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Full Medterra CBD Oil Review

Medterra CBD Oil (Full Review)

CBD. These three little letters could be the basis for a revolution in healthcare. For decades, Americans have been plied with deadly opioids while being told that marijuana would kill them! Ever since researchers have discovered the possible medicinal benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), a compound of marijuana, and the fact it doesn’t get you high, manufacturers have spotted an opportunity.

The increasing number of medical studies which back up CBD as a medical supplement clearly prove that it is no ‘fad’. As a result of scientific data, and the fact that CBD from hemp is legal in most states (or at least you won’t get arrested for using it), manufacturers are eagerly extracting CBD and using it in an array of products. Medterra is one such company but is it trustworthy or should you seek out a different brand? Read our full review to find out.

Who is Medterra?

The company was formed by “a group of individuals passionate about the power of CBD products.” It claims that customers receive a genuine ‘seed to sale’ experience and its CBD offerings come from industrial hemp in the state of Kentucky. Medterra is quick to point out that it adheres to the Department of Agriculture’s strict guidelines which include full third-party testing.

All of Medterra’s CBD products come from non-GMO hemp, contain no THC and are guaranteed to be free from contaminants. Finally, every product is made with 99%+ pure CBD isolate. While this gives you the best possible CBD quality, it also ensures you won’t benefit from the ‘entourage effect’ where several cannabinoids and terpenes work better together.

Review of Medterra’s CBD Tibncture

Review of Medterra’s CBD Tibncture

This is the company’s bestselling product and the tinctures contain 99%+ CBD isolate and MCT oil. Each bottle contains 30 servings and comes in three sizes:

  • 500mg: Contains 16.66mg of CBD per serving and costs $49.95.
  • 1000mg: Contains 33.33mg of CBD per serving and costs $89.95.
  • 3000mg: Contains a whopping 100mg of CBD per serving at a cost of $149.95.

Each bottle has 30ml of liquid and comes with a handy 1ml dropper that also have markings at 0.25ml, 0.5ml and 0.75ml. This is extremely convenient and I wish every CBD oil seller would follow suit.

While some CBD oils can taste a bit nasty, Medterra’s tinctures are tasteless and odorless. If you’re someone who likes flavoring, you’ll have to look elsewhere but its lack of flavor means you can add it to your favorite drinks. I used it and found that it did a reasonable job of soothing my anxiety and the effects lasted for a couple of hours. It also helped me improve my sleep over the course of a few weeks and as a lifelong insomniac, I was grateful for this assistance!

Review of Medterra’s CBD Gel Capsules

Each bottle contains 30 capsules with a total of 990mg of CBD per gram (99% pure). You can choose between a bottle with 25mg CBD at $64.95 or a bottle with 50mg CBD at $99.95. CBD capsules by their very nature are convenient and it is great to have them to hand when you go on vacation (although I do worry about legislation regarding the transportation of CBD across state lines).

The 50mg capsules are among the strongest I’ve seen on the market and are reasonably priced all told. Once again, they include MCT oil to increase bioavailability and you can take them in the morning or at night. A member of our team with sleep issues tried them at night, about two hours before sleeping and was delighted with the results.

Review of Medterra’s CBD Cream for Pain

Review of Medterra’s CBD Cream for Pain

If you suffer from chronic pain in a specific spot, Medterra has you covered with its CBD cream for pain. It is a combination of Arnica, Menthol, and CBD and each pump bottle contains 100ml of CBD cream with 250mg of CBD at a cost of $49.95. One of our review group tried it on his inflamed elbow and marveled at the effects. Within a few days, he was able to perform weight training exercises that were normally difficult to complete because of the pain.

Does Medterra Have Other CBD Products?

Medterra Have Other CBD Products

Medterra likes to keep things relatively simple and only has two other products. Its MED99+ CBD Isolate comes in a variety of sizes from 1 gram at $34.95 to a whopping 1,000 grams at an incredible $11,000! It contains 99.5% pure CBD so each gram has 995mg of CBD.

As the name suggests, Medoil Sleeping CBD Pills are ideal for people in dire need of a good night’s sleep. Each tablet contains 25mg of CBD and 10mg of melatonin. A bottle contains 30 tablets and costs $69.95. I recommend taking one an hour before bedtime, limit your exposure to blue light and read a good book by candlelight. Just make sure you blow the candle out when you get drowsy!

Where Can I Purchase Medterra CBD Products?

Go to the official Medterra website and look for its products page. As none of the products contain THC, the company maintains that it can ship its goods to all 50 states and several nations around the world (but not Australia or Canada). Medterra promises to ship all weekday orders placed after 2 pm PST on the following business day. Expect 4-7 business days for your package to arrive.

All claims for damaged products must be made within 72 hours of receipt. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, you can avail of the company’s 30-day refund policy which returns the full purchase price.

Final Thoughts on Medterra

Medterra may not be the best-known CBD seller on the market but it is probably one of the best. Whether you have fibromyalgia, arthritis or anxiety, Medterra’s CBD range has something for you. I found that the products tended to work relatively quickly and the sleeping pills offer genuine relief for insomniacs on traditional sleeping pills who are fed up with feeling drowsy for hours after waking up.

Verdict: 8/10 – A Solid, Trustworthy, and Affordable CBD Seller

Official website – medterracbd.com

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