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Nature’s Script Review

In terms of health care, the professionals stick to their script rigidly. Your woes can be eased with an endless supply of factory-made drugs. These drugs can cost you thousands and make big pharmaceutical companies even more money. Mother nature sings from a different hymn sheet, though. Nature offers natural treatment methods, which contain just as much benefit as the pharma drugs, sometimes even more. CBD is an excellent example of this.

One company helping to spread the CBD feel-good narrative is Nature’s Script. These guys have been quietly building up their brand and now offer one of the most diverse ranges of CBD products out there. With all their products created entirely by themselves, Nature’s Script can guarantee quality too.

The company only uses all-natural hemp of the highest quality. From there, the entirety of their product manufacturing is conducted in-house. Doing so allows them to exert full control over all the ingredients used for their range. Nature’s Script can tell you with confidence precisely what is in every product they create.

But who exactly is Nature’s Script? Is their story worth listening to? We look into the brand for you now and tell you all you need to know.

Who Are Nature’s Script?

Based in the sunny climates of Tampa, Florida, Nature’s Script is a CBD brand which began with a simple question: How can hemp’s medicinal value be shared with those most in need? The founders wished to provide an answer to this noble quest and created Nature’s Script.

The brand claims to be unique in what they offer. Nature’s Script confidently claims they only provide “premium CBD.” People care what they are putting in their bodies, and so Nature’s Script goes to great lengths to ensure they only offer the very best. The CBD they use is produced entirely in-house and features no extra ingredients. The company is here to give you what you came for – CBD and CBD only.

Nature’s Script also promotes the philosophy of a CBD lifestyle. Too often, people wait for something to go wrong before seeking help. Everyday CBD use helps prevent anything going wrong in the first place, and Nature’s Script says it will leave you feeling healthier and happier.

In terms of product range, Nature’s Script has one of the most diverse offerings of any brand currently on the market. With everything from the classics like CBD oil and gummies to newer favorites such as e-liquids and pet oils, they seem to have every form of CBD you can think of. Their website also offers new ways of CBD consumption rarely seen elsewhere, too, such as their CBD relaxation shot. Later on in the article, we’ll take a closer look at their range.

In this next section, we examine the CBD in Nature’s Script products.

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Is the CBD in Nature’s Script Products High Quality?

Nature’s Script says the quality of the CBD in their products is what sets them apart from other brands. The team goes above and beyond what many CBD companies do to prove this to their customers.

To ensure the quality of all batches produced in their factory, Nature’s Script employs an independent third-party laboratory to run tests to determine their contents. Third-party tests are standard fare for any reputable CBD company, but what Nature’s Script do with these results sets a new bar in terms of transparency. Every batch’s test results are freely available for customers to view online.

All of Nature’s Scripts products have a scannable quick response code that takes customers straight to the independent testing lab results. You can see for yourself the exact chemical contents of the product you hold in your hand. This level of transparency from a company is cause for applause. Nature’s Script has gone above and beyond to ensure you can trust in them and their products.

As well as the quick response code, all of their products’ packaging also includes the specific batch number, the website URL to obtain product information, the hemp extract amount, and the expiration date.

Nature’s Script use only CBD isolate in their items. Their products only contain what you are looking for. There are no significant levels of any other compound, which could lead to unwanted effects. This includes THC. Due to the quality of the hemp they use, Nature’s Script products never contain more than 0.3% THC on a dry-weight basis. Their lab results back this up.

With basically no THC contained, these products don’t get you high and are completely legal across the US. Nature’s Script is focusing on your wellness only.

Nature’s Script Product Range

We take a look at the company’s most popular items below:

  • CBD Oil: This is CBD in its purest form. The oils contain no other extra calming ingredients, allowing users to focus on CBD-based benefits only. Nature’s Script recommends CBD oil for daily use for the best health benefits.
  • CBD Gummies: A fun waysto get your CBD. These gummies give a potent punch of CBD wrapped up in chewy, tasty candy. It is not hard to see why these are one of the brands best sellers.
  • CBD Topicals: Nature’s Script have a few different topicals available, offering customers the choice of pain rub, patches, and essential oil rollers. Designed to benefit muscles, joint, and bone issues, you can see why they are popular with athletes, post-surgery patients, and people with arthritis.  
  • CBD E-Liquid: Nature’s Script e-liquids have several advantages to other forms of CBD. Users feel immediate effect due to consumption directly in the lungs, and there is a range of flavors to choose from.
  • CBD Capsules: Customer feedback says that the CBD capsules offer the longest-lasting effects of Nature’s Script products. The company particularly recommends these for pain and inflammation.
  • CBD Relaxation Shot: Each bottle provides a quick hit of CBD that is suitable for on-the-go use and offers long-lasting benefits.
  • CBD Syrup: These are a fantastic option for those who like to customize how they get their CBD. Add it to drinks or food and mix in CBD goodness to anything you want. You could also use the syrups to increase your dose sizes.
  • CBD Pet Oils:Why should humans be the only ones to benefit from CBD? Nature’s Script lets your furry friends join in the fun too with their CBD pet oils.

How Expensive Are Nature’s Script’s Products?

Along with their transparency, Nature’s Script’s vast product range is their other main selling point. Through their in-house production team, they have managed to create one of the most diverse ranges of CBD products currently available. This is a brand that knows people like to get their CBD in all sorts of different ways, and they cater to every taste.

With such an extensive product range, it should come as no surprise that Nature’s Script offers CBD items for every budget.

Prices start from as little as $14.99 and go all the way up to $299.99 for a bottle of CBD oil containing 4000mg. The cost of that bottle is rightly high, as that is one of the most potent concentrations of CBD available from any product currently on the market.

The company has loads of great options priced around $19.99 to $29.99, which are perfect for those looking to experiment with CBD and then progress on to a larger, more costly supply.

Their website contains a great selection of premium CBD bundle packs. Each pack caters for a different audience, from those looking sample CBD for the first time to those fully committed to the benefits of a CBD lifestyle. You get a great selection of different items in each, all with a considerable discount.

Nature’s Script offers wholesale purchases through their website too.

Final Thoughts on Nature’s Script

Nature’s Script is a brand worthy of your attention. With a vast product range, they have a option for everyone and at every price point. Their items also provide innovation too, like with their CBD patches and relaxation shots.

The most impressive thing about Nature’s Script is their dedication to quality, however. The brand correctly makes a real song and dance about the efforts they take to ensure the quality of their items. The fact that they make every batch test result freely available for customers is fantastic. Doing this proves they are a company worthy of your trust.

Nature’s Script are a brand redefining how we do CBD.

Have you ever tried any of Nature’s Scripts products? What were your thoughts? Let us know about it in the comments below.

Official Site: naturesscript.com
Coupon Code: LEAF20 

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