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Medix CBD Official Review

Medix CBD Official Review

If someone asked you what kind of products you associated with Kentucky, your answers would probably be pretty predictable: cotton, bourbon, and, I don’t know… maybe peanuts?

But would you be surprised to learn that CBD should be in that list as well? Well, it’s true: hemp extract is produced in a lot of different places across the USA, but believe it or not, Kentucky (along with maybe Colorado) is one of the top producers. And among the many brands coming out of the Bluegrass State, Medix CBD oil – who sells capsules and vape liquids in addition their oral tinctures – is perhaps one of the highest quality ones out there.

However, besides state pride and a vain hope that the CBD oil will taste like bourbon whiskey, what reasons do you have to buy Medix CBD oil over other brands? In this article, we take a look at the (relatively new) Medix CBD brand, in an effort to discover what they’re all about and whether or not their products are worth it.

Medix CBD Review: Who are They?

Truth be told, Medix CBD oil is just one of a handful of really high-quality cannabidiol oil producers operating out of the state of Kentucky – a state they seem to take great pride in. Their website is replete with references to the state, as well as the significance of all of their raw hemp coming from Kentucky.

Generally speaking, when you’re looking for a CBD oil retailer, there is usually some kind of information on the website about why you should purchase with them over other brands. Well, our Medix CBD review discovered that … they didn’t really seem to have any of that. They have a nice section about witnessing the success of other brands and working with them to provide a better product, but there isn’t really a lot of information about who they themselves are.

However, Medix CBD oil reviews from various websites and third parties seem to speak extremely highly of the label, both as a company and in regard to their complete range of products (part of this might be because of Medix’s focus on CBD isolates).

Why CBD isolates, you might be wondering? Most CBD retailers offer their tinctures as a full-spectrum oil, which means that it contains a wider variety of cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds found within hemp and cannabis plants. CBD isolate, however, doesn’t have any of that; it’s just pure CBD.

Not many other retailers offer true, legitimate CBD isolate as they prefer the medicinal benefits of the full-spectrum oil. Medix CBD appears to have somewhat cornered the Kentucky market in terms of providing reliable CBD isolate, as well as their reputation for providing a huge range of other CBD products.

In fact, the other thing we found out while conducting our Medix CBD review was that the company is just one of only a few CBD wholesalers in the USA. Offering shippment of massive amounts of CBD anywhere across the USA, Medix CBD seems to be aiming to offer their products across the country to folks interested in becoming third-party sellers.

While Medix might not have a lot of actual information about themselves on their website, due to their industry popularity and wide range of products, there’s a lot that’s been said about the brand – both online and otherwise. Let’s take a look at what some of the reviews for Medix CBD oil have had to say in recent months.

Medix CBD Reviews: How do they Stack Up?

A lot of Medix CBD oil reviews are focused on the brand’s status as a premium wholesaler for CBD, as well as their line of CBD isolates. However, one of the strangest aspects frequently commented on is the quality of their hemp. As their products are made using entirely Kentucky-grown hemp, reviews cite the excellent growing conditions for hemp in Kentucky, as well as the historic growth of hemp throughout the last three centuries.

Additionally, as with seemingly all things lately, many reviewers are focused on CBD that you can give your dogs. In this case, our Medix CBD review found out that the Kentucky “hempers” do in fact make a very high-quality product specifically for the furry members of your family.

They produce smaller-dosed, bacon flavored CBD oil for your canine pal, and in fact their CBD should work with all mammals (cats, hamsters, humans, etc). So while it does make sense that Medix CBD offers products for us humanoids, it is still a huge point in their favor that they can appeal towards dog lovers as well.

Medix CBD Oil For Sale: Available Products

Medix CBD oil products come in a pretty simple range, ranging little in terms of both price and CBD intensity. Starting at $26.99, for example, you can get a very simple, low dose 100mg bottle of CBD oil. This runs all the way up to $449.99 for a massive 4,500 mg bottle.

As mentioned earlier, Medix CBD oil is virtually all CBD with no other cannabinoids or terpenes. This makes their CBD oil technically a “CBD isolate,” as it touts a 99.9% CBD contentAdditionally, all of their CBD oil is suspended inside inert hemp oil, continuing the motif of being as natural and hemp-based as possible.

Within each of the CBD oil options, there are a few options to select – one of which is especially interesting: lab resultsYou can actually see the most recently conducted batch results of their CBD oil production. Generally speaking, all CBD oil undergoes a rigorous testing procedure to ensure that it meets the criteria necessary to label it as CBD oil.

Though it might be difficult to understand if you are not a cannabinoid chemist, you can see the total amounts of other cannabinoids, as well as all the various and sundry scientific data that backs up the random spot tests.

Additionally, each Medix CBD oil product page on their online store comes with a small FAQ section that answers a few basic questions that are commonly asked about the products. What makes this really special is that the answers are different depending on the product – the 100mg bottle details that it’s best used for minor conditions, and that it contains an extremely low-strength dosage.

Meanwhile, the 4,500mg version details that it is specifically for severe, chronic conditions and is an extremely potent formula. Something strange, however, is that although there are a few reviews on the website itself, allowing verified purchasers the ability to leave a review of what they thought about the product once they have bought it, they are not very well advertised as a whole.

Unlike most CBD retailers, the reviews almost seem hidden out of sight – as if they don’t really want you to know about them. That said, Medix CBD seems to pride itself on consistency and all-natural flavorings, hence why all of their oils are completely unflavored. The only thing you will taste if you decide to conduct a Medix CBD oil review of your own is the taste of hemp seed and medicine.

Also, as mentioned earlier the other amazing thing about Medix is that they offer CBD oil for your beloved pets. Their dog CBD oil is available in either 100mg, 250mg or 500mg varieties, is all bacon flavored, and ranges in cost from $29.99 to $49.99. Medix even provides feeding instructions for your lovable canine friend, so you know how best to give the tincture to them!

However, if you don’t want any kind of taste whatsoever, you should consider trying some of the other Medix CBD products for sale. As is the case with their oral hemp extract tinctures, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Medix CBD Review: Edibles & Gummies For Sale

CBD gummies and edibles are some of the most popular ways to consume CBD – or marijuana – without having to take the oil. Medix offers a few varieties of different flavored CBD gummies (all with 300mg as a standard), and costing between $16.99 and $49.99.

The flavors include Rainbow Bites, Gummy Worms and Sour Candy, as well as an actual CBD edible that you can chew. This provides the perfect alternative for those that absolutely hate taking CBD capsules or oils, as they can simply enjoy a tasty flavored gummy bear, or a citrus strawberry flavored capsule.

Considering the childishness and ease with which you can take these edibles and gummies, it almost seems like Medix CBD is trying to offer kid-friendly alternatives for CBD oil – either that, or they understand that sometimes eating gummies is just way better than having to take your medicine!

However, there are some times when the best thing for you isn’t to take an edible gummy, but to take a localized pain relief cream or some other form of topical CBD.

Medix CBD Cream and Topical Lotions

The last CBD item on offer from Medix is a CBD Pain Cream. This cream, priced at $35.99 for a 150mg tub, is designed to be used on localized areas of pain, treating such ailments as inflammation and general aches and muscle soreness.

The dose is low, allowing you to treat a relatively minor injury or pain – a great option for those looking to treat some muscle pain, or those that suffer from chronic arthritis.  Though this is definitely the priciest option for all Medix CBD products for sale, it may be great for dealing with a very specific need.

Medix CBD Oil Review: Final Thoughts

Of all the widely known hemp extract retailers, Medix CBD oil is perhaps the most unusual; instead of offering full-spectrum oils like many companies, they offer only CBD isolates. Instead of a larger range of CBD e-liquids and vape liquids, they offer CBD oil for your dog!

That said, one of our favorite things we noticed while doing this Medix CBD review was that the company seems to be eminently concerned with allowing you to treat yourself how you want – their CBD comes in a large variety of strengths, all the same in composition except for their inherent CBD content. This allows you to treat yourself with the exact right amount of CBD for whatever you need, whether it be taken as CBD oil, rubbed onto the affected area using the topical cream, or just by eating a potent CBD gummy bear.

Some might say that Medix CBD is a bit strange, but what they offer is something that no other site has – reliability and a huge range of choice. If you’re looking for a specific quantity of CBD in your oil, or if you want to treat your poor canine friend with high-grade cannabidiol, Medix just might be the place to go.

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