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Pure Spectrum CBD Review

At first glance, Pure Spectrum CBD might look like most other online brands, offering a range of products designed to provide a healthy dose of CBD.

Upon closer inspection, you quickly discover that Pure Spectrum CBD is run by a team of experts who are passionate about revolutionizing the industry.

Pure Spectrum Quick Summary


  • Lab results available
  • No pesticides or herbicides used
  • Made in America
  • Affordable products
  • Slick and professional website
  • THC-free products can be found on the site
  • High potency oils available


  • Product branding is slightly confusing

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Pure Spectrum Full Review

The last decade has seen a huge change in the way that people think about their health and the products that they use to stay healthy. The shift away from artificial and chemically filled pharmaceuticals combined with the ever-increasing awareness of the health benefits of CBD has led to an explosion in the industry.

CBD offers a natural alternative to traditional supplements and medication. Many studies show that it has the ability to affect almost every area of the human body in a positive way; it is therefore not surprising that it has become one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

While CBD has become much easier to find, both online and on the high street, it can still feel challenging to find a brand that you can really trust. And, there are a number of important boxes to tick when selecting a brand.

Firstly, transparency; most people would not consume food that does not contain an ingredient list, and the same principle should apply when it comes to CBD. Secondly, reliability; products need to provide a consistent dosage with effects that you can come to predict. Thirdly, products need to be made from natural, healthy ingredients so that you are not filling your body with artificial toxins all in an attempt to stay healthy.  

Pure Spectrum CBD is a brand that promises to do all of the above, offering its customers transparency, consistency, and quality. Always keen to try new brands, I decided to try Pure Spectrum CBD for myself and find out whether they really are a brand that you can rely on and trust.

Let’s delve into Pure Spectrum CBD as a brand and take a look at what you can expect from these products.

Who Is Pure Spectrum CBD?

CEO Brady Bell has firsthand experience of how CBD can make chronic conditions feel manageable and allow you to live your best life. His desire to share what he has learned with the world through Pure Spectrum CBD’s high-quality products shines through.

Pure Spectrum CBD was a chance for him to iron out all of the problems and obstacles that he experienced when searching for and using CBD at the beginning of his health journey.

At Pure Spectrum CBD, they believe that it is important to maintain an internal balance, as the mind, body, and spirit all need to work together as a system of energy. Every element must be balanced in order to achieve optimal health and that this can be achieved by taking care of our endocannabinoid system. All of Pure Spectrum CBD’s products have been carefully formulated to ensure synergy within the endocannabinoid system so that you can reach your full potential both mentally and physically.

Pure Spectrum CBD works closely with the Cannabis Research Foundation and the Industrial Hemp Research Foundation to ensure that the latest and very best manufacturing methods and technology are used to create Pure Spectrum CBD products.

Pure Spectrum CBD source all of their hemp from sustainable organic US-based farms and ensure that it meets government regulations. This allows Pure Spectrum CBD to guarantee that all of their products are 100% THC free so that you never have to worry about any unwanted side effects that could result from taking THC.

All of Pure Spectrum CBD products are tested by 3rd party labs to ensure both high quality and potency. The results of these tests can be found on Pure Spectrum CBD’s website, meaning that you can see exactly what goes into each product right down to the micro-level even before confirming your order.

Pure Spectrum CBD Highlights: The Positives

  • Clear and Accessible Lab Results: Pure Spectrum CBD makes the lab results for all of their products available to customers through their website. This means that you can see exactly what goes into each product before you shop, allowing you to make an informed decision about the products that are right for you.
  • Affordable Prices: Pure Spectrum CBD aims to make their CBD products accessible to as many people as possible and believe that a person’s financial situations should never act as a barrier to good health. Pure Spectrum CBD’s products start at as little as $28, meaning that you do not have to invest large sums of money into trying CBD for yourself.
  • THC Free: Pure Spectrum CBD guarantees that all of their products are 100% THC free. This provides peace of mind for customers who have been put off of trying CBD for fear of consuming THC and having to deal with its potentially negative effects.

Pure Spectrum CBD CBD Tinctures

Pure Spectrum CBD tinctures are available in a number of different strength options, giving you the ability to customize your experience and find the perfect dosage to suit your health care needs.

Designed to act as a daily supplement and keep you feeling fit and healthy, Pure Spectrum CBD offers a 250mg option, providing a low yet still effective dose of CBD. Other options include 500mg, 1250mg, and 2500mg tinctures.

Pure Spectrum CBD uses broad-spectrum CBD oil combined with MCT oil to create each bottle of their high quality and oil. This formula allows for all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes found with hemp plants to be retained.


This means that with each bottle of Pure Spectrum CBD oil you have access not just to the health benefits of CBD, but also the entire plant.

Each tincture bottle comes with a built-in dropper, which allows you to easily measure out an exact dosage and ensure that you always receive the same reliable amount of CBD. This shows that Pure Spectrum CBD understands the importance of both consistency and ease of use.

Pure Spectrum CBD’s all-natural oils are not only 100% free from artificial flavors and ingredients, but also taste great as a result. Pure Spectrum CBD tinctures have a natural flavor to them which leaves a refreshing sensation in your mouth, while at the same time can be easily washed away with a swig of water.

Customers can purchase Pure Spectrum CBD tinctures in multi-packs at a discount, recognizing that loyal customers and those who rely on Pure Spectrum CBD may need to buy in bulk.

Pure Spectrum CBD Vape

Pure Spectrum CBD offers customers a range of different flavored vape cartridges and refill oils, all of which have been designed to provide all of the same health benefits of oils but in a delicious vaping experience.

The CBD vape range includes tasty flavors that are fun to vape and provide the perfect level of variety, making vaping feel like an exciting and varied experience. Customers can choose from a list of flavors, including Bubblegum, Lemon Haze, and Natural.

Vape cartridges are available in two different strengths: 100mg and 250mg. You still have control over the exact dose of CBD you are taking even when vaping. Pure Spectrum CBD’s 100mg cartridges include the added addition of honey oil, providing extra nutrients, and an extra healthy boost to your immune system.

Pure Spectrum CBD also sells vape oils that can be used to refill cartridges and are a great way to save money and cut back on waste at the same time. Customers can choose from both strength options and all of the same flavors that are available in cartridge form.

Pure Spectrum CBD vapes are the perfect way to enjoy CBD throughout the day while also treating yourself to a delicious burst of flavor. They can also be used as an alternative to smoking and are a great way to start a new, healthy lifestyle.

Pure Spectrum CBD Pets

Pure Spectrum CBD pet oils have been specially formulated to provide all of the same health benefits as their regular oils only for your pets. At Pure Spectrum CBD, they believe that every member of the family should be able to benefit, and that includes our loyal pets.

Oils are super simple to administer; simply add a few drops to your pet’s food and enjoy as they are given a new lease on life. Designed to go almost unnoticed, Pure Spectrum CBD does not add any extra and unnecessary flavors to their pet oils so that they blend perfectly into your pet’s food.

Pure Spectrum CBD recognizes that just like humans, every animal is different and will require a different dosage. For this reason, customers can choose between three different options designed to suit different sized animals.

CBD capsules for cats and dogs offer a great alternative to Pure Spectrum CBD’s pet oils and are ideal for days out with your furry friend when you do not want to be carrying around bottles of oil. Each capsule is packed with healthy fats and nutrients, working to improve both your pet’s mental and physical wellbeing.

Pure Spectrum CBD Costs

Pure Spectrum CBD Tinctures

  • Hemp Oil Tincture 500mg (30ml) – $54.88
  • Hemp Oil Tincture 250mg (15ml) – $28.88
  • XL Hemp Oil Tincture 1250mg (30ml) – $124.88
  • XL Hemp Oil Tincture 2500mg (60ml) – $228.88
  • 1850 Hemp Co. Regular Strength Tincture 500mg (15ml+) – From $28.88
  • 1850 Hemp Co. Regular Strength Tincture 2500mg (15ml+) – From $124.88

Pure Spectrum CBD Topicals

  • Invigorating Slave 250mg (2oz) – $48.88
  • Relaxing Salve 250mg (2oz) – $48.88
  • Lotion Full Spectrum Blend 250mg (2oz) – $40.88
  • After WOD 1000mg – $120.88
  • Lotion Isolate Blend 250mg (2oz) – $40.88

Pure Spectrum CBD Vape

  • Pure Clear Vape Refill 2000mg (5ml+) – From $228.88
  • Honey Oil Vape Refill 1000mg (5ml+) – From $161.88
  • Pure Clear Cartridge 250mg – From $50.88
  • Honey Oil Cartridge 100mg – From $35.88

Pure Spectrum CBD Isolate

  • 99% CBD Isolate 1000mg+ – From $30.88

Pure Spectrum CBD Pets

  • Large Dog Breeds and Cats 500mg (30ml) – $54.88
  • Medium Dog Breeds and Cats 300mg (30ml) – $38.88
  • Small Dog Breeds and Cats 150mg (15ml) – $28.88
  • Joint Support Capsules for Dogs and Cats (60 count) – $58.88

How to Buy Pure Spectrum CBD Products

Pure Spectrum CBD products are available worldwide directly from Pure Spectrum CBD’s website. They offer their entire range of products on the online store, along with detailed product descriptions to help you decide which item is best for your health care needs.

The exact price of shipping varies depending on where you are located and is calculated at checkout. Pure Spectrum CBD recommends that US-based customers order 7 to 10 working days in advance to ensure that they get their order in time and do not have to deal with running out of their favorite products.

For international customers, delivery is estimated to take between 10 and 14 business days. All of Pure Spectrum CBD’s orders are tracked, allowing you to follow your order and know exactly when it is going to arrive at your door.

For those who live in Colorado, Pure Spectrum CBD have opened their very first physical store in Evergreen. This is a great way to sample their products. Staffed by CBD experts, their store is an excellent opportunity to speak to staff about how CBD could improve your health and the products best suited to your needs.

Make sure to subscribe to the Pure Spectrum CBD mailing list to receive special offers and news on all of their latest products.

Final Verdict About Pure Spectrum CBD

Having tried a number of their products, I was extremely pleased to find that Pure Spectrum CBD lives up to the promises that they make on their website.

All of the products are super easy to use and felt accessible, even to those who may be new to the world of CBD. There are detailed product descriptions and tips for usage, to help remove some of the fear that people have around trying new health care products and supplements.

Pure Spectrum CBD has carefully thought about the packaging of their products, making it easy to measure out consistent doses for effects that you can predict and rely on every day. Their secure packaging also means that you can take your Pure Spectrum CBD products out with you and not have to worry about them making a mess in the bottom of your bag.

Being able to always have a dose of CBD on hand is important for a lot of people and is clearly something that Pure Spectrum CBD understands.

Pure Spectrum CBD provides a seamless and enjoyable experience from the moment that you enter their website and one that really feels as though it has been designed with real customers in mind. If you have been searching for a brand that you can trust and use on a daily basis, make sure to check out Pure Spectrum CBD’s website and take the first step towards a healthier, natural lifestyle.

Final Verdict: 9/10

Official Site: purespectrumcbd.com
15% Coupon Code: 15CBDOFF

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