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Receptra Naturals Review

Prescription medication can often leave you feeling as though you have no control over your body, being forced to put your trust into your doctors and rely on their choice of medication because they have chosen it, regardless of your feelings on the matter.

Medicinal CBD products exist so you can gain back some of that control; with companies offering a wide variety of choice and detailed information about what their products contain and how they are made, you are now able to make informed decisions about what is right for you. 

Receptra Naturals are a company that understands the need to feel in control and that the more information you are given on a product, the more confident you are going to feel. They care about their customers, going above and beyond to ensure that every customer is happy with their order and that Receptra Naturals products become their number one choice for daily CBD.

Let’s take a closer look at Receptra Naturals and find out whether their CBD products are right for you.

Who Are Receptra Naturals?

Receptra Naturals are a company based just outside of Denver that specializes in CBD oils and topicals designed for medicinal use, providing you with a natural way to take back control of your own health. Receptra Naturals genuinely care about the people that they serve, giving a percentage of the profits from every item you buy from their store to their nonprofit partners including Mission K9 and B4BC.

One of Receptra Naturals’ key goals is to expand beyond being just an online store and build a community of people who can share their CBD experiences and learn from each other. As part of their mission, Receptra Naturals run a blog on their website, where you can stay up-to-date with the latest news and products within the CBD community. There is even a section on Receptra Naturals’ site for CBD recipes, providing you with new and creative ways to work CBD into your daily routine. Recipes range from full meals such as their Healthy Salmon with CBD, to fun cocktails like the Receptra CBD Margaritas, highlighting the fun side of CBD. 

Receptra Naturals care about the environment and the impact that we have upon it, that is why they only use the most environmentally friendly methods throughout both the growing and production stages of all of their products. Receptra Naturals use an all-natural method when it comes to extracting CBD from hemp flowers, which involves soaking the flowers in food grade alcohol and then allowing the alcohol to evaporate, leaving behind only the purest hemp extract naturally. All extracts are then tested to ensure that they do not contain pesticides or any harmful chemicals, before being made into the high-quality CBD oils that you see on Receptra Naturals’ website.

Receptra Naturals have so much confidence in the quality of their products, which they provide individual lab reports for every single bottle of CBD oil that they sell. Before purchase, you can access a general lab report for each product, which shows you exactly what you can expect from each product, including detailed data including exact cannabinoid distribution. Upon receiving your order, you will find a unique code on each bottle of CBD oil, which you can use to pull up a more detailed lab report for the exact bottle that you have in your hand. These reports offer you peace of mind, confirming that there is absolutely no foreign matter within your bottle and showing exactly what went into the making of the final product. It is rare to find a company that cares so much about their customers that they go to the effort of setting up an intricate system, with each bottle containing its own code. 

Receptra Naturals Highlights

  • Individual Lab Reports: Every single item that you purchase from Receptra Naturals has its own lab report, which you can access through their website, keeping you informed about what you are putting in your body.
  • Wide Selection of Oils: Receptra Naturals offer a varied range of CBD oils so that you are sure to find the perfect oil for you.
  • A Caring Company: With a percentage of all profits being donated to nonprofit organizations, Receptra Naturals show that they really are a company that cares about more than just profits. 

Receptra Naturals Oils

receptra naturals review

Receptra Naturals oils are made from 100% natural ingredients and formulated to support a healthy and balanced lifestyle. With just a few drops a day you will quickly begin to notice both the physical and mental health benefits of including CBD in your daily diet. Oils are easy to consume, involving simply placing a few drops under your tongue and allowing them to dissolve into your system. Alternatively, you can try out the recipe section on Receptra Naturals’ website and experiment with their fun and healthy dishes.

Receptra Naturals believes that full spectrum CBD oil offers far superior health benefits than isolate CBD, and therefore they only sell the very highest quality, full spectrum oils on their online store. With full spectrum, you get all of the health benefits associated with CBD, plus other naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes, which have added health benefits and contribute towards maintaining a healthy body. Receptra Naturals oils have anti-inflammatory properties making them an ideal method for managing muscular aches and pains, which are caused by inflammation. As a result of the extra compounds that occur in full spectrum CBD oils, Receptra Naturals products act as antioxidants helping your body to stay balanced and alert.

Receptra Naturals offer two different ranges of CBD oils; the first being designed to promote an active and energetic lifestyle. Containing added turmeric, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, this range is designed to keep your body balanced, while also promoting cell recovery – especially after an intense workout. Available in three different strength levels, you can choose from Active oil containing 15mg of CBD, Elite oil which is a balanced middle ground with 30mg of CBD, and Plus oil for those looking to really push their body to the limits with 60mg of CBD.

Receptra Naturals’ second range has been formulated as a daily supplement that maintains overall bodily health, in much the same way as daily vitamins do. Available in two different strengths, you can choose from Prime oil with 22mg of CBD and Pro with double the amount of CBD, to give your body an extra healthy boost. Receptra understands that their customers want options when it comes to their health products and offers both Prime and Pro oils in two different flavors; fresh berry or unflavored, which is ideal for adding to recipes without affecting the overall taste of your dish.

Receptra Naturals Topicals

receptra naturals coupon

Receptra Naturals topicals have been formulated to target areas of pain across the body, and aid in a speedy recovery so that you can continue living a fulfilling, active lifestyle. All of the company’s topicals are made from 100% natural, pure hemp and guaranteed as being non-toxic and non-psychoactive, so that you do not have to worry about subjecting your body to potentially harmful chemicals. Receptra Naturals add arnica and jojoba to their topicals, to help minimize swelling and inflammation that can cause severe aches and pain, which can be harder to treat the longer they are left untreated. Receptra Naturals currently offer a choice of three different CBD topicals, designed to target different areas of the body and keep your muscle and joints fit and healthy.

If you are looking to experience Receptra Naturals topicals in their most traditional form, then the Targeted Topical might be the best option for you. Simply massage a small amount of the balm onto the affected area of your body and watch as the pain is almost instantly reduced, and your body begins to heal at a much quicker pace. With muscle and joint pain you should begin to feel the effects within just a few minutes, as your pain eases and movement becomes much easier. Targeted Topical can also be applied to skin blemishes, bruises, wrinkles and persistently dry areas of skin, to help smooth your skin and improve imperfections.

Receptra Naturals Body Butter is ideal for treating large areas of skin, or simply as a daily moisturizer, keeping your skin looking young and radiant for longer. Each tub of Body Butter contains 400mg of pure CBD, with added jasmine, camphor, and vitamin E, which creates a natural scent and a deeper level of hydration for your skin. Receptra Naturals Body Butter gives your skin all of the essential nutrients that it needs, allowing for the restoration of damaged skin cells, helping your skin to glow and stay radiant.

For anyone who suffers from dry and broken lips, Receptra Naturals CBD Lip Balm is the perfect addition to your daily skincare routine — made from 100% natural ingredient including; golden jojoba oil, shea butter, and vitamin E oil. CBD Lip Balm has been formulated to work with even the most delicate skin types. Within just a few days you will notice that your lips look and feel so much healthier, and that the uncomfortable pain from your dry lips is gone.

Receptra Naturals CBD for Pets

receptra naturals coupon code

Receptra Naturals aim to provide their customers with a range of affordable, 100% natural CBD pet products, so that your furry friends can benefit from the amazing health benefits of CBD too. CBD for pets has been specially designed using only the highest quality hemp, which is guaranteed as 100% vegan and organic because pets deserve the best that CBD has to offer. These pet products have been formulated to ensure that they are easily digestible for both cats and dogs, with just a few drops added to their food each day, you will soon begin to notice the effects.

Intended to be used as a daily supplement, CBD for pets works to maintain your pets overall health, ensuring that both body and mind are balanced and that your pet is able to live their best life. Within just a few days muscle and joint health should be improved, and even old dogs will have a new lease of life. Adding omega 3 and fatty acids to these products, will help to keep your pet’s body healthy and youthful. While MCT oil balances their thyroid, ideal for weight loss and an overall energy boost. 

These CBD pet products might also have calming mental effects, making it the perfect addition to your pet’s diet when you know that they are going to experience anxiety-inducing events. For example, this could be when you are taking pets on holiday to a new place or introducing them to new people. CBD can also help pets deal with the stress of loud noises, such as fireworks and nearby building work.  

CBD for pets might just be the perfect daily supplement for your furry companion, improving both their physical and mental wellbeing.

Receptra Naturals THC Free

Receptra Naturals’ THC free products offer all of the health benefits that come from the rest of their CBD range, without the THC, so that you do not have to worry about failing surprise work-related drug tests. With the THC removed, you can still experience extensive health benefits from the CBD, but with none of the potential negatives of THC. 

THC-free products are available in both topical and extract form. The THC free topical is perfect for attacking irritating muscle and joint pain, which can make exercise feel impossible and limit what you feel able to do in a day. Within a few minutes of rubbing a small amount of the balm on the affected area, you notice almost instant relief, so that you are able to enjoy life to its fullest. These topicals also contain jasmine and ylang-ylang, providing an energetic boost and helping you to forget about the pain.

THC-free extracts work in much the same way that the rest of Receptra Naturals’ extracts and oils do, working throughout your body to fight the source of aches and pains and act as a natural painkiller. Extracts also give you an energetic, focused mindset that can make it easier to carry out physical tasks and deal with daily stress.

Receptra Naturals Costs

  • Receptra Naturals Oils

Receptra Active CBD Oil (60ml) – $79.95

Receptra Active CBD Oil (30ml) – $44.95

Receptra Active CBD Oil (15ml) – $24.95

Receptra Elite CBD Oil (60ml) – $149.95

Receptra Elite CBD Oil (30ml) – $79.95

Receptra Plus CBD Oil, Unflavored (30ml) – $134.95

Receptra Plus CBD Oil, Fresh Berry (60ml) – $199.95

Receptra Plus CBD Oil, Fresh Berry (30ml) – $134.95

Receptra Prime CBD Oil, Fresh Berry (60ml) – $134.95

Receptra Prime CBD Oil, Unflavored (30ml) – $74.95

Receptra Prime CBD Oil, Fresh Berry (30ml) – $74.95

Receptra Prime CBD Oil, Fresh Berry (15ml) – $39.95

Receptra Pro CBD Oil (60ml) – $249.95

Receptra Pro CBD Oil (30ml) – $149.95

Receptra Elite 0% THC (30ml) – $89.95

Receptra Targeted Topical 0% THC (35g) – $47.95

  • Receptra Naturals Topicals

Receptra Targeted Topical (35g) – $39.95

Receptra Targeted Topical (70g) – $68.95

Receptra CBD Lip Balm – $5.95

Receptra Body Butter (92g) – $44.95

  • Receptra Natural Pet Products

Receptra Pet (30ml) – $79.95

Receptra Pet (15ml) – $44.95

Receptra Pet (5ml) – $24.95

Receptra Pet Plus (30ml) – $67.95

Final Thoughts on Receptra Naturals

It is rare to find a company that is as committed to their customer’s satisfaction as Receptra Naturals, from their extensive lab reports to their CBD recipes. Every element of the Receptra Naturals brand has been created with the customer in mind and making a difference to real people and their lives.

If you are looking for a company with CBD products that will improve both your physical and mental health, are guaranteed to be 100% natural and made using only environmentally friendly products, then Receptra Naturals might just be the company to revolutionize your health.

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