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Premium Jane Review

A few years ago, if you told someone that you wanted to begin using CBD and were looking for a reputable brand, they would have had no idea what you’re talking about, let alone be able to recommend you one. Information about hemp was as limited as its choice of retailers, so if you wanted to find some products, you really had to go looking. These days however, it’s all very different!

There is a myriad of different retailers available now, selling both online and in stores, so you are never going to struggle to find somewhere to sell you some oil. However, this change has led to a new kind of difficulty – now that there’s so many different retailers, which one should you pick? One company that seems to stand out from the rest is Premium Jane. Not only are they revered for the quality of their Premium Jane CBD oil, but the sheer number of positive customer reviews installs us with lots of confidence for the brand.

Let’s take a look at one of the fastest growing retailers out of the USA, Premium Jane. And see how their products oil holds up against other brands, in our Premium Jane review.

[Official Website: https://premiumjane.com/]

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Who is Premium Jane: Why They are America’s #1

Part of writing our Premium Jane review means investigating both the origin of the company and what makes them stand out from the competition. Premium Jane is based out of Los Angeles, California. And every possible connotation you can imagine, when thinking of a L.A based company, is absolutely true. They present a clean and professional image to their customers on their website, as well as being environmentally conscious too. The company makes a great effort to explain the quality of their available products through their excellent sourcing – every single oil product they sell comes from a controlled industrial hemp supply. This is different when compared to other retailers, because their products are frequently made using hemp seeds imported from Asia.

By using a steady industrial hemp supply, the company are obtaining their base product from a reputable source, as well as contributing to minimizing waste. Often oil is made from hemp plants that either didn’t pass for use as an industrial good or textile. So, by using plants that were already destined to become industrial goods, Premium Jane CBD helps cut down on waste.

Something interesting about their website, as well as their general mission statement, is their dedication to organically grown hemp. Many small scale producers of oil will often use whatever hemp they can get their hands on, often resulting in either low quantities of cannabidiol, or poorly grown plants.

This company only uses actual cannabis plant material that is grown in climates specifically chosen for each particular strain. This ensures that the plant is as healthy as possible, as well as making sure that the cannabidiol content is high enough to make good quality oil. Pretty much every retailer that sells a particular niche product has some unique reason for why you should buy their product over their competitors – for Premium Jane, their reasoning is that their oils simply outshine other brands. Customers can make some great savings on the company website too, because of the coupon code available to our readers.

Premium Jane Highlights: Why Are They Special?

Due to the largely unregulated nature of today’s cannabis in the marketplace, there is essentially no oversight or quality control on the majority of hemp products sold by many other companies. This is the primary reason they founded their company from an extremely mixed team of different professions, including agricultural experts, farmers and microbiologists.

Like any good oil retailer, Premium Jane offers third party lab reports on all of their oils; this is incredibly important to include, as otherwise consumers have no way of verifying that their product is any good whatsoever, other than the retailer’s words themselves. Another good indication of the company’s faith in their products, is their willingness to give customers a Premium Jane coupon code – where you can save even more money while buying your favorite products.

However, there is one other way to try and gauge the integrity of their oil: by taking a look at each product individually. And that’s exactly what we are going to do next in our Premium Jane review.

Premium Jane | Products

Due to their nascent appearance in the industry, Premium Jane doesn’t feature on many websites. However, when you do find something written about them, you’ll hear only good things. In addition, Premium Jane reviews are extremely frequent on the website. They not only speak about the company itself but each product, allowing verified purchasers of their products to leave reviews on their store pages.

With that said, let’s now take a look at their range of products, as well as a few other things they have on offer. Don’t forget to use the Premium Jane coupon code, if you see a product you like.

  • Premium Jane CBD Oil Full-Spectrum Tinctures

premium jane cbd oilThe company states that their primary intention for their CBD oils is to make them easy to use, easy to take and easy to understand. This mission statement is very much represented in their product range, as they only offer one actual type of Premium Jane CBD oil. However, they offer three different flavor varieties of the same oil: Natural Oil, Mint Oil and Citrus Oil, each costing between $48 and $124.

This price variance is due to the fact that, once you have chosen your desired flavor, you then need to pick the intensity of your CBD oil. Premium Jane offers 300mg of Oil for $48, 600mg for $85 and 1000mg for $124.

This is a very decent range for different oil products, as some conditions require different strengths of oil – giving you the freedom to pick the exact strength you want. Thankfully, the price difference between the three choices, as well as their cannabidiol content, isn’t merely a representation of the size of the bottle – some unscrupulous companies list more cannabidiol in milligrams, along with a higher price, when really it’s just the normal amount, but scaled up with more liquid. The company actually offer stronger varieties, so you can take the same amount of CBD oil per dose but get an even stronger dose of CBD.

Their oil is listed as being made from entirely 100% organic Oregon hemp, as well as being vegan and non-GMO, though it boggles the mind as to how oil could be not vegan on some other websites.

Though the selection might seem limited compared to some other ranges, the fact that it is easy and uncomplicated to pick your oil means that it is easy to give yourself the proper dose that you need.

Alongside oil, the company also offer a few other products.

  • Premium Jane Softgel CBD Capsules

premium jane cbdThe company also offer their popular Premium Jane CBD capsules, each with 25mg of CBD, and with a total CBD content of 750mg. This means that you get 30 capsules per bottle for the price of $75.

What separates these capsules from other retailers is that these are softgel capsules, meaning they are not solid tablets or even sugar casings, but instead encased in a softer shell. This means they are easier to swallow, making the process less stressful. But because of this, they can be prone to melting, so make sure you keep them in a cool and dry location.


At 25mg per pill, the capsules are a decently high strength, allowing you to medicate yourself easily and without difficulty while on-the-go. This is exactly why many customers choose to take capsules instead of the oils, because they are much less conspicuous, leading to less questions from either family or friends. But what’s really great about the website is that they explain this all to you in the product description. The company explain what ingredients go into the capsules and where they source the hemp. They take the time to explain the difference between the oil and the capsules, as well as why you should pick one over the other. They also talk about their pros and cons, and the speed with which both enter your bloodstream. This is really great information for those who lack any knowledge of hemp-related products.

  • Premium Jane Topical CBD Cream

premium jane coupon

The company also offer a Premium Jane CBD cream, in a 2oz tub. Customers can expect 600mg of CBD in the topical, which costs $75. Recently the company have also released a second topical, this is their Topical Salve with Coca Butter. So customer aren’t only getting the natural goodness of hemp but the soothing effects of cocoa butter too. A popular ingredient in many top creams, especially those aimed at sensitive skin.

Both salves are meant to be applied to aching joints or localized pains on the body, allowing you to treat yourself at a specific location rather than generally dosing yourself with the oil.

The company takes the time to explain when and why, as well as how, you should use their topical salve, ensuring that you go into your purchase with exactly what you need to know to use it properly.

  • Premium Jane CBD Gummies

Finally, the company offer their Premium Jane CBD Gummies, a chewable and fun way to take cannabidiol. These, as the name suggests, come in the cute form of a gummy bear. With each bottle containing 30 gummy bears, each with 25mg of CBD in them and costing $55, this is a unique and easy way to take cannabidiol while away from the home. As well as enjoying the flavor and texture of a childhood sweet.These gummy bears are flavored with sugar and tropical fruits, letting you not only dose yourself with your favorite medication, but also enjoy the taste of summer fruits.

Strangely enough, this is actually the most cost effective way to take cannabidiol orally, as the capsules cost 250% what the gummy bears cost, while only having 150% of the CBD content. These gummy bears demonstrate that the company not only cares about the quality of their product, but they understand that there are more fun ways to take cannabidiol than just in oil or pill form.

Premium Jane CBD | Costs

Premium Jane is an especially interesting company for its ethics and product choice. Instead of offering a myriad of different oils and topicals, all with complicated price structures, they simply offer one consistent range of each type of oil, with an extra gummy bear range.

If you want an idea of what kind of prices the company sell at, here’s a brief breakdown of costs:

  • Premium Jane CBD Oil Tinctures

Citrus Oil Full Spectrum (300mg) – $48.00

Vanilla Oil Full Spectrum (600mg) – $85.00

Natural Oil Full Spectrum (1000mg) – $124.00

  • Premium Jane Softgel CBD Capsules

Capsules (750mg) – $75.00

  • Premium Jane Topical CBD Cream

Topical Salve 2oz (750mg) – $75.00

Topical Salve Cocoa Butter 2oz (1500mg) – $125.00

  • Premium Jane CBD Gummies

Gummy Bears (750mg) – $55.00

Their commitment to high quality product, sourced from locally produced, high-quality hemp, means that Premium Jane CBD is always going to be a good choice whatever your cannabidiol needs.

The really wonderful thing about this company, besides all these great products, is that they take the time to explain how to utilize them, both in dosage and comparison to other products.

This shows that they are not only interested in making money from you, but they actually care that you use their products properly. Any company that makes the effort to ensure the wellbeing of their customers, especially through freely available information on a complicated topic like cannabidiol, deserves the highest praise.

They may be a new company on the block, but they’re sure to grow even bigger and rise up the list of top brands in the industry.

[Check out their official website at: https://premiumjane.com/]

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Customer Reviews Based on 12 reviews

  • Jeannie Wirt
    Premium Jane is Premium

    Premium Jane is a premium choice among CBD manufacturers. They charge low and they sell high. This is how I like to describe them if someone asks me of my experience with the brand. To be honest I am a miser at throwing out praises, not because I don’t like to, but because none of the products either CBD or medicines could make me happy or normal. I was always depressed. But with premium jane, the story is different.

  • Crystal Hedrick
    Certain shot master

    The best way to take the oil is oral. I’m a real Premium Jane Full Spectrum CBD fan. I always consider it the best. I had also recently been testing out a couple of other brands. Just to see if anything better than Premium Jane was present and I was missing out. Nothing was better than that. Several brands have good oil but they are lagging behind in their dealings with purchasers. Now I’m not in to test more and more brands. It seems that this is the certain shot master.

  • Joellen Hernandez
    Premium Gummies

    Gummies are the best form of CBD intake for new adopters. I am not including people who take weed already, just those who have never ever tried either weed or CBD. For them, gummies can be inspire positivist and happiness. I am such a case and am loving the premium jane gummies that I am taking almost everyday now.

  • Gary Shaw
    Gave a go

    Premium Jane is the brand that would most likely be effective on most of us. The name “Premium”, got me into buying it. Money has never been a consideration. It is only quality that I wanted the most. So when I got to know of this, I gave it a try. And it has been good.

  • Jeff
    Gummies !!

    Top notch and Absolutely delicious !! Such a fun way to take them . Premium Jane is the real deal . Great products /discounts / super fast shipping . Will keep buying again and again!

  • Lynda Farris

    What a brand! I am blown away by their professionalism and high potency oil. I definitely recommend to those who need CBD oil

  • Diana Issa
    Can talk endlessly

    If I talk about Premium Jane, I can talk endlessly. I am using this from about an year now and the company has not given even a single chance to raise some issue. It is great in all aspects like quality, service delivery, logistics, pricing, storage, all!

  • Nellie Meza
    Great Help Indeed

    I am suffering from Sleep Paralysis since my childhood. I know that there is no cure anywhere, in any alternative medicine, or the routine allopathy. I tried the 25 mg capsules from Premium Jane simply because I was hearing a lot about CBD, and there is no doubt that this is America’s No.1 brand for CBD oils. I feel my episodes have reduced quite a lot, and it has become easier to recover after an episode whenever it does happen. This is a great help to me, as I was now always depressed otherwise whenever I experienced it.

  • Eda Roman
    Almost good now

    I started with Premium Jane 25 mg capsules, two daily, beginning this year. I used to feel very lethargic and low, due to no obvious reason. All my reports and tests that I underwent also came out negative, so was not sure what the cause is, and the doctor, who also happens to be a friend, suggested that Premium Jane might help. I tried, and in about 15 days, I was already feeling better. I have now started their vanilla oil as well, to be sipped in a hot tea, and I am much comfortable than before. I guess By December this year, I would quit this for once and test again, as my body feels almost good now.

  • Earlene Chan

    I am in favor of the edibles from Premium Jane. I use this in my tea, coffee, cakes and all, and the effect is very rejuvenating and refreshing for the body.

  • Norman Hermanson
    My best

    Have you tried the salve from Premium Jane. It is too good to be penned down. Other CBD brands also produce good salves, but this one is my personal favorite.

  • Ana
    Bipolar depression

    What type of cbd oil or cbd capsule is right for me and what strength?

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