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Medix CBD Review

Instead of joining the mass of companies hoping to make a quick profit, Medix CBD truly cares about the products they put on the shelf. The company’s mission is to protect the industry and ensure that manufacturers’ primary focus is quality over profit.

Have they achieved this? Let’s find out.

Medix CBD Quick Summary


  • CBD isolates and full-spectrum available
  • Uses high-quality hemp grown in Kentucky
  • Affordable and accessible products
  • QR code system for checking lab results
  • A fun range of edibles, including Gummy Worms
  • Highly potent 4,500mg oil!


  • Only ships in the US
  • No flavored oils for sale


Don’t have time to read our full review? That’s ok. You can head directly to Medix’s official site and start browsing straight away.

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Medix CBD Full Review

CBD might not be the first thing that you think of when Kentucky comes to mind. The state that is mainly known for its bourbon whiskey and cotton farms is also home to one of the country’s most tremendous CBD manufactures, Medix. Medix CBD is a Kentucky-based company that prides itself on combining southern quality and service. The company has created a range of CBD products that have the ability to change the way that we think about health.

The Medix CBD story began with a passion for promoting wellness and holistic solutions. And has quickly become one of America’s most popular manufacturers. From the very beginning, Medix reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Customers have noted not just the quality of the Medix CBD oil, but also the attention to detail and genuine customer service that is on offer.

Medix CBD wanted to do more than just mass-produce products; they wanted to understand the exact science behind CBD and why it works. This is why they have invested so much time into researching the potential benefits of this compound.

Let’s take a look at Medix CBD and find out what sets it apart from other brands.

Who Is Medix: The Complete Story

Medix CBD also aims to change the way that people think about natural medicine. They want to show that consuming chemicals blindly can lead to huge health concerns.

One of the brand’s most popular products is Medix CBD oil, which has been carefully formulated for maximum quality. However, it’s not only available for individual sale but also wholesale to other brands.

All of Medix CBD’s products are produced using locally grown hemp from Kentucky and are manufactured in-state at the modern facilities. These facilities have been streamlined for maximum efficiency without compromising on quality. Every ingredient is subjected to lab-testing before being made into the exceptional products that are delivered to your door. Above all, Medix CBD’s products are guaranteed as being 100% chemical-free and only made from the finest ingredients.

Medix CBD sells a full-spectrum range of products, as well as CBD isolates. The isolates are completely THC-free, all cannabinoids and terpenes found in the plant other than cannabidiol are removed.

There are also regular Medix coupon codes available, offering anywhere up to 40% off your Medix purchase. These are worth looking out for the next time you shop with Medix CBD.

Medix Highlights: How They Became Successful

  • 100% Pure CBD: Cannabidiol is extracted from hemp plants, which have naturally low levels of THC. During the extraction process, all naturally occurring cannabinoids are removed. This means that Medix isolates products contain 100% pure cannabidiol. So, you do not have to worry about subjecting your body to unknown compounds and potential side effects.
  • High-Quality Products: Medix CBD products are made from 100% locally sourced, high-quality hemp. This then undergoes rigorous lab testing to ensure that Medix CBD customers only receive the very best. The high quality of products does not go unnoticed by customers, with Medix reviews being extraordinarily positive.
  • Reasonable Pricing: In keeping with the company’s ethos, to create a world where cannabidiol is accessible to everyone, prices are set at a reasonable level. By streamlining manufacturing methods and using locally grown hemp, the company is able to ensure that its customers are not forced to choose between high price tags and their health.

Medix Top Products: What Can We Expect?

Medix offers a wide selection of products, all made to be THC-free and grown in Kentucky. The company understands that choice is important for customers. That’s why you can find a great variety of products on their site, including gummies, topicals, and vape oil. Medix CBD oil is the brand’s flagship product. It’s not only a popular choice for Medix customers but its also being a key ingredient in all of its other products.

Medix CBD oils are available in a number of different strengths and have the added benefit of being flavor-free. Customers can also choose Medix CBD vape oils for a fun and flavorful way to enjoy a buzz throughout the day, as well as gummies for a more discreet way to treat your body.

Their products are not limited to humans, with Medix offering a range of bacon-flavored oils for dogs. Research has shown that our pets can also benefit from a daily dose of cannabidiol.

Medix CBD Oil

Medix CBD oil

Medix CBD offers its customers a wide selection of oils, which we think is one of their most versatile products. A few drops of oil placed on your tongue is one of the easiest ways to kickstart your day and ensure that you get off to a great start. The great thing about Medix CBD oils is that they can be used in cooking. For example, adding a few drops to your morning smoothie or even baking into your afternoon snack, making it super easy to top up your dosage throughout the day. Medix CBD oils can also be mixed with your favorite creams and lotions, giving them an extra healthy kick.

Medix CBD oils pack naturally occurring antioxidants that work to enhance your immune system and help you stay feeling fit and healthy. The oil is available in a wide range of different strengths so that you are sure to find the perfect oil for your body. You can purchase these oils in:

  • 100mg
  • 250mg
  • 500mg
  • 1000mg
  • 1500mg
  • 4500mg

Whether you are looking for a morning oil to consume on its own or in a recipe, Medix has you covered.

Medix CBD Gummies

Medix CBD review

Gummies are a great way to enjoy cannabidiol throughout the day. They are super convenient to carry around and discreet to eat in public. Just like regular candy, Medix CBD gummies taste great and come in a range of fun flavors and shapes. Pots of gummies contain a mix of flavors such as strawberry, orange, and blueberry, making for an exciting treat to help you get through the day while also staying healthy.

Medix CBD gummies are made from the same high-quality ingredients like the oils. And they offer the same long-lasting effects that you experience with other Medix CBD products. The gummies are made from 100% pure CBD so that you do not have to worry about potential psychoactive effects.

These gummies are the perfect solution for those looking to cut back on snacking, smoking, or anything else. Just like your favorite childhood candies, these gummies release a delicious fruity taste and are fun to chew.

Medix CBD Gummies are available in a range of different options and strengths, including Rainbow Bites, Gummy Worms, and Sour Gummy Bears. The wide selection of gummies makes for a refreshing change from other brands, where you typically only find one or two types of gummies.

Medix CBD Cream

Medix CBD discount code

Topicals are a popular choice for many. They are great for targeting specific areas of pain as well as for those who struggle to consume other products. Topicals are absorbed through the skin. As a result, they focus on the area they are applied to, rather than affecting the entire body. For this reason, people tend to look for topical products when they want to treat localized pain and skin-related conditions.

Medix CBD’s high-quality topicals are available as a CBD Pain Cream and a Scent Free CBD Lotion. The Medix hemp CBD cream is available in two different strengths, with there being a 150mg cream and a 300mg scent-free lotion. Made from 100% natural ingredients, both creams are ideal for those with sensitive skin. This makes them a great alternative to chemically packed creams that are so often found in your local pharmacy.

How to Buy Medix CBD Products: Efficient and Easy

Determined to create products that are accessible to as many people as possible, Medix CBD products are made using CBD isolate. This means that they contain less than 0.03% THC. Customers are able to easily order their favorite Medix CBD products straight from the Medix website, with shipping options available across the country.

In order to make Medix CBD accessible to all, a great deal of thought has gone into the distribution methods used. The company goes to great lengths to ensure that every order is fulfilled promptly and to a high standard. Orders are shipped using USPS in order to maintain consistency and reliability, meaning that you get your order quickly and safely. Medix encourages bulk orders, with free shipping becoming available when you spend $100 or more. So that you can be sure that not only will your order arrive quickly but that it will also be affordable.

Final Thoughts on Medix CBD

Medix CBD is a company focused on health and making cannabidiol accessible to all; this is clear in their range of products, all of which have been designed with functionality and health in mind. With so many companies trying to invent new, gimmicky ways to sell products, it is refreshing to see a company go back to basics and actually create products that are usable on a daily basis. This can especially be seen in Medix CBD oils, with there being a clear focus on offering the customer as many different strengths as possible, rather than a long list of flavors that all ultimately have the same effect.

If you are somebody who wants a reliable way to take cannabidiol on a daily basis and value high quality over flashy flavors, then Medix CBD is sure to tick everyone one of your boxes. Head over to Medix CBD’s website and check out their products for yourself and start treating your body the way it deserves.


Final Verdict: 8/10

Check out Medix’s full list of products on their site, including delicious CBD gummies, and start your CBD adventure!

Official Site: https://www.medixcbd.com/

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Bernie Richmond

Medix is one f the best to be used in edibles. I know the name doesn’t sound so, not even the closest and on the contrary it sounds more kind of medicinal. However, I recently ran out of my Joy Organics supply to be used in the chocolate cake recipe. So I picked up CBD from the closet that I use for my arthritis pain usually. It too blended very well and perhaps even better. I am going to use it in more CBD edibles from now on.

Taylor Jarcia

Medix is a fantastic one folks. It begins from 100 mg and goes up to 4500 mg, which is why it is eligible for my purchase. For the first time when I was to take CBD, I wasn’t certain what the dosage should be. So I settled on Medix 4500. And thereafter it turned out that I was all right at about 2000 mg. Lol! There are no disappointments whatsoever. Medix is a great CBD product.

Peggy Urbano

Medix sent some samples to me upon my request via an email to them. Those were good, so I tried a bigger pack. There was a money back guarantee, so nothing like I will have to use it even if I do not like it. But it never came to that verge. Medix is a worthy choice in CBD.

Natalie Barlowe

The main reason why I bought Medix CBD oil were my chronic and now more frequent migraine attacks. I was feeling impaired. Medix has helped a bit. I will like to reinforce two things here. One, Medix helped only a bit. Two, but with my migraine, that bit is also very helpful. So I take it regularly.

Betty Slater

All of us are opting in for CBD these days with almost all of us confused as to whicih brand to try. For me the first choice was medix because I wanted to go for something that is pure and organic. I use the pain relief cream and the gummies and now would go for the pet products too.

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