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O’Shaughnessy Drink Review

O’Shaughnessy is a fun and vibrant CBD-focused drinks company that provides people with a healthy alternative to soft drinks. All of O’Shaughnessy’s products are 100% natural. They showcase that modern does not always have to mean artificial and environmentally damaging.

In essence, they combine the curiosities of the past with the convenience of the present. So, who exactly is O’Shaughnessy, and how could these products spice up your CBD routine?

O’Shaughnessy Quick Summary


  • A full member of the Cannabis Trade Association (CTA)
  • Affordable products on offer
  • Delicious ingredients, such as Lychee and Hibiscus
  • Vegan-friendly drinks
  • Lab-results easy accessible on the site
  • Drinks contain a myriad of vitamins, including B3, B7, and B12
  • Sugar-free and gluten-free products


  • A small number of products
  • No detailed information about where they source hemp
  • Little information about how the products are made


If you are looking for more traditional CBD methods, take a look at our list of top CBD oils in the UK.

O’Shaughnessy Full Review

When shopping for CBD, you are confronted with the same products, whether shopping online or in physical stores. It is hard to escape the more traditional products such as CBD oil tinctures and CBD gummies.

Products like tinctures, capsules, and gummies do a fantastic job of helping you to add a healthy dose of CBD. But they can quickly start to feel tedious. Sometimes it is nice to sample different products and experience CBD in a slightly different way.

This is where O’Shaughnessy comes in. It’s a CBD brand that is committed to changing the way that you think of and use CBD.

Who Is O’Shaughnessy?

O’Shaughnessy is a drinks company that aims to combine natural wellness and tradition with modern technology and lifestyle. As a member of the Cannabis Trades Association, O’Shaughnessy has worked with experts to bring you CBD that can be enjoyed in a completely new way.

O’Shaughnessy celebrates CBD’s long and rich history. Their branding concept is based on the historical figure William O’Shaughnessy. In 1838, he published a paper discussing the health benefits of cannabis and Indian hemp. He then went on to influence Queen Victoria and the use of hemp within her diet.

Research carried out by O’Shaughnessy has shown soluble CBD can be six times more bioavailable than conventional CBD hemp oil when processed correctly using new state of the art technology. O’Shaughnessy has used this research to create drinks that contain low levels of CBD. But they also pack powerful effects that would require a much higher quantity of CBD if taken in other forms.

With the help of both CBD experts and nutritionists, O’Shaughnessy has designed two CBD-rich drinks. These products allow you to work CBD into your life in a delicious, refreshing, and – most importantly – convenient way.

O’Shaughnessy Highlights

  • Specialist Products: By focusing on just the one product, O’Shaughnessy has been able to refine the way in which its drinks are made. O’Shaughnessy is an excellent example of why sometimes less is more.
  • Interesting History: O’Shaughnessy is a brand that celebrates CBD, it’s history, and its potential health effects. They have gone on to use their expert knowledge to create useful and enjoyable CBD products that can be enjoyed by all.
  • Affordable: The company has worked hard to ensure that as many people as possible can benefit from its products. By keeping prices as low as possible, O’Shaughnessy has been able to make their CBD drinks accessible without cutting quality.

O’Shaughnessy Negative Thoughts

  • Limited Products: The company currently only has two flavored drinks to choose from. For customers who like to purchase all of their CBD products in one place, O’Shaughnessy might not be the best option.
  • Lack of Product Information: The company does not make detailed information about its products easy to find. Each drink has a page with a general description, but finding information about exact ingredients and cannabinoids is not quite as convenient.

O’Shaughnessy CBD Drinks

O’Shaughnessy drinks are a sugar-free, CBD rich way to stay hydrated while also providing your body with an all-important health boost. O’Shaughnessy’s drinks are designed to help you nourish both your mind and body. In other words, they make an excellent dietary supplement to support a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Made using full-spectrum CBD, each bottle contains a wide range of health-enhancing cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. The company uses natural fruit and botanical syrups to flavor their products. As a result, O’Shaughnessy drinks pack a deliciously sweet taste without any additional sugar. For an extra health boost, O’Shaughnessy adds extra vitamins to each bottle to really give your immune system the fuel that it needs.

There are currently two flavor options to choose from: Hibiscus, raspberry, rooibos, and vanilla; and turmeric, lychees, and citrus. Both flavor options are made using completely natural ingredients that have been chosen for their rich mix of minerals and vitamins. O’Shaughnessy adds vitamins B3, B6, B7, and B12 to the final drink solution.

Each drink comes in a 500ml bottle and contains 90mg of full-spectrum CBD. They are also lab-tested to ensure it contains no more than 0.2% THC. There are 18 servings in each bottle, with O’Shaughnessy recommending that you combine 28ml of their CBD rich formula with 222ml of sparkling water.

How to Buy O’Shaughnessy Products

You can purchase O’Shaughnessy’s CBD drinks directly from the website, which has been carefully designed to be as smooth and straightforward as the drinks. You can also purchase a reusable 500ml bottle. This has been specifically designed to work alongside O’Shaughnessy full-spectrum CBD drink formulas.

The exact price of shipping is calculated at the check-out, with free options available for some locations. It would be great to see O’Shaughnessy include the necessary shipping information before you reach the check-out. This is so that customers can calculate the total price of their order while shopping.

It is always worth keeping an eye on O’Shaughnessy’s website as they sometimes feature discounts and promo codes to help you save on your next order.

Final Verdict on O’Shaughnessy CBD

O’Shaughnessy is an interesting brand in that it only has the one product available for customers. It is, however, refreshing to see a brand that is committed to delivering such high quality and focusing on making the products the best that they can be.

The branding itself is clean and stylish, but now the company should really focus on building more substance. We have no doubt that with the addition of a few more products and informative pages, the company could be a serious contender within the CBD industry.

O’Shaughnessy’s full-spectrum CBD drinks are an excellent way to stay hydrated while also working a healthy dose of CBD into your day.

Final Verdict: 7/10

Currently, O’Shaughnessy only ships to the UK and Ireland. If you are looking for a company with a wider lens, check out our main page for a list of top 5 CBD brands.



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