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PureKana CBD Oil Review [ My Personal Experience ]

If you Google PureKana reviews, you won’t find many results, but the sites that do recommend it applaud it. This is mainly because the company tends to lay under the radar and relies mainly on word of mouth. While most of our competitors sit on their hands and recommend base on price, we’ve decided to give you the 401 on this interesting company and its products.

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About PureKana

According to the company’s website, PureKana is a Los Angeles based organization with a goal of providing consumers with some of the best, and affordable, CBD products around. As the site says all of its CBD products are legal in every state, it’s clear that they’re low in THC; but are they high in CBD?

If you purchase PureKana products, the site claims you’ll benefit from organically grown CBD that contains no pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, solvents and everything is non-GMO. PureKana combines ‘typical’ CBD products such as oils, pills, and capsules. It all sounds great in theory but let’s see what PureKana’s products are like in practice and what I had to say.

Review of PureKana CBD Oil

PureKana CBD Oil
There are four types of CBD oil available on the website; a ‘Starter’ version with 20 servings along with three 40-serving options: Natural, Vanilla, and Mint. As you would expect from a company purporting to be among the best, PureKana claims its CBD oil is grown organically and contains just 0.05% THC which is effectively a trace amount.

You can choose between potencies of 300mg, 600mg or 1,000mg and while the latter option costs $139 for 40 servings, it is actually the best value for money option.

PureKana CBD oil coupon

How to Take PureKana CBD Oil

While you have the option to smoke it, we would advise vaping it because this process allows the CBD oil to get to work quickly and it doesn’t leave behind a pungent odor. It is an especially good idea to vape the vanilla and mint flavored CBD oils from PureKana because they taste delicious and smooth. We simply use the drops.

Efficacy of PureKana CBD Oil

If you’re looking for something to alleviate stress, anxiety and mild pain, we would recommend this CBD oil. However, even at the strongest potency, we didn’t believe that this particular PureKana product was able to deal with harsh conditions. Admittedly, it could work for someone else so don’t take our word for it.

Review of PureKana Capsules

CBD Gummies


If you’re not a fan of vaping or smoking but need to get your daily CBD requirement, try out the PureKana pills & capsules range; we say ‘range, ’ but in fact, the company only sells one product right now. Each bottle contains 30 capsules with 25mg of CBD in each. It isn’t cheap at $89 but it won’t put you out of pocket.

How to Take PureKana CBD Capsules

As is the case with the CBD oil, the capsules are certified organic and made without herbicides and the other nasty stuff found in low-grade products. You consume one of these CBD capsules in precisely the same way as you would any other pill or capsule. Simply pop it in your mouth and wash it down with liquid, preferably water!

Efficacy of PureKana CBD Capsules

We only used them to deal with symptoms of stress and anxiety, and we have to say, these capsules do have a relatively rapid calming effect. We cannot attest as to their efficacy with regards to dealing with severe chronic pain.

Review of PureKana CBD Topical Ointment

PureKana CBD Topical Ointment

Once again, there is only one product in this PureKana section, and it is CBD topical ointment which looks an awful lot like moisturizing cream! Each container includes 2oz of topical ointment with a total of 600mg CBD in all for $75. According to the manufacturers, the ointment is made from extracting CBD rich hemp from some of the best locations in Colorado.

They infuse it into regular moisturizing cream, and with a combination of a silky texture and Blood Orange scent, you won’t be able to wait to try it out.

How to use PureKana CBD Topical Ointment

According to PureKana, you should apply the ointment directly to the most troublesome areas. Simply apply it like regular moisturizing cream to areas in pain and relax as it works its magic in double quick time.

Efficacy of PureKana CBD Topical Ointment

In theory, CBD ointment is more effective than capsules or oil because when you consume CBD orally, it enters the bloodstream and it can take up to two hours to work. When you use an ointment, it is absorbed directly through your skin which means you can target specific areas for fast-acting relief.

Any skepticism we had was quickly removed when we discovered the speed at which the ointment works. Painful sensations should ease off soon after applying the cream. PureKana claims it can work on other skin conditions and as it also contains coconut oil, Aloe Vera, cocoa butter, essential oils and other ingredients, it feels like a real moisturizer.

How to Purchase PureKana Products?

The process is pretty simple and their customer support is phenomenal. But don’t take my word for it, go to www.purekana.com and check out their products. The company is currently offering free shipping to customers in the contiguous United States which is unquestionably a bonus.

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Final Thoughts About PureKana

I’ve seen enough to realize that PureKana is a CBD product supplier on an upward curve. It offers extremely high-quality CBD products including oils, capsules, and ointments so you can get your daily dose of the medical marvel that is cannabidiol. While PureKana’s CBD products err on the expensive side, we would argue that the premium quality of what they offer means you get what you pay for! Most of all, their products are effective.

Visit them at www.purekana.com
5% coupon code: 5OFFCBD1

Customer Reviews Based on 14 reviews

  • Fliss Baker
    Starter kit is awesome

    Nearly at the end of my starter bottle and i LOVE IT!!! If you are like me and a bit new to this, i would recommend these guys, super honest and clear selling strategy i love it.

  • Jim Housely
    WOW thanks for the discount!!

    I love the packaging of this brand it was what first drew me to them, there are so many companies with bright, bold and garish messages and I loved the simplicity of this. The topical by PureKana is my favorite and I have been using it for months to help my bad skin. I would say that it lasts a good time, and is great value for money!

  • Maria
    The vanilla CBD oil is the dream!!!

    The vanilla CBD oil is the dream!!! I have tasted many CBD oils and to be honest so many taste vile! CBD works wonders for many things, but it does not taste good. Somehow Purekana have managed to find the ideal balance and the vanilla product is delcious. Definite must-try if you have a sensitive gag reflex!

  • Anna
    Purkana is a perfect option

    If you are shy about using CBD products, Purkana is a perfect option. They are very subtle with their marketing and packaging, which brought a lot of comofrt to me when ordering online. The capsules are what I order and have done for 8 months straight. They work well, don’t leave me feeling anything negative and are affordable with regular discounts and offers!

  • Julia
    Really great

    I have started out on the purekana vanilla CBD oil, it is really great, I have it in my porridge every morning and find that it helps me be more active and mobile throughout the day. I have chronic fatigue and aches and pains, put it down to old age – but CBD oil certainly helps oil the hinges.

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