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Provacan CBD Oil Review [Tested]

Provacan CBD Oil Review [Tested]

Buying CBD oil, whether it is in the United Kingdom or the USA, can be an absolute nightmare.

For starters, the legality and social acceptability of CBD oil is sometimes questioned. Though in both countries CBD itself is now legalized for certain medical conditions, it can still be very difficult to understand where to actually go to buy a good product.

Additionally, there are so many different types, strains and flavors available that it will quickly become apparent that there’s no easy way to choose the right product for you.

When you are first getting started, it can sometimes be easier to just go straight to the larger retailers so you know you’re getting quality product.

Let’s take a look at Provacan, easily the largest distributor of CBD oil in the UK, and see how their products hold up under review.

Official Website: https://provacan.co.uk/

Who Are Provacan?

Provacan is the largest seller of CBD oil and CBD products in the UK, as well as being tied to one of the largest scientific research groups in the world that focuses on CBD.

Provacan has the unique distinction of being the only company that is partnered with CiiTECH, actually forming the sales component of the same company.

CiiTECH was founded to work alongside the research originally conducted in 1963 by Professor Raphael Mechoulam, who originally discovered both the endocannabinoid system and the effects that CBD has on the body.

This is an important quality for a retailer, because it means that the profits generated in the sale of their CBD oil is put right back into CBD research, allowing for more research and development into the important field of cannabis research.

With regard to Provacan’s legality, they have a nice big section on their site dedicated to all their compliance awards. For starters, they are a member of the Cannabis Trades Association, the only UK-focused cannabis trades association which encourages the use of UK and, on occasion, EU hemp to produce CBD oil.

Additionally, Provacan complies with the MHRA, or the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. Guidelines set by this authority determine advertising standards for CBD in the UK, demanding that CBD oil is sold as a food supplement. This is because the UK government has yet to formally recognize the medicinal benefits of CBD oil available on the open market. This is likely to change in the near future, due to the legalization of CBD  and THC drugs for the purpose of treating a few specific conditions such as epilepsy and Multiple Sclerosis.

Alongside these important qualifiers, Provacan’s CBD is also officially listed as Kosher. This might not seem like something especially significant for the general population, but it does make sense considering that, while Provacan is produced in the UK, it is heavily tied to Israeli (and thus, Jewish) research groups.

To be Kosher, it has to meet a huge variety of conditions, as well as undergo rigorous testing to confirm its Kosher status.

All this conformity to trade, governmental and even religious standards might merely seem like legalese mumbo jumbo, but it’s important thing to note when trying to decide on a CBD product – it demonstrates that Provacan is happy and willing to comply with the legal minutia necessary to be considered an official product.

Though CBD oil is still not recognized as a proper medicine, Provacan is willing to treat it with the severity that that title requires. It bodes extremely well that a company takes itself so seriously, rather than the occasionally lackluster and silly efforts undertaken by some cannabis retailers.

Knowing about the company’s policies and compliance is one thing, but understanding the quality of their product is something else entirely.

Let’s take a look at Provacan’s reviews online and how they fare when compared to other brands.

Provacan Reviews

Strangely enough, Provacan has remarkably few reviews on third party sites like TrustPilot. This is particularly strange when compared to other prolific UK brands.

It’s possible that this is due to the fact that Provacan is relatively new, only really becoming a major seller in the last three years. But those three years have seen the company’s rise to their current position as leading producer and retailer of CBD oil throughout the UK.

One reason there are so few reviews available on other sites might be because of the reviews that confirmed purchasers can leave on the website itself.

Though many retailers offer their ability to leave reviews on products once they’ve bought them, few actually push this feature, instead preferring third party reviewers like TrustPilot or even Amazon reviews to get good comments from their customers.

However, Provacan’s website functionality is actually incredibly good, offering an excellent review feature that is simple and easy to use. Additionally, the website reminds you to leave a review when you’ve purchased the product, which is what likely leads to its higher rate of reviews.

Those reviews that do exist are almost overwhelmingly positive, with flowing praise about the products’ reliability and efficacy.

Now that we know what Provacan’s reviews are like, what are their actual CBD products like?

Provacan CBD Oil Products Available

provacan CBD oil

Provacan offers a pretty limited variety of CBD oils, but their potency and price are definitely desirable.

Their cheapest type of CBD oil, which is a 10ml bottle and contains 600mg of CBD, costs £39.99, whereas the more expensive, stronger variety contains 1200mg of CBD and costs £69.99.

Interesting, this actually averages out to £0.058 per milligram of CBD, which is actually extremely cheap.

Though the immediate thought might be to go for the strongest type of CBD oil available, it’s important to remember that different CBD strengths are better suited to different conditions.

Certain conditions, such as anxiety and some degenerative disorders, require extremely high doses of CBD to deal with them.

However, other conditions like inflammation and minor irritations require quite a small dose. Make sure you’re not just going for the strongest possible, as 1200mg of CBD in a 10ml bottle is actually quite a lot of CBD.

All of the CBD oil products sold by Provacan are sold as full spectrum, meaning that they contain a variety of other useful cannabinoids and terpenes that not only improve the flavor, but also encourage a better response in the body and promote faster healing and medicinal treatment.

For those that don’t want to take CBD oil for whatever reason, Provacan also offer a variety of other ways of taking CBD.

Provacan Topical CBD

Provacan Reviews

Some people don’t enjoy the prospect of administering CBD oil into their mouths or food – for some it’s the greasy mouth feel, whereas for others it’s the taste.

To help counteract that, Provacan offers two CBD topical products. One is a Skin and Body Balm made with beeswax, which is sold in a 30ml container and contains 300 mg of CBD, costing £39.99. Though this is a more expensive form of CBD application, some people enjoy the option of applying it as a topical location. This is important for treating conditions that are localized to one area of the body, such as localized inflammation or conditions such as arthritis.

The Skin & Body Balm also has the benefit of being made with beeswax offering a moisturizing and overall enriching quality to your skin as you apply it. This isn’t intended solely for medical use, but also for personal enjoyment as well.

Their other topical CBD alternative is similar in this way, as it is a massage oil. The CBD Massage Oil is 20ml, with 100mg of CBD in it, costing £19.99. This is their weakest product with regard to its CBD intensity, but it offers a useful alternative for those looking to receive CBD from their partner or masseuse in a more intimate way.

This allows you to get the benefit of a massage, as well as the medicinal benefit of the CBD.

However, if you’re more of the type to vape your CBD, Provacan has you covered as well.

Provacan CBD eLiquids

Provacan offer their CBD eLiquids in two different varieties; the regular vape liquid, which costs £27.99 and contains 300mg of CBD, or an interesting terpene variety that contains 30mg of cannabis terpenes that costs only £8.99.

Though the former is certainly more traditional, their terpene variety of eLiquid allows you to add it to your favorite vape blend and get the tasting notes of cannabis terpenes, without necessarily dosing yourself with too much CBD.

This might seem strange on a CBD website, but this is an interesting feature that allows users to customize their vaping experience.

Their regular eLiquid, which contains 300mg of CBD, lists itself as being the only full spectrum e-liquid available in the UK, as well as mentioning a whole list of other benefits about it being non-GMO, unflavored and all natural.

One troubling quality of the eLiquid is that is made with a 80:20 ratio of vegetable glycerin to Propylene Glycol. This latter ingredient exists as a thinning agent to make the CBD oil within the e-liquid less viscous, so that it can be easily vaporized.

Propylene Glycol has been linked to a variety of significant side effects, so it’s worrying that the largest CBD oil retailer in the UK still sells it in their Vape e-liquids.

Provacan Final Thoughts

Provacan is definitely the biggest and perhaps most scientifically significant retailer in the UK for CBD oil. They offer a decent range of products with a nice variety of differing strengths, with the option for getting extremely strong CBD doses.

Though it is worrying they include Propylene Glycol in their eLiquids, Provacan is a company with an excellent reputation and surprisingly great value on their CBD oil.

Sometimes the biggest is the biggest for a reason!

Check them out over at https://provacan.co.uk/

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