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PureKana Review

While most of our competitors sit on their hands and recommend based on price, we’ve decided to give you the 101 on this intriguing company and its products.

So, let’s find out why PureKana CBD is so unique.

PureKana Quick Summary


  • Products made from organic hemp grown in Kentucky
  • Third-party lab results available online
  • A delicious array of flavored products
  • High-quality full-spectrum oils
  • A cruelty-free manufacturing process
  • Free of pesticides and herbicides
  • High potency oils on sale


  • Products may be more expensive than other brands

Are you tempted already? If the answer is yes, you can find a direct link to the official PureKana site below.

Visit website

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PureKana CBD Full Review

It can be a minefield trying to navigate all the different CBD companies that exist on the internet, especially now that CBD has become so popular. That’s why we aim to simplify this search by providing you with trustworthy and researched brand reviews. And today is no exception; we are going to give you the full scoop in this PureKana review!

If you Google PureKana, you will be pleased to only find positive comments about the brand. When investigating why this may be, we found a brand that displays exceptional customer service, as well as an unparalleled knowledge of premium CBD manufacturing.

Let’s take a look at PureKana’s ethos and product list. This includes their highly rated PureKana CBD oil, which is only one out of many different products that they sell on their website.

Visit them at www.purekana.com

Who Is PureKana: Everything You Need to Know

According to the company’s website, PureKana is a Los Angeles based organization with the goal of providing consumers with some of the best and most affordable CBD products around. As the site says, they make sure that every product is produced with less than 0.02% of THC. This is always a good sign, but how does PureKana manufacture their CBD?

PureKana claims you’ll benefit from organically grown hemp that contains no pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and solvents. And everything is non-GMO. This all sounds very positive.

PureKana provides customers with all the traditional CBD products we have come to expect; this includes oils; pills, and capsules. But they have also released some more interesting products, like their PurePicks and Bath Bombs. And, to make the deal even sweeter, and save you some money, customers have access to a PureKana discount, which you will find throughout this review.

It all sounds great in theory, but let’s see what really makes this company stand out from their competition.

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PureKana Highlights: What Makes Them Special?

It’s clear that over the last couple of years, PureKana has been working tirelessly to not only perfect their manufacturing process for the products they already have but to bring out new and exciting products too.

They have expanded into an interesting range of PurePicks, which are available in an astounding ten flavors. If that’s not a choice, then we don’t know what is! Their Bath Bomb range is equally enticing, and again with five different scents to pick from, they have really given the customer lots of variety.

Another evident positive is the quality of the PureKana CBD oil. The hemp they use to make their products is all grown in Kentucky, and this means they are truly supporting the national industry. It also means, as mentioned above, that they can ensure all the crops are grown organically so that no dangerous chemicals can spoil the quality of the PureKana CBD.

Keep reading this PureKana review to learn what goes into making each product.

PureKana CBD products: What’s on Their Website?

We know that PureKana has gone above and beyond to provide customers with a substantial variety when it comes to their products. But they also want to pay homage to the traditional forms of CBD consumption. Let’s take a closer look.


PureKana CBD Oil

There are many types of oil available on the website, giving you a variety in both flavor and potency. You can find bottles that contain a total of 40-serving, in the strengths of 300mg, 600mg, 1,000mg, 2,500mg, and 5,000mg.

PureKana’s impressive potency range is just one way they have attempted to stand out from the competition. And it’s working. And while the staggering $390 price tag for their 5,000mg oil might sound water-watering, considering its strength, you would struggle to find a better deal for their quality.

As you would expect from a company purporting to be among the best, PureKana claims its hemp oil is grown organically and contains just trace amounts of THC.

PureKana CBD oil coupon

PureKana oils also come in a range of different flavors, transforming the naturally bitter taste of hemp into something a little sweeter. On the website, you can find Mint, Vanilla, Fruity Pebbz, and Citus-flavored liquids.

While you have the option to smoke it, we would advise vaping it because this process allows the CBD oil to get to work quickly, and it doesn’t leave behind a pungent odor. It is an especially good idea to vape the vanilla and mint-flavored CBD oils from PureKana because they taste delicious and smooth, but you may also choose to use their vape pens instead. We simply use the oil as drops.

If you’re looking for something to alleviate stress and gain more focus, we would recommend this oil. Although you can find highly potent oils on PureKana, we always suggest that new CBD users should begin with low strength, such as 300mg. Or better yet, visit your GP or doctor, so you can discuss what level of potency would work best for you.

CBD Capsules

purekana cbd

If you’re not a fan of vaping or smoking but need to get your daily CBD requirement, try out the PureKana pills & capsules range. We say ‘range, ’ but in fact, the company only sells one product right now. Each bottle contains 30 capsules with 25mg of CBD in each. It isn’t cheap at $89, but it won’t put you out of pocket.

As is the case with the oil, the capsules are certified organic and made without herbicides and the other nasty stuff found in low-grade products. You consume one of these capsules in precisely the same way as you would any other pill or capsule. Simply pop it in your mouth and wash it down with liquid, preferably water!

We only used them to deal with symptoms of stressful feelings and worries, and we have to say, these capsules do have a relatively rapid calming effect. But we cannot attest as to their efficacy with regards to dealing with severe chronic pain.

CBD Topicals

purekana review

Over the past year, PureKana has worked hard to expand their successful topicals product range. Their most popular product, the CBD topical ointment, includes 2oz of topical ointment with a total of 600mg CBD in all for $75. According to the manufacturers, the ointment is made from extracting cannabidiol-rich hemp from the best farms in Kentucky.

They infuse it into regular moisturizing cream, and with a combination of a silky texture and blood orange scent, you won’t be able to wait to try it out. The product also contains coconut oil, Aloe Vera, cocoa butter, essential oils, and other ingredients; it feels like a real moisturizer.

According to PureKana, you should apply the ointment directly to the most troublesome areas. Simply apply it like regular moisturizing cream to the problem and relax as it works its magic in doubl time.

One of the more intriguing products in the range is their CBD transdermal patches. You may be thinking the same – what on earth is that? These patches are designed to be stuck onto a patch of skin, the area which is causing you the most discomfort. The full-spectrum oil is then absorbed from the patch directly into the skin, providing fast-acting relief.

And better yet, these nifty products are completely waterproof. So, you don’t have to worry about the sides peeling off. Along with containing the same full-spectrum formulation that PureKana’s oils do, the patches are hypoallergenic. And they contain moisturizing ingredients such as aloe vera and essential oils. At only $17.99 for a single pack or $48.99 for a 3-pack, you can save some money by bulk buying.

You can find other products such as the CBD Menthol Roll-On Gel on their site too. We found the range to be unique compared to other brands, a sure sign of a confident brand.

CBD Gummies

purekana review

Of course, the company sells some form of CBD gummies, the trend that has truly taken off this year. These gummies are completely vegan so that you can enjoy with absolutely no guilt at all, and it’s accessible to everyone! Priced at $40, expect to find a grand total of 20 gummies in each bottle and 25mg of CBD in each gummy.

The ingredients are nice and simple, which we like to see, and include all-natural flavorings. Gummies are a really delicious method of consumption, which is why they have become so popular, and it’s great to see such a positive customer reaction from these ones in particular.

CBD Pure Picks

One of the most interesting products on the website has to be their CBD PurePicks. These little sticks are intended to be either chewed on or sucked on, so you can absorb the cannabidiol orally. The company stock an incredible eleven different flavors, including Tropical Mint, Strawberry Limeade, Orange Buzz, Mountain Berry, Cinnamint, and Caramel Apple. So you can be very liberal with your choice and choose on the preference of taste.

Each pack costs $20 and includes ten picks, all with 25mg of CBD in each. These are a great option if you want to be more subtle with your consumption; they are also a great on-the-go product.

CBD for Pets

We all want to make sure our furry friends are just as healthy as us, and apparently, so do PureKana. That’s why they sell six different dog-friendly treats in three different flavors, which include Blueberry and Chicken, Peanut Butter and Pumpkin, and Steak and Sweet Potato. All flavors can be bought in either a small or large breed variety. There must be some animal lovers in the company because it’s really impressive that not only do they give customers an option of flavor, but they differentiate between large and small breeds too – this even makes sense for the pricing.

For the large breed treats, expect to pay $34.99 for a bag of 20 treats, and for the small bread treats, expect to pay $29.99 for a bag of 25 treats. Hemp for pets is only becoming more popular with animal lovers, and we hope that in the future, the company will make products for other animals too.

CBD Bath Bombs

purekana coupon codes

Who doesn’t love a bath bomb, but a CBD bath bomb? Now that’s irresistible, and equally, one of the most exciting products to come out of this company. They certainly spoil us with choice, giving customers five different scents to choose from, Activated Charcoal, Almond and Coconut, Cucumber, Eucalyptus, and Midnight Roses.

Each product will only set you back $12.99, making them some of the cheaper options on the website. None of them contain any harmful ingredients or harsh chemicals, so they should be fine for sensitive skin. And the website recommends soaking in the tub for about 25-30 minutes. This is so you can let your body absorb all of the goodness.

CBD Vape Pens

So, what can we say about the CBD Vape Pens? Well, these are some of the newest products to hit the theoretical shelves of PureKana. They currently sell four different flavors, each of which are designed to tackle a particular mood; these are Blood Orange (composed), Blue Raz (calm), Mint (comfort), and Watermelon Mint (recharge).

We like this interesting take on ‘mood’ based pens, and it makes choosing the right pen so much easier for customers. In terms of price, all of the pens cost $35, with 231mg of CBD in each pen.

All of these pens are designed for one-time use, but we can definitely see the company selling re-fillable vape pens sometime in the future.

Purekana Costs: How and Where to Buy

The process is pretty simple, and their customer support is phenomenal. The company is currently offering free shipping to customers in the contiguous United States, which is unquestionably a bonus.

Let’s take a look at the actual prices on the website:

  • Oils | $54 (300mg) up to $149-$390 (5,000mg)
  • Capsules | $83 per bottle (30 capsules at 25mg each)
  • Topicals | $17.99 up to $129
  • Gummies | $40 (20 gummies at 25mg each)
  • Pure Picks | $20 (10 “dental toothpicks” at 25mg each)
  • CBD for Pets | Range from $29.99 to $34.99 depending on size and potency
  • Bath Bombs | $11.99 each (a single ‘bomb’ contains 50mg CBD)
  • Vape Pens | $35 (125 servings at ~1.85mg CBD/serving)

[To find a more extensive price list, visit Purekana’s main website at this link https://purekana.com/]

We’ve reviewed enough brands to realize that PureKana is a product supplier on an upward curve. It offers extremely high-quality products, including oils, capsules, and ointments, so you can get your daily dose of the medical marvel that is cannabidiol. While PureKana’s CBD products err on the expensive side, we would argue that the premium quality of what they offer means you get what you pay for! Most of all, their products are effective.

Final Verdict: 10/10

To find PureKana’s full list of list of products click on the link below and start browsing today!

Customer Reviews Based on 37 reviews

  • Velma Dollard
    Making a difference

    Purekana is one awesome brand among all, especially for cbd oils. I have tried their tinctures and other produces too, but the oils from Purekana are outstanding. I don’t think any other brand is able to produce like them. And despite such high sales, they never go out of stock. Commendable guys!! Keep it up. You are definitely making a difference into the lives of a lot of people.

  • Kelly Clark
    A single one

    If I have to name one brand and one product in that which I find the top best among all CBDs that I’ve used so far, I’ll go with the cucumber bath bombs from Purekana. They are refreshing, fast foaming and also very good on the skin. So they solve two things for me, they resolve my skin irritation and also they have a feel good fragrance and aroma that lasts for many hours.

  • Neha
    Is CBD useful for foot drop issues?

    Please suggest if it works for foot drop issues due to back injuries.
    We have tried physiotherapy from last 2 yrs but seems that the progress is stopped .
    Please suggest

  • Joseph Gingras
    Superior Customer Service Team

    I had severe anxiety issues, due to which my skin suffered a lot. I found this amazing CBD product after extensive research available on CBD brands. I am using Purekana’s topical mint for my skin, and I am astonished by the results. My skin seems much clearer, and the tone has also improved. Purekana’s products are great in quality. I got a quick response whenever I contacted them through mail (I needed to consult them a lot initially to dose it right). This brand delivers superior customer service.

  • Omar Leonard
    Based on a trial

    I was reading a study on Purekana and social anxiety. It stated that in a survey, some people were given Purekana oil drops while some were given a placebo and then the third category was given none. It was found that the one’s with Purekana turned out to be the best speakers in that trial. I too started to take Purekana based on this report and I notice it is bringing about a positive change in me. If you are not sure what product to buy, just speak to their team. They guide very well.

  • Aida Davis
    For what I trust

    I love their stuff. My personal favorites are the dog treats, bombs and pure picks. Just amazing. The results are quite obvious.

  • Shelly Hunter
    Once again

    I happened to try their Eucalyptus bath bomb recently. It was just amazing. I regretted why I ordered just one. I could ave ordered more. Now I have made another order but it will take a week to reach me. And I am dying to try it out once again.

  • Hattie Leonard
    12th and 4th

    Purekana, I would like to call it a good for humans and a good for pets CBD brand. You can never fully appreciate the utility and goodness of CBD until you try this one. I am almost sure of this fact now after picking this up as a 12th CBD brand in the last five years. And as the 4th brand fr my pet bitch, Lucy.

  • Kevin Brown
    Easy to explore

    Purekana is the best CBD maker I guess. First of all they make almost all kinds of CBD preparations and second they make all of these at utmost quality. I do not find any problems at all; neither with ordering and neither with the quality. It is easy to explore their website and find a good product for yourself.

  • Sandra Schmidt
    What works exactly

    Rather than going for multiple options with Purekana, I stick to just one. I use the 1000 mg oil, twice daily. It helps me feel better and also fall asleep easier and faster. I do not believe in meshing up things by trying different products. By just going in for one, I am sure what works for me exactly.

  • Valerie Davis
    Tested it in my lab

    I run a lab for medical testing and I like to experiment a lot with new chemicals and solvents. I have tried to decompose Purekana as well to its constituents. I can confidently say it is no synthetic chemicals and no additives as far as the composition is concerned. However what effects does it have, I have never consumed CBD so can’t say.

  • Lydia Kingery
    Always delighted me

    Purekana has never failed to delight me in whichever product I have used from them. The aromas are exotic and the usefulness is beyond what an average person would expect. I am strongly in favor of CBD oils, just that one must use some premium quality ones. Purekana is a cool one indeed.

  • Mollie Taylor
    Using all of them

    Pure Picks, Bath Bombs, Gummies and oils. I am using all of them. Life becomes so easy with CBD. I think it is only the pet range that I am not buying, that too, because I do not have any pet at the moment. If one day I do get one, then I am sure to buy Purekana’s pet range as well. My hope transformed into certitude, when I tried it for my arthritis pain first. Now, it is like a part and parcel of my life.

  • Matthew Jones
    From 1 to 5

    I started with a single commodity from Purekana this January. It was their bath bomb, the eucalyptus one. And now by the year end, I am using approximately 5 of their brand manufactures. The citrus beverage enhancer, the gummies, the calm vape, the natural 600 mg oil and at last, the dog hemp treats for my pet. Amazing transformation it is bringing to my life!

  • Chris Williamson
    Wow the customer

    Gummies, Purepicks, Bathbombs, and of course oils and tinctures. I think this brand has it all when it comes to CBD as a health supplement. And they got awe-inspiring products if we talk of quality and efficacy. I think other brands must learn from them on how to wow the customer!

  • Dorothy Mata
    Psychological issues with animals

    If you are interested in knowing about and buying the most premium CBD oils for your pets, dogs that is, Purekana must be on your list. It is just wonderful the way the brand is. I had some noise reactivity issues with my Maltese, but they were positively taken care of with Purekana. But I also consulted my vet. I felt these are all psychological issues with animals

  • Matthew Jameson
    A compelling brand

    Of course whatever you have put up for Purekana is absolutely correct! I am a general physician and so usually do not believe much in alternative supplements. But yes, Purekana has forced me to say, it is the best.

  • Catherine A
    Thanks guys

    Funnily enough I wouldn’t recommend this to my greatest foes because this is such an outstanding brand that proved the best for me and my bestie. Thanks guys

  • Christine Jordan
    Just excels

    Purekana has got great cbd oils not only for us, humans, but some good ones for our pet dogs too. I first was using Purekana for myself when I felt like trying out a preparation for my pet pug too. I think the brand just excels in whatever it produces.

  • Alex Smith
    Out of the crowd

    People who use Purekana can tell the goodness of it really. It is not like other CBD brands that help you with mild anxieties or pains and then their action is over. Purekana is also a great mind catalyst, that makes you feel normal, yes “normal” is the word I am not using. Neither euphoric nor happy, but normal. I guess that is the most important.

  • Patricia Silver
    What a product!

    The best product that Purekana manufactures is the CBD bath bombs in my say. They are very very smooth and foamy, and leave a refreshing feeling on the body. I think I am going to order this in bulk this Christmas, and gift it to all my near and dear ones.

  • Gary Mills
    5-6 aromas

    Have you tried the bath bombs from Pure kana? They are amazing, the leather is great, and it foams up a lot pretty quickly. I love these bath bombs, very refreshing, come in almost 5 to 6 aromas.

  • Katherine Zamora
    Worth Every Penny

    I could never tolerate the smell of CBD, until I tried the mint flavor from Purekana. Totally good, and does not feel at all like those stinky CBD oils. I think every penny is worth it.

  • Carolyn
    Purekana worked for me

    I have a thyroid nodule that was visible when I lifted my chin. I started 1/2 dropper of purekana the first week of April and it is now half the size and no longer visible. I have researched everything in the way of holistic healing for my thyroid: supplements, fulvic acid, iodine…this is the only thing that worked. I just ordered 2 more bottles.

  • Louise Friend

    I tried the mint CBD oil for the first time 5 weeks ao. I used it every day, and still have at least a half bottle left. The taste is fresh and pleasant enough, and the effects last all evening (I take it around 4 pm) would certainly say this is high quality.

  • Fliss Baker
    Starter kit is awesome

    Nearly at the end of my starter bottle and i LOVE IT!!! If you are like me and a bit new to this, i would recommend these guys, super honest and clear selling strategy i love it.

  • Jim Housely
    WOW thanks for the discount!!

    I love the packaging of this brand it was what first drew me to them, there are so many companies with bright, bold and garish messages and I loved the simplicity of this. The topical by PureKana is my favorite and I have been using it for months to help my bad skin. I would say that it lasts a good time, and is great value for money!

  • Maria
    The vanilla CBD oil is the dream!!!

    The vanilla CBD oil is the dream!!! I have tasted many CBD oils and to be honest so many taste vile! CBD works wonders for many things, but it does not taste good. Somehow Purekana have managed to find the ideal balance and the vanilla product is delcious. Definite must-try if you have a sensitive gag reflex!

  • Anna
    Purkana is a perfect option

    If you are shy about using CBD products, Purkana is a perfect option. They are very subtle with their marketing and packaging, which brought a lot of comofrt to me when ordering online. The capsules are what I order and have done for 8 months straight. They work well, don’t leave me feeling anything negative and are affordable with regular discounts and offers!

  • Julia
    Really great

    I have started out on the purekana vanilla CBD oil, it is really great, I have it in my porridge every morning and find that it helps me be more active and mobile throughout the day. I have chronic fatigue and aches and pains, put it down to old age – but CBD oil certainly helps oil the hinges.

  • Carlos
    Find your product

    I have read a few reviews after a lot of searching, PureKana is certainly the most discreet company I have come across after using both marijuana and CBD products for over 3 years. I have severe anxiety, and although I have tried all the strengths I did feel the PureKana CBD oil only helped relieve symptoms a slight bit, although much tastier than many other brands I have tried. The PureKana capsules I found to work much more effectively!

  • Devin
    CBD capsules good for me

    I have COPD, so vaping and smoking anything is just not an option for me. At 55 my condition has never been so bad, so the option to try CBD capsules seemed to good to pass up having read a lot about the benefits of CBD. I tried the first bottle two months ago and they lasted me a long time, making the price point very reasonable. Of course it hasn’t taken away my COPD, however the chest pain and back pain I had as a result has eased immeasurably.

  • Abi
    Absolute dream

    My daughter is 14 and has suffered from severe acne and psoriasis for 3 years now, we have tried her on all kinds of prescription medicine including steroid cream which hasn’t helped at all. After joining a forum we found others recommending CBD topical products, and we wanted to find one that would work best with our girl’s condition. PureKana’s CBD ointment has been an absolute dream. Her flakey itchy skin has reduced so much so that she hardly ever has to use the ointment anymore. Her inflamed skin has gone down, redness has reduced and she is 100% happier!

  • Erin
    Makes the recovery process a lot faster

    As an athletic runner I have relied heavily on the PureKana topical ointment to ease my muscle pains, I have suffered from issues in my knees, and lower back as a result of impact when running. I feel the ointment reduced inflammation and makes the recovery process a lot faster.

  • Paul
    Help me get to sleep

    I have never really had much luck with CBD products, however I really enjoy the purekana CBD oil in mint. I use it only every so often (every 2-3 days) to help me get to sleep when my insomnia is bad. It has up to now had no negative side effects and works a treat!

  • Elena

    Does Pure Kana has a phone number?

  • Matt

    Your company might grow faster if your prices weren’t so high. Absolutely rediculous. There’s lits of high quslity CBD’s out there. You’ll have to do better than this!

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