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The Original Alternative Review

Rebranding is a significant undertaking and is often a considerable risk. A company builds up a positive reputation and a steady core of customers. However, they believe that their initial name, which sounded great at the time, no longer serves their needs. This is, perhaps, what happened to CBD Brothers.

The brand is a UK-based enterprise that enjoyed plenty of success but is now called The Original Alternative.

Read on to learn what exciting changes they have implemented.

The Original Alternative Quick Summary


  • Massive array of products
  • The website has a useful FAQ section
  • A reputable brand that utilizes third-party testing
  • CO2 extraction
  • Excellent customer service


  • The money-back-guarantee is weak and at the brand’s discretion
  • With so many products, it is easy to get lost on the website
  • Some of the products are rather expensive


How does the Original Alternative stack up against the fierce CBD competition? Read about the 10 best CBD oils in the UK and find out for yourself.

The Original Alternative – The Full Review

It isn’t particularly evident what happened to the CBD Brothers’ name and website. Some say the website was hacked, and the brand no longer had control of it. Others suggest that the company had the name ‘stolen’ from them. Whatever the reason, CBD Brothers now operates at The Original Alternative.

Interestingly, the company still uses the CBD Brothers handle on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. In any case, it operates in the UK and faces stiff competition from the likes of Provacan in the British market.

How does it stack up to the best in the industry?

Who Is The Original Alternative?

As is traditional in the industry, the company’s website doesn’t tell us a great deal about who runs it. There is no ‘About Us,’ for example. After a little digging, we discovered that Ben Birrell founded the company and has 16 members of staff. The brand has appeared in several British publications. For instance, The Times pointed out that CBD Brothers, as it was then, was one of the few companies to pass independent testing.

It has physical stores located in Bury St Edmunds and Guernsey, and its official UK office is in Suffolk. At present, its high-street store is closed, but it continues to send packages online. The Original Alternative is the first non-pharmaceutical company in the UK to receive a license to grow cannabis on Guernsey. It is also the only non-pharma company on the British Isles to hold a permit to extract CBD and THC.

The company only sources ethically-grown, full-spectrum CBD extracts. All of its plants are grown organically with no artificial fertilizers or pesticides. The indica cultivars are grown indoors, while the sativas and hybrid versions come from plants grown outside. Each plant is handpicked and hung at ‘natural’ temperatures until dry enough for extraction.

The official website shows a picture of the impressive looking CO2 extraction equipment it uses to get the cannabinoids. The extraction takes place under low pressure and low heat conditions to preserve compounds. Aside from cannabinoids and terpenes, products also include Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty oils. Finally, two independent companies test each batch using high-pressure liquid chromatography machines. On paper, at least, The Original Alternative ticks all the right boxes.

Let’s check out its product range.

The Original Alternative Highlights

  • Enormous Product Range

You will find almost anything you like regarding CBD on this website. Though the CBD comes from cannabis, the THC content is extremely low at less than 0.2% THC. There is a multitude of oils, edibles, and capsules to choose from. The chocolate bars are a luxury item but taste great.

  • Excellent Reputation

The Original Alternative has served more than 100,000 customers and appeared in various national news outlets in the UK. It uses CO2 extraction to get its CBD and is a well-known brand in general. Trustpilot is a good indicator of what the public thinks of a company, and The Original Alternative has excellent reviews.

  • Innovative Range of Oils

The brand’s range of cannabis oils is innovative, as they come from indica, sativa, and hybrid plants. It is a far cry from other brands that take their cannabinoids from one type of hemp plant. Whether you believe the different kinds of cannabis alter the effects that you feel is another story.

The Original Alternative Negative Thoughts

  • Expensive Products

In general, some of The Original Alternative’s products are on the pricey side. Its proponents will say that it is the cost one must pay for premium quality. Nonetheless, paying £102 for 300mg of CBD/CBDA as you do with the Gold Edition is incredibly expensive by any standard. It does have lower-priced options. The Purple Edition’s £71.40 for 960mg is more reasonable, as are the Blue and Green Editions. The CBD chocolate also carries a high price point.

  • Less Than Satisfactory Returns Process

The Original Alternative only gives you a refund at its discretion, and if you return an unopened package within 14 days. Its rivals in the CBD sphere have far superior returns policies. One of the brand’s chief criticisms is its unwillingness to return money to dissatisfied customers.

The Original Alternative – CBD Oils

CBD Brothers’ CBD Oils

Unlike most other CBD sellers, the oils provided by The Original Alternative come from a wide variety of plants. You can purchase indica, sativa, or hybrid oils, with a total of eight options.

Product NameDescriptionSize OptionsConcentrationOther Info
Green Edition – SativaComes from whole plant cannabis sativa extract with > 14% CBD10ml (280mg of CBD/CBDA)  30ml (840mg of   CBD/CBDA)    2.8%  1.4mg of cannabinoids per drop
Blue Edition – SativaDerived from cannabis sativa whole plant extract > 25% CBD10ml (500mg of CBD) 30ml (1500mg of CBD) 100ml (5000mg of CBD)    5%  2.5mg of cannabinoids per drop
*Purple Edition – HybridDerived from a cannabis hybrid whole plant extract with > 16.4% CBD10ml (320mg of CBD) 30ml (960mg of CBD)  3.2%  1.6mg of CBD per drop
Silver Edition – IndicaCannabis indica whole plant extract10ml (150mg of CBD) 30ml (450mg of CBD)  1.5%  0.75mg of CBD per drop
White Edition – IndicaCannabis indica whole plant extract10ml (300mg of CBD) 30ml (900mg of CBD)  3%  1.5mg per drop
Gold Edition – HybridFull-spectrum cannabis hybrid whole-plant extract containing 60% CBD  10ml (300mg of CBD)  3%1.5mg per drop A combination of indica rosin and organic cold-pressed hemp oil.
Red Edition – IndicaCannabis indica whole plant extract10ml (600mg of CBD) 30ml (1800mg of CBD)  6%  3mg of CBD per drop
Black Edition – IndicaCannabis indica whole plant extract10ml (1200mg of CBD) 30ml (3600mg of CBD)  12%  6mg of CBD per drop

*The Original Alternative has left a note regarding the Purple Edition. It is thicker than usual, so you must heat the bottle in a cup of very hot water for three minutes. The brand is not accepting returns for this edition.

Why Choose The Original Alternative CBD Oil?

All of the oils contain less than 0.2% THC. The ingredients consist of organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil. There are approximately 190-200 drops per 10ml. When we visited the site, some of the concentrations were not available, such as the 30ml Black Edition oil.

Incidentally, if you have the cash, there are a couple of huge bottles of whole plant extract CBD oil. The Green Edition is available in a 1000ml bottle, which contains approximately 28,000mg of CBD/CBDA! It was not available at the time of writing, however. The Purple Edition goes to 100ml but was also not for sale.

The Original Alternative– CBD Capsules

CBD Brothers’ Other Products

The brand sells three types of capsules:

Product NameDescriptionSize OptionsOrganic Coconut OilOther Info
Green Edition Capsules – SativaComes from whole plant cannabis sativa extract with > 14% CBD50mg (7mg of CBD/CBDA per capsule) 100mg (14mg of CBD/CBDA per capsule) 250mg (35mg of CBD/CBDA per capsule)450mg   400mg   250mg    30 capsules
Blue Edition – SativaDerived from cannabis sativa whole plant extract > 25% CBD50mg (12.5mg of CBD/CBDA per capsule) 100mg (25mg of CBD/CBDA per capsule) 250mg (62.5mg of CBD/CBDA per capsule)  450mg   400mg   250mg    30 capsules
*Purple Edition – HybridDerived from a cannabis hybrid whole plant extract with > 16.4% CBD50mg (8mg of CBD/CBDA per capsule) 100mg (16mg of CBD/CBDA per capsule) 250mg (40mg of CBD/CBDA per capsule  450mg   400mg   250mg    30 capsules

Each capsule contains 500mg of ingredients, which consists of the CBD/CBDA content and organic coconut oil. If the tablet only has 50mg of cannabinoids, for example, the other 450mg consists of coconut oil. The higher concentrations have a lower level of coconut oil. Overall, these CBD capsules are vegan-friendly and manufactured in the brand’s Suffolk laboratory.

What About the Original Alternative’s Other Products?

The brand sells a vast array of edibles, including coconut oil and cocoa butter though neither contains CBD. Fortunately, there are plenty of CBD chocolate bar options. There are no fewer than 14 x 40-gram Belgian chocolate bars. Each of them is slightly different in terms of CBD content and plant type. Once again, you can get indica or sativa bars. The range of flavors include:

  • Chocolate Orange
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Belgian Dark Chocolate
  • Belgian White Chocolate
  • Mint Chocolate
  • Dark Mint Chocolate

The concentrations are not particularly high. For instance, the Sativa orange chocolate bar contains just 14mg of CBD. As it costs £7.20, it is costly.

There are also 100-gram bars with a lot more cannabinoids. The indica Belgian chocolate bar contains an impressive 100mg of whole plant extract and 164mg of CBD or thereabouts. You can also get a hot chocolate stirrer, which is the height of indulgence.

The Original Alternative sells several CBD balms and body lotions as well. The Original Edition CBD Balm, for instance, contains 50mg of CBD per 30ml of cream. It also includes organic coconut oil and beeswax. To use, apply it directly to your skin. These CBD topicals have a gorgeous scent and are not overly greasy.

The brand has also developed a water-soluble product free from THC. You can purchase 10ml of this liquid, which consists of purified water and hemp extract with CBD derived from sativa or hybrid cannabis. The sativa option contains 390mg of CBD, while the indica option is more concentrated with 400mg of CBD.

There are a ton of herbal remedies and products that don’t contain CBD. If you are interested in alternative supplements, this is the brand for you!

How to Buy the Original Alternative’s Products?

Make your way to The Original Alternative official website, which is no longer at the CBD Brothers address. Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t have an official money-back guarantee. Instead, it assesses each request on a case-by-case basis. It will only provide refunds on unopened products returned within 14 days. Also, it doesn’t offer refunds on its whole plant extracts. If you receive a damaged or defective product, let the company know within 30 days.

The expected delivery time is 2-3 days, though you may experience delays in the current situation. The Original Alternative does ship internationally, but it could take up to 21 days to receive your order.

The Original Alternative Product Costs

Given the vast array of products on offer, we have only included the most relevant product prices.

CBD Oils

ProductSizes in CBD
Green Edition – Sativa280mg – £9.60 840mg – £27
Blue Edition – Sativa500mg – £21.60 1500mg – £58.20 5000mg – £156
Purple Edition – Hybrid320mg – £26.40 960mg – £71.40
Silver Edition – Indica150mg – £42 450mg – £100
White Edition – Indica300mg – £68 900mg – £178.20
Gold Edition – Hybrid300mg – £102
Red Edition – Indica600mg – £126 1800mg – £340.20
Black Edition – Indica1200mg – £240 3600mg – £648

CBD Capsules

ProductSizes in CBD
Green Edition – Sativa30 x 7mg – £10.80 30 x 14mg – £16.80 30 x 25mg – £36
Blue Edition – Sativa30 x 12.5mg – £13.80 30 x 25mg – £26.10 30 x 62.5mg – £61.80
Purple Edition – Hybrid30 x 8mg – £16.80 30 x 16mg – £31.80 30 x 40mg – £75.30

CBD Edibles

  • 40 Gram Chocolate Bars: £7.20 – £8.00
  • 100 Gram Chocolate Bars: £20.40 – £24.60
  • Chocolate Stirrers: £9.60

CBD Topicals

  • CBD Whipped Body Butter: £54
  • Luxury CBD Body Lotion: £40
  • Original Edition CBD Balm: £35 – £100
  • Herbal Health Balm Range: £35

Final Thoughts on The Original Alternative

A name change can often hurt a brand, but it has not caused too many issues for The Original Alternative. Once known as CBD Brothers, the company has continued to grow despite whatever naming problems it had. It provides an exceptional range of CBD products for all needs. Unlike many companies that use hemp for their wares, The Original Alternative extracts its CBD and other cannabinoids from cannabis.

Overall, there is something for every budget, although the higher-end items are costly. While the brand is praised for its customer service, its lack of a decent returns policy is disappointing. With such a great range and a stellar reputation, there seems little question that it will remain near the top of the most popular CBD brands in the UK. Whether the brand can defeat the giant that is Provacan is another story.

Final Verdict: 8.5/10

You can read more about the best CBD oil brands in the industry from our main page.

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My husband used green oil edition for polymyalgia for a while not long enough for decent results but has since had a stroke what one would you recommend

Jeffrey Lemon

I like to use different types of Body Butters and skin nourishing creams all the time. Not from a skin health supplementation, but I simply am fond of such products. CBD brothers is another good pick. No rashes, no side effects; it is all aroma and more aroma.

Shirley Aguirre

This is a brand that I’m so happy to discover. Their products are excellent in quality and definitely helped me manage my severe arthritis and discomfort. For a couple of years now I’ve been using them. The company is so friendly and supportive. But their understanding of the CBD components is what I consider most beneficial. Receive a lot of gratitude from a pleased and satisfied client!

Basil Bolger

It is like the market is exploding with CBD brands. I chose CBD Brother aimlessly, not doing much homework on the bran defficacy, neither buying it for any one particular reason. However, once I took the oil for a month, it started to feel very fortuitous and optimistic. I now take this regularly.

Joseph Burges

I do not like the brand for immediate action. That ways it is slow. But if you are to take this on a regular basis, for some chronic issues, it is quite a goodie goodie! Very mild on the body and the mind. Kind of rejuvenates the entire system. Like a completely fresh beginning you have after holidaying and breaking off work.

Thomas Baker

Read at so many places that CBD is very varied and versatile. In the sense that there are a lot of brands with a lot of strengths and preparations. Also, had read it can be helpful in a number of conditions related to pain and stress. For me it was chronic back pain for which I tried a composition from CBD Brothers. I liked it a lot.

Shani Graves

The CBD infused coffee and other CBD edibles from this one suits me very well. I never take CBD in oil form or tincture form as I cannot stand the taste of it, no matter how hard I try to mask it. But yes these edibles kind of products are really, really awesome.

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