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Plus CBD Oil Review

With the massively increasing popularity of CBD across the world, especially in the USA, it is only natural that so many different retailers are beginning to make room for CBD products on their shelves. However, those same retailers need to get their CBD from somewhere, and where better than the myriad of online retailers available?

Plus +CBD is one such retailer, known for both its high concentrations of CBD and its decent prices when selling through wholesale. As Plus +CBD is one of the most likely CBD varieties you are going to find available, let’s examine them and see whether or not you should pick some up.

Who Are Plus +CBD?

Before examining Plus +CBD, it is essential to understand a distinction; the actual company that sells and produces these CBD products is known as CV Sciences, whereas the brand name itself is Plus +CBD. This is important to know so that you know what to look for if you decide to buy it. It also means, however, that all the CBD products sold by Plus +CBD are actually made themselves. This is incredibly significant because, for many CBD retailers, they are only selling on what they have bought from the actual growers and manufacturers. The fact that Plus +CBD is essentially homemade means that they are entirely responsible for the quality of their own product, ensuring that its quality is going to be higher than that of a company that deals with third-party manufacturers.

This should mean that their lab reports should be more easily accessible and understandable, as they are the ones actually working with the independent lab testers. However, their lab reports are impossible to find – they certainly provide it somewhere, as it is a legal requirement for their products to be independently tested, but there just doesn’t seem to be a way actually to view their reports. This raises immediate red flags, as any good CBD provider should be clamoring to show you their reports so as to prove their integrity.

In the very least, Plus +CBD offers a great deal of educational material in their CBD Education section. They offer blogs, videos and just generally a whole heap of CBD information, both about its effects on the body and the scientific journals that back it up. It is an excellent trend with cannabis retail websites to provide educational information, so the fact that Plus +CBD decides to include it is a solid point in their favor – even if their lab reports aren’t distinct, their supporting CBD information certainly is.

Though you can, of course, buy Plus +CBD products from their website (in fact, they encourage it through a myriad of useful and affordable bundles) they are also a massive CBD Wholesaler. This means that they provide CBD products for third-party resellers and, brick and mortar establishments. They offer all of their products at different wholesaler rates, ensuring that their products will be available all over the country, rather than just on their website. They are somewhat secretive about their wholesale rates, so it is impossible actually to state how much they price their wholesale rates at.

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Plus +CBD Product Review

As a primarily CBD wholesale retailer, the majority of the available reviews for Plus +CBD products are found from individuals who have purchased it from another store. However, regardless of whether we look at the myriad of reports from previous buyers, or just the aggregate scores available on Plus +CBD’s own website, the overall impression is one of intense positivity. The intensity of their products is generally applauded, as well as their reasonable pricing.

To better understand their products, let’s examine a few of their key products and work out whether or not they are worth buying.

Plus +CBD Oil Products


Despite their stellar reputation for intensity and quality, Plus +CBD sells remarkably few different varieties of CBD oil. They basically only sell their ordinary CBD oil and a raw version. You can choose between a 1oz, 250mg bottle costing $41.95, or a 2oz bottle containing 750mg and costing $89.95. You can also flavor your chosen strength of CBD oil with either Peppermint or Goji-Blueberry, allowing some further customization available for your CBD oil. It is strange that they do not really sell any other strengths, as many other retailers offer varieties as high as 3000mg, but Plus +CBD prefer to stick to the low maximum of 750.

They also sell their same CBD Oil Drops in a raw form, meaning that it is entirely decarboxylated. However, their CBD Oil Raw Drops are priced and wholly packaged differently. You can pick them up in 1oz bottles with 100mg, costing only $22.95, or you can buy the 2oz bottle, which contains 500mg and costs $67.95. It is pretty confusing why they sell two similar products with different price points and vastly different CBD intensity options.

The actual site information when you try and buy a product is equally confusing, however; the price doesn’t appear until you select all the available options, making it look like the product isn’t actually priced at all. There isn’t really information on how to find out the price, forcing you to click somewhat arbitrarily until you finally figure it out.

Plus +CBD Topical Products

For topical products, Plus +CBD offers a CBD Oil Balm costing $35.95, which is made from CBD and Sweet Almond oil, all suspended within hemp oil and Safflower Seed oil. Though it is nice that they offer this product for those who hate using oral applications for CBD, it would be nice if there were even the slightest bit of information about the best ways to use this product.

As it stands, all it says is that it works and that it is “Independently verified by 3rd Party Laboratories”, which would be great except for the fact that the report is unable to be viewed anywhere. If you prefer something a bit stronger for topical application, they sell the same product in an Extra Strength variety.

Plus +CBD Capsules


Though CBD oils are probably the most common method of taking CBD, some people don’t enjoy the taste or process of using an oil dropper to get their medicine. For these people, Plus +CBD offer a variety of soft gels and capsules for consuming CBD. You can either choose between their standard “Gold Formula” range or pick hard-shelled capsules. The soft gels contain 15mg of CBD each and cost $19.95, $49.95 or $89.95, depending on whether you buy 10 pieces, 30 pieces or 60 pieces.

Compared to the topical products or even their CBD oil, there is actually a great deal of information on this product, providing both its basic ingredients and a handy, informative animated video that illustrates exactly what it can do to help you. However, there is a significant lack of information when compared to other CBD retailers, as there isn’t a lot of inherent detail as to what goes into making these products. This lack of information makes it pretty confusing to figure out what you are trying to buy for yourself.

Plus +CBD Gummies and Oral Applicators

Finally, Plus +CBD offers two more ways to consume CBD if you hate taking capsules, oils or topical applications: A self-applicator, or gummies. The Oral Applicator is available in two ranges, either the “Gold Formula” or “Total Plant Complex.” Their somewhat jazzy video doesn’t explain the differences between the two, with the “Total Plant Complex” offering a choice between:

  • 1g, containing 100mg CBD and costing $26.95
  • 3g, containing 420mg of CBD and costing $54.95
  • 6g, containing 850mg of CBD and costing $89.95

Whereas the “Gold Formula” contains:

  • 1g, containing 240mg of CBD and costing $42.95
  • 3g, containing 714mg of CBD and costing $89.95
  • 6g, containing 1445mg of CBD and costing $159.95

However, neither the video nor the product pages themselves go into any detail as to what you should actually pick; there doesn’t seem to be any actual differences between the two, besides the fact that the “Gold Formula” contains more CBD per gram and is necessarily a larger dose.

They imply that the “Total Plant Complex” version contains more plant properties and is thus Full Spectrum, but their “Gold Formula” page says the exact same thing – that it contains a myriad of different cannabinoids. So, which is it? Is one CBD isolate and one CBD full spectrum, or not?

Final Thoughts on Plus +CBD Review

Plus +CBD is ultimately a rather complex product range. They offer a decent array of different options for consuming CBD, whatever your preferred method might be, but they seem to lack any kind of useful information. It is pretty much impossible to find their lab reports, and each product page is practically devoid of relevant information.

Plus +CBD is extremely popular among familiar retailers as a wholesale item, so there must be some inherent merit in their products, as well as the generally positive image painted by their numerous reviews. However, the actual experience of trying to buy Plus +CBD products is infuriating and needlessly complicated. The site is confusing, the pricing and different product varieties aren’t clearly explained and nothing seems clear.

If you see Plus +CBD available in retail stores or on other websites, then definitely pick them up and give them a try – though not the most robust CBD products around, they are reliable in their integrity. If, however, you want to try and buy it from them directly… consider shopping elsewhere.

Official Site: pluscbdoil.com
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