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MediPets CBD [Full Pet Products Review]

Medipets CBD Review

There is an ever-growing list of CBD brands dedicated to creating CBD products for pets. MediPets CBD is just one of the many pet-friendly CBD companies that are committed to providing you with high-quality CBD products your pet will love.

MediPets CBD Quick Summary


  • Products are free of THC
  • A tasty range of flavors available, including Gourmet Beef
  • hemp is grown in the US
  • Products are tested in third-party laboratories
  • 25% money-off coupon on your first order
  • Products available for small, medium, and large animals


  • No international shipping
  • Products only available for cats and dogs

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MediPets CBD Full Review

CBD has become a very popular dietary supplement option over the last few years, with an increasing number of people enjoying CBD on a regular basis. It is only recently, however, that people have started to question whether CBD could also be a health-boosting supplement for their pets too.

A number of brands have started branched out, launching their own range of CBD pet products so that every member of the family can benefit from a daily dose of CBD.

MediPets CBD has a wide range of pet products, including everything from CBD oils to CBD treats, making it easier than ever to keep your furry friends fit and healthy.

So, let’s take a look at what makes MediPets CBD stand out from other pet-focused brands and check out some of the top CBD products.

Who Are MediPets CBD?

MediPets CBD is one of the USA’s leading providers of pet-friendly CBD products. The company is dedicated to providing you with high-quality, effective products that you know you can trust and that your pets will love.

MediPets CBD believes that you should never give your pet products that you wouldn’t use yourself and, therefore, they only use natural, healthy ingredients to create their CBD products. All of the ingredients are tested to ensure that they meet the company’s quality standards.

All of MediPets CBD’s products are guaranteed to be completely free from THC, so you can be sure your pets won’t experience any psychoactive effects. On top of that, MediPets CBD only uses USA grown hemp plants. By choosing to create full-spectrum oils, MediPets CBD can pack its products with a rich cannabinoid blend that is completely THC-free.

In order to ensure consistently high quality across all of its products, MediPets CBD uses third-party lab testing. During these lab tests, the products are thoroughly checked for both purity and consistency.

Customers can view the lab results even before they purchase. MediPets CBD has a link to all the most recent reports, allowing you to easily see what you are purchasing before you part with your money.

MediPets CBD understands that every pet is an individual and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. To ensure that you can always find the perfect CBD solution for your pets, MediPets CBD has a wide range of product types and concentration options.

MediPets CBD Highlights

  • All Natural Ingredients: MediPets CBD is committed to using natural, healthy ingredients in its products. At MediPets CBD, they believe that you should never give your pets artificial toxins that aren’t safe for humans or animals.
  • Free Shipping Option: MediPets CBD aims to make CBD something that is affordable and accessible to all. To help you save a little extra when shopping, MediPets CBD has a free shipping option when you spend more than $100 on one order.
  • Third-Party Lab Testing: All of MediPets CBD’s products are tested by third-party labs before being shipped to your door. The reports can be viewed with just a few clicks, giving you confidence and peace of mind when shopping.

MediPets CBD Negative Thoughts

  • USA Only: MediPets’ products are currently only available to customers who live in the USA. It would be great to see MediPets CBD extend its shipping options to other countries in the future.
  • Limited to Cats and Dogs: All of MediPets’ products are designed with cats and dogs in mind. As MediPets CBD continues to expand, it would be nice to see them offer CBD products for other pets such as horses and smaller animals.

MediPets CBD CBD Oil

MediPets CBD CBD Oil

MediPets has a wide range of CBD oils available, with an option to suit every size dog and cat. All of MediPets’ CBD oils are made using high-quality, organic hemp plants, guaranteeing that every drop of oil is completely free from THC.

MediPets CBD oils range from $29.99 up to $89.99, depending on the concentration that you choose. Cat oils are available in 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg options, allowing you to tailor the amount of CBD that your cat consumes to suit their needs.

CBD dog oils are categorized based on the size of your dog, with options for small, medium, and large dogs. Small dog oils start at 25mg for the low price of $29.99, with the medium dog oil starting at 100mg, and options for large dogs up to 550mg.

MediPets’ cat and dog oils are designed with your pets in mind, containing ingredients that are easy for their bodies to break down and process. This includes things like vegetable glycerin.

All of MediPets’ CBD pet oils have a natural flavor that comes from the terpenes found within hemp plants. The natural herbal flavor profile makes these oils perfect for mixing with your pet’s regular meals for an easy way to ensure they always get their dose of CBD.

MediPets CBD CBD Treats

MediPets CBD CBD Treats

MediPets’ CBD treats are a fun way to reward your pets while also providing them with a healthy burst of CBD. MediPets CBD has a wide range of CBD treats that have been specially designed for both cats and dogs of all sizes.

All of MediPets’ CBD treats contain their full-spectrum CBD formula that’s packed with a range of healthy cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. MediPets CBD uses real ingredients such as beef, chicken fat, and cheese to flavor their treats.

Just like all of MediPets’ other pet products, the treats contain the very best organic CBD sourced from hemp plants.

There are so many different flavor options to choose from; your pets will always look forward to their MediPets CBD treats. Flavors include beef, bacon and cheese, jerky, and chicken, as well as many more delicious options. All flavors are created using real ingredients so that you never have to worry about filling your pets with artificial flavors and chemicals.

Each pot of MediPets CBD treats contains 100mg of CBD, with individual pots costing just $39.99. Customers can also purchase treat bundles that have been carefully put together to include products that work in harmony with each other.

MediPets CBD CBD Spray

MediPets CBD CBD Spray

MediPets’ CBD pet spray has been designed to make it easier than ever to give your pet their daily dose of health-boosting CBD. Simply spray into your pet’s mouth, and they are set for the day ahead without any fuss or mess.

Made using 100% natural ingredients, each spray bottle contains 100mg of full-spectrum CBD oil sourced from organic hemp plants. Only two other ingredients are used to create MediPets CBD pet spray and have both been carefully chosen for their natural health benefits.

There is a helpful guide so that you can use MediPets CBD pet spray with confidence. A clear and informative chart allows you to work out the correct dose for your pet based on their weight.

CBD pet spray works both on its own and alongside other pet CBD products as a simple way to provide your pets with a small dose of CBD throughout the day.

How to Buy MediPets CBD Products

MediPets CBD pet products can be purchased directly through the online store. Currently, shipping is only available to those who live within the USA, making it hard for those across the world to source MediPets products.

Shopping through MediPets’ online store is quick, simple, and informative. MediPets CBD has designed its website so that it’s easy for customers to navigate while still providing you with all the information that you need.

The products are helpfully divided into categories so that you can clearly see all the options that are available when shopping. Each product has its own page packed with helpful information so you can shop with confidence, knowing that you are choosing the right CBD products for your pets.

MediPets offers free shipping on orders over $100, helping you to save a little extra when placing larger orders. MediPets CBD uses UPS to ship all of their standard delivery orders. For customers who are looking to receive their order slightly faster, MediPets also has an expedited shipping option available for a fee.

MediPets CBD is always looking for ways to make their products as accessible to customers as possible. One of the ways it aims to do this is through discount codes that change depending on the season. Customers can currently save 25% on their next order by using coupon code ‘WELCOME25’.

For those looking to save on every order, MediPets CBD has a subscribe and save option. This is ideal for items that you know you will be ordering on a regular basis and means that you never have to worry about running out again.

Final Verdict on MediPets CBD

MediPets is a great place to start for anyone who is looking to improve their pet’s supplement routine. From super simple CBD sprays to tasty CBD treats, you are sure to find the perfect products to help you keep your pets fit and healthy for longer.

One of the main things that helps to set MediPets apart from other CBD pet brands is their commitment to only using ingredients you would also find in human CBD products. All the ingredients used by MediPets CBD are 100% natural and designed to resemble real food.

MediPets CBD has a growing range of products, helping to ensure that you can always find a CBD product your pets will love. MediPets CBD really excels when it comes to CBD pet treats. With over ten tasty flavor options, every day really can feel like a treat for your pets. Thanks to MediPets, it has never been easier to look after your pet’s health and ensure that you are providing them with the very best CBD products. Why not head over to MediPets CBD’s website today and take the first step to keep your pets happy and healthy?

Final Verdict: 9/10

While MediPets is causing a stir in the animal world, not everyone has a pet to spoil. If you are interested in CBD products made exclusively for humans, find out which CBD brand was rated #1 for quality.

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