Premium Jane CBD Oil Review [Tested]

Premium Jane CBD Oil Official Review [All Products]

A few years ago, if you told someone that you wanted to begin using CBD and were looking for a reputable brand, they would have had no idea what you’re talking about, let alone be able to recommend you anywhere.

CBD usage was as limited as its choice of retailers, so if you wanted to find some CBD, you really had to go looking.
These days, however, it’s all very different.

There is a myriad of different CBD retailers available now, selling both online and in stores, so you are never going to struggle to find somewhere to sell you some CBD oil. However, this change has led to a new kind of difficulty – now that there’s so many different retailers, which one should you pick?

Let’s take a look at one of the fastest growing retailers out of the USA, Premium Jane, and see how their CBD oil holds up against other brands.

Who are Premium Jane?

Premium Jane is based out of Los Angeles, California. Every connotation and image you might imagine with a CBD company based in LA seems to be true with Premium Jane; they are environmentally conscious, as well as taking great pride in their CBD.

Premium Jane makes a great of effort to explain the quality of their available products through their excellent sourcing – every single CBD oil product they sell comes from a controlled industrial hemp supply. This is different when compared to other CBD oil retailers, because their products are frequently made using hemp seeds imported from Asia.

By using a steady industrial hemp supply, Premium Jane are obtaining their base product from a reputable source, as well as contributing to minimizing waste; CBD oil is often made from hemp plants that either didn’t pass for use as an industrial good or textile, so by using plants that were already destined to become industrial goods, Premium Jane helps cut down on waste.

Something interesting about Premium Jane’s website, as well as their general mission statement, is their dedication to organically grown hemp. Many small scale producers of CBD oil will often use whatever hemp they can get their hands on, often resulting in either low quantities of CBD, or poorly grown plants.

Premium Jane only uses actual cannabis plant material that is grown in climates specifically chosen for each particular strain. This ensures that the plant is as healthy as possible, as well as making sure that the CBD content is high enough to make good quality CBD oil.

Pretty much every retailer of any kind of niche product has some reason for why you should buy their product over their competitors – for Premium Jane, their reasoning is that other CBD oil brands… just aren’t very good.

They claim that, due to the largely unregulated nature of today’s cannabis and CBD oil marketplace, there is essentially no oversight or quality control on the majority of CBD Oil product sold by other companies.

This is the primary reason they founded their company, from an extremely mixed team of different professions, including agricultural experts, farmers and microbiologists, to try and provide the CBD market with quality controlled and tested CBD Oil products.

Like any good CBD oil retailer, Premium Jane offers third party lab reports on all of their CBD oils; this is incredibly important to include, as otherwise consumers have no way of verifying that their product is any good whatsoever, other than the retailer’s words themselves.

However, there is one other way to try and gauge the integrity of their CBD oil: by taking a look at online reviews available for Premium Jane’s CBD oil.

Premium Jane Reviews

Premium Jane is in an interesting position with regard to reviews, due to the fact that they are relatively new to the CBD oil scene.

Due to their nascent appearance in the industry, Premium Jane doesn’t feature on many websites. However, when you do find something written about them, you’ll hear only good things.

In addition, Premium Jane does offer a great quantity of available reviews on their website for each product, allowing verified purchasers of their products to leave reviews on their store pages.

With that said, let’s now take a look at Premium Jane’s CBD oil products, as well as a few other things they have on offer.

Premium Jane CBD Oils

Premium Jane oil

Premium Jane states that their primary intention for their CBD oils is to make them easy to use, easy to take and easy to understand.

This mission statement is very much represented in their product range, as they only offer one actual type of CBD oil. However, they offer three different flavor varieties of the same oil: Natural CBD Oil, Mint CBD Oil and Citrus CBD Oil, each costing between $54 and $135.

This price variance is due to the fact that, once you have chosen your desired flavor, you then need to pick the intensity of your CBD oil.

Premium Jane offers 300mg of CBD Oil for $54, 600mg for $98 and 1000mg for $154.

This is a very decent range for different CBD oil products, as some conditions require different strengths of CBD oil.

Thankfully, the price difference between the three choices, as well as their CBD content, isn’t merely a representation of the size of the bottle – some unscrupulous companies list more CBD in milligrams, along with a higher price, when really it’s just the normal amount, but scaled up with more liquid.

Premium Jane actually offer stronger varieties, so you can take the same amount of CBD oil per dose but get an even stronger dose of CBD.

Their CBD oil is listed as being made from entirely 100% organic Oregon hemp, as well as being vegan and non-GMO, though it boggles the mind as to how CBD oil could be not vegan.

Though the selection might seem limited, the fact that it is easy and uncomplicated to pick your CBD oil means that it is easy to give yourself the proper dose that you need.

Alongside CBD oil, Premium Jane also offers a few other products.

Premium Jane Capsules

Premium Jane offer CBD capsules each with 25mg of CBD, with a total CBD content of 750mg. This means that you get 30 CBD capsules per bottle for the price of $83.

What separates these capsules from other retailers is that these are soft gel capsules, meaning they are not solid tablets or even sugar casings, but instead an easy to swallow gel.

25mg per pill is a decently high strength, allowing you to medicate yourself easily and without difficulty while on the go.

What makes this really nice is that, below the section explaining the ingredients and sourcing of the Hemp, Premium Jane take the time to explain the difference between CBD oil and CBD Capsules, as well as why you should pick one over the other.

They explain their pros and cons, as well as the speed with which both enter your bloodstream. This is really great information for those who lack CBD understanding.

Premium Jane Topical CBD

Premium Jane topicals

Premium Jane also offer a 2oz, 600mg Topical Salve costing $80.

This salve is meant to be applied to aching joints or localized pains on the body, allowing you to treat yourself at a specific location rather than generally dosing yourself with CBD oil.

Premium Jane takes the time to explain when and why, as well as how, you should use their topical salve, ensuring that you go into your purchase with exactly what you need to know to use it properly.

Premium Jane CBD Gummy Bears

Finally, Premium Jane offers a chewable, more fun way to take CBD, in the form of CBD Gummy Bears.

With each bottle containing 20 gummy bears, each with 25mg of CBD in them and costing $38, this is a fun and easy way to take CBD while away from the home, as well as enjoying the flavor and texture of a childhood sweet.

These gummy bears are flavored with sugar and tropical fruits, letting you not only dose yourself with your favorite medication, but also enjoy the taste of summer fruits.

Strangely enough, this is actually the most cost effective way to take CBD orally, as the CBD Capsules cost 250% what the Gummy Bears cost, while only having 150% of the CBD content.

CBD gummy bears demonstrate that Premium Jane not only cares about the quality of their product, but they understand that there are more fun ways to take CBD than just in oil or pill form.

Premium Jane CBD Final Thoughts

Premium Jane is an especially interesting company for its ethic and its product choice. Instead of offering a myriad of different CBD oil and topicals, all with complicated price structures, they simply offer one consistent range of each type of CBD oil, with an extra CBD gummy bear option besides.

Their commitment to high quality product, sourced from locally produced, high-quality hemp, means that Premium Jane’s products are always going to be a good choice whatever your CBD needs.

The really wonderful thing about Premium Jane, despite all these great products, is that they take the time to explain how to utilize them, both in dosage and comparison to other products.

This shows that Premium Jane is not only interested in making money from you, but they actually care that you use their CBD products properly. Any company that makes the effort to ensure the wellbeing of their customers, especially through freely available information on a complicated topic like CBD, deserves the highest praise.

Premium Jane may be a new company on the CBD block, but they’re sure to grow even bigger and rise up the list of top CBD brands.

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