There is also CBD vape liquid in several flavors: 1000mg of CBD costs $99.99.

If you want your pet to get the benefits of this compound, you can purchase CBD oil for pets or treat them with bacon apple flavored donuts. There is also an oral applicator with extra-strength CBD for animals. Finally, there is a non-cannabis CBD product called RSHO-K Humulus CBD liquid. A 4oz bottle contains 1000 mg and costs $165.99.

Where Can I Buy Products from Medical Marijuana Inc.?

Make your way to the official website and go to the ‘shop’ page. Initially, it may be difficult to find what you’re looking for due to the incredible range of products. But eventually, you will narrow everything down by clicking on each individual tab.

I didn’t even mention the number of accessories on offer in the review! There are cleaning supplies, grinders, and accessories such as a pocket pipe and a tightvac container. You could legitimately spend an hour searching the site because there is simply so much choice.

The Review…Final Thoughts on Medical Marijuana Inc.

This is not only a reputable brand; it is a company that sells about as many CBD products as we have seen from any one firm. Of course, this is possible because it has several organizations, which is great news for the consumer because you can buy high-quality CBD in almost any form you choose.

I found the CBD oil to be good for anxiety but was a little disappointed with the edibles and the salve. Even so, there are tens of thousands of satisfied customers so clearly, Medical Marijuana Inc. is doing something right! The products are, relatively expensive in general, but for most customers it is a case of getting what they paid for.

Rating: 8.5/10

Medical Marijuana Inc. Pros

  • Enormous range of CBD products
  • Third-party lab testing
  • Reputable company with a global reach
  • An industry leader
  • Huge array of positive reviews from consumers

Medical Marijuana Inc. Cons

  • Website design doesn’t make it easy to find what you are looking for
  • Some of the products are relatively expensive
  • The salve doesn’t contain enough CBD to be effective – the same is true of the chews
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