Quanta CBD Review [Is it Worth it?]

Quanta CBD Review [Is it Worth it?]

CBD is quickly becoming known as a more natural way to manage and provide relief for a variety of medical conditions. And recent legislation, such as the 2018 Farm Bill, is only going to make it more popular. Perhaps one of the most significant appeals of using CBD is that it can be an organic, natural treatment, rather than an over the counter, chemical-filled medication.

Quanta is just one of the many companies that have appeared on the market over the last few years, selling CBD products to treat a range of conditions. Specializing in CBD muscle rubs, Quanta sells products that allow you to manage aches and pains resulting from muscular inflammation and injury. They do this by using natural ingredients as an alternative approach to pain management.

Let’s take a look at Quanta and find out what makes their products so special.

Who Are Quanta CBD?

Quanta is a company with a clear mission to provide wellness products that are made from 100% natural and organic ingredients. Their aim is to be more than just a company; they believe in acting against the trend of using synthetic compounds.

Quanta proudly advertise on their site that they are a completely transparent, publicly traded company. They offer clear and informative details on all of their CBD products and the methods that are used. They only sell items that have been tested and meet their standards – this applies to both the ingredients that they use and the finished product.  

Quanta’s patented polarizing technology has been designed to ensure that their products are as effective as possible so that their customers get the maximum benefit from the products that they buy. By polarizing CBD, Quanta’s products contain CBD that can be absorbed by the body much more quickly than with other methods, and which the body is able to process faster and more efficiently.

All products are made from 100% organic industrial hemp and are completely THC free; this is so that Quanta’s products can be used in much the same way as over the counter pain medication, without having to worry about the effects of a THC induced mind high. Quanta’s aim is to offer natural, alternative medicines, working to ensure that their products are the highest quality possible for their customers.

Quanta are so confident about the quality of their products and their ability to change your life that they offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. This is something that is advertised across their site; however, the exact terms and conditions of this offer are not disclosed. Given that a 1oz tin of their basic muscle rub will set you back $45, plus postage, it is worth being cautious of their money back guarantee offer, if it is something that you think you might use.

Quanta sells both to the general public, offering free shipping on all orders over $75, and wholesale to chiropractors, massage therapists, spas and fitness centers. Wholesale prices are not disclosed on their site, with inquiries having to be made through email. 

Quanta CBD Highlights

  • Company Ethos: Quanta stands out from the crowd due to their company ethos, using only the best, natural ingredients in their products. An ethos that shines through all of their products, with their basic Muscle Rub only containing 13 ingredients, a far cry from the long list of ingredients found on most pharmaceutical muscle relaxants you can buy in stores.
  • Patented Technology: Quanta’s patented polarizing technology means that their products are more effective than other CBD products available on the market. This technology results in products that act faster and that last longer, saving you money and providing more effective results.
  • Natural Ingredients: All of Quanta’s products are made from 100% natural ingredients, giving you peace of mind that you are not filling your body with harmful chemicals.

Quanta CBD Muscle Rub

quanta cbd

Quanta CBD Muscle Rub is the company’s flagship product, a hemp CBD balm, designed to provide temporary relief from muscle pains throughout your body.  Made from 100% premium natural ingredients, Quanta CBD Muscle Rub is a fantastic alternative to over the counter pain relief gels and creams.

Quanta pride themselves on making their Muscle Rubs as simple and effective as possible, containing only 13 ingredients, all of which have been chosen for their health benefits. Turmeric oil is used for its ability to target and reduce inflammation, especially when combined with Arnica Montana oil, which also has anti-inflammatory properties. Quanta rub is infused with essential oils, including lavender, ginger, and clove, these work together to target muscle pain and cool the area offering a soothing and calming effect. These essential oils also work alongside the menthol crystals contained within the rub to rehydrate your skin and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Quanta’s Muscle Rubs have been proven to be the perfect solution for managing muscle pain, that can result from a variety of different conditions and injuries. The anti-inflammatory properties can reduce the symptoms of conditions such as arthritis, while the CBD works to relieve pain, giving you a new lease of life. Quanta may also be effective in increasing the quality of life for people living with Piriformis Syndrome, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, and chronic neuropathic pain. The rubs also work to prevent recurring muscle spasms, that can leave you feeling worn down and unable to lead a normal life.

Quanta Muscle Rub also has some positive effects that you would not first think of from a muscle rub, including acting as a calming balm that, when applied in the evening, can act as a sleep aid. This has proven extremely useful for people who suffer from anxiety and as a result struggle to drift off to sleep and achieve a full, peaceful night’s sleep. It works equally as well during the day to manage anxiety, calming your body and helping you to deal with anxiety-inducing situations. Quanta Muscle rub has been proven to increase circulation, making it ideal for people who suffer from poor circulation.

Quanta Muscle Rub has received nothing but positive reviews, and this is the result of the high quality and natural ingredients that are used. One of the qualities that makes Quanta stand out from other balms and rubs that claim to target aches and pains is that it does not leave your skin feeling greasy, something that is often a complaint of such products. Quanta Muscle Rub has repeatedly been praised for its scent, mixing hemp with the aroma that fills your sinuses as you walk around a herb garden. Making this something that you actually want to rub on your body, rather than instantly wash off like some other products, which have a strong chemical smell.

Quanta CBD Products

Quanta is still a relatively new company who put a great deal of time and thought into their products; as a result, they currently only sell their Muscle Rub and a Muscle Rub+. This shows that Quanta are a company that live up to their ethos, only offering products that they truly believe in, rather than filling their website with a range of products that have not been properly tested and that they themselves do not believe in.

Their Muscle Rub+ is an advanced version of the extremely popular muscle rub, offering all of the same health benefits with a few extras that make it even better than before. Muscle Rub+ contains nano-sized particles which allow for quicker absorption as they enter your epidermis and more powerful results. The advanced mix of essential oils contained within the rub has potent anti-inflammatory properties, that work to reduce common aches and pains for even longer than the basic rub.

Quanta CBD Costs

  • Quanta 150mg CBD Muscle Rub (1oz Tin) – $45.00
  • 2x 150mg CBD Muscle Rubs Value Pack (1oz Tin x 2) – $79.00
  • 5x 150mg CBD Muscle Rubs Value Pack (1oz Tin x 5) – $195.00
  • Quanta 150mg Muscle Rub Plus – Contains Nano Sized Arnica (1oz Tin) – $60.00
  • 2x 150mg Muscle Rub Plus – Contains Nano Sized Arnica (1oz Tin x 2) – $99.00
  • 5x 150mg Muscle Rub Plus – Contains Nano Sized Arnica (1oz Tin x 5) – $240.00
  • 24 Pack Box – 150mg CBD Muscle Rub (1oz Tin x 24) – $600.000

Final Thoughts on Quanta CBD

Since the launch of their first Muscle Rub, Quanta has received an abundance of positive reviews, with people claiming that Quanta has changed their life. From mild sports injuries to chronic arthritis, Quanta Muscle Rub can be used to relieve muscle pain and reduce inflammation.

While Quanta’s hundreds of returning customers cannot all be wrong, as the Muscle Rubs are clearly working for them, it is worth noting that there have not been any external lab tests into the effectiveness of Quanta products, or at least none that have been published on their site.

Advertising products as being 100% natural might draw customers in, but it does not mean that they have any scientific benefits as a result. However, the sheer quantity of positive reviews and significant praise that Quanta’s products have been given since their launch does speak for itself.

Even if they do lack any kind of lab results, in the very least their products contain a myriad of helpful ingredients that work alongside the CBD in reducing inflammation and suppressing pain, making sure that you will always get some benefit from your Quanta products.

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